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-chapter 5-

Unexpected Invitation


The day seemed too beautiful, even for Kagome, who loved days such as these. A bright blue sky, flecked with grey-bottomed clouds, a gentle wind, the smell of a hazy sort of smoke in the air.  The day was so calm and relaxing that even she found herself forgetting, if only temporary, about the "war" between her and Sesshoumaru Okuda, which, in her opinion, was still happening.  She wouldn't forgive that silver-haired flower even if he begged her to. But then, Sesshoumaru did not seem like the type to beg.

Kagome laughed softly to herself as she made the familiar trek to school, the image of Sesshoumaru kneeling down at her feet, large tears falling out of his golden eyes, running down his pale cheeks, down his well chiseled features…onto his chest…

Grasping onto a nearby wall, covered in ivy, she gasped and began to calm her breathing. What was she thinking? This was Sesshoumaru Okuda—the leader of the F4, the man who made days and even her evenings unbearable.

It took her a good five minutes to recover, and upon discovering this, she had to quicken her pace to ensure that she wouldn't be late for school.  She wasn't planning on meeting Hojo this morning, however.  He had called her that night and explained that he wanted to talk with Kaede-sensei about entering a project in the science fair.

Just like the poor boy, Kagome thought amusedly to herself, finding that the wind smelled of jasmine from a nearby bush overflowing over the fence.

However, Kagome wasn't quite sure if she could show her face the today at school, even if it was still moisturized from the facial she had begrudgingly received the day before. She still felt rather guilty.  It was strange for her to be pampered and if only she knew who had given her the treatment she would have paid them back by working overtime at the dango-ya.

Still, she figured, Okuda Sesshoumaru had a lot of money.

I don't need to worry about him! She decided as she tried to march triumphantly in through the school gates and into the usual crowd of morning students, who hardly noticed her.

"Oh! Look here come the F4!"  She heard someone shout, or rather, squeal.

It was practically a reflex and she dived into the deepest depths of the crowd, hoping that she wouldn't have to see Sesshoumaru. She didn't know if she could handle him quite yet. After all, yesterday he had…practically…confessed his "feelings" (if she could call it that) to her.  She found that she was blushing and grimaced.  That pansy didn't even deserve her blush—the boy was totally clueless when it came to women. She couldn't be bought with a facial and a beaded gown…

The whispers and squeals grew louder and peering over the tops of the students head she saw the familiar splash of silver hair coming towards her. She couldn't tell whether or not it was Sesshoumaru or his brother, Inuyasha; but she didn't want to find out. It was better if she avoided those two brothers, they only brought her trouble.  Unconsciously, she sank lower into the crowd, only her eyes moving as they followed the F4 across the courtyard. First was Kouga, sauntering and looking handsome as usual. 

Kouga was always in the lead, Kagome noticed for the first time—yet that made sense, he seemed to be the one who desired the most attention, and he always got it, considering the attractive out-fits he wore.  Miroku was next, and Kagome noticed, had decided to dress 'scholarly' in beige pants with a deep brown vest, white shirt, and sweater tied over his shoulder.  He had even added glasses, whether for visual affect or actual purpose, Kagome couldn't guess. It seemed strange though to imagine any of the F4 with glasses…Next was Inuyasha, walking around in a burgundy turtle neck with brown slacks…and then came Sesshoumaru, wearing his traditional black everything. Today it was black flowing pants and a fitted turtle-neck as well.

Kagome assumed, and probably correctly, that everything was designer, though she hadn't a clue from what fashion-house.

"Uwah! Sesshoumaru-san is so cute!" a tall, lanky girl with her hair tied back in a pony-tail sighed dreamily.

"Oh, noo, I love Kouga…he is all strong and manly and…!"  Another girl exclaimed, clutching her heart and looking as though she was about to faint.

Kagome just rolled her eyes and grunted.  She hoped this parade would be over soon.

Glancing towards Inuyasha she found that he was studying her from across the crowd, being tall and able to look over the tops of most of the student's heads.  He didn't smile, or even display any emotion, yet his golden eyes seemed to be intently watching her from his position.

When their eyes met, he looked away almost immediately, but even still Kagome found her cheeks growing flushed.

A few seconds later the F4 had passed and the crowd had died down and dispersed.  Kagome patted her cheeks and murmured, "Get a hold of yourself Kagome. He just looked at you. That's all."

Mumbling to herself something about class and not wanting to be late, she hurried towards the campus, hoping the cool wind would help calm her unsettled nerves.  If it wasn't Sesshoumaru and his war, it was Inuyasha and his intense eyes…

The F4, on the other hand continued to walk through the courtyard, and Sesshoumaru chuckled softly to himself, his golden eyes flashing with amusement.

So, you saw me and blushed? Perhaps you are not as strong willed as you first appeared Higurashi Kagome.  How…disappointing.

Kouga and Miroku noticed Sesshoumaru's abnormal display of behavior and whispered to each other.

"What do you think it could be this time?" 

Miroku, responded, sighing dramatically, "I don't question anymore. I just enjoy the entertainment…"

Kouga smirked and shrugged his shoulders, "True.  When was the last time we had this much excitement, especially from our little Sesshie-chan?"

Sesshoumaru stopped walking at that instance and spat, "Don't ever call me that, you idiots."

Miroku and Kouga just laughed and continued to walk through the courtyard.

Inuyasha, on the other hand, said nothing; but for some reason, he was smiling as well…


The gods, Kagome decided ruefully, had been against her from yesterday afternoon and they had no intention of being kind to her today.  What had she done to deserve there scorn?  She just wanted to get out of Eitoku as quickly as possible, without major disturbances.  Sure, this whole war with Sesshoumaru was self-inflicted, she realized…but, actually, it seemed as though life had been going relatively smooth for a while, at least concerning that.  But then there had been yesterday, and everything had gone downhill…First being nearly raped, and then offered to be 'bought' by Sesshoumaru…she had never been so insulted!

And now, this morning, she had practically died from the rush of blood to her cheeks when Inuyasha had "looked at her". All he had done was look at her and she was getting butterflies!

Am I becoming as bad as all the other shallow girls at this prissy school?

But, it wasn't her blushing that was concerning her now…

She had thought that today might have been normal if she avoided the F4.  But now, it seemed, there was no avoiding that bastard Sesshoumaru. She had to set the record straight.  That boy had messed things up for her again.

Upon entering her classroom that morning she had found a gaggle of girls and boys standing about the chalk-board, and, presuming it was some found love-letter on public display, she was just about to go tear down the embarrassing article when she stopped dead in her tracks.

For a minute, she didn't know if she could breathe.

On the board was written: Higurashi Kagome! The only girl at this school who has had 2 abortions!

So, here she was, racing down the hall, wanting to seriously hurt Sesshoumaru for writing such a thing about her, and punch the lights out of the other three members for allowing them to do such a thing.  She hadn't though Miroku and Kouga were low enough as to let their ring-leader do such a thing! Hadn't their family raised them with any morals?

She found them outside, not in class, as usual.  And, as usual, they all looked stunning sitting beneath the rose arbor as it displayed the last of its blooms. That didn't surprise her.  These boys did nothing but look gorgeous.  The F4 could walk around in a trash-can and smelly socks and still look better than most of Japan's population.

"Sesshoumaru!" she snarled bitterly stomping up to his side, breathing hard, and her black hair flying about her figure. She probably looked like Medusa, but she didn't really care if she turned Sesshoumaru to stone, truth be told.

He didn't even move his eyes, let alone his body.  In fact he completely ignored her.  Perhaps he had turned to stone already…?

The only two that responded (they seemed to be the only ones who ever did anything) was Kouga and Miroku who were leaning against a bench sipping chilled champagne. 

"What, out of class so early, just to say hello to Inuyasha-chan?"  Kouga chuckled to himself, refilling his glass of champagne which had run low.

"What?!"  She gaped, wide eyed, "No! I don't know what you are talking about"

"Sure, sure," Miroku chuckled, winking seductively at her. And when he winked seductively, it was seductive.

Ignoring the two over-sexed boys, she directed her attention to Sesshoumaru, who, was actually looking at her now, although in a very displeased way.  Why was he looking mad?  He didn't have such things written about him on the board for the entire school to see!

"Well?" he questioned disinterestedly, as though yesterday had never happened.

"Why did you write those things about me on the board!?" She screeched, slamming her foot onto the cement, glowering.

The silver-haired, black-clad man said nothing but only raised a well-sculpted eyebrow.

Not waiting for a response, she continued, "It isn't possible! I'm still a virgin!"

A second later there was a fine spray of champagne-mist.  Miroku was choking on his drink, while Miroku had spit out his champagne—both were laughing or dying, either one.

"Indeed?"  Miroku managed, grasping his stomach.

Inuyasha just snorted and continued to read his manga.

She would have stayed longer, and continued to yell at the stoic Sesshoumaru, (who had gone back to ignoring her again) if the first bell hadn't rung—she, unlike some people at this school actually went to class.

As she ran across the courtyard she heard Kouga call, "If you want to change that let me know!"

Sesshoumaru just smirked softly to himself and poured himself a glass as well.


The second bell had yet to ring by the time she reached class and many of the students weren't inside.  Still, Kagome was unsure about what exactly she should do about what was written on the board…she wanted to erase it, of course, but she was afraid that the class would throw things at her. After all, it hadn't been that long ago that they wanted to make her life a living hell.

Actually, the students still probably wanted to make her life a living hell. But she wouldn't let them.

Pulling her black hair back, she made her way towards the board. However, she stopped half way in her tracks and watched in incredulity as three of her classmates began to pick up erasers and effectively clean away the writing.

"I can't believe people would do that."

"They really have gone too far this time."

Well, I'm glad someone at this school agrees with me, Kagome thought darkly taking a few hesitant steps towards them.  These girls were Ayame, Mayumi and Sakuya…the worst kind of girls, or, at least that was what Kagome had always thought…

"Uhm," Kagome began nervously, tugging at her uniform.

The three girls turned towards her, 'sympathetic' looks upon their heavily made-up features.

"I can't believe that…that someone would do that!" One of the girls repeated dramatically. Kagome dimly noticed that her finger-nails had a fresh manicure.

"I know if someone did that to me, I wouldn't be able to bear it."  That was Mayumi, and she was nodding sympathetically.

The third, Sakuya, smiled softly and hesitatingly, "But you can handle it, Higurashi Kagome. You have that wild fighting spirit…"

Kagome smiled nervously. She didn't know if she should be flattered or…insulted? So now she was some untamed being from the wilds?  But, deciding they meant it as a compliment, Kagome smiled slowly, not quite sure what to say.

She had never spoken to these people before, well, because they had never spoken to her.

"Will you come out with us to a party tonight? We feel as though you need to be repaid for standing up to the F4…"  Sakuya questioned, walking towards Kagome and putting a hand on her shoulder.

A…party? Kagome thought incredulously, A party for them…is like going to the Oscars! It costs so much money…with beautiful dresses and…and isn't my favorite soap on tonight…?

Sakuya, however, seemed to notice her unease and explained, laughing 'kindly', "Oh, don't worry about the price! We will pay for the ticket."

Kagome, still unnerved, blinked and looked down at her pair of indoor shoes, "B-But I don't have anything to wear."

She didn't see Ayame smirk or Mayumi grin ruefully. All she heard was Sakuya's gentle voice explaining, "Oh, don't worry about that. This is a casual party, we won't be dressed up or such things.  Just come in a simple dress, or something."

The second bell rang. Class would begin soon.

I don't know…Kagome debated nervously, But, it is never like you to look a gift-horse in the house. I mean, when is the next time I would be invited to a party…?

"Alright."  Kagome found herself replying, grinning against her will.

The three girls erupted into squeals of joy and explained they would give her more information during lunch.

Making her way to her seat, Kagome found that she could not help but smile. Maybe she was going to make friends after all. Maybe Eitoku wasn't such a bad place…maybe she could fit in.

The door opened and the teacher walked in.  Kagome didn't even notice Sesshoumaru standing in the hall staring intensely at her…


The Dango-ya was practically dead.  Kagome had been at work for four hours now, and perhaps only two customers had come in and actually bought something.  Other people had passed by the door, looking temptingly in, but still, not bothering to enter the store.  If Sango hadn't been there, Kagome sighed, she didn't know how she would have been able to bear the boredom.

Yet, so far, the only topic of conversation had been about the F4 and this party she was planning on going to later this evening, in the Ropponji section of Tokyo.  She had only walked through there once, briefly, and in those thirty minutes she had felt completely out of place. And now, she was going to a party there?

"But think about it Kagome," Sango began, once again, "When is the next time you will be invited to a party like this! With all those people to meet…and I bet you there must be some very handsome guys."

Kagome snorted and continued to think idly about going to sleep.  She had been studying very hard as of late and she couldn't afford to have too many distractions.  The party was one thing…and then there was Sesshoumaru…and…

"Although," Sango continued pragmatically, wiping down the counter for perhaps the fifth time in four hours, "I don't know why you aren't satisfied with the F4. Especially Sesshoumaru! From what I have heard of him, he is the most handsome of the entire group…which means he must be absolutely gorgeous!"

Kagome studied her dewy-eyed friend and laughed gently, "I will give you that he is very handsome," she admitted aloud, even surprising herself, "But," she continued, "His personality is terrible."

Sango chuckled softly and justified, "I'm sure it is not that bad. You just don't know him and are making snap judgments."

Kagome decided to say nothing. Maybe Sango was right. Maybe she shouldn't judge Sesshoumaru Okuda. After all, he lived in that lofty house, alone…she was sure he got lonely…

"Kagome. You're blushing." Sango pointed out cheekily, poking her cheek softly.

What? Am I? Kagome thought as she looked at her reflection in the counter.

"Oh…well, erm…" was all she could manage, and she just heaved a great sigh and looked out the window.

She had just begun to doze off when the door tinkled.  She snapped to attention almost immediately, and chirped, "Welcome!"

Kagome hardly noticed who it was, but bristled when she heard a voice she recognized all too well, "Shouldn't you be working at Virgin Mega Store?"

It was Miroku. And Inuyasha. Gulping, Kagome gasped, "What are you doing here?  Isn't this a little far from the red-light district?"

Miroku chuckled, and grinned, "Ouch, dear Kagome."

Inuyasha, on the other hand, was completely ignoring all of them and was looking down at the dango, a deep scowl on his features.  Deciding she should help the customer, Kagome made his way towards him and questioned softly, "Find one you like?"

He pointed and grumbled, "I want that one."

It was a red and white dango wrapped individually, and placing it in a box, Kagome noted, "That is a very good choice."

"Oh? Is it?"  Inuyasha questioned disinterestedly, "I just bought it because it looked sweet. I'm craving something sweet."

Miroku chuckled and admitted, "Inuyasha is always craving something sweet. I swear, he would buy a candy factory if he could, just to get to the sugar."

"Oh?" Kagome questioned, rather interested. So, Inuyasha had a sweet tooth, "I see."

Glancing towards the silver-haired man, she noticed that he was blushing. Miroku, she decided upon, must have embarrassed him.

"Shut up, Miroku!"  Inuyasha fumed, grabbing his dango and stalking outside into the sunshine.

Miroku watched him go and shrugged, "Poor boy is embarrassed. I guess guys aren't supposed to like sweet things. But…speaking of sweet things, Kagome, aren't you being rude and not introducing me to your delicate friend?"

Having nearly forgotten about Sango, Kagome flushed and quickly explained, "Sango, this is Miroku, the campus lecher and playboy."

Miroku gave her a sardonic look, before reaching for Sango's hand and bringing it to his lips.  She pulled it away almost instantly and fumbled moodily, "It's a pleasure, I'm sure."

"See, what did I tell you?" Kagome nodded knowingly.

"Ah, how your words wound me," the lecher said dramatically, "Still, no matter, me and my sweet-toothed friend have other places to be. See you Sango, and resident virgin."

Not even bothering to say goodbye, Kagome went in the back and began to wash dishes, something she always did when she was angry.

Those stupid jerks…

The pots and pans continued to clamber for a good half an hour…


The building was alit with great golden light and the murmuring of voices.  Kagome was sure she had gotten the right address; she could see the richness practically dripping off of everything, even on the passion-flowers planted in glazed cisterns and climbed up the side of the building.

She tugged on her light blue dress, which, her mom had insisted 'brought out her eyes'.  Unsure if she was dressed too formally (she was wearing her second nicest dress) she walked up the doorman and handed him her invitation.  He looked at her, only briefly, and very discretely, but she could still feel his glance against her skin.

"Miss," he replied formally as he bowed and pulled the door open for her. "The party is down the hall and on the third door on the right."

Nodding, she murmured, "Thank you."

Poor girl, the doorman thought as he looked up at the over-cast night sky.


I feel like I am inside the lions den, Kagome thought nervously, nearly falling for the fifth time as she made her way to the third door on the right. But be calm, be nice. I will meet some very nice people, I bet and…

She turned the corner and nearly gasped at the room.  Crystal chandelier hung suspended from the ceiling, glittering and gleaming like diamonds.  The carpet was a deep crimson and everywhere ivory-colored tables were covered in food she had only seen in magazines.

Piano music tinkled prettily from a grand piano located in the corner, perfectly situated on either side by two large banana-palm trees.

She didn't have time to notice much when she heard the voices of Ayame, Sakuya and Mayumi approach her from across the populated room.

"Kagome!" they waved, the smiles on their faces quickly falling as soon as they saw what she was wearing.

"What are you wearing?"  Ayame questioned, looking very striking in her mandarin style dressed made out of black silk and hand embroidered in silver stitching.

"I, uhm, I thought you said this was an informal party," Kagome murmured, realizing that she was beginning to blush and finding the prospects of her T.V. show at home very, very promising.

"You believed us?" Mayumi chuckled softly, bringing her lace-gloved hand to her mouth and tittering softly.

"Oh, poor Kagome, don't you understand? We don't 'do' casual around here." Ayame explained, and Kagome tried to believe that she was being sincere, but there was something about the glint in her eye which made her ill at ease…

"Oh." The blue-eyed girl blinked, once again tugging on her blue dress.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it, can we though?"  Sakuya sighed as she motioned Kagome towards one of the tables of food.  "Why don't you try some?"

"No thank you," Kagome explained hurriedly, finding that she didn't feel like getting sick tonight incase the food did not agree with her stomach.

"Oh, I understand," Mayumi condoled, grabbing something that looked like meat, although Kagome wasn't quite sure what exactly it was in the first place. "I mean, I wouldn't eat this either, my stomach probably couldn't handle it, especially if I had never eaten such fine food."

A smirk appeared on Mayumi's lips.

"I never said that," Kagome sighed annoyed, bitterly grabbing whatever-it-was, and munching on it.  It took her only a moment, but she realized, with a grin, "Actually, this is quite tasty."

The three remaining girls just scowled and re-directed their glances to other people in the room.

Kagome, who would have been perfectly happy to try all the other foods (that, she realized, she would never get an opportunity to try again) was quite put off when she was practically yanked away from the table under the pretence that they were going to 'mingle'.

Is this what they do at a party? Talk? Eat?

The last party she had been to was when she was thirteen, and it certainly wasn't like this.  There were no foreign foods or extremely expensive dresses dripping with diamonds…or…

"And who might you be?" a voice rang in her ear.

Becoming aware for the first time that two men had joined them, Kagome blushed and looked down, becoming quickly aware how ill-dressed she was.

"I, erm—," she began nervously, tugging on her blue dress for about the tenth time that night.  It didn't help that these two men were extremely good looking at dressed in Armani suits…no, it didn't help at all.

"You seem to have your own sort of fashion going on here." One of them continued. She could feel his eyes against her skin and it unnerved her.  Yet, she found this strange…often times in the past she had felt Okuda Sesshoumaru looking at her and it never bothered her in a way such as this…

"Yes, it is refreshing, especially in such a place as this…"

"Well, you see—," Kagome began again, determined not to be the shrinking violet at this event; yet, much to her dismay Sakuya interrupted her by informing the handsome man.

"Oh, yes, well you can expect that from a girl who has had two abortions.  You know, she also used to be very active in a street gang, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if she was still."

The other two girls snickered and smirked on the sides, and Kagome glared at Sakuya, sputtering desperately for words. But she could find none, she was so shocked.

"Is that so?"  The handsome man questioned nervously, sloshing his martini in the process, "Quite interesting. Very.  Well, if you will excuse me…"

And they were gone before Kagome knew it…

Turning towards the three girls, Kagome choked out bitterly, angry tears pricking at her eyes, "It was you, wasn't it? It was you who wrote those things on the chalkboard and not Sesshoumaru."

They smirked but said nothing.

"Why?"  Kagome continued angrily, shaking now she was so distraught, "What have I ever done to you? All I did at school was try not to get into anyone's way—and then I stand up to the F4 and you treat me like-like this?!"

She hadn't realized she had been yelling and the room now seemed deadly silent…

The three girls eye-brows rose, almost like robots, but finally Ayame stepped forward in her designer dress and began coolly, almost as though she was addressing a servant, "Oh, Kagome, you are an innocent thing, aren't you?  Don't you see?  We three girls, and all others at school, are very bored with all the attention that you have been attracting for yourself from the F4…"

Taken aback, Kagome spat, "What are you talking about? What do you mean?"

Mayumi chortled to herself behind a gloved hand and whispered, her eyes narrowing in deceit and hatred, "Haven't you noticed it? You are naïve! Ever since you started this "war" between the F4, well, you're the only girl at this school that those boys ever notice…!"

Blinking in surprise, Kagome grumbled, "Is this what it's all about? You're jealous? If you guys like them go and tell them. I really don't care about any of them."

The three girls deepened their frowns and Mayumi continued, "Why should we? We have worked our whole lives to be desirable to men such as those—we shouldn't have to stoop as low as someone—someone like you!"

Like robots, again, they nodded in unison and crossed their slim arms.

"Someone like me?" Kagome repeated, incredulous, and finding her voice was rising yet again and knowing full well that the entire party was watching her now…

Although she wasn't quite aware of golden eyes sparkling in the corner…

"Someone like me?" the blue-eyed girl began, "What does that mean? A girl who stands up for what she believes in? Who tells the truth?  Who doesn't spread lies about having abortions? Who doesn't eat crap just to marry rich?  No, I think you girls have it wrong.  It would be I who would have to stoop low to you, because you three girls are the most pathetic people I have ever met in my lifetime!"

Feeling that it was a good time to quickly exit, but not without a parting touch, Kagome yanked a glass of pomegranate juice and splashed it angrily in Mayumi's face.  In a dazzle of the blue from her dress, Kagome quickly spun out of the room, stalking down the hall and out into the coolness of a Tokyo night.

The nerves of those girls! She yelled to herself, taking a few deep calming breaths before making her way home. Maybe I can catch the last half an hour of my show…


The party was in panic and Okuda Sesshoumaru took that opportunity to quietly slip out of the gathering and make his way to the front entrance in hopes to still find Kagome recovering from that little bout.

She had vanished by the time he arrived there.

Still, the silver-haired man smirked softly to himself and whispered softly, "Another point to you, Kagome Higurashi…"




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