...A Storm is brewing

They hugged and kissed with the shine of the lighthouse overlaying both of the girls, the rain drizzling over them covering them wet head to toe but neither of them cared they just wanted to be together for the last moments they will ever see each other in they're life, the smaller girl leaned up to the taller girl waiting for the precious moment that they're lips would touch and they would sink into the moment forever, the taller girl leaned in and slowly pressed her lips on to Max's holding the kiss for as long as they could, finally Chloe moved away.

Chloe grabbed Max, each other staring to each others eye's.

Chloe please!

"I'll always love you, now, get out of here, please! Do it before I freak!"

Chloe cried as she backed away from Max, walking towards the fence staring at the tornado thinking about what she just said and the sacrifice she is making for Arcadia Bay, thinking about Joyce, David, Frank, Rachel and everyone she knew hoping Max would fix all of it and it would all be fine.

Max turned around and stared at the city visioning all the shock on everyone's faces, She knew they would all die if she didn't go back and let Chloe die, but she didn't know what to do.

"And Max Caulfield? Don't you forget about me..."

Chloe said backing away thinking about the last few words she'll ever speak to Max face to face.


Max whispered to herself but loud enough Chloe could hear, She wanted to cry herself to death, she didn't want to make this choice, but she has too.

Max walked towards the fence staring at the tornado thinking of how much shit this tornado has done to her she wished none of this ever happened and Chloe never died in the alternate timeline. She raised up the photo, the photo she took in the bathroom the day she first saw Chloe with Nathan Prescott walking into a picture of a blue butterfly that meant a lot to Chloe and Max had to use the picture to go back in time and change everything.

The image started bending before her and her mind started pounding, it was always intense for her to go back in time with an image, the image started bending her mind started shifting before her and before she knew it, she was back in the bathroom, laying down a few tears onto the ground weeping because she knew what would happen in just a few moments.

The Prescott boy walked in just as figured and as usual, mumbling the same things as before, but something changed in Max she didn't know why she wanted to try but she felt invincible and had to try, Max raised her hand, rewinding the events of the Prescott walking in, and got up and waited to the side of the door, where it would open and when opened it would cover her.

The door kicked opened with force pushed upon it, The Prescott, Nathan, walked in and started talking to himself, staring at the mirror and the wall near the trash bin, allowing Max to sneak right by him and go through the door.

Blackwell Ninja strikes again! Oh Chloe, please be here.

Max walked out the door, expecting Chloe to be following, but she was nowhere to be found, instead she heard a voice, a loud voice, it was so bold and strong like they were a drill sergeant from the millitary, Max walked along the wall to hear him much clearer and lowering his voice.

"What the hell are you doing on school property? your not supposed to be here!"

David...? Who are you talking to?

"I don't see a rule that I can't be on school property, I can be here, especially when I want to talk to someone god, you never lay off do you?"


"Chloe! Don't you ever talk to me like that, and I think there's no reason for you to be here, and your just gonna cause trouble being here, you need to leave"

"Fuck you, I can go anywhere I want, I'm an adult I can make my own decisions and do anything I want, not whatever you want, douche."

"Chloe, just leave, your already causing trouble, and I don't want you or need you causing more trouble"

"Fine, Security Douche"

Ha, I bet David feels like a fly and he just got squashed by some 19 year old

Max walked around the corner to see Chloe and David arguing as usual, but Chloe noticed Max, widening her eyes raising her eyebrows and giving an expression of "What the hell?" and shock on her face, Max replied with a smile and looked at Chloe scanning her head to toe, wondering what why she was there, and not in the bathroom dead on the floor.

"Max... Caul-fie-field?

"The one and only in the flesh"

Chloe walked towards the girl ignoring David, giving Max a giant hug staring at her in the eyes and than scanned her to see if she changed at all, she looked around letting a huge sigh of relief out.

"Your still the same old hipster shit I use to know"

"Caulfield's never changed y'know that?"

"They sure don't"

Max tried so hard to give Chloe a real laugh, but she couldn't not with everything that just happened not just seeing her best friend leave her and die multiple times, but she tried. They both left the school and went back to Max's dorm, Max sat down on here bed laying along the wall while Chloe, walked around her room looking at all the stuff she had.

Gosh Chloe, I don't understand what happened, I didn't change anything, why didn't you walk in the bathroom? is this one of those realities where someone does something different? Did David..?

"So Max, how was Seattle? I heard it's a sweet place, I wish I could've left with you."

"It was okay, but it would've been so much better with you, It is a nice place, very scenic, very beautiful and it's a nice place for taking cool shots."

Max had an anxious look on her face, she had to tell Chloe, no way could she hide everything from her, Max already knew they would go back in the process of finding Rachel, the Dark Room, investigating the Prescotts, everything they did before, but she didn't want to tell her as well, she wouldn't know what would happen what her reaction would be, but then again, she has time on her side.

"That's cool I guess..."

Chloe whispered that last part anxiously wanting to tell Max about her past 5 years with William and Max departing from her life, and the last 5 years with Rachel Amber, the girl on the missing posters that had a very stunning look and everybody knew except Max.

"Chloe, listen, I have to tell you something crazy completely hardcore, something fucking out of line and something no one but you have to believe, understand?"

"Max, you can tell me anything"

"I know you we're talking to Nathan Prescott, about money and drugs, I know you deal with a guy called Frank Bowers, and I know what happened to you that night Nathan drugged you except you don't remember."

"Max? what are you talking about? I have never seen you in the past 5 years!"

"Chloe, I can re-reverse time, I can go back to different periods of time that I was alive in, I don't understand why or how, but I can"

'Max, are you fucking high? you can't do that shit, no one can not even a machine can do that, what are you talking about?"

"Chloe, listen, I don't know how I can do any of it, but it just happens."

"Listen, in that bathroom, when Nathan entered it, I was there, you were supposed to go in there and die, Nathan had a gun, but I don't understand, you didn't go in this time, David was never here something changed and I don't know what, but i'm tempted to find out"

"Max, your insane! Listen to yourself does any of what your saying make sense? Changing time, doesn't exist Max!"

"Chloe! just please listen."

'Okay, I'm listening now go ahead"

"You died in that bathroom, and I changed time, and saved you, but on friday, the tornado actually happened and it killed everyone and destroyed Arcadia bay, we only survived because we were at the lighthouse, I don't know what to say but this entire week has been insane, we both spent the entire week finding out what happened to Rachel and this girl Kate Marsh who almost committed suicide by jumping off a roof"

"We found out what happened to R-Rachel?"

"Chloe, I'm seriously so sorry, but Rachel i-is De-dead, Nathan Prescott killed her, but they're's"


"Chloe, I know where she's buried."


Max looked at Chloe, she didn't want to tell her, but she deserved to know, she deserved it and deserved everything in this world, Max could tell Chloe didn't want to believe her, but she had the slightest belief that Max is telling the truth, she know Max wouldn't lie about Rachel to Max or really anything infact."

Max told Chloe where she was buried, and they both drove to the junkyard, Chloe following Max to where Rachel was buried, and helped her dig up the body.


Chloe started crying heavy tears she didn't know what to say she was in dis-belief but she believed Max, she kneel'ed down to Rachel's body

I'm so sorry Rachel, I wish I could've known before and I wish I could've saved you, but I couldn't I wish we did we leave for LA and I hope everything we did was right, you were the greatest friend I've ever had in 5 years. I'm so sorry, I blame you for leaving me when there was nothing you could've done, and you never would have known, but with losses come with angels, I know you would like her, you both are so alike, She's a photographer and you want to be a model, you both have talent and i'm glad I told you about her, how she was my best friend my whole life, and I wish you two could meet, I'm sorry.

Chloe cried as she stood up to face Max and apologize to her for not believing her and thanking her for telling her.

"Max, I'm so so sorry I didn't believe you, It's been so hard for these 5 years without you and my dad, but thank you for coming back, I would tell you all about Rachel, but I already think you know, but I would love to tell you again, just for my sake and sanity."

Max looked at Chloe getting a smile on her face, leaning close to Chloe, hugging her for comfort, Max experienced all of this but she loved experiencing it with the real Chloe Price, her best-friend, her guardian, her angel, her everything.

They both left the junkyard and split, Max left back to her dorm and Chloe back to her house, and both caught a few Z's for the tuesday.

Max's alarm rang loud and clear waking her up, She slammed her hand on the snooze button and got up, looking around thinking about everything that happened that entire week, She didn't want to get up and deal with school depression after that week and wanted to rest for the next few days.

She moved towards her desk and opened her journal, strangely enough, it kept every single note she wrote in it for that week, and read through each of the pages examining all her drawings, as well as all the pictures she took that week, the Everyday Heroes was only a few days away, she could still register in, but she didn't know what in fact she could have registered the "Max Caulfield memorial wall photo" but she ripped it up in the bathroom, she remembered Jefferson, and remembered what he did to her and what he did to Victoria and Kate, and realized she had to tell the police or David, although the girl knew what David did for her saving her, allowing her to change time as she knew it, she turned around and went back to her alarm, grabbing her phone off the table reading a few texts.

"Max? u up?"


"Mad Maxine Caulfield"

"Sorry shouldnt call u that"

"Listen when u wake up can you call me or text me? I want to take u to the two whales for dinner, so we can talk and eat in piece thanks"

Anything for you Chloe, after this week, you deserve it. your such a player.

"Hey Chloe, saw all your texts, and sure we can go to the Two-Whales, what time? :)"

"Oh sweet been waiting for like an hour an a half, we can go in like an hour or half? sound good to you?"

"And btw"


"Alright, I'm up to go in an hour, I need to get dressed and shower, I'll text you when I leave. ;)"

"You sly devil you Max"

Never Change Chloe Never Change.

Max got up and grabbed her shower supplies filled with shampoo & body wash, showering definitely wasn't one of Max's favorite things to do at Blackwell, she was always frightened that someone would wander in and start making fun of her in the shower. She left her room and walked down the hall witnessed Victoria, Courtney and Taylor making fun of Kate Marsh, calling her a Jesus Slut and telling her nice work on the video, Max couldn't stand it, she knew what was going to happen to Kate and had to intervene.

"Kate! Victoria stop, why don't you just lay off her for once?"

"Because it's Kate, she can take it, you don't need to boycott her Max, your seriously, no fun."

"Victoria, it's bullying did school teach you nothing?"

"Fine Max, you win this time, I have no time to bother with you and Kate, gosh no fun child"

Victoria walked away thinking about what just happened, but she didn't care to much, Courtney and Taylor followed her giving Max a dirty look in disgust and disrespect.

"Kate, are you ok?"

"It's fine Max, why can't Victoria just leave me alone?"

Kate cried out she looked at Max, and gave her a hug and said her see you later and went back into her room looking out at Max blessing her for her help.

Yeah? Why can't Victoria just leave people alone, she made Kate almost jump off a building That's a problem.

Max walked towards the showers and took her shower, witnessing Victoria walking in, alone interestingly enough, she stared at the mirror and started talking to her self.

"Fuck Kate, I'm sorry, Max is such an angel to be your friend, but I have to do this, Popularity is better than none"

Victoria wrote the weblink to Kate's video on the sink mirror which made Max have a slight headache, remembering this exact situation but Taylor was there, and Victoria was making fun of Kate. What changed?

Max finished with her shower, and got out looking at the mirror, wiping the web-link off the mirror hoping it helps Kate just a little. She walked back to her dorm and grabbed her phone and shot Chloe a quick text.

"Hey, I finished my shower, I'm gonna get dressed and than head out to two-whales, you ready?

Max waited for a moment for Chloe to respond, but she never did. Max got dressed and grabbed her phone and checked her texts, checking out one of Chloe's texts she sent her.

"Yeah i'm ready i'm headin out meet u there"

Max read the text but didn't respond, she walked outside her dorm room and walked down the stairs to the bottom floor and headed out the doors outside, She saw Samuel feeding the squirrels as usual, She also saw David at the fence looking like he was waiting for someone or he was going to get someone in trouble, Max ignored it and walked towards the gate hoping David would just nod at her and let her leave, but as much as she expected, he stopped her.

"Hey Max, I wanted to say sorry that you had to hear my conversation with Chloe."

"It's okay David, I actually wanted to let you know something"

Max was about to tell David about the dark room, but she was to anxious to even mention it even though she trusted David, she knew he would get suspicious of her and how she knows, but she decided to take her chances.

"What'd you want to talk about?"

"I found Rachel Amber's body at the junkyard, you know near the train tracks? and there's a basement at a Farmhouse owned by a Prescott, Where Mr. Jefferson, the art teacher? took Kate Marsh."

"W-wait? h-how do you know all this?"

"Just leave me out of it please."

"F-fine but I still want to know how you know all of that"

"I'll tell you one day."

Max wasn't afraid, after all, she had time on her side, but she didn't want to abuse her power her time ability, she still wanted to be a regular person a regular human being who couldn't reverse time, She felt anxious telling David all of that but she had to, she had to stop Jefferson from hurting another person.

Max walked out to the courtyard and down the stairs to the bus, she remembered the day she saved William and went to take the bus and the driver was David, she felt a tear drop from her eye to the ground, the driver stared at her and smiled at her and than looked at the road, as Max went to go take a seat, she brought up her earbuds and turned on her favorite track, Chloe would've called it a Hippie track.

As Max stared at the window, she saw the lighthouse in the distance and remembered everything Chloe said, and she wished, she remembered everything that happened, but she would try to tell Chloe everything that happened between them in that timeline.

The Bus stopped at the diner, and Max got off, seeing Chloe's scratched up truck in the parking lot, Max expected Chloe to be inside, but instead she was waiting on the steps for Max to go in, Max walked around and up the steps and greeted Chloe with a hey, while Chloe whispered a hey back, they walked inside and both got a seat in a booth, the same one they both ate at during the strange week.

They both looked at each other and than looked at the counter to see Joyce walk around the corner to come greet them.

"Is this the one and only Max Caulfield in my diner?"

"It sure is Joyce, you look great"

They both smiled admiring each others looks while Chloe waited to take her order, although Joyce already knew what she wanted but it was always a surprise from Max.

"So girls, let's got down to business, what do YOU want to munch on?"

Chloe smiled and replied

"I'll just take my usual like always"

"That's one order, what would the other one want to munch?"

"Uhm, I'm not sure, I think I'll take a bacon muffin sandwich, with of course bacon on the side as well"

"That's an order I wouldn't expect, you must be real hungry, well i'll be back with your food in a bit, you both just wait."

Max looked at Joyce and told her thanks and smiled, both Max & Chloe stared at each-other and smiled.

"I have to talk to you about David"

"You mean Step-douche?"

"Chloe, he's not that bad seriously you don't know what he did for me"

"I believe what you say, so hit me"

"My art teacher, Jefferson kidnapped me, and took pictures of me, and was going to kill me, but David came and saved me."

"David s-saved you?"

"Chloe, he did, I don't know what to say, other than Jefferson killed you, he shot you and I couldn't save you because I was drugged, I told David and he, he killed Jefferson for you, he cares a lot about you Chloe he just he's just lost."

"He saved you and killed Jefferson? For me?"

"Chloe, he did"

Joyce came back with their food, and told Max how happy she is to see her again and hopes she gets more visits, Max smiled at her and told her she will.

Both the girls devoured their food with Joyce coming back to take they're plates away as well as receiving money from Max who decided to pay for the meal. Max and Chloe looked at each-other and got up and went outside they both walked towards Chloe's truck and than stopped, They hugged and than Max looked at her eyes deeply, and than leaned in for a kiss, Chloe who caught onto what Max was going to do, had agreed with it and leaned in for a kiss as well.

Max loved this moment in bliss and wanted to stay in it forever just like the moment at the lighthouse but she had to move on with life.

Chloe backed away looked at Max thinking of how she just kissed her best-friend and she didn't know what would happen anymore but she didn't care, she knew what happened to Rachel and was determined to change her life.

"I-I love you Max, I don't know what to say."
Chloe teared up thinking about what just happened and stared at Max waiting for a response.

"I love you too"

"I love you too"

The thought striked Chloe, she teared up a little but not enough for Max to realize, Chloe got into the truck, Max followed into the passenger seat.

"Can you drop me off? I got a class in like 20ish minutes"


Life is fuckin Strange.


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