Angelique woke up and looked around her at the strange white walls with the shadowy shapes greying into an evening quiet. Gradually, she focused her eyes. "I am here," she thought. "I'll have to go next door and..." She narrowed her unfocused view of the tiny room. "I remember bringing all my bags up the stairs yesterday. It was a long walk from the carriage house. I couldn't believe that a warmly-cloaked man welcomed me and called me by my name and picked up my bags to help me along the walk to the house. He was so friendly and familiar and helpful. My arms were getting so heavy and sore."

"Angelique." She heard the soft voice again. "Do you remember what you were doing?"

"How am I here?" She asked.

"Do you remember?" The man's voice was so calming. "Think. Think back. Look back and remember."

"Barnabas? Barnabas? What happened? How did I get here?" Angelique tossed her words toward the voice.

A soft-spoken brown-haired man in somber dress quietly looked at her once again. "Do you remember? You were fighting for your life. You were fighting, and you were attacked. A man raised a stake-and you drew a knife. Angelique. Don't you remember? I carried you away from the ghastly horror of a raised stake and a certain kind of extinction...ah...extinguishment."

"You carried me away. I thought you were gone. Gone away forever." Angelique's eyes were plaintive.

Barnabas looked bemused: a little perplexed. "Forever? That's a word." He turned ironically and studied the shadows moving and whispering along the white walls of the cubicle. "I brought you here. You are safe. You have awakened at last. You were asleep for such a long time. It seemed you could almost hear; and then you could even breathe a little; but you wouldn't open your eyes."

"Barnabas?" Angelique answered. "Could you please listen to me for one minute of time? You asked me, do I remember. I want to ask you, too: do you remember, Barnabas; do you remember standing on the rocks one night long ago and watching a little bat in the dark mist? Then, do you remember slipping a little bit? Barnabas...I caught you that evening...I was the little brown bat. Can you ever forgive me?"

Angelique continued, "Barnabas, I couldn't let you go. I was so afraid. I was so afraid it was all over. Thank you for hearing me. I listened to you for such a long time, but you wouldn't stop to hear me. Barnabas, when we met, long ago and far away, I was standing in your shoes at every dance...daytime...nighttime... It was an endless whirl and an endless delight. Every day was a new evening...But, Barnabas, you loved me then. You simply don't recognize me. You don't know who I really am. You don't know what I am."

"Angelique. Stop. Stay with me for a second. I know who you are. I know I made you suffer for what you can never be. I know what you are. I remember the dark mist. I saw the brown bat fly. I thought you were gone. Gone. My head was spinning: my psyche broken. Now I know you brought me with you that night. And, Angelique, I am who brought you here."