Chapter 30: Familiar face

Ichigo had just left the Vizard warehouse after his fight with Shina. It didn't take them too long as she had Hanaka make specialty barriers to allow the two to go all out in a sense. Ichigo wound up impressing them all when he showed them that he could actually manipulate parts of his body to be enhanced by his hollow. This surprised everyone, especially Hiyori when she tried and failed to sneak attack from behind only for him to catch her blade with a pale white hand. It shocked everyone when he later revealed that his hollow and zanpakuto were one in the same and they had a perfect synergy. Shina attempted to get Ichigo to join them once more to help them stop Aizen once and for all, but Ichigo refused, stating that if this Aizen woman was a threat, then he would be on the side stopping her anyway. This seemed to at least ease everyones tension slightly and they allowed Ichigo to leave.

For Ichigo, this whole Aizen situation was now starting to become a bit troublesome. First Quorro showed up and spied on him on Aizen's orders for a few days, then there's the this whole Vizard situation now. It seems that whatever Aizen was planning originally didn't account for Ichigo messing everything up. Oh well in his opinion.

For now, Ichigo still had the mystery pertaining to his dad and what Kon and Kurodo were talking about. Whatever it was must be something important indeed for them to sound so distraught like that.

Should he just ask them what they were talking about?

No. That would just make the two very uncomfortable in that situation.

Maybe if he ease dropped on them once more they'll slip up and say what was on their minds.

No. That'll be too risky since he has no idea when they'll even bring up the whole situation again.

What if he just cut his losses and ask his dad directly instead of just treading on eggshells now?

A good idea, but his father could very well not reveal anything to him at all and act the same way he always does.

Ichigo was stumped on how to proceed with all of this. Not only was everything in his soul reaper life starting to become a bit hectic, especially since he hasn't seen his girls in a while now, but now his personal life was being tested with his fathers secret. Whatever it was, Ichigo would have to deal with it later on.

As Ichigo was leaping through the rooftops after leaving the warehouse district, he felt something far off in the distance. It caused him to stop and look in the direction where he knew a park was as it felt oddly similar to when he saw Grimmjane open that portal to leave before. Sighing at the thought of her once again coming here for a fight, Ichigo rushed off into the direction he knew the energy was coming from. Though, what he felt was familiar and made him smile slightly. This caused him to increase his speed so he could say hello to an old friend.


The garganta had opened, revealing the two espada assigned by Aizen to retrieve the strawberry. Yamma was the first to step out as she had a large grin plastered on her face.

"So," she started as she looked around, fist on her hips. "This is the world of the living eh?" As she looked around, she noticed several human walking about and going on with their day like nothing was out of the ordinary. "Tch." This seemed to irritate the large arrancar as she gave a sickening grin. "Oh well, might as well enjoy a meal while I'm here." Just as she was about to inhale as many souls as there were, a new voice from the garganta stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Enough Yamma." Quorro walked out of the garganta, a stern look in her eyes as she looked to her companion. "We didn't come here to cause havoc like you wanted. we came here to coerce Ichigo into joining us," the garganta closed behind her, "not entice him into a brawl."

"Ha!" Yamma laughed as she turned towards the forth espada. "You sayin that because it was what we were ordered to do, or because you just want you berry boy for another good fuckin?"

Quorro sent a hard glare at Yamma that really was not as effective as she wanted since she was blushing heavily. "I-It doesn't matter." She tried to recompose herself, and failed miserably. "Lady Aizen doesn't want us to cause an unnecessary disturbance. Especially if it contributes to Ichigo not joining us."

"Uh-huh." Yamma started after she folded her arms under her large bust. "So at least until he gets here, I'm curious about something Quorro."

With a sigh, Quorro answered after finally being able to control herself. "What?"

Yamma gave her a perverted grin. "How good of a fuck was it when he nailed you?"

Quorro's blush returned in full force as she just looked away from the large woman. Yamma couldn't help but laugh her ass off at Quorro's reaction. After she had returned looking completely and totally disheveled, both Yamma and Grimmjane just couldn't get enough of teasing her for it. Quorro would try to ignore them, but that proved difficult when they constantly kept reminding her of the best nigh of her life. It also didn't help that she had a little surprise waiting for Ichigo when he joins them in Las Noches.

Their waiting wasn't long as Quorro felt Ichigo's distinct energy racing towards them. She turned towards where it was coming from, excitement in her eyes at seeing him once more. Even Yamma was taken aback by the sudden shift in Quorro's attitude. To her, the pale forth was always emotionless and even seemed dead to everything, then one night with their target and she's acting like a heart struck school girl. Yamma didn't get it and apparently neither did anyone else.

Ichigo was fast approaching and took notice of the two standing in a clearing filled with humans. One of them exercised his caution as he had never seen her before, but the other only brought him joy. He landed not too far away and began to walk over towards the two. Quorro wasted no time as she ran towards him with teary eyes and a longing smile. She jumped over towards him, hands outstretched and Ichigo caught her. Not even more than a few seconds after seeing each other and the two were already heavily making out.

Yamma was pretty surprised by what she was seeing, but at the same time, she had to admit that this guy was a stud among studs. Even from where she was standing Yamma could practically feel all those muscles through his clothes herself despite being nowhere near him. The way he twirled Quorro lovingly was also unexpected as he continued to do so for several long seconds before setting her down. The moment he released his lips from hers and the completely flustered look in Quorro's eyes was visible to the large woman, she could instantly tell that this Ichigo Kurosaki was the real deal.

"I missed you." Quorro whispered to him as she hugged his chest.

Ichigo held her close to himself and smiled to her. "So did I. Ya know, I was little disappointed when you left my room without even saying goodbye."

Quorro did something Yamma thought she'd never hear in her entire life. Something nobody in all of Las Noches, hell Hueco Mundo, thought they would never hear from the stoic and emotionless arrancar.

Quorro was giggling.

Yamma's jaw was completely on the floor when she heard that. Just how good was this Ichigo guy.

Speaking of which, Ichigo looked towards the newest spiritual being he's met now. He grinned to her, causing the large woman to blush slightly and look away for a second. "So, who's your friend?"

Quorro looked to her companion, as she had completely forgotten that she was there, and then decided to attempt to regain her composure to answer his question. "This is Yamma Llargo, the tenth espada."

Ichigo nodded to her as he turned back to Yamma. The two walked over towards the large woman as Ichigo still had his hand around Quorro's shoulder. They stopped right in front of the still blushing Yamma and Ichigo smiled to her, causing the blush to intensify.

"It's nice to meet, Yamma." Ichigo spoke in his usual lady killer tone that sent shiver up both women's spines. "Pretty sure you already know me, but what the hell, I'll introduce myself anyway. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. You might have heard of me."

Yamma nodded as she tried to look tough in front of the strawberry. "Yeah, I heard of ya. Gotta say though," she looked him up and down with widening eyes, "definitely better looking in person."

Ichigo smirked to her. "Flattering, I'm liking you already." He took notice of Yamma's intensified blush and chuckled under his breath. "So, what brings you lovely and beautiful ladies here? Did you come just to see little old me?"

Quorro melted right on the spot when he called her beautiful while Yamma nearly fainted at his words herself. The two attempted to recompose themselves as he continued to chuckle at their reactions. As they tried to though, Ichigo could tell that they should probably take this conversation elsewhere, less all three mess with the humans in this park.

He picked up Quorro bridal style, causing her to go starry eyed, and looked to a jealous looking Yamma. "Follow me. Let's go somewhere a little more private, shall we." He leapt into the air.

Yamma nodded furiously as she followed him through the sky, all the while still feeling an intense jealousy for Quorro's position currently. 'Oh yeah, I definitely want a taste of strawberry tonight.'


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