SPOILER WARNING: Details the end of FFXV (it was even in the summary). You have been warned.

Prologue: A well deserved Reward

Beyond Time and Space

Looking down on from where he sat, he could see where he once stood along with his companions that day they left. If he stood there now, he would be able to see the sign that was placed below the throne: Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV, 114th and last king of the Lucian line. It was only proper for him to sit on the throne once more for this moment.

Sunlight shone through the windows, illuminating the once destroyed throne room. Soul-crystals floating through the air provided an ethereal atmosphere for the occasion: the reunion of two souls. If things had gone differently, if the Astrals did not bestow a great burden; their reunion would have been a happier occasion. Instead, it was a bittersweet feeling even in the afterlife.

It was a shame there couldn't be a larger reunion of friends and family, but that was how it should be. They made the sacrifices so that others may continue to walk forward with their lives. Still, they would have wanted to be here, if only to see that their task of returning the rightful King had been accomplished. It did take 10 years to do so but they had not failed their duty.

A simple picture rested on the throne's armrest. It was the only thing he still held on to from the living world, taken just before his final fight. He wanted to share a precious memory with a special person. To his right was Lunafreya, dressed in the attire of the Oracle as she did in Altissa. She was happy and looking as radiant as she had ever been. She took the photo from him, studied the image and gave a small smile. No words needed to be exchange between the two to explain it. In this moment, a single look between them conveyed things words would have failed to say.

Most people would have taken with them a photo which contained as many of their family in it. If you were trying to be amusing, maybe something weird like a chocobo butt. For Noctis, it was a photo Lucis, or at least as much of it as possible. It was taken on top of Ravatogh and covered all the way to Leide. Even the edge of Insomia was visible if one looked closely in the distance. The whole land was illuminated by the sunrise making in the perfect picture for a postcard or a cellphone background, but that was not the reason why he choose it.

The picture represented his whole journey and growth as he traveled from one end of Lucis to the next. That time, the full implications of his responsibilities as King had yet to completely sink in and he was unaware of the sacrifice he had yet to perform. With his brothers at his side, Noctis had never felt more free and relaxed in his life. Driving, hunting, exploring, riding, fishing. He was free to do what he wanted. It made helping people easier as he it was his choice to do so and not just the responsibility of a prince. It was an adventure.

His only regret was the small time he was able to spend with Luna. Their first reunion was cut short by Leviathan, then Niflheim and ended tragically with her death. He reached out his hand to caress her cheek, contemplating that Luna would have loved the freedom the adventure would have granted. The look she gave him and leaning onto his hand, she indeed wished she could have done so. No more words needed to be exchanged as Noctis leaned forward as Luna reached out to hold his face. Lips met as they shared a kiss conveying the feelings they had not been able to do so alive.

Satisfied, both closed their eyes and prepared for the final rest.


Hear… Feel…

Hear… Feel… Think…

Aetherial Sea

At first, Noct was not even aware he had opened his eyes or even awoken. He was at a place both familiar yet different. There was an ethereal atmosphere and for a while, he had thought was inside the Crystal once more. Though his thoughts completely changed as he saw the sight of an enormous crystal before him. It felt different from the crystal he had once joined with. Compared to this, the Crystal of Lucis felt like mere campfire runes meant to keep daemons away. The crystal before him, it was the Light that purged the daemons from Eos.

Hear… Feel… Think…

Words, not heard but felt throughout his being, echoed.

Chosen by the Light. Thy sacrifice was felt throughout the stars.

It was strange to be awoken just to be congratulated.

For restoring the balance between Light and Darkness did thee save thy star.

Wait… was that what he did?

For a great sacrifice, a blessing is to be given. Be free from thy burdens and may both walk once more in the light of the crystal.

Both? Noct searched around him and was surprised to Luna beside him. Still in her wedding dress, she gave him a smile before reaching for him. She cupped his face kissed him as they had during their wedding. Luna was suddenly enveloped in light and shot upwards and away from Noct. Before he could cry at her loss, Noctis was starting to glow as well. His vision went bright and the last thing he remember were Luna's words before disappearing.

"We shall see each other again."

Author's Note: Welcome to the idea I've had since finishing FFXV. I play a lot of FFXIV and only recently paused playing it when XV came out. I immensely enjoyed the battle system and wondered what it would be like if you could fight like it in the MMORPG. Thus this was born. Chapter 1 will be out once beta is done on it. Please don't bother asking for when it will come out next.

Remember, the most important part of Final Fantasy is to enjoy playing it.