Crystal woke up the next day with her son still sleeping next to him. She shook him, making him wake up. Michael sat up and walked over to the door. He looked back at his mother, who stood up. Crystal touched his head and they walked down the stairs together. Elizabeth with a young boy stood down the stairs talking with Megan and Philip. Elizabeth looked up at Crystal.

"Megan, why is she in the house with Michael," asked Elizabeth. Megan looked over at Crystal and turned to look at Elizabeth. Barnabas came out of the corner and looked up at Crystal. Crystal and Michael walked over to Megan. Barnabas looked at Michael and his mother standing next to each other. The boy next to Elizabeth looked over at them with confusion.

"This is Crystal Hawkes. She is the wife of Sander Hawkes, who is the former leader of the Leviathan's and she is the mother of birth mother of Michael," Replied Megan. Barnabas looked over at Crystal with a smile and a nod of approval.