A. N. : I figured since I read fanfic mostly from Smallville, I should write this. I actually had a dream that inspired it. Oh and Melissa, if you're reading this, I used a vocab word - trepidation! It's a little late though.

~Trepidation~ by Electric Spyro :o)

Disclaimer: As you might've guessed, I don't own any of the charaters on Smallville. Wouldn't that be cool if I did though?

Lana had finally finished cleaning up the Talon. It was getting late. She put everything away in the kitchen and then came back out.

She saw one last customer sitting in the booth next to the door. Oh great, now i have to stay open just because one guy wasn't finished with his drink Lana thought. However, the man looked over at her and she showed him a fake smile. He smiled back but Lana could tell there was something on his mind. She shrugged it off though and opened the cash register to recount how much money she had (she was never very good with math).

She heard the bell above the front door ring. She guessed that the man had left so she turned around. Instead, there was another man who had just came in. He had a leather jacket on and it looked like four piercings in one ear. He walked angrily over to the other man who began to tremble.

" Well - where is it?" the man in the leather jacket asked the other. As he walked towards the man sitting down, his face seemed the get colder and colder until he was only inches away from him.

" I - I - I don't have it yet. It's a - a - a very dangerous thing to pull off . If I could just have until tomor -"

" That won't be nessacary." the man in the leather jacket said though his teeth as he grabbed the man by his collar. He then noticed Lana. She froze. What is he thinking?

" Come on." he shoved the other man in front of him and out the door looking back at Lana as if to say, " This isn't any of your buisness."

Lana put all the money back in the register and raced to the door opening it slightly so see what was going on. The man in the jacket had the other man up against the wall. His left arm was pushing on his neck and a glint of silver told Lana that in his other hand he held a gun pointed straight at the frightened man.

" I'm not playin' around, Larson. We need that file from the Luthor's mansion and we need it now. Not tomorrow. Not the next day. Today!" he pushed his arm even more at the poor man's throat. The man began to spunter and choke, " I - I can't -"

Just then a black cadillac pulled up on the curb next to the two men. The man with the gun looked around and then jerked the guy away from the wall and shoved him into the car muttering, " Get in." They then drove off down the road.

Lana walked out of the Talon and out onto the sidewalk looking at the car as it turned down a dark dirt road at the end of the street that Lana never knew existed. She quickly pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed 911. But before she could even get an answer, she felt a poke in her back. She didn't have to look to know it was a gun.

" I don't think I can let you do that." a deep cold voice of a man said as someone slowly pulled her cell phone away from her ear. " Telling the police about our little plan wouldn't be good for you at all."