Rotten Apple

I dedicate this story to Amethyst-Phoenixx-thank you for all the comments and support on my stories, it is what keeps me going.

Note: I was inspired to write this story while listening to the song "Rotten Apple" by Alice in Chains. It is NOT meant to be a sequel to any of my other stories, this story stands on its own.

Description of story: Being raised within an orphanage is never easy, especially if you KNOW that you are different from your peers. Fleeing from the orphanage, you find comfort in someone who shares your pain and maybe something else….

Chapter One: Rotten Apple

She barely remembered what her mother looked like since it was so long ago. The only thing that she could remember was her mother's long, dark, hair and tear filled brown eyes as she told her that she would always love her. Still, even after fourteen years, the girl did not know the real reason her mother placed her for adoption at the tender age of three. The only plausible conclusion that she could come up with was the fact that she was…different-not outwardly different, but different, and even she did not know what it was that made her stand out from her peers.

"Rosalia!" snapped the orphanage director sharply, "Come, there is a family here who would like to see you-come now hurry up!"

The seventeen-year-old brushed her dark-brown, wavy hair behind her ear before following the director. After fourteen years of being put up for display and looked over like some type of animal, Rosalia had given up all hope over being adopted because there was always something "wrong" with her.

"She is beautiful and well mannered, but…there is something odd about her-supernatural feeling-almost," she remembered one potential family telling the Orphanage director many years ago.

Soon, the dark-haired girl was placed across the table from a very wealthy looking couple who were dressed very flamboyant.

"Mr. and Mrs. Birkhart, this is Rosalia…she is one of the oldest children that we have residing here," smiled the director before leaving the room.

Mr. Birkhart leaned forward and adjusted his glasses, "oh-very pretty," he remarked. To Rosalia, it seemed like he was actually on the lookout for a "younger model" to replace his middle-aged wife instead of a girl to call his daughter.

"So…tell us a little about yourself Rosalia," Mrs. Birkhart remarked.

Her dark blue-gray eyes looked down, "there isn't much to say…my birth mother left me here," she told them lowly.

"Well…do you have any hobbies?"

"I like to knit and sing," she told them quietly.

"Oh! Well…my mother used to have a nanny who knitted," replied Mrs. Birkhart, "Of course she was dismissed after my mother found her in a compromising position with my father."

The teenager gave her a wide-eyed look and questioned, in her head, whether or not she actually heard the woman correctly.

"Oh…that is a shame," responded the girl without making eye contact.

There was a long, awkward, silence in the room which was suddenly shattered by the director who returned to the room, "so, what do you think?"

"Well…we would like to talk with you alone," the couple told her and Rosalia knew that was her que to leave and return to her room. She already knew what they were going to say.


"Hey Rosie, guess what?" laughed her roommate happily.

"Did you get adopted?" she asked.

"YEAH! By Mr. and Mrs. Birkhart!"

A small smile crossed her lips, "I am happy for you Meaghan…just be careful, ok?"

The blonde-haired girl gave her roommate a hug, "thank you so much for being my friend and keeping my hope for adoption alive," the fifteen-year-old told her.

Rosalia helped Meaghan pack her belongings and carrying them to the entrance of the orphanage for pick-up. The blond-haired girl gave Rosalia one final squeeze, "good luck Rosie, I just know that there is a family out there for you too."

The dark-haired teen fought back her tears when she watched her only friend walk out the door with her new parents. Returning to her room with her head hung, she knew that her remaining days within the orphanage were going to be miserable. Just then, a wild thought entered her head about eloping. She was unnaturally quiet and fast and knew that she could easily slip passed the nightshift. Then, from that point on she prepared to escape and runaway later that night.

It was around midnight when Rosalia could make her escape and flee through the forest to the nearest road. Nocturnal animals and insects vocalized loudly as the girl was sprinting at a near-inhuman speed. Then, after about a mile and a half of running she came to a vacant road which forked about a quarter of the way south. The dark-haired girl stopped to catch her breath before deciding which way to go, and hoped that she could eventually find someone to give her a ride away from the area. She eventually decided to go south and take the left fork toward some unknown destination.


Less than two miles down the road, a dhampir hunter kicked his cyborg horse into a trot, rumors about an abduction involving ten children from the town of Ransylva had reached him from across the frontier.

"Come on D…you don't even know if it was a vampire who was responsible for abducting those children, so why do you want to check it out?" Left-Hand inquired.

The Vampire Hunter pulled his horse to a stop when he seen the teenaged girl walking up the road.

"Now what the hell is a young lady doing out here at this time of night? Doesn't she know that she is prime pickings for bandits or wild animals?" remarked the parasite.

D kicked his horse and slowly approached the girl who looked relieved to see him. Suddenly after meeting her gaze a strange and unfamiliar feeling encompassed D's entire being which turned out to be the feeling of deep connection.

"Hello sir, I am looking for a ride to the nearest town. Can you please take me there?" she asked.

"It is dangerous out here at night, especially unprotected," the dhampir told her before reaching out to grab her arm and pull her onto the back of his horse.

After the kind act, D experienced a flashback of him making love to Doris Lang on the night that he killed the Vampire known as Count Magnus Lee. Unsure of why that image would have crept up from his deepest thoughts, he kicked his horse into a steady pace up the road.

"Thank you to picking me up. My name is Rosalia but you can call me Rosie," she told him as she tightened her grip around his waist as his horse picked up speed, "So what is your name stranger?"

"D…" he responded matter-of-factly.

"Nice name, so what town are you going to take me to?"

"Why were you out here so late alone? Where are your parents?" asked the dhampir.

The pit of her stomach dropped at the question, "Well D…I don't have parents-I am an orphan. My biological mother gave me up for adoption when I was three years old and I barely remember what she looks like. I never met my biological father, so I wouldn't even know who to suspect."

There was a momentary silence before the dhampir spoke again, "did you run away then?"

Butterflies were going crazy within her stomach over the question, "yes…" she told him, "But the place that I ran away from was not a good place to be-you have to believe me D!"