A look into the life of the young Hunter boys. Pre-Series One.


"No biting, Harvey."

The finger waggled above him, but the one and a half year old was more interested in his older brother's hair. A mop of red curls, just begging to be pulled.

As his mother continued to admonish him, Harvey babbled to himself as he stumbled to his feet. Toddling along, he managed to climb up onto the sofa, hands outstretched towards his brother. Lloyd, too immersed in the Eddy Hair Show, didn't notice the hands until it was too late.


Immediately, Mrs Hunter rushed over to her children. She grabbed hold of Harvey's hands and pulled them free from Lloyd's hair, red tufts fluttering to the ground. As Lloyd wailed about 'my hair falling out!', their mother glared down at her youngest child.

"Bad boy! Don't do that!"

Grinning, Harvey blew a raspberry back, then rolled off of the sofa and crawled over to his play mat.

Sighing in annoyance, Teresa moved forwards and scooped her youngest child up into her arms. Harvey squirmed, a toy fire engine grasped in his pudgy hand. Sensing the danger of potentially being battered by the toy, Teresa hastily plucked the engine from Harvey's grip and set the toy back down onto the play mat.

Without fail, Harvey began to bawl as his beloved fire engine was plucked from his fingertips and placed far away from him. Teresa soothingly stroked his hair as Harvey nuzzled his tear stained face into her chest, his screams muffled by the contact.

On the sofa, ripped tufts of his hair clenched in his hands, Lloyd narrowed his eyes at his baby brother. Harvey would be paying for that.

After allowing the tufts to flutter to the floor, Lloyd rose to his feet and padded over to the 'lost' fire engine, bending down to pick the toy up. As he examined it, the sharp, watchful gaze of his mother scorched him and Lloyd found himself smiling sheepishly at her.

"I was just looking, Mummy…."

"I know, but I have a feeling that you may be thinking about destroying your brother's fire engine. Don't, Lloyd. I understand that you are upset with Harvey, but he's only an infant. He was just playing."

"But… my hair!"

Teresa rocked Harvey gently, murmuring: "I'll book you in at the hairdressers, they'll be able to sort your hair out for you. Now, I want you boys to play together nicely."

She set Harvey down onto the floor and scooted him over to Lloyd, before picking up the tufts of red hair and depositing them into the bin. Watching their mother as she moved into the kitchen, Lloyd sat down on the floor, growling when Harvey climbed into his lap.

He allowed his baby brother to wrench the fire engine toy out of his hands, gazing down at Harvey as the younger boy hummed noisily, the toy twisting in his chubby hands. Feeling his anger melt away, Lloyd curled Harvey closer to him, smiling warmly as big, brown eyes stared up at him.

"You are a good boy, Harvey. You're my little brother, but I can't protect you if you keep biting everyone all of the time. So… no biting, yeah?"

"No bite-bite!"

"Clever boy!" Lloyd grinned joyously. "That's right! No bite-bite!"

At this praise from his older brother, Harvey beamed brightly, cheeks puffed out in delight.

In fact, he was so delighted that he wasted no time in biting Lloyd's hand, in order to show his big brother some love and affection.