Chapter 32: Yuzuki's day in Las Noches


[Las Noches, Quorro's room]

"Mommy?" The little girl started as she looked around the room with confused eyes. "Papa?" She continued to look around the room half-expecting for someone to answer her, only for there to be silence.

She stood up on her own two feet as she continued to look around the room. It was very spartan-like as it was drab and plain aside from the large mess. The girl decided to walk around the room for a bit to get a good look around only for her to stumble and fall flat on the ground. If it wasn't for the rather large blanket covering her, she would've landed badly on the hard floor. The little girl stood up on now shaky legs and began to walk around the room. There was really nothing too interesting or special in her eyes aside from the bed where Quorro slept, and that was when she noticed the door to the room was slightly open. Smiling to herself, the little girl walked over to the door only to realize that she was not wearing anything. Looking around rather briefly, the little girl decided to use the blanket as a makeshift dress for now. Her black fingernails extended a few inches and sharpened like knives as she cut a few holes in the fabric. The holes were big enough for her arms and head to stick out of. The last thing she grabbed to make this all complete was to rip out a part of a sheet on the bed to tie around her waist so that her makeshift dress was complete. Smiling at her success, the little girl left the room and began to walk down the long, white corridors of Las Noches. There was really nothing of note with the place as everything looked the same as before.

"Hmm." She hummed to herself as she continued to walk on searching for her parents in this place.

After a few minutes of aimless walking, the little girl heard a few voices not too far off down the hallway. Picking up her pace, she saw three women and two of them were essentially just shouting at each other about something. One of these women had blue hair and two different colored eyes while the other one that was shouting was tall with dark skin and long brown hair. The one that wasn't saying much of anything had olive green hair and kept half of her face covered for some reason.

"I'm telling you that Lady Halibel has no interest in this male soul reaper cow-tits!" The blue haired one yelled at the taller woman, clearly angered about something.

"And I'm telling you that you don't know a damn thing about Lady Halibel's interest you shrimp!" The taller one retorted. "All I'm saying is that Lady Halibel may want to find this man to pleasure herself for once since apparently you're so damn terrible at it!"

The blue haired one gritted her teeth in anger. "Huh!? You think I can't please her any better than this man could!? Like you could do any better!"

"I most certainly could! And I most certainly have done better than you!"

The two butted heads as they were about to begin shouting at one another once more, until the third one spoke up for the first time. "I say we just bring this man here and find out for ourselves if he can provide Lady Halibel the pleasure you two seem to fail so miserably at doing."

"SHUT UP SUNG-SUNG!" They both yelled out to her as Sung-Sung turned and left with a chuckle under her breath. The two stared each other down once more before leaving the area.

"Papa." The girl spoke up as she gained a look of determination to find who she knew they were talking about. That probably meant that he wasn't here in this place if those two were talking about bringing him here for someone else.

The girl walked on, hoping that she could figure out just where her papa was at the moment. It actually didn't take her long to stumble upon a sight that was probably a little too much for her young eyes. She stumbled upon a slightly opened door down the hallway and heard noises coming from it.

"You like that dontcha?"

A voice came from the room as the little girl peered inside and immediately was stunned by what she saw. There was a very tall and skinny woman with long black hair and an eyepatch holding another woman with dirty blond up against a wall by the back of her neck. The woman with blond hair was completely nude and her face was nearly beet red from being choked, but the look on her face was one of intense pleasure as the tall woman was shoving one of her long arms into her. The woman on the wall was completely naked from the waist down an seemed to be enjoying herself while the taller one continued moving her arm in and out of her.

"Admit that you like Tesla, you fuckin slut." The taller one began as the now named Tesla could only wheeze out in short breaths while her tongue was hanging out her mouth. "That's a good slut. You better fuckin gush for me. Fuckin gush for me Tesla. DO NOT KEEP ME WAITING, TESLA!" The taller one screamed out and seemed to squeeze Tesla's throat harder, causing her to roll her eyes to the back of her head.

The tall one's arm became a blur as she moved in and out of Tesla faster and faster until the dirty blond sprayed her juices out in a torrent on the tall one's arm. The dominant woman grinned as she quickly removed her arm, lifted Tesla high against the wall so her gushing womanhood was directly in her face, and opened her mouth wide to catch as much of the woman's juice as possible. It took a few minutes but eventually Tesla stopped and spasmed hard as the tall woman loosened her grip on her neck and swallowed as much of her juice that was in her mouth. When she finished, she grinned as she dropped Tesla hard onto the ground. Tesla took in long and deep gasp of air as a large bruise in the shape of a hand was formed on her neck.

"Good girl Tesla." The tall one started as Tesla was still regaining her breath. She began to undo her own pants and let them fall to the ground to reveal she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her own womanhood dripping wet in anticipation. "Now get over her and show me how much of a slut you really are."

Tesla, hearing what was told to her, crawled over to the woman, tongue still handing out, and began to get to work eating her out. "Thank you mistress Nnoitra." Tesla spoke in-between licks.

The little girl slowly walked away from the door and quickly left the scene as it was a bit too much for her to process. There were so many questions going on inside her head at the moment. Like why someone would enjoy being choked like that, or why was that Nnoitra woman was so incredibly tall. Those little thoughts popped into her head until she heard more voices down another hallway. She was so deep in thought that she failed to realize that there was an adjacent hallway now. She turned down this new hallway and walked down to where she knew the voices were and could hear moans of some kind. She walked on until she rounded a corner and saw a woman with blue hair sitting next to the wall with her clothes scattered everywhere and fingering herself, hard.

"Goddammit." She mumbled to herself. "I want that berry so fuckin badly."

She breathed out heavily as she used her free left hand to fondle her breast as she pumped her fingers faster into her moist hole. She squirmed as she continued pleasuring herself and continued talking to herself as well.

"Damn you Quorro for showing us all that shit you two did. It shoulda been me- Oh..." She arched up her back and went faster. "OH SHIT!" She gritted her teeth and came hard right in the hallway, spraying all the way to other wall in total euphoria. When she finished, she fell to ground and panted heavily. "Fuck." She panted out. "Wish I was in the world of the living now again to jump berry boy's big ass dick instead of those two bitches."

The little girl heard her say that and now knew exactly where to go. She turned away from the blue haired woman and left just as a tall and muscular woman with red hair parted to the side came over.

"Uh, Grimmjane. What are you doing?"

Grimmjane simply looked up to her blushing fraccion and grew a tick mark. "Thinkin of gettin plowed by Ichigo. Why the hell else would I be sprawled out like this in the middle of the fuckin hallway?"

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