Queen of the Underworld


Lady Razeli

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Chapter One

Regina trekked carefully through the amazon. There were many dangers out here and she had to be careful especially now that she had her son Henry with her. She had found him as a babe at a burned down Red Cross site. At first she thought he might have belonged to one of the native peoples the Red Cross had been helping in Brazil, but that was not the case she realized. His skin was just too pale not to belong to a Red Cross member. Regina wasn't the kindest person on the block but she hadn't ever harmed children, and given her history with her mother she couldn't abide by someone abandoning their child. Besides she had checked without revealing she had the child, and asked after any pregnant staff members who had, had a baby. But all were present and accounted for with their child safely at home in their country with them or having only been pregnant a few weeks and would not be traveling for a while again. Sometimes it really paid to be a hacker, actually it paid off quite often to be a hacker. Regina grinned to herself, hacking was only one of her many talents she planned on teaching her son.

"Henry keep up," She called. He nodded and hurried after her looking around for dangers.

Regina was a business woman, but not in the conventional sense most of the time. She came from a well to do family and as a teenager she had wanted to rebel against high society. Her mother wanted so badly to be among that crowd of wealthy women. She had taken up hacking as a hobby, she'd hacked the pentagon with a friend before she was even sixteen. She had been caught and almost sentenced to jail, but her mother absolutely could not have that. She used all they had to keep her name free and clear before she finally succeeded in arranging a marriage in this day and age to a man worth billions. Her mother had started off so dirt poor she had been born in a trailer park. She had nearly married the same man; she had married her off too. They were the same age, but he had rejected her in favor of someone with a better background. So her mother had dedicated her life to ensuring that Regina was a well brought up society lady fit to marry a man worth billions who had a brat of daughter the same age as her. She spent five years watching him dote on his daughter, force himself on her, beat her, and neglect her.

His reach had been far and wide, she had run away quite a few times only to be brought back. The stipend he gave her mother would be docked however many days she had run away in months. Her parents weren't too put out, but it certainly cracked a hole in her mother's façade. So the last year she spent hacking his accounts and learning how to survive off the grid. She diverted millions of dollars to her hideaway, but it was an expensive hideaway. Eventually the time came, she convinced one of their servants to poison her husband. Once the deed was done she sent him after her mother, the one person who seemed to always get what she wanted from her. Unfortunately, the stupid fool killed her father instead. Her mother narrowly escaped with her life and last to die was her bitch of a stepdaughter, but her servant was caught by the man-child the girl was insisting on calling husband. He of course confessed, but Regina was already halfway to her new home. Freedom was of absolute importance to her especially now that she had Henry.

"Mom, why do we carry guns?" Henry asked. She had naturally taught him to shoot just as her mother had taught her. There were few lessons she liked to take to heart from her mother, but despite moving North, her mother always said she was a Southern Belle and even Southern Belle's know how to shoot. And Henry was now the son of a business woman who had people who wanted her dead.

"I told you Henry to maintain our lifestyle we have to deliver packages, and to some people these packages are very important. Sometimes they want to steal it and profit from it themselves and other times they don't want to pay and just want to take the profit. And sometimes they're very jealous of our success and want us out of the way."

"But aren't we bad for wanting to shoot them too?" Henry asked. Regina stopped and turned to look at him.

"No, honey, no it's not a bad thing to want to live, now as you know mommy had to take that step where she had to kill someone deliberately, but in your case and how I try to live now for you. We don't shoot anyone unless they threaten our lives. And have we not always shot only to wound, and now we have some very loyal friends yes?"

"Yes, some of them were really sorry afterwards." Regina smiled at him and nodded.

"Exactly, it's not a bad thing to protect yourself." He nodded and they continued on. They reached the mouth of the Amazon River. They had walked from a helicopter they had flew in on. They never dropped down in the exact meeting spot. She was meeting some Colombian drug dealers after all bringing a few precious vials of something labeled the Zombie drug from Russia. She never kept any on her, as soon as it was picked up t was dropped off. It was the same with all drugs, she didn't want Henry having any opportunity to try them even if it meant staying up more than twenty-four hours. Regina took out her binoculars and assessed the men waiting for her. They were her usual partners and carried their usual guns. She looked around and spotted a good tree and had Henry climb up it with his pack and gun. He carried their first aid kit, extra ammo, map, satellite phone, and a list of emergency numbers he was supposed to have memorized. She didn't worry about her mother not helping him if anything happens. He had only to flash the money only he had access too.

"Remember what I told you if this goes South, where drugs are concerned you never know." He nodded and gave her a kiss before going as high as possible and practically out of sight in his camouflage. She only knew what to look for and spotted him easily, but anybody with adrenaline pumping through their veins would have trouble spotting him. She turned and proceeded forward her helicopter was just landing; the men rose expecting her in the helicopter. She didn't always arrive the same way and she took great pains to make sure their helicopter wasn't tampered with before any take off. To her pilots it was a simple looking over of all components, but she had wired every ride she had to report back to a main computer also for the more sophisticated types.

"Welcome boys," Regina greeted from behind them as the helicopter shut down. They jumped as military looking men jumped down. Her captain was an ex-military type she'd saved in Afghanistan when his own country left him for dead. He had been loyal to her ever since and was very serious about her personal security. The men that followed him were young men from poor backgrounds. She took care of their families and allowed siblings to attend college where that had not been possible. All they had to do was train with Graham and serve for her at least four years. She made loyal men out of them all not just with favors but fair treatment and no matter how angry she got at them, she never threatened their families only their own worthless lives if they dared to fail her.

"Welcome," the leader replied. He looked nervous and as usual unnerved that he never could guess if she would arrive before her men, after her men, and by how much time. He hadn't even been sure that her men weren't already surrounding him before the helicopter even arrived. Hell he was sure he only saw a small fraction of the army she possessed.

"Where's my money?" He licked his lips nervously.

"I'm short my Queen." Regina sighed as Graham kicked him to his knees. The rest of his guys were disarmed accordingly and put on their knees as well. My queen was a term that people had started calling her out of respect, when she was given the title Queen of the underworld.

"What's going on, you've never been short, you know I take great pains to get you this drug, you're the only seller in all of Colombia, you have a huge network of sellers I helped you build, and they all send money back to you which you than give a tidy sum of fifty percent of your profits to me in exchange for the drug. It takes a lot to ensure you don't have competition my friend." Graham cocked his gun and placed it at the back of the man's head. He began to cry like a child in Regina's opinion.

"I'm sorry, it's just Interpol they've been sniffing around, and I lost a lot of money in raids."

"So why have you not tapped into your personal funds to pay me?" Regina asked him annoyed. "You thought you would just short me and still get the product, well that doesn't fly with me and if I need to install someone smarter than you I will." He shook. She looked at the others. "So which one of you is going to step up and follow orders. I can't imagine you want to keep working for this idiot who cannot even salvage Interpol raids." No one moved. She could see a few were hesitant, unsure if she were serious and that could result in dire consequences later if their current boss lived. "All right let me make it easy. Pendejo shoot yourself in the head so I can move on, give up your title, if you live you can keep your job working for us, but you've been demoted." He shook even harder and looked up at her.

"No, no please, my…" Regina turned away from him and walked a few feet away. Everyone moved back and gave him a single bullet. Regina carefully stood in Henry's line of sight and Graham stood at her back watching him. Her face betrayed nothing as she heard a single shot from a silencer and a body drop to the ground. They took the money they had brought.

"Angel you've showed the most promise from my spies, you are now in charge, if this sack of shit makes it back, you may he al him. But he no longer runs things. As a sign of my faith in you, you will sell all of the drug and return one hundred percent of the profits plus what is owed me, understand?" Angel nodded and kissed her feet. They dragged Carlos's body away to their car and took the drugs from her. They were gone quickly and she sent Graham for Henry. Once they were back and she had made her check of the helicopter, they were on their way.

"Has the money been counted and confirmed as real?" One of the boys gave Graham and thumbs down.

"The money was thoroughly converted to Euros, but each serial number is registered with Interpol." Regina took a deep breath.

"Dump it all in the river bag included. We'll burn your gloves later we won't take any changes by dumping them with the bag." He nodded and they threw it out over the Amazon River.

"We should all disappear for a while; Graham prepare to ditch this helicopter." He saluted her and made some calls as everyone prepared to go for a nice swim which included oxygen tank and a parachute. When they were far enough out. Regina strapped Henry to her for the fall. They jumped off one by one, over the roaring wind, Regina barely held the blast of the helicopter over the Pacific Ocean. They remained underwater for two hours when a boat appeared with distinctive markings. They swam up and were able to come up through a hole built for such passages. It was yacht and no one would be none the wiser if they saw the yacht pass by they would only think they had stopped to view the destroyed wreckage of their helicopter. They stayed below deck of course getting warm and eating.

"Where to now ma'am?" They asked.

"If you men want to head home until summoned, I do believe that is safe, as long as you don't betray me. Your military records are so good, they would be hard pressed to prove you had not served or that you didn't work for my private Militia Company, which is extremely legitimate. They need not know who or where you served."

"Don't even think of telling me I won't follow you," Graham told her. There were few times Graham told her what he was going to do and it was always to insist that he would protect her.

"Mom where are we going?" Henry asked.

"Well you pick the place, and that's where we'll go, somewhere you can go to school I think." Henry grinned. He had been vying for them to go somewhere he could make a few friends that weren't adults working for his mother. Not that he didn't love them, but it seemed to him that he not only needed Graham as one of his best buddies but someone his age.

"Great, because I'm thinking Miami," Henry said with a grin.

"Miami?" Regina asked but Henry was already excited. Regina wondered what was drawing her son to Miami. She knew from his search history that he had done his homework, and if he had extra homework it was on a piece of equipment she wasn't hooked up too. At the time she had been rather proud of his hacking skills, but now it worried her a little. She and Graham would have to be on alert for whatever her son was up too.