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Summary: Kagome goes to a private school that is run by Sesshoumaru and his gang. When she challenges him, the last thing she expects is that instead of hatred something deeper flows between them! In a world of money, how can Cinderella win?

Rating: Pg13


The figure sat down onto the cold hard cement, her lips moving, forming the words, "Only two more years…"

That was all. After that, this would all be over.

Standing up, as though finding renewed strength, the gentle wind from Tokyo Bay ruffled her dark ebony hair that cascaded over her shoulders.  She was quite beautiful, striking in fact, though no one seemed too much care. Carrying the waste bin and dustpan, she set off down the campus to return to her homeroom. Nobody would be inside the deserted classroom, and perhaps for a moment she could find peace.

Eitoku Senior High School said the polished brass sign outside the entrance. It gleamed in the sun, as though every morning and evening its cover was polished. Eitoku Senior High School; the place where Japan (and the world's) most wealthy spent their troublesome teenage years. The place that served gourmet food for the sons and daughters of CEO's, company presidents, country officials…the place that everyone in Japan wanted to get into. Kagome just wanted to escape.

Passing a few girls, she heard of tad of the conversation. Who these girls were, she didn't know…nor did she particularly care to. They all were the same, all content with material possessions and flocking after the handsome and wealthy boys of the school.

"My father just bought me a gold watch, it has lovely emeralds in the dials."

There was a gasp, "That's wonderful! Last night my mother came in and told me that today would be our annual shopping spree."

"Yes, same with mine as well. Since school has started, you know."

"Do you think Sesshoumaru will pay us a compliment this year?"

"He has to, how could he resist?"

A fit of giggles broke out, their high falsetto shrieks fake and ruthless.

Sighing again, she walked into the main building, and pausing at the plaster staircase she gazed up its five flights of polished steps. Her shoes clicked slightly against the marble tile of floor, and ascending towards the heavens, she whistled a slight tune to herself. Thoughts of her after school job and archery practice gleamed like forbidden fruit in front of her eyes. Everyday was the same ritual—and by the end of first period all she wanted more than anything was to pray that the day soon be over.

"Kagome-chan!" a young voice yelped in cheer. At the threshold of the next flight of stairs, she saw a young child hurriedly make his way down the flight, a smile flung across his face.

"Hello, Shippou." Kagome smiled sweetly, kneeling down to his level. If there was anyone at the school that she pitied more than her self, it was he who stood before her. People always remarked that to be a genius gave you a step further on in life, it made things easier for you later on. But what of the present? A nine-year-old going to a ruthless private school? A young child having to deal with the slings and arrows that foolish snobbery caused…

Yet, he was braver than she was. Kagome had taken the opposite route of this young prodigy. Instead of shining in the spotlight and fighting bravely, Kagome had allowed herself for the past two years to slink farther and farther on the social scale, to be completely and utterly ignored, to silence her thoughts, to silence her own voice.

If she spoke one word against a person at this hellish cage, then all her efforts would come crashing down. Kagome would not be able to run fast enough, for these people would always be their taunting, and teasing her in the background.

"How are you?" Kagome asked kindly, leaning against the awning and gazing down below at the flight of stairs that she had just climbed. Her form stiffened suddenly as her eyes picked out a familiar outline of bodies ascending just a flight below. The characteristic squeals of admiration, and whispers followed them with their every step; in and out of school. The people were coming closer and closer. With every passing breath they were admired by the world; both for their looks but as well for their pocket books. Girls would rise each morning in hopes that they would catch these men's eyes. Girls would spend a year working on a hand knit sweater, or scarf, or something to that affect; only to have it thrown in the wastebasket.

"I'm alright!" the little boy squeaked cheerfully, blissfully unaware that behind him rose the persons to which she tried to avoid at all costs.

"Well, that's good to hear." Kagome nodded, wondering, hoping, and pleading that they would glaze over their forms.

"Actually, I am on my way down to the music room. I have to go before the bell rings!"

"Alright, Shippou!" Kagome called, "See you in class."

Perhaps it was the worn and smooth edges of the marble, or a bit of water had been splashed upon its creamy surface. The events that were to follow, however, would play such a great impact on her life that with a casual farewell wave she allowed them to wash unknowingly over her.

It was as though in slow motion Shippou causally slipped onto the steps, his dark eyes wide in surprise, the books he held in his small hands fell with a thud onto the cold ground, and finally his body tumbled—or rather flew, into the great abyss beyond.

It was a good thing there were people to cushion his fall.

"Shippou!" Kagome gasped stepping hurriedly forward towards his fallen frame.

"My my, look what has fallen from the sky." A smooth voice smirked wittily.

"Geh…nice rhyme." Remarked another sarcastically, "What the hell are little runts like him touching us for?"

"My question exactly…" the final and most dignified of all the figures remarked as he picked up Shippou by the collar, his golden eyes narrowing in irritation.

"Understand that I can get you expelled if you ever do that again." It continued icily, his arm extended as he dangled Shippou over the banister, the only ground beneath his feet five stories away.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Shippou squeaked, aware that even though he DID know karate, it usually was not going to help much against the strongest man in school.

"Shippou!" Kagome gasped rushing forward, something inside of her trying to break away, anger rising significantly within her body.  Yet, if she stepped forward…

"Stay out of this." The first voice suggested.

She should have taken his advice…really, she told herself, and things would have been so much easier. What came next would not cause all her hopes and dreams to crumble. Things could have continued as they had for the past two years—no one would know of Kagome Higurashi, and she would know nobody. This all could have come to pass if only she had listened to the man's advice.


But she did not. Instead, she ran down the stairs, gathering momentum with each step, before finally throwing herself at the amber-eyed man, and tackling him to the floor in a fit of anger.

"My god," chuckled the rhyming one, "That's a first."

Getting up and gingerly grabbing Shippou and his fallen books, she fumed, "He fell into you, you bastard."

The figure at the ground made no response, his eyes the only thing alive and moving. They narrowed now, dangerously thin.

"Kagome…" began Shippou hesitantly.

"Shut up," she snapped, relishing the attention as well as the relief, "You guys go around this school thinking your so high and mighty. Wouldn't hurt you guys to respect others. This boy will go father than any of you ever will, because he has the one thing you guys lack; manners."

Dusting off her skirt she moodily stomped off, aware that a crowd was now beginning to form, and shrieks of amazement, indignation, and horror starting to each off the walls.

Running out into the extensive lawns, she breathed in sudden realization, "My god…I just challenged Sesshoumaru…"


AN: I just wanted to get this idea off my chest. Its based off of an anime called "Hana Yori Dango" and really, Inuyasha fits the role of Domyoji MUCH better…….but…….this is a SxK fic, so &#!)*&~ its gunna be that way! Tell me what you think! ^_~ I might just give it up…

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