A blonde haired woman with brown eyes, walked slowly outside of antique shop inside the small town of collinsport, maine. She carried a baby in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. these people will make good parents for my child, thought the strange woman. She walked past it with the child with her. She saw a passage, that lead through the woods and she then made her way through. She continued walking until she spotted two men wearing hoods.

"Crystal, we have been expecting you. Do you have the child," said the first man. Crystal looked at him with a slight nod, with the look of guilt. The second man took the child from her with a smile.

"We have our leader," yelled the second man. Crystal turned around and heard the screaming of others. A man with brown hair and eyes, who wore old fashioned clothes. He looked at her with a look of uneasiness. Crystal noticed him looking at her and she starred into his eyes. She then instantly turned away, to look at the two hooded men.

"Crystal, have you found the right people for the job of your child's caretaker," asked the first man. Crystal looked at him with a slight smile. She nodded.

"Yes i have. Megan and Phillip Todd, from the antique shop. I know they will take him in and raise him in the months he'll grow in," she replied. The first man dipped his head with approval. He touched the baby's head and the child turned into a ball of light. Crystal felt sadness inside and a tear escaped her eyes. The first man placed the ball of light inside a small box with snakes carved into it. The old fashioned looking man looked at her with sorrow, but made sure the hooded men couldn't see.

"Barnabas, you will take the child to its new caretakers. Crystal if you have something to put in the box with your child, please do it now," the second man had said with the feeling of sadness coming off their leaders mother. Crystal nodded, pulled out a piece of paper with an envelope that had a metal that said: Crystal and Sander Hawkes. She placed it in the box that bore her child. The first man closed the lid and looked at the young mother. He then whispered, "Sander would be so proud of you. Our old leader and your husband would be happy to see his son follow in his own footsteps." The man handed the box over to Barnabas, who continued to look at Crystal as he was handed the task. Barnabas and Crystal walked through the path together. They slowly turned around and the path began to fade. Crystal went up to him and gave him a hug.

"Please take care of my child. Act as if he's yours," she whispered in his ear. He nodded and walked away with the box that the baby was in. She let out a smile and whispered, "It's the right thing to do. He will be just like his father."