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X-World- Epic crossover fantasy

By: Hirrayami Othoni

Category: Action/Adventure

Type: Original Novel Story

Main Storyline cast cathegories taken: DragonBall/SailorMoon tab, Gundam Wing/SailorMoon tab and Ranma 1/2/SailorMoon tab.

Story Made as a gift to the oldest crossover joints used since .



Long ago, when the universe was in its prime and life was finding a way; existed six goddesses of creation that governed destiny; three goddesses of time and three goddesses of space. These goddesses came together and created the universe and all it's living beings… how ever, to test time, one of these races rebel and decided to go on a universal campaign of conquering the universe. This race's name was: The Saiyans…

The Saiyans were feared in all parts of the galaxy because of their power and rudeness, but light of hope raised; the goddesses created champions that rose against them and fought in a massive galactic war.

The Saiyans were defeated, and sealed, thanks to an artifact created by the goddesses in the form of seven spheres called dragon balls; and these dragon balls were guarded by the eternal dragon, who grants a wish to the worth and the pure hearted.

After the war, three nations that govern over Terra, the primal planet, raised in order to safe guard these dragon balls which power seals the Saiyan race.

The first one was the Jurai Empire; an alien nation that governs over most of the galaxy and wants to take control over Terra.

The seconds is the Lunar Queendom. A nation that governs over the Milky Way composed over females as the monarch power and ruled by the Moon Queen.

And the third is the Federal Republic of Terra, the native nation of prime planet and a neutral nation wanting not to get involved in struggles and safe guards the tower where the mystical spheres lies dormant.

How ever, millennia after the galactic war, internal strife rose and Jurai and Lunar went into war to decide who takes over the Terran nation.

Every now and then, the Lunar Queendom sends a representative of the planets to check into the temple making sure the seal of the dragon balls was not weakened and restore it if so.

And this… is how our story begins…


2000 AC; two thousand years after chaos.

Scene opens on the highest mountains of the Terran nation; a man dressed in full fur hikes up the dangerous mountain with hopes to reach his destination. At the far top, at the long distance, a temple could be seen standing over a deep hill as it observes the land bellow.

Several times later, the man reached the temple and stood watching as giant doors begin to open with the hum of the monks inside. The inside of the temple looked more like a monastery, monks of martial and spiritual arts walked among, focusing on their task and growing discipline.

-"You arrived." The man turned as the voice of the high priest was heard, walking close to it.

-"I came as soon as I was informed." The man spoke. The priest nodded and showed a bundle he had in arms to the man; opening the bundle the man managed to see that laying inside, sleeping soundly, was a baby… but what was peculiar is that: this baby had a monkey tail.

-"We found him in a capsule… buried deep in the ice in suspended animation… just like the prophecy foretold." The priest spoke.

-"I feel bad to try and destroy such an innocent child that hasn't committed any crime." The man spoke, eyes filled with sadness.

-"It most be done. Or everything will be doomed…" the priest spoke, -"our goddess spoke. We have to obey."

The man looked at the baby, then he tried to take it in arms. –"Leave it to me… I will take care of this."

The priest nodded and handles the baby over. The man holds him in his arms and with a determination gaze, he turned and began his journey home. Such a shame… why did an innocent baby had to die over some prophecy that wasn't even sure to be accurate? Looking down, the man took another look at the baby and with determination he thought. -It is too early to judge whether you will bring hope… or calamity to this world… I shall take care of you… I will name you…


12 years later:

-"Goku!" an old voice echoed around the village calling for a child. This child rose to his feet as he was resting in the docks fishing. The boy was no older than fourteen and was dressed on a blue gi that was too loose for his slender body. The boy smiled as he hears his name and turns toward the direction.

-"Coming grandpa Gohan!"

Happily, the boy skipped about in the direction to his home, saying hello and greeting to any other villager neighbor that he came across in a friendly matter. He was pretty popular as he was the grandson of the village's most brave warrior.

Son Gohan stood on his porch waiting for his grandson to arrive. They lived in this small village for the past twelve years; a village mostly composed of fisherman since it was a beach village. Behind the village how ever, lies a big forest. But those brave enough were the ones who went there given that bandits and monsters usually roam such places. One of those brave people was his grandson, Son Goku, which grew in the art of combat under his guidance and the guidance of the village chief (which also was his own master), Muten Roshi, the turtle hermit as most knows him.

-"I am here grandpa!" Goku said with a grin as he lands gracefully on the porch.

The old man let go of a chuckle as he watches his child bounce like a monkey. Speaking of which, to not bring suspicious about him self, Gohan had to amputate the tail that was once on the child's body… seeing such tail could bring calamity over the people if legends were right. -"Goku, be a good child and go hunt for our dinner."

-"Alright, grandpa! I'll be back in a jiffy." The boy turned about and headed to the direction of the forest. Half his way out he found himself face to face with the village chief, Muten Roshi.

-"Ah Goku, going out?" The old man asked, holding into his cane staff for support and a giant turtle shell on his back.

-"Yeah, I am going to hunt dinner for us." The boy answered giving the older man a bow.

-"Oh ho ho. Good boy." The master and village head spoke. –"I assume you haven't forgotten your combat skills? You've been slacking a bit lately."

-"Oh, I am still alright." The boy pulled a red staff from behind him, "I still have my power pole."

-"Good good. Well go along, I will not keep you." Muten Roshi spoke. –"Just be sure to come back safe alright? I know how reckless you can be."

Goku scratched the back of his head and chuckled sheepishly, -"I'll be ok, promise."

The village chief nodded and without delay the boy darted out to the forest.


-"You sent for me, your highness?" A young woman dressed in priestess garments with a red bottom part stepped forward inside a giant hall. Her raven colored hair waved in her steps hold on together by a priestess hat. She stopped several ways down, looking up on what looked like a throne. In the throne lied a woman, young looking and silver-blond colored hair, her cerulean eyes showed happiness towards the person that arrived just now.

-"Yes, thank you for coming Priestess of Mars." The woman spoke, her voice sounding sweet yet a bit childish. -"The colonies are getting uncomfortable… the time is arriving and commotion had begun to stir."

-"Yes, it has been noticed, your highness." The priestess of mars spoke letting the queen know that she also agrees.

-"Priestess of Mars," the queen continued, -"I declare that you take your most trusted guard and head down to Terra, in order to check the seal and make sure everything is going as it should."

-"I will do as you wish my queen." The priestess of mars declared, -"I will gather all I need and quickly head down to Terra."

The queen smiled with a motherly smile on her lips as she looks down upon her subject while the later bows in respect. With no further a due, the priestess of mars turned about and began her journey out the throne room.

-"Rei…" The Priestes stops and turned in surprise as the queen called her with her given name, worry and concern on the queen's voice. –"Please… be safe old friend."

The priestess of mars smiled warmly at the queen, -"Don't worry. I'll be ok, Usagi." And with no other word, Priestess of Mars, AKA Rei Hino, left the queen with her guards.


In another land above prime planet, another castle lied floating above as it watches over the world below. From within that castle, in the Throne room sat a young man, messy black hair and a small ponytail.

Young Prince Tenchi Masaki Jurai was sent to prime planet, from native Jurai, to supervise the Terrans and their doing. He did not approve of their ideas of trying to control Terra; he always thought that a more pacifist approach would have been better. But his great-grand father did not see eye-to-eye to his believes. As he observes through the HUD monitor, he had always admired the way Terrans lived. Even if their main government is just a republic and not so many riches are about, they had managed to keep a balance in both power and common-ship.

-"Tenchi~" The young prince's thoughts were interrupted as two women walk in. One was floating in mid air and had an expression of pout and mischief; this woman suddenly disappeared and re-appeared hugging the young prince. –"The idiot Ayeka is bothering me."

-"Miss Ryoko!" The other woman spoke. –"It is your responsibility to take care of half the chores here. I will not allow you to laze around in my presence."

The young prince sighed; his two fiancées were arguing again over stupid stuff. It was not common in Terran or in Lunar reigns, but in Jurai it was common that polygamy exists. Especially the king and the ones in line for the throne were allowed to have more than one wife, mostly because of heirs… who understand aliens?

Both of them were quite the catch to be honest. One was an ex galactic pirate turned rogue after she faced off the prince. Ryoko Hakubi, the daughter of one of Jurai's brilliant minds, was once an outlaw. But after loosing a fight in her capture by the young prince Tenchi, she tuned down and fell in love with him. Now she follows him around like a lost puppy, most for the annoyance of the royal family. But, given to the connections with the House of Hakubi, her presence was tolerated.

The other was Princess Ayeka Masaki Jurai, in a way aunt to the young prince. And yes, it seems like also incest was allowed in their empire… but given their genetic modifications and structures, the reason that was allowed is because no consequences would bring to the spawn of such an union in the form of genetic deterioration like normal humans have.

-"But I don't want to work, it's boring!" The ex pirate complained.

-"Ryoko, it will not kill you lend a hand every now and then." Tenchi spoke calmly; honestly he had learned to have a lot of patience thanks to dealing with these two. On her side the ex pirate looked hurt. –"Tenchi, you traitor!"

-"Now come along Miss Ryoko," Ayeka grabbed her co-fiancée by her long ears and started to drag her away, much to the latter's grimace. -"Ow, ow, ow ow! Oii, let go! Let go!"

Young Prince Tenchi sighed as he watches his two fiancées stalk down the hall out the throne room. How ever, his gaze switched elsewhere as a man with shoulder-length black hair, wearing an opera mask and dressed in traditional juraian garments made his presence know.

-"It is time… the Lunar Queendom is making a movie." The man spoke, deep tone in his voice in a monotonous way.

-"I see… so they will go to check on the seal…" Tenchi's eyes looked back at the floating screen, deep in thought. –"Inform me of anything that happens, Chancellor."

-"As you wish, your highness." Then the man disappeared in the shadows.


-"Power Pole, EXTEND!" Goku cried as his magical pole stretched, with a hard swing, the pole hit hard into the wild monster he was fighting knocking it down. –"Well, this will make do." The boy spoke as he adds the monster to his pile of hunted loots.

-"Hnm?" Goku looked to his left as in the long distance a pillar of light descended down the hill. He tilted his head wondering what could that be.


Pillar of like crashed down from the direction of the moon and dissipated leaving instead two people in place. One was the Martian Priestess and the other was a boy slightly older than her, his cerulean eyes scans for danger around the surroundings they descended; and the wind flows, waving his brown messy hair as silence surround them.

-"Odd… I think we arrived in the wrong place." Martian Priestess spoke with concern in her voice as she also scans her surroundings. –"I do not think operator made a mistake."

-"It could had been the barrier…" Her companion spoke in a deep monotonous tone.

-"This forest seems dense…" She finished.

The boy's senses went off and he turned sharply to a general direction aiming two hand pistols hold in a hand each.

-"Heero?" Martial Priestess, also known as Rei, spoke after the boy's sudden movement.

She did not had to wait though; several shadows came out of the woods, the boy known as Heero gritted his teeth as the shadows came into the light showing a group of Orcs.

-"Your holiness, stand back." Heero declared. The Martian Priestess nodded and took guard behind Heero with her staff in hand.

Heero readied himself as the orcs threw a battle cry and charged at them. Not wasting time, the boy began to shoot at high speed and swift movements his guns hitting his targets dead center. Rei began to chant with her staff as her boy guard shoots around with his guns.

The Martial Priestess finishes her chant and raised her staff as she yells, -"FIRE SOUL!" And a fire bolt shoot from it, blasting every orc in its path with flames.

Many Orcs fell by her fires, accompanied with others that were shot to death. Heero clicked his tongue and went for it; he sprung forward and made a mad jump, as he was in the air a rifle materialized in his hand; aiming carefully, he locked on target and shot a beam of energy blasting several more.

-"There are too many!" Rei spoke, -"We have to retreat!"

As hero lands swiftly, he clicked his tongue again. Then out of nowhere a voice came about, -"KAME HAME HAAAAA!" And a blast of energy shows its presence blasting most of the Orcs into dust. Both moon people turned to the direction and saw a shadow, hidden by the contrast of the sunlight, charge at the monsters with something in hand, -"POWER POLE, EXTEND!" The thing that this new comer had in hand suddenly grew in size in both weight and height just before it was tossed to the remaining Orcs who began to panic; alas they couldn't run as the giant thing smashed into them. The shadow landed close to both of the moon people and they could see that it was a boy, a bit short almost to Rei's chest, with a weird hair do and blue training clothes.

-"Osu!" The boy spoke, -"I am Goku! Who are you? Don't you know that coming alone to the forest is dangerous?"

-"Speak for your self…" Rei retorted in a whisper and walked close. Heero glared at the boy and kept a wary eye to him.

-"I am the Martian Priestess," Rei spoke announcing her self. –"Representative of Neo Queen Serenity from the Lunar Queendom, on a mission to check on the seal. It seems we landed in the wrong place. Boy, can you tell me where Inferia is?"

-"Inferia?" Goku blinked. –"Uhm… that's like two days to the north."

-"TWO DAYS!?" Rei cried in shock as she pulls on to the veils of her hat. Then she felt as her knees gave up landing on her butt, still in shock.

-"Uhm… seems you guys are lost." Goku spoke unsure. -"My village is close by… Maybe I can take you there and talk to the village chief."

-"I guess… we have no other option…" Rei lamented. –"Boy, Take us to this village of yours! My mission is of most urgency!" She said as she quickly stood and began to walk.

Goku blinked, -"Yeah, sure." Then he sees the other boy walk buy and extended his hand, -"Hi~ I'm Goku, what's your name?" Heero glared down at he boy shorter than him self and said nothing. His eyes switched back to Rei and resumed his follow. Goku blinked founding confusing the other's action. No matter, he shrugged and went ahead to guide them to his village.


Goku sat in the verandas of his house's porch glancing towards the direction of Muten Roshi's home. He had never seen people like them in his entire life so curiosity was killing him. Alas, the reunion with them and the chief was of most privacy so he couldn't be there.

-"What are you thinking, Goku?" The boy snapped as he hears a young girl voice speak to him from his left. Turning around, a girl more or less his age stood there holding against the verandas, he curious dark eyes not leaving his and her jet black hair cascading pass her waist. Her training Gi seems to be a bit worn out of many practice and training.

-"Hey there Chichi!" The girl in question was named Chichi; she is the daughter of one of his grandfather's best friends so both grew up together, a childhood friend. –"Just thinking on those strange people."

-"Father said they come from the moon."

-"The moon?" Goku asked in mild curiosity.

-"Yes, it seems they come to check into the seal that is located inside the tower of Inferia." –The girl responded as she turns around and lays her back against the fence.

-"A seal? You mean the one from the legend?" Goku asked impressed.

-"Yeah, that one." She sees Goku grin and she didn't like it. –"You are not thinking on following them, are you?"

-"What do you mean?" He feints ignorance.

-"I know you Goku!" She cried, pointing at him. –"Don't do anything stupid or reckless like you usually do!"

Goku jumped off the veranda, landing in his feet smoothly. He turns around as he sets his hands behind his head and walks towards his home, -"Yeah, I am not thinking anything. I am going to bed, see you tomorrow."

-"Hey! Don't you walk away from me! Goku?! GOKU!"


Next day:

Morning shined brightly in the sky; and the day started it's usual routine. How ever for Goku, it was an exciting morning. Muten Roshi, the village chief and trainer, knocked on his home's door that morning as he came to ask for a favor. He spoke to Gohan as he explains the situation, Gohan nodding in the end. Goku, intrigued at what was going on, walked out and saw his old master with the two moon people standing at the porch.

-"I have a task for you, Goku." Roshi spoke. –"Since you know the forest better than any of us, I want you to join these two people and guide them until they reach Inferia."

-"WHAAAT?!" Everyone turned around to see Chichi agape. –"You can't be serious, master. How can you ask that idiot something so important?!"

Muten Roshi turns to Goku after that outburst, -"Goku, you are fourteen right now," Roshi spoke, -"So I think you should take a bit more responsibility, which is why I am giving you this task."

-"Wait… fourteen?" Rei asked in surprise. –"You mean this midget is my own age?!"

-"Hey!" Chichi retorted. –"Goku is not a midget! He is just… short!"

-"You are not helping him much, kid…" Rei spat as she folds her arms bellow her breasts.

-"Kid?!" Chichi gritted her teeth. –"I'll show you who's a kid!"

Heero quickly stepped between, pistol drawn as Chichi was a bout to charge; then Muten Roshi also steps in to put peace between. –"Hold it, there is no need to fight here. Please withdraw that gun of yours, young man."

Heero glared at the old master, then back at the girl. –"Hn." With a grunt he holstered his weapon back. Goku stood there blinking not knowing how to interpret the situation.

-"Goku!" Chichi yelled at him making the boy flinch.


-"You should say something to defend yourself, not stand there like an idiot!"

-"But I saw no reason to say anything, Chichi."

-"See master Roshi? I do not think he is up to this task! He is too easy-going!" Chichi pointed out as she addressed the old master while pointing a finger at the boy in question. –"Let another person do it!"

-"Ho ho ho, no need to worry much child." Roshi spoke as he strokes his beard making Chichi blush badly, -"He'll be fine."

-"Who's worried?!" Chichi cried.

-"Its ok, Chichi." Goku spoke. –"You know I always liked to go in an adventure. Besides it's just to Inferia. I'll be back."

-"Well, if you go then I'll go. You need someone to take care of you!"

-"That'll be impossible." Rei spoke, glaring at the girl. Sparks flew between them, -"Just having him is a liability I will not accept another bag."

-"Who're you calling a bag, you old hag?!" Chichi taunted; this made Rei take a step back in shock and then erupt with anger. She was about to kick the little girl's behind when she was hold by Heero, while Goku held back Chichi.

-"Ho ho ho, its good to be young." Roshi laughed with amusement.


Later that day:

Everyone was ready to depart. There was a cart and some horses to pull it, courtesy of Muten Roshi to help them with the travels. Everyone was at the outskirts of the village preparing to depart. Chichi arrived there with a lunch box for them, still not happy that Goku was leaving… Especially with that woman…

-"Here, be sure to be back safe ok?" Chichi said as she gives Goku the box.

-"I'll be back in a jiffy!" Goku ginned with a grin of innocence making Chichi flush a bit.


-"Hey midget, hurry and get on we got not all day!" Rei spoke from above ignoring Chichi's rants and glares at her.

-"Coming!" Goku said happily as he hops into the cart.

With a whip-crack of the handler belts, the cart began its motion as the horses begin to pull.


Night seems to be coming as hours of traveling took its toll on the day. So far only a few encounters had happened during their journey on the main road across the forest. Heero was controlling the cart as the Martian Priestess prepares seals and other things in order to be prepared for anything. Goku had a grin on his face. It's its been a huge while since he went farther than the forest limit, most of the time he traveled with his grandpa, and he takes everything he sees like a sponge. Rei threw some glances to his direction, sometimes frowning in annoyance at the happy-go-lucky kid; it kind of reminds him of a certain bubbly queen, thing that she liked not one bit. –One Usagi is enough… -She thought with a frustrated sigh.

-"Night is coming near…" Heero spoke as he looks over the horizon. –"We should find shelter."

-"Hey kid," Rei Turned towards Goku, -"Know any inns or villages we could stay at?"

Goku for his part thought about it as he heard her request. Nodding to himself he replied, -"There should be a small village a few minutes down the road. Granpa and I stayed there on out ways to Inferia."

Nodding, Heero cracked the handlers once more to make the horse advance in its path. A little bit farther away on top of a tree, the group didn't realize that a pair of eyes watched them all the way without hesitation. A dark grin grew on the shadowed face and then suddenly vanished to follow up to a new target.


Rei opens the door and closed it behind her with a huge sigh as she feels the exhaustion of the day. Goku was right as thirty minutes after her request they managed to find a small farm village on the road, which had an Inn in it. It wasn't high-class but at least she can sleep in a bed. Although the Innkeeper was an asshole, she almost burned the disrespectful jackass as he tried to charge more than to an emissary such as her self.

A rustle snapped her off her reverie and her vision snapped at the bed. In there she saw Goku sitting in it with his usual annoying smile, -"What are you doing?"

-"Getting ready to sleep." The boy replied innocently.

Both looked at each other in silence and Rei had a twitch in her eyebrow; second later Goku was kicked out the room, -"This is NOT your room! Go sleep in your room with Heero you pervert!"

-"But I thought we all were going to sleep together? I mean; me and grandpa sleep in the same room."

-"Am I your grandpa? I am a lady! A Lady! We took two rooms for a reason! Now scram before I burn your ass!" Rei slammed the door on his face.

Goku blinked a couple of times; what was her deal? Seriously he'll never understand girls. What was so bad of all sleeping together? Surely he found strange that Heero wasn't there either and also he thought it was a waste of money getting two rooms. Well what ever, he stood and patted his back to dust himself off; and then with a sigh he followed the hall down to the other room.


Midnight, the Martian Priestess slept soundly as the moon shinned up in the sky. Meanwhile her chest rose and lowered with the rhythm of her breathing, a shadow appeared on her window. Slowly the window cracked open letting in a person who moved swiftly around the room.

This person began sneakily searching around the room for valuables. He saw this group of people hours before and thought that they were nobles, and with nobles came riches. Minutes passed and he person began to grow frustrated as he could no find any valuables around; only papers with something written on it.

-"What the hell is this…?" the person mumbled as he observed with curiosity said paper. He continues to shake the paper out of curiosity to see if something happens; and it did. The paper suddenly burst into flames making him yelp in surprise.

Rei's eyes shot open and she sat up in a hurry. Purple eyes locked into cyan ones; and then a scream rocked the place.

Rumble was heard outside the room and the door burst open; Heero snarled at the scene as Goku pops from his side. –"Priestess!"

The scene, if it wasn't for the tension floating, was one of a comedic act. As lights snapped on, Rei sat at her bed clenching the covers to herself and her back facing the wall. Farther out, on the other side, stood a boy with black hair tied in a pigtail, his eyes frozen like a deer caught on headlight.

-"Burglar!" Rei said in a panic, seriously? She could easily burn his ass off, but being a woman and the sudden surprise, panicked people tend to act stupid.

Heero for his part snarled at the invader as he takes out one of his gun and aims it. The thief boy yelps and waved his arms in panic seconds before the gun was fired. Heero's expression turned into a disbelief frown as the boy ACTUALLY managed to DODGE the bullet. Grunting, he kept firing the gun but it only showed how was and agile the thief boy was; just taking no more of it, the thief jumped off the window. Heero dashed to it and managed to catch a glimpse as the invader lands on his feet and sprints away. –"I'll get him!" Heero heard Goku happily said as he jumps also in pursuit. Heero clicked his tongue and dashed out the door to try to catch up.


Goku had managed to keep up to the thief, most to the latter's frustration, as both hops from roof to roof as the thief tries to loose the younger boy and escape through the forest. Goku could see that this guy was good, and made his blood move in excitement as they move at high speeds. The thief thought that outrunning the younger boy wasn't an option since he managed to keep up. The thief jumped in the air and turned sideways his left towards Goku and with an arm swing, the younger boy had to dodge as blades and ninja stars sailed at him. This made Goku get distracted for a second and the thief took it the chance and jumped down a hallway.

Goku followed up after he recovered as he managed to catch a last glance to the path the thief took. With a big jump, the young boy sailed through the air and landed swiftly down the dirt road as he began to search around. Goku pouted, as he didn't manage to see anything as he scanned and grew in frustration knowing that the guy managed to slip away. With a sigh, Goku turned around and suddenly crashed with someone, the 'eek' noise sounded too feminine.

Dark eyes met cyan colored ones with some blinks in between. He noticed that his face was slammed between two soft mountains of a chest.

-"Uhm… can you… get off me?" same feminine voice spoke again as Goku caught sight of a red haired young girl, which face was growing the same shade of her hair. –"Ah sorry." Goku jumped to his feet and began to bow in an apology.

-"I'm really sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." Goku bowed once more.

-"Its alright…" The girl said as she stood and dusted her self off.

-"Say, did you managed to see a guy this tall, black hair tied in some kind of braid?"

-"Uhm…" The girl thought, -"Yes, I think he went that way."

-"Osh! Thanks a lot!" Goku thanked as he sprang into the direction pointed at. As he left, he didn't manage to catch how the girl narrowed her eyes and gave of a malicious smirk.


The doors to the Pub opened and from it emerged the redhead as she glided her way towards the bar tender.

-"Hot water please." She said and the bartender nodded.

Then as she waits, a heavy hand slammed besides her. –"Well, Well… If isn't Ranma… I hope you have my money boy, since I told you I didn't want to see your face around here until you get it."

For her part, the girl put on the most cutest and innocent face she could muster and set her hands with fist under her chin, -"Who is Ranma mister? I think you got me mixed with someone else~"

The giant man grabbed the girl from cuff of her cape and pulled her close to his face, -"Cut the crap shrimp… I know that it is you. Your disguise will not work on me."

-"Mister… you're scaring me." The girl said as tears begin to grow on her eyes.

-"Hot water." The bartender said as he sets a glass between them. The giant man took the glass and dumped it's contents on top of the girl making his one change and transform into the black haired thief boy from before. Said boy had a look of annoyance on his face.

-"Alright, you got me Duke." The boy, which name was Ranma, spoke. –"Now, will you please let me go, or should I smash your face like I did last time?"

The man snarled; -"You got lucky, kid… now do you have my money?!"

-"I told you that I would pay you so back!" The boy named Ranma, stroke the huge man with a jab on said man's eye. The huge man yelled in pain and let him go. Not wasting time, as the man's lackeys rose to the fight, the boy kicked the giant in the chin then rolled over the counter and began tossing glasses like throw weapons at the crew.

-"Hey! Who's going to pay for this?!" The bar owner yelled in anger.

-"Charge it to Duke's tab!" Ranma replied as he flees out.


Rei Hino, the Martian Priestess, sat fuming on her bed as fire danced in the palm of her hands. How could she show such weakness to them? She should have burned that burglar right were he stood for daring to enter her room. Fortunately nothing was stolen, mostly because they actually didn't carry anything that wasn't necessary. Rei then raised her head as Heero walks inside the room with his neutral expression.

-"Did you capture that bastard?" She asked with venom in her voice.

-"Hn…" her bodyguard replied with a frown. Rei sighed, not many could actually escape hero, and this thief most be a pro. The Martian Priestess stood as she sighed, then she suddenly jumped with a yell of surprise as Goku popped in the window and sat there, -"Yoh~!" But the boy didn't finish as he had to dodge a fire soul, -"Geeh!"

-"ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?!" Rei retorted, smoke of anger coming off her ears and blushing with it.

Goku was holding him self upside down from one arm in the window after dodging her attack, and sweating like crazy, -"What was that for?"

-"I should ask you the same thing, jackass."

Heero looked at Goku in an interrogation look, Goku looked back at him and tilted his head blinking in confusion. Heero closed his eyes in annoyance and growled, -"The thief?"

-"Oh? Oh! Nope, no luck. After I lost him at the alley, I couldn't pick up his tracks anymore."

-"Hn." Heero nodded, it was the same for him. It was like this thief vanished from existence.

-"That bastard, he better not come back or I'll be ready." Rei growled. She flicked her hair as she turned and head to bed, -"I am going to try to sleep again after I set some wards up. You two may leave."

-"I'll be outside…" Heero announced as he leaves the room.

Rei took some of her talisman papers and began enchanting them and setting them around the window, until her purple eyes met dark ones. The Martian Priestess blinked, then her eye twitched in annoyance, -"Goku…"



-"But I am curious at what you are doing!"

Seconds later a young boy was seen running away from the second story of the Inn, fleeing as a fire ball went off said window he came from.


Morning shine out in the sky announcing the beginning of a new day; Rei squirm her eyes as light hits them through the window. With a moan mumble, she stirs her self-up and stretched. Minutes layer she sat in her night gown and began to comb her hair singing happily in a new morning.

-"What are you doing?"

The Martial Priestess jumps in fright and gave a loud scream while singing her brush like a bat sending a spiked haired midget against the wall.

-"Ow! Why did you do that for?!"

Rei opened her eyes and managed to catch Goku nursing his cheek. With anger, she stomped over and grabbed him by the collar of his gi, -"May I ask why in Selene's name you startled me like that in the morning?! And why are you in my room?!"

-"Breakfast is ready." Goku grinned at the young woman –"Just wanted to tell you. Then I got curious as to what you were doing."

The Martian priestess gave a growl and let Goku go. She gave a hard and frustrated sigh, why did she bother? She couldn't win against this idiot's stupidity.


It was already noon and after gathering their preparations, Goku and co. once more set path to their destination. Traveling wasn't that much of a hassle. Sure there were some monsters popping up here and there but nothing that the trio couldn't handle. Hours passed and they were still in the middle of nowhere.


The group suddenly stops as someone cried for help. They glanced forward down the road and saw a woman was waving at them. Heero narrowed his eyes, Rei got wary, but Goku was already dashing to the woman. –"That idiot!" Rei cried as Heero snapped the reigns to make the horses raise speed.

Goku landed from a jump before the woman, her head hidden under a hood, and asked her with worry –"What seems to be the problem?"

-"Bandits, they attacked my family, please stop them."

-"Sure will! Where?"

And with a general direction given, the boy dashed. -"Goku wait!" Rei cried to no gain. Left behind, the woman smirked evilly.


Goku landed on a clear in the forest with pole in hand. He followed the woman's direction but he could not see anything. He scanned his surrounding looking for something but his eyes didn't catch any sings of assault.


Said boy saw his companions arrive, Rei almost popping a vein –"You idiot! Can't you think at all?! What if this was a trap?!"

Goku blinked -"What trap?"

Someone else stepped into the scene, it was the woman from before and she had something in hand –"This trap."

She pressed a button on what she was holding and suddenly the area the trio was standing in burst in a depression by a gravity bomb magic spell. The cart they were using broke by the pressure and horses yelp in pain. Rei was cursing Goku as she was being squished while Heero tries to protect her. Goku gritted his teeth as he tries to stand up with all his might. Soon after, all around them from the forest came out bandits and ruffian looking people. The woman from before stepped forward taking off her hood showing the red haired girl Goku saw last night.

She chuckled as she see her work –"I actually can't believe you fell for that. Well you are quite stupid for what I saw, skilled but stupid and then I figured your friends would follow."

A large man steps forward with an evil grin in his features as he looked down on them –"Good job Ranma. Good Job."

Rei gritted her teeth and tried to look up as the dome of gravity force pushes down on her still –"What do you want?!"

The large bandit spoke –"Money girl. And you got plenty of it! So you all will be our prisoners for ransom."

While Rei curses at them, the girl took a bottle and pours some steaming liquid above her turning into what looked like a black haired boy. The trio's eyes opened wide recognizing who he was –"You!"

-"Yeah, me, yada yada, surprise~" The boy said arrogantly. –"Ok, Duke; I did my part so we are even. You get your money, I get your ugly mug off my ass."

The man smirked –"Yeah sure, so… how does this work again?"

Ranma gave a frustrated sigh, boy the dude was dumb for lunarian technology –"Geez you're an idiot. Like I said before, you set the perimeter, and then use this device. Press the switch to activate it, and once more to de activate."

-"That switch?"

-"Yes this switch."

Ranma's danger sense went off as someone swung a sword behind him –"What the!?" Then gave a grunt of pain as Duke's leg slammed in his gut. Duke grabbed Ranma by the head, his large hand easily having a hold on him and then took the device –"Ranma, Ranma; your overconfidence and your arrogance always has been your downfall. I am sick and tired of your little shit and always humiliating me. It is a shame though, you had good talents… to bad you are not like your old man was."

-"Duke, you double crossing freak… don't you ever mention that bastard…"

-"Well, what ever." Duke then tossed Ranma into the gravity dome making him fall hard as the demi took a hold of him. The man spoke once more –"Enjoy being there until all of you pass out! Then the fun begins!"

The large man turn about giving an evil chuckle, and his followers began to follow but then suddenly he felt something was wrong. He turned around once more and saw and explosion of light from the bottom of the depression and suddenly something shot off from it going up in the air after they heard a loud battle cry. –"What the!" Was the only thing he managed to say before 'it' slammed into him knocking the bandit away.

-"You big bully! That was not comfortable at all!" The rest of the bandits turned about and saw the midget kid standing there glaring at them. How did he managed to escape?! Not wasting time, the bandits gave a battle cry and charged at him. But with ease, Goku managed to dispatch every single one of them.

-"Hey shrimp!" Goku turned towards the dome when he heard someone calling out –"The device, get the device!"

Goku understood and quickly began to scan the area. He saw the thing laying on the floor several feet away and sprung to it. –"Don't let him have it!" Was heard around and bandits once more charged but Goku managed to dodge, kick and punch every single one without any mayor effort until he grabbed the thing; then suddenly stops… What was it that he had to do again?

–"Uhm, how does this work?" Everyone face faulted. Didn't the explanation was given just a minute ago? Goku flings his hands as the bandits charged to a pile dive, slamming each one above him, that didn't last as everyone exploded away from the kid. Well what ever, Goku smashed the thing to the floor and stepped on it breaking it apart. Either way the dome of gravity seized and everyone froze.

Every bandit began to sweat as a pillar of fire began to burn from the depression, at the same time another shadow jumps and gunshots were heard making other bandits fall dead.

The fire from before began to take the form of a snake as Rei manages to walk out with anger deep in her features –"You bastards will not get away with this. MARS SNAKE FIRE!" The fire like snake hissed and charged at the bandits consuming them, cries of pain and horror could be heard as.

Duke was shaking in his boots, who were these people? These are not just nobles doing an errant; did Ranma do this knowingly? Speaking of, as Duke turns around to flee, he bumped into said pigtailed boy who was cracking his knuckles. –"Hey Duke~ How's going?"


Ranma got surrounded by a blue aura making Duke sweat drop more as an evil glim took in his features –"Good to know~" Ranma rose his fist back. The next few minutes followed by cries of pain, begging of mercy and bones breaking.


Rei was fuming, and not because of a simple thing. No… she was fuming because the idiot of Goku put them in a trap, which broke their cart apart and injured their horses. Now it will take even longer to reach Inferia.

-"Boy, you guys sure did a number." Ranma spoke as he stepped out dusting his hands. Heero quickly drew his guns and Ranma raised his arms in defense –"Woah, woah. Not hostile!"

-"This is all your fault! You and that midget's! I'll kill you!" Rei snapped and stalked towards Ranma who had a nervous smile.

-"Oii! I was just trying to do my job, nothing personal."

-"I'll show you nothing personal!" Heero grabbed Rei in a hold. –"Let me go! Heero let me go!"

-"Calm down Priestess, it is not the time to bicker…"

Ranma smiled sheepishly then he noticed that Goku was missing -"Speaking of, where is the shrimp?"

-"Hey guys!" said boy landed close to them with a giant bug on his back –"Look what I've found! It's a giant rhinobee! These tastes great roasted!"

Ranma had a disgusted expression on his face, Heero narrowed his eyes; and poor Rei Hino had a twitching eye, a vein almost bursting off her forehead. Food… the little bastard ruined her traveling articles and he just went for food? And a disgusting thing no less?

The forest's silence was interrupted by a cry of desperation, frustration and annoyance.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

Wow, after 5 years of planning and coming up with this story I finally managed to get it going. I feel good at how it came out so far. Well, stay tune for next part and I really hope you all enjoyed it.

About the idea and topic of this story? Well you see I had been thinking for a long time a join anniversary of the oldest crossovers from this website with an original theme and this is what i came up with. At first i was going to make a one whole part but given to circumstances i decided to divided in 2 and publish the already completed first term.

For all you here in fanfiction dot net, way back early years before there wasn't an official xover section, people used to cross stories in it. But the mayory of these (that even had its own sections in the MISC tab) were notably Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon and also Ranma 1/2/Sailor Moon. Tenchi Muyo had some in the mix but also is one of the oldest stories of fic that was crossed in general with the previous three because: Before there was " ", there was the "Tenchi Muyo Fan-Fiction Archive", where Tenchi muyo fics were written and it also had a lot of cross overs with different series.

So, these are the ideas added from and for my personal gift anniversary. Thank you for reading.