Ichigo In A World Of Women

This Was Inspired By The Story "The First Male Shinigami" By nakesnake. It Is A Very Interesting Concept I Haven't Seen Other Than In That Story. In It, Well The Title Is Very Self Explanatory But I'll Explain Anyway, Ichigo Meets Rukia, She Explains Things Like Normal And Explains That All Soul Reapers Are Female. Then She Gives Him Her Power, He Turns Out To Be The Only Male Soul Reaper Ever, And EVERY Single Female Tries Their Damnedest To Get With Him.

Great Concept, But It Was Ended Abruptly, And I Can Do One Similar. The Concepts The Same, But I'll Throw My Own Zing In It And See Where It Goes.

M For Language, Nudity(A Lot Actually), Lemons, OOC, AU, Genderbent(LOL), And Ichigo X Large Harem.

Chapter 1: The First Male Soul Reaper

It was another day for the fifteen year old high school teen. Another day of getting to school, finishing his work, hanging out with friends and then helping a spirit find peace. Some punks were messing with a vase that had flowers in it that Ichigo left for a little girls spirit, so he taught them a lesson.

For as long as he could remember, Ichigo has always been able to see spirits and ghosts. It was something that he could recall all the way back to when his mother died when he was nine years old and he couldn't do anything about it. He remembered that night all too well. The falling rain splashing his face and mixing with the tears and blood covering the ground. The girl who looked like she was about to jump into the river to end her life. The rush of air that went through his hair as he tried to save her and felt nothing but air going through his fingers. Those red eyes that appeared for a split second, and finally his mother, lifeless. After he lost her, he made a vow to protect anyone in need, no matter whatever happened to himself in the process.

Ichigo walked along for a few more minutes before heading into his home which also doubled as a clinic ran by his father. The same father who just so happens to attack his son all too often, like right now.

"I'm home-" Ichigo started right before he was kicked in the face by his dad. Ichigo fell to the floor head first and groaned. "OW! DAMMIT!"

"Two things Ichigo!" Isshin started as he stood over his only son. "One, you dropped your guard like a rank armature! And two, you're late for dinner!"

"Oh come on!" Ichigo yelled back as he stood up and got in Isshin's face. "I help make a spirit find peace and this is how I'm greeted?! And what do you mean I dropped my guard you crazy old man, I live here so I shouldn't have my guard up!"

"Oh so it's the ghosts' fault eh!?" Isshin yelled back as the two started to fight each other in a comical way.

"Hey come on you two." Yuzu started in a worried tone as she sat down at the table with a plate in her hand. "Can't you two just sit down so we can have a dinner?"

"Let em fight Yuzu." Karin said in her usual nonchalant tone. "More they fight, more food for me."

Yuzu was still very unsure why only she and their dad couldn't see ghost and why Karin and Ichigo never thought much about it. The simple fact that they could commune with the dead always intrigued the blonde.

As Yuzu was thinking to herself, Ichigo had punched their dad into a wall and stormed off to his room, stating that he'll eat later. Ichigo opened his door and went in, closing it with a slam. He flung his bag on his desk and laid down on the bed. Ichigo spread himself out and paced his arms behind his head before shutting his eyes and drifting to sleep.

In his dreams he could hear a faint cry from a woman. It wasn't like a regular cry, it was more of a light sob than a cry. Ichigo saw her and saw that she was kneeling next to a body of some sorts. He walked over to the shadowy figure and looked over her shoulder to see a dead body of a woman he didn't know with long black hair. She had a peaceful yet stern look to her face even while she was dead. Ichigo didn't know what was going on and looked over to the shadowy figure only to see that she was gone.

"What the hell?" Ichigo whispered to himself as he looked around. After a few seconds of nothing, he looked back to the body of the woman and now noticed that another lay beside her. The face of this girl was covered by what looked like a towel of some sorts. She was interlocked hand in hand with the woman with black hair and the look on that woman's face changed from stern to happy. She opened her eyes and Ichigo could see the pale blue orbs on her face. She looked over to him and smiled weakly before whispering something Ichigo couldn't hear. Before Ichigo could even voice his own thoughts, a rumble happened that made both women vanish like water. Ichigo looked around and could still feel the intense rumbling grow and grow until he felt a sharp pain in his head. He clenched said area and could feel an intense pulse growing furiously in his own mind. The pain that followed was unbearable for the teen as he fell to his knees.

"Weak." A distorted voice called out from the distance.

Ichigo barely registered it, but looked up to see a blur of someone wearing all white and far away. The figure could tell that he saw it and smiled at him.

"Weak." It said again, this time the voice was distinctly a females.

Before Ichigo could say anything, he opened his eyes and was back in his own room. He breathed heavily and was sweating at what he saw in his recurring nightmare. This dream had been happening to him ever since his mother died six years ago. Ichigo still had no idea what it meant, but it always ended with that woman calling him 'weak' every time.

This time it was different though. This was the first time that he had felt any pain before. What was that supposed to mean?

"Dammit." Ichigo said to himself as he laid there lost in thought. "Who are these people?" He said to himself in his thoughts.

Suddenly and without warning, a black butterfly flew into his room through the closed window. Ichigo was confused as to what he had just seen until a girl in a black outfit suddenly came out of his wall through some kind of portal of sorts. Ichigo immediately went on the defensive when she grabbed at her sword.

"Whoa! Who the hell are you!" He yelled out.

"It's here." She said to herself in an ominous tone.

Growing a tick mark on his head, Ichigo kicked the girl in her rear while shouting. "HEY, I'M TALKING TO YOU!" The girl landed on her face was immediately confused at what had just happened. She could've sworn that there was no way a human could see her, let alone a male. "If you're a burglar then you're not a very good one!" Ichigo yelled at her.

"Y-you can see me?" The girl started as she turned her head toward the boy. She got a very good look at him and stood up quickly, seeing his eyes following her movements. "That's not possible."

"What? The whole me knocking you on your ass thing, or the whole seeing you thing?" Ichigo asked her in an almost insulting tone. He did not sound like he was in the mood for any sort of shenanigans tonight.

The girl stared at him with wide eyes and just had to ask this boy. "A-a-are you really a boy?"

Ichigo was even more irritated now. Not only has this random girl just showed up out of nowhere, but now she was questioning his gender for some weird reason. Ichigo took a breath to calm himself down and decided to just answer her question without losing his composure.

"Yeah I am." He answered her while crossing his arms around his chest. "Why's that important? And who even are you to begin with?"

The girl was in absolute shock now. In the entirety of the spirit world has there ever been a male who could see spirits. Only females could, at the very least, sense a spirit or hollow in the world of the living. How could this boy be able to not only see her, but also touch her as well? She slowly inched her way over to him and quickly tapped his shoulder, much to his discomfort. When he should could feel that he was indeed not a spirit or some figment of her imagination, she looked at him even harder.

"Okay, I've had enough of this." Ichigo started as he placed his hand on her head. The touch was making the girl blush madly, something that she's never done before. "I don't know who you think you are, but this is starting to get on my nerves. So I'm gonna have to tell you to get the hell out of my house, midget."

The insult registered shortly after and the girl now had a tick mark on her head. "Midget huh?" She said as she moved her arms and started saying something. "Bakudo number 1: Sai!"

Before Ichigo could question her, his arms were suddenly tied behind him and he was forced down to the ground. He struggled as hard as he could but to no avail.

"Now then." The girl started as she took a seat and brought out a marker and pad. "I guess since you can see me, I might as well explain what I am and what I do to you." She started to draw on her pad with the marker and showed Ichigo a bad illustration of bunnies. "Now then. I'm a soul reaper, and my job is to keep balance within the world of the living. These souls here are called Plus souls, or good spirits of people that have dies and haven't moved on because of some kind of grief of some kind. These are hollows, or bad spirits. They consume souls to survive and imbalances the spiritual world in doing so. These beings used to be Plus souls but were changed into hollows when their Soul Chain was completely consumed. My job is to destroy the hollows and to send the Plus' to the soul society, a peaceful afterlife where all souls go to when cleansed."

Ichigo listened to her explanation and understood it slightly, but here illustrations weren't making it easy.

"You know," he started, getting her attention. "Your drawing really do suck."

Her response to this was to draw on his face. After a little arguing from him, Ichigo calmed down a little to hear the rest of her explanation. He noticed that she was constantly looking away from his gaze and kept blushing. Not fully understanding this, Ichigo decided to just ask the obvious question.

"Hey soul reaper, why do you keep blushing when you look at me?" Ichigo said to her, catching her by surprise.

"Well." She hesitated as she turned her gaze away from him for a quick second. She took a deep breath before turning back and answering. "The soul society is comprised of all females. No Males live there and none should be able to see us."

"Wait a second." Ichigo started. "If there aren't any men there, then how are there so many of you, and what happens to a male soul?"

"We reproduce in a natural way that doesn't require men. The male souls are the reason for that." The girl said, confusing Ichigo. "When a male soul is sent into the spiritual world, their bodies change to that of a females, but they can impregnate another female within that world. I've seen it before, and it's pretty strange to say the least."

Ichigo didn't fully understand what she meant by this, but something told him that it had to be true if there really were so many souls in this soul society place she was talking about. She was about to continue talking, until a crash and a scream could be heard from downstairs.

"What the hell!?" Ichigo yelled out as he tried to stand up.

"I-Ichi-go." Yuzu's weak voice could be heard from outside the doorway and it caught both Ichigo's and the soul reapers attention. "S-save - Karin."

"Yuzu!" Ichigo yelled out as he saw his sister pass out on the ground.

"There must be a hollow down there." The girl said as she ran out of the room, leaving Ichigo there. She made it down and saw that the room was a wreck with a massive hole in the side of the wall. A hollow stood there with a girl with dark hair in it's hand. "Damn." She said as she dew her sword.

Before she could do anything, Ichigo came crashing down the stairs, much to her amazement, and saw his sister in the hand of what he could only assume was a hollow. "Karin!" Ichigo stood up and started to struggle against the bindings.

"Stop it!" The girls yelled at him. "If you struggle too much, your soul will-"

She couldn't finish her sentence when Ichigo suddenly and without warning broke through the binding spell with pure strength. She was surprised beyond all reason and even more so when he ran out with a chair and went to attack the hollow. The hollow punched Ichigo away and he skidded away, but he stood up and stood his ground.

"So, you're the one with the delicious smell?" The hollow said in a feminine voice. "I will enjoy eating you boy. A very attractive and tasty boy at that."

Before the hollow could do anything, the girl appeared above her and slashed her arm that had Karin in it. There was a screech as the hollow dropped Karin and Ichigo slid over to catch her. He ran back inside and set Karin down on the couch that was still standing normally. He was going to stay by her side, but that voice from his dream suddenly came into his mind just like in his nightmare.

"Are you still weak Ichigo?" She said to him. This was the first time she had ever said more than that one word to him.

"Who are you?" Ichigo said as he heard the soul reaper outside scream in pain. He looked over and saw that the hollow had taken a bite out of the girl.

"Are you still weak, Ichigo?" The voice in his head continued on.

"I'm not weak." Ichigo said as he continued to watch as the soul reaper fell to her knees.

"Then prove it." The voice said with a snicker. "Show me what you can really do and prove to me that you're not weak."

Ichigo suddenly felt a sudden surge of some sort of energy come over him. He ran outside and saw that the hollow was coming over to the soul reaper. She was slumped over on the wall and waiting for the hollow to finish her off. That was when Ichigo suddenly came over and, with his clenched right fist, punched the hollow directly in the face. This surprised not only the girl but also the hollow which was flying away right about now. Ichigo stood there for a moment and looked at his right hand as it changed from a pale white color with black fingernails, back to his regular hand.

"I don't know what you just did boy." The girl started as she struggled to lift her sword off the ground. "But you're not strong enough to kill the hollow. Take my sword and ram it through your heart."

"What?" Ichigo asked her. "What would that accomplish, soul reaper?"

"My name, is Rukia Kuchiki." Rukia started. "And this will give you a portion of my soul reaper powers to protect your family."

Ichigo realized this and smirked at her. "Then I guess I'll take over from here, Rukia." Ichigo said to her causing her to blush madly. "My name, is Ichigo Kurosaki."

The hollow charged at them to stop whatever they were planning, but was too late. In a massive bright flash of light, the boy started to change. Almost instantly, the hollow's arm was now on the ground. Ichigo stood there wielding a massive blade on his shoulder. Rukia sat there in a white kimono in complete and utter shock at what she was seeing.

"No way." She said to herself. "I only planned to give him a portion of my energy, but he took all of it. And he's still a male? How? Just what is he?" Her thoughts were broken when she saw him lift up his blade. "I've never seen anyone wield a zanpakuto that massive before."

"You tried to hurt my family." Ichigo said to the now terrified hollow. "And for that, you're dead." He rushed over to it and before the hollow could even react, Ichigo cut it in half with his blade with ease. The hollow slowly disappeared from existence in the world of the living and Ichigo was left standing there, looking at himself and his blade.

"Whoa." He said to himself as he saw something in the sword that looked oddly familiar.

Urahara's Shop

A blond woman in a green and white bucket hat was sitting outside on the front porch of a candy shop. She looked out into the distance as she felt an intense and powerful spirit energy she had never felt before and slightly shuddered. It was strange for her. She had felt many powerful spirit energies before now and felt completely fine, but this energy was different. It was intimidating to her and yet very securing at the same time.

"Boss." A tall and muscular woman with shades on said from behind the blond.

"I felt it too Tessai." The blond said to her as she stood up. "It's coming from Masaki's old home." She tipped her hat back as she could see faint traces of the energy flying all around. "Whoever is the reason for this, I have a bad yet interested feeling about this."

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