Who's Idea Was This Anyway?

Yu-gi-oh characters play "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

Ok, so it's been done. About a million times. But you know what? Every time I've seen it, it's been funny. So I'm doing it again. So there. ^^

me no own anything. me no likey speak good grammar *********************

Cpegasus: welcome to Who's Line Is It Anyway! Let's meet our contestants for today.

First, we have "Brown and boring, but at least it's clean," Tea Gardner!

*Tea comes out to boos and sits down in a chair. *

Next, "Big, blond, and poofy," Joey Wheeler!

*Joey comes out to cheers from his fangirls. He sits next to Tea. *

Now, please welcome "it could put an eye out," Tristan Taylor!

*Tristan walks out. A few people clap. He sits down sadly next to Joey. *

And finally, "It's natural. Really!" Yugi Moto!

*Tons of fangirls scream and Yugi blushes and sits down. *

I'm your host Cpegasus; come on down and let's have some fun!

*Cpegasus runs to Drew Carrey's chair and sits down. *

Cpegasus: welcome again to Who's Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like Tristan, they don't matter!

Tristan: HEY!

Cpegasus: sorry. Okay, before we begin, I'd like to just say a few things. I'm the authoress. What I say goes. No one is allowed (this game at least) to run out from the audience. Anyone who wants to is allowed to like Tristan.

*A cricket chirps in the audience*

Cpegasus: and NO ONE is allowed to harm Tea.

Tea: *looks smugly at the audience, several of whom have knives, flame- throwers, torches, etc. *

Cpegasus: now, I you haven't seen the show before, what happens is everyone here makes up everything on the spot. After their performances, I give them phony points that mean nothing, and the winner at the end of the game is omitted from this torturous hell.

Players: *look VERY nervous. *

Cpegasus: ah, just kidding. Anywho, our first game is Party Quirks. Tristan, you're hosting a party, and everyone else is a guest. The catch is, all of them have a weird quirk, and you have to guess what it is. Ready, go!

Tristan: *pretends to dance to music. *


Tristan: wow, what a loud doorbell! *Opens door. Yugi is at the door. *

Yugi: *caption reads "a sugar-high Rebecca Hawkins"* *starts bouncing up and down* Hihihihi! Say hi Teddy! *Deeper voice* hihihihi! *Normal* I'm the greatest duelist ever! *Proceeds to run around pretending to destroy things. *


Tristan: wow, I really gotta get that fixed. *Opens door. Tea is standing there. *

Tea: *caption reads "is a snowflake desperately searching for its twin* hi Tristan. It's cold. I like cold. Snowy likes cold too. Maybe she's here! *Runs over to Yugi* ya know, everyone says it's impossible, and I can't have a twin, but I KNOW SHE'S OUT THERE!

Yugi: Teddy says you're crazy.

SFX: Ding Dong

Tristan: that's much better. *Opens door. Joey is there*

Joey: *caption reads "Homer Simpson"* hello. Got any beer? *Walks into a wall* D'HO! Me hungee.

Yugi: here, have pixie sticks! They're good! They're sugar! Sugarsugarsugar!

Joey: mmmm, sugar.

SFX: buzzzzzz

Cpegasus: well, that's quite enough of that. Tristan?

Tristan: well, Joey was Homer Simpson.

Joey: D'HO! *Audience laughs*

Tristan: Yugi was Rebecca Hawkins REALLY sugar-high. And Tea . . . I don't know.

Tea: I was a snowflake looking for its twin. I mean, really, how does one play a snowflake?

Cpegasus: okay, 50 points to Tristan cause he didn't get them all, 10 points to Tea for effort, 30 points to Yugi because he's giving me puppy- dog eyes, and 100 points to Joey for using "me hungee".

Yugi: *stops giving puppy-dog eyes. *

Cpegasus: our next game will be Dating Game. Tea, you're on a dating show, and these three are your bachelors. Once again, they have odd quirks, and once again, you have to guess them. Ready? Go! Tea: Bachelor number one, what's your idea of a fun day?

Tristan: *is defending the mighty sun weasel* a fun day is when I go to the sun weasel's shrine and worship the sun weasel.

Tea: um, okaaay. Bachelor number two, same question.

Yugi: *a cartoon that is being erased by a giant pencil* *goofy 'funny bunny-esque' voice* Well, I'd drop a piano on someone's head, make kids do horrible things and - M-m-mister director? What's that pencil for? OMG! NOT THE ERASER! NOT THE ERASER!!!

Tea: 0.0 I don't think I want to know.bachelor number three, could you recite a romantic poem for me?

Joey: *Gary the Snail* meow. Meow meow meow. Meow!

Tea: aww, how sweet! Bachelor number two, what's the most exciting thing you did recently?

Yugi: he he. Well, I sent that stupid weasel to the real world.mister director! You're still here! AUGH! *Holds hand behind his back* MY ARM! YOU ERASED MY ARM!

Tristan: did you insult the Sun Weasel? THE SUN WEASEL RULES ALL! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY SUN WEASEL!

Joey: meow meow meow.

SFX: buzzzz

Cpegasus: well Tea? Who were they?

Tea: well, Tristan was worshiping a weasel, Joey was Gary from Spongebob, and Yugi was.a cartoon?

Cpegasus: good! Tristan was DEFENDING the mighty sun weasel, Yugi was a cartoon BEING ERASED BY A GIANT PENCIL, and Joey WAS Gary. Not bad. 50 points for Tristan for pulling off the sun weasel, and 100 to Tea for getting everyone. We'll be right back after this break.

(5 minutes later)

Cpegasus: and we're back to Who's Line is it Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like anger management for Seto Kaiba. *Laughter* our next game is Weird Newscasters. Yugi, you're the anchor for a news show. Tea, you're the co- anchor, and you're breaking up with your boyfriend on the air. Joey, you're the weatherman, and you're a television that changes channels every few seconds. Tristan, you're doing sports and you're slowly changing into a kangaroo. Yugi, start when you hear the music.

*Musical cue*

Yugi: hello, I'm Newsy Newsman, here with the 5:57 AM news. Today's top story, salt is lethal, details never. *Laughter* now, I'll turn it over to my co-anchor, um.Tea.

Cpegasus: *rolls eyes*

Tea: humph. You know what Ken, YOU SUCK! YOU'RE A HORRIBLE BOYFRIEND! YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY! *Pretends to pull off a ring, and throws the imaginary ring at the camera* THERE! Take your stupid graduation ring back! WE'RE THROUGH! I found someone else anyway! *Kisses Yugi*

Audience: *hoots and whistles*

Cpegasus: *after a LONG pause* *hits buzzer* that's enough.

Yugi: now, on to sports with Wouldn'tchu Liketoknow. *Laughter* Wouldn'tchu? What did we miss since the 4:29 news?

Tristan: well Newsy, nothing happened. *Hops around*

Yugi: and finally, ADD with the weather. A?

Joey: Well Newsy, today's supposed to be partly cloudy with a chance of- LUCY! I'M HOME! - It slices, it dices, it doubles as a nuclear reactor- A B C D- jerry, jerry, - back to you Newsy.

Yugi: well, that's all for the 5:57 news, join us at 6:24 for the 6:19 news.


SFX: buzzzzz

Cpegasus: Tristan, what was that?

Tristan: I couldn't think of anything!

Cpegasus: well, no points to Tristan for that horrendous performance, 20 to Yugi for the times, 30 to Yugi for the names, -10 to Yugi for not giving Tea a name. 120 points to Tea for kissing Yugi on live TV. 50 points to Joey for the nuclear reactor. Now, the next game is called questions only. I need two people up here.

*Tristan and Joey get up*

Cpegasus: okay, you two are having a conversation, but you can only ask questions. If you don't answer with a question, I'll buzz you and someone else will take your place. The situation is you're two geese flying south. And go!

Tristan: are you sure you know the way?

Joey: didn't you bring the map?

Tristan: didn't you bring it?

Joey: you mean you didn't?

Tristan: why are you asking me?

Joey: because-

SFX: buzz

*Tea takes Joey's place*

Tea: why couldn't you remember a map?

Tristan: don't you remember the way?

Tea: why do we need to?

Tristan: .

SFX: buzz

*Yugi takes Tristan's place*

Yugi: why don't you follow Jerry?

Tea: why don't you ask for directions?

Yugi: do you have to ask?

Tea: didn't I?

Yugi: shit.

SFX: buzzzzzzzz

Cpegasus: 0.0 Yugi!

Yugi: *smiles*

Cpegasus: well, 50 points to everyone. That means tonight's winner is Joey!

Joey: YESSS!

Cpegasus: and when we come back, everyone else has to play a game with me.

(5 minutes of boring commercials later)

Cpegasus: and we're back. Tonight's winner is Joey Wheeler! Everyone else has to play my favorite game with me, scenes from a hat.

*Joey holds up a hat*

Cpegasus: we've put categories in that hat, and Joey is going to pick a few and have us do everything we can think of.

Joey: your first topic is 'what goldfish think'

Yugi: *comes to front* ha. Stupid cat.

Tea: *comes up* *stands there stupidly, saying nothing*

Tristan: *comes up (you get it.)* I really should tell mother I'm alright.I really should, what was I saying?

Joey: Rejected options for the National Anthem

Cpegasus: *sings* I love you, you love me.

Tea: *pretending to be fat, sings* a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Tristan: guess who's back? Back again? Clinton's back. OMG.

Joey: nursery rhymes you wish you never heard

Cpegasus: .and Cinderella's glass slippers shattered, sending shards of glass deep inside her feet to remain there for life.

Yugi: hickory dickory dock. The mice ran up the clock. The clock struck one, and the others did CPR on him until they too were crushed.

SFX: buzzzzzz

Cpegasus: well, that's all the time we have for today. See you next time on Who's Line is it Anyway?

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