Harry Potter: The Wolf Amongst The Sheep.

Chapter 1: Family Friends and Freedom.

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Saturday June 11th 1988, early afternoon.

The young boy with messy black hair, and stunning emerald eyes sat alone in the local park, enjoying the swing. These were his favourite times of the week, when it was quiet and he could enjoy the park on his own. He could play on whatever he wanted, without being glared at by the parents of the other kids, or being harassed by his cousin and Dudley's friends.

He still didn't understand why the other parents didn't like him and kept their children away from him, but according to his uncle it was because he was a 'freak'. He had looked up freak in the dictionary, but didn't know how he was one. So he lived for these moments when it was just him, alone in the world.

Of course the peace could not last. "Freak, imagine seeing you here. All alone as well." The grin that was on Dudley Dursleys face filled the boy with terror. Looking around he realised that he had nowhere to escape to. He had been distracted while enjoying the nice day and had failed to keep aware of his surroundings. And now he was going to suffer the consequences.

"We've told you before, this is out park. You are not welcome here freak!" This was from David, the boy standing to Dudleys left.

"Get him boys!" Yelled Dudley, and the gang made to do so, before they were interrupted.

"That will not be happening children. Go on, get out of here." This was said by a tall, balding, redheaded man walking up to the group. He was wearing a cheap suit, with a blue and gold tie, and appeared to be on the wrong side of 50. The gang looked between themselves before decided it was best to not cause trouble in front of an adult.

"We will be back for you freak." The words came over Dudley's shoulder as the group left.

The man watched them leave, waiting to make sure that they actually left, before turning back to the boy who was still half-on, half-off the swing. "Are you okay? My name is Remus."

"I'm fine, thank you. Remus? I know that name." At the words Remus' face lit up. 'Harry knows who I am! He must enjoy the gifts I've given him every year, and whoever is looking after him must have told him about me and his parents.' Everything came crashing down in a moment. "He was one of the twins who started Rome."

While Remus was happy that he was obviously a smart kid, not many seven year olds would know about Romulus and Remus, he was disappointed that his name didn't ring a more personal note with the boy. "While that is true, my name is also Remus. Remus Lupin. Have you ever heard of me?"

A look of concentration once again set on the boy's face, as he pondered the name. "Are you famous? Sorry I don't know." To Remus' shock the boy had a look of chagrin for not knowing.

"No I'm not famous. You are Harry are you not? Harry Potter?" The man waited for the boy to nod hesitantly at the question. "Actually Harry, I am a friend of your parents. James, Lily and I went to school together and your dad is the best friend I ever had." The names caught in his throats and he had to hold back tears. Some pain just didn't fade.

Harry looked at the man skeptically. "You went to school with my mum and dad?"

"Yes, Harry, I did. Do you want to see a trick?" At the boy's affirmation Remus looked around to make sure there was nobody watching the pair. He pulled a stick out of pocked and twirled it around. "Ta-da."

The boy, Harry, watched in fascination as the man changed before his eyes. Gone was the over-weight, balding redhead, and in his place was a much younger individual with light brown hair, that was just starting to grey. Harry would guess that he was in his early thirties.

"How? That not possible! Who are you?" While the boy was obviously fascinated, Remus could also see the fear in his eyes.

"Why did those kids call you freak? Is it because you can make things happen that others can't? I'm like you, I can make special things happen. I'm a wizard, a magical man. So was your father, and your mother was a witch, a magical woman. Your magical as well Harry, haven't you been told?" The man was starting to get worried about what he was observing from the boy.

"My uncle and aunt always say that magic isn't real." He was emotionless as he repeated their words.

Remus was shocked! "Your aunt? Petunia?"

"Yes. I live with her, uncle Vernon and my cousin Dudley, he was one of the boys earlier." Fear was visible on the boy's face as he remembered the earlier incident.

"You were never meant to go anywhere near them! What was Albus thinking?" The man didn't seem to be talking to Harry when he said his last outburst, which only added to Harry's confusion.

"I wasn't meant to live with my uncle and aunt? Who is Albus? Is magic real?" The questions poured out of the young Potter. The reminder of Lily's curiosity brought a smile to Remus' face.

"No, you were not meant to go to them when your parents passed away, your mother never wanted you to even meet Petunia because of your aunts hatred for your family. Albus Dumbledore? How do you not know Dumbledore and that magic is real?" Remus was starting to get the feeling that something was very wrong with this whole situation. 'How does Harry not know anything about who he is, our world and magic! And how did he end up with the Dursley's?' It was a fishy situation all around.

"I don't know a Albus Dumbledore, am I meant to? Does he live nearby?" Harry didn't want to be a trouble to the man, but he honestly didn't know anything about what he was talking about.

"We can talk more about that later, but first…" Remus funded around in his pocket before pulling out his 'stick' and a few small pieces of paper. He mumbled something under his breath that Harry couldn't catch and then the man was holding much larger paper. "Here are some photos that I always carry around with me, a few have your parents, or even you as a baby, if you want to see?"

"Yes please!" Was the boys excited response. He was handed a picture that had five people in it, 4 young men and a woman. On the woman's right was a man with messy dark hair that looked a fair bit like an older Harry. "Is this my dad?" He asked pointing to the man, and received an affirmative from Remus. "And is that my mum? She's pretty."

"Yes she was. And really smart, one of the smartest people I've ever met, and the nicest person too." Remus was happy to tell Harry about his parents, but angry that it was obviously the first time he had seen a picture of his parents. "That's me standing next to your dad, and Sirius and Peter on the other side of your mum, they were also school friends of ours."

Harry thought he sounded sad but didn't know why. "Can I meet them as well?"

"Sorry Harry they both died about the same time as your parents." It was a small lie, the first one he had told Harry, but knew the boy wasn't ready to learn the full truth.

"Were they in the car with me that killed my mum and dad?" While Harry's words shocked him, it was the lack of emotion that broke Remus' heart. It was that of a boy who only knew what a mum and dad were by looking on from the outside, so couldn't comprehend how much them dying had cost him.

"Your parents didn't die in a car crash! Is that what your uncle and aunt told you?" He waited as Harry quietly whispered a response of yes. "Lily and James were murdered, when you were a baby. An evil man, an evil wizard, decided he didn't like your parents because they were good people and he attacked them. He got defeated, but unfortunately not before your mum and dad had been killed." He let a few tears escape at this point.

Harry listened with fascination as he heard how his parents really died for the first time, and seeing the man crying he realised just how much Remus cared about his family. They both didn't say anything as Remus handed another photo over to Harry, this one of his parents holding a baby. This photo was different as it was moving and Harry watched his mum kiss the baby's hand and his dad kiss the baby's head both smiling at the camera.

"It's me." It was a simple statement, whispered so quietly that only an individual with enhanced senses could have picked it up. "They loved me."

Remus happened to have enhanced hearing and heard both of the things the boy whispered and came to a decision that would change both of their lives. He would not allow Harry to return to his relatives, and if the boy allowed it he would take him in himself.

A third photo changed hands, this one was his parents wedding day as they took a photo with Remus. A fourth followed which contained Remus holding baby Harry. The final photo was a photo of 4 young boys, only a handful of years older than Harry was, that he recognised as the men from the first photo.

"How are the photos moving? And why isn't the first one?" Harry's curiosity got the best of him.

"With magic many things are possible, and one of the things is to make magical photographs which are more like short videos on paper. The first one was when we returned from school our final year, before your parents marriage, and was taken by your mums parents who aren't magical, which is why it doesn't move." Remus watched the boy throughout his explanation, once again fascinated by the boy's fascination with learning anything new.

"Did you by chance get a new football for Christmas?" Remus had brought him a present, like for every Christmas and Birthday, and given it to Dumbledore to pass on.

"No. I've never been given a present before." The pain, sadness and lack of understanding evident on the child's face. Remus really hated seeing him like this, especially given how happy of a baby he had been.

"I brought you a nice Nike football to play with, it seems to have been lost in transition. And if you haven't received any of my other gifts over the years… We'll it seems that I owe you something to make up for it. How does this sound, if you are willing to come live with me, I will happily make it so you never have to see your aunt, uncle and cousin ever again, unless you wish to." Remus looked at the boy with a smile.

The boy seems ecstatic at the prospect of never seeing his relatives again. "I would like that Remus. When?"

"That depends, are there any toys or clothes from your aunts house that you want?" The boy vigorously shook his head to that. "Then take my hand and we can go now."

Remus held out his hand and Harry latched on, they smiled at each other before disappearing.

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