Bill Hunter is left in charge of his two sons.


Toddling around the living room, Harvey Hunter squealed as he bumped into the legs of his father. Bill Hunter grunted and looked down, a cheeky smile curving his lips as he bent down and exclaimed:

"I'm the tickle monster, roar!"

Large hands extended towards the toddler, and Harvey shrieked in delight as he whirled away, giggling as he crashed into his older brother.

"Llo! Llo! Daddy, tickle monster!"

Lloyd scowled down at his younger brother, and batted his small, chubby hands away.

"Not now, Harvey! Can't you see I'm not in the mood?!"

In the background, the noises from their father ceased, and Harvey himself backed away, tears welling up in his eyes. Seconds later, he opened his mouth and wailed loudly, the tears streaming down his face. Bill rushed forwards, encasing his youngest son into a bear hug.

"It's alright, Harvey. LLoydy was just being mean."

Lloyd lost his scowl at his father's words, gulping when his father shot him a glare, and some harsh words.

"Apologise to your brother, now."

Nodding, Lloyd muttered: "Sorry, H. I-I was just annoyed…. Because I saw that evil Headmaster again. He's so horrible to me and my friends!"

"Come off it, Lloyd." Bill sighed, picking Harvey up and allowing the infant to batter away happily at his chest. "You're getting a bit repetitive, Son. The Headmaster isn't evil, he's just…. A bit of a control freak, that's all."

"Dad, he-"

"No." Mr Hunter groaned. "No more. You're home now, so help me prepare Harvey for bed, okay?"

"Fine. Stupid evil Headmaster…"

Bill sighed again, hissing as Harvey slammed his small fist into his ribcage.

'How does Teresa cope with these two little terrors?'

Sipping his brandy, Bill Hunter provided his wife with a lop-sided grin as she entered the living room.

"Hey sweetheart, the boys are in bed."

"They should be!" His wife exclaimed, shrugging off her coat and flinging her handbag onto the armchair.

"Yeah… T, can I ask you one thing?"

Thinking it would be sex, Teresa smiled happily. "Yes, Billy, of course."

To her utmost surprise, her husband knocked back his glass of brandy, throwing the small glass onto the carpet, then got to his knees in front of her. Hands clasping together, Bill started to beg.

"Please never leave me with the kids again! They're lovable… but nightmares! Please, never leave me with them?"

Teresa chuckled in amusement and tweaked her husband's chin. "Nice try." She removed her hand, picked up her handbag and moved into the hall-way, removing her shoes and placing them by the front door.

"By the way, I'm out with Daisy next week. Think you can look after the boys again for me? Thanks, Billy. See you upstairs."

As Teresa climbed the stairs, Bill was left on his knees, mouth agape and mind racing to catch up with the current events.