It was a dark and stormy day in the kingdom of Nohr. In the wood of this dark and dreary place Princes Mikoto of Valla was heartbroken. While her kingdom was safe with the destruction of the evil dragon Anankos she was devastated. Her husband known as lord Hydra revealed himself to be the good half of Anankos manifested as a mortal had sacrificed himself bringing an end to his evil half. Word of what had happened throughout the kingdom and because of that the populace in fear turned on and tried to kill his only child the young princess Corrin. She was only six years old and yet she was the most feared and hatted person in all of Valla.

In order to protect her only child Princes Mikoto had to leave her in this dark place alone. She realized if she herself went with her child vallite solders would come after her and she would be found eventually and Corrin killed. This was the lesser of two evils. Tears were rolling down her face as she looked down at her sleeping daughter. However due to her gift of foresight she found one solace the fact that her daughter would live a long healthy and happy life in this dreary land. Mikoto began to stroke her sleeping daughter's cheek and spoke her final goodbye knowing that if Corrin was awake she could never leave her.

"Goodbye my child. Know that I'm doing this as an act of love and I'm destroying myself by doing this. I will always love you."

Mikoto then began to begin the spell that would open the portal back home not realizing that her child was waking up.

"Mommy come back" Corrin cried out.

But it was too late as her hand just barely missed the portal closing. She then realized she was alone and began to cry. For hours she was she simply cried to herself not knowing what to do. But then she heard a young female voice.

"The crying came from overhear"

Then out of the darkness a young girl only a few years older with long purple hair appeared and a fancy black dress.

"Hello there I'm Camilla" she said "What is your name sweetie."

To that Corrin simply mumbled her name. Camilla feeling sorry for Corrin began to hug and comfort the younger girl. At that moment a large man with a greying beard and pale skin appeared flanked by two guards. Startled Corrin quickly hid behind Camilla.

"It's ok sweetie" Camilla said "that's just dad" "dad this is Corrin."

Kneeling down to look Corrin straight in the eyes he asked "where are your parents little one"

All Corrin said to that was "went home"

"Dad we can't just leave her we should take her with us. I promise to take good care of her"

Garon thought to himself. He thought of all of his children he failed. How many sons and daughters he had lost because of his lovers quests for power. This could be his redemption for his failures as a parent. Then he realized what Camilla said and let out a hearty laugh.

"She is not a pet Camilla" he said before turning to Corrin and asking "Corrin would you like to come home with us little one, be a part of our family"

For the first time since she woke up Corrin felt happy "yes" Corrin quickly responded

"Come then you two we still have to go to Cheve for the peace talks with King Sugamari"