Journey of Love

Chapter Twenty-Two

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Babylon 5.

Authors notes: Rated R. Contains slash: two males in a romantic/sexual (although not explicit) relationship. If this offends you please turn back now.

[……..] Denotes thoughts which is slightly changed from previous chapters.

All the constant bowing during the reception that followed quickly became obnoxious. Even Shamar, Malinar, and Maiko, whom I never expected to be polite let alone respectful even in my wildest dreams, followed suit.

After about an hour I was ready to start assaulting people in my aggravation. Neroon seemed to notice my frustration because some time later I noticed that all the incessant bowing had indeed stopped. Once we sat down to a pre-arranged feast I relaxed and attempted to enjoy myself.

Although I did not regret my hasty decision, I was becoming increasingly concerned about the many possible repercussions of my actions. Least of which I didn't understand exactly how this bonding thing worked for Minbari, let alone the particulars of our new life together. Having the time to think, I sat in silence staring at my plate contemplating this unexpected twist of my life.

"You look excessively serious." Neroon said from his seat next to mine. None of the others had even noticed my disquiet. "Regretting it already?"

"No… It's just so overwhelming, ya know?" I sighed in frustration, not knowing exactly what I was trying to say. "I mean this time last week I simply wanted to get this mission over with without killing you and get back to Babylon 5. Now, I can't imagine my life without you in it, but I am still Anla'shoc and I do not know how to reconcile my relationship with you and my duty to Delenn."

"I am sure Delenn will understand. She only wants you to be happy." Neroon reassured me. "Besides, with my new position as Satai we will greatly need a liaison in the Rangers to be a go-between between us. We can contact Delenn once we get back to the Ingata."

"The Ingata? Don't you have duties to attend to on Minbar?" I questioned, for now putting Delenn's possible reaction from my mind.

"Perhaps, but for the next few days Shamar will take care of any pressing matters here while we are on Protaterra 3."

"Huh?" I stuttered. "I didn't know we were planning a trip." [Protaterra 3 is in the next solar system. Just what is Neroon up to? He shouldn't be leaving at a time like this.]

"All is taken care of and they are already expecting us back in ten days time. Delenn should have time to make arrangements to rendezvous with us on Minbar by then so that we can discuss the future." Neroon explained, looking confused at my reticence. "I believed you would be more excited. Did I misunderstand? I have been reading about human courtship rituals, in hopes of finding the proper way of wooing you. I thought a honey-moon was a tradition when a couple was newly married."

"Honeymoon?" I asked giddy with anticipation, for as silly as it may seem I was more concerned with the practicalities before then and it hadn't even crossed my mind.

"If I have offended you-" Neroon continued in a perplexed tone, looking like I just kicked his favorite puppy.

"Offended me?" I questioned incredulously, gazing admiringly at Neroon.

"I can't wait." I reassured him enthusiastically, pushing aside my own nervousness at the prospect of making love to the Minbari for the first time. The idea was very daunting, but as I closed the distance between us and gazed into his adoring eyes, I realized there was no place I would rather be than in his arms for the rest of my life.

The End

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