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I want to warn you that this contains spoilers for the Artemis Fowl series. It takes place at the end of The Last Guardian and after the Rise of the Guardians move.

Artemis Fowl had done many things in his lifetime and currently, he was certain that he had found a way to cheat death itself. He remembered his last moments, trapped in the spell which Opal Koboi had attempted to cast while Holly watched down below. Everything had been set in place, ready for his spirit to return once Foaly received his clue. After all, the centaur was nearly as smart as he was so it should be simple for him to figure it out. As Artemis sat up, he frowned and stared at the moon above him. It was strange that no one was around, but he supposed that they might have wanted to give him some privacy.

Artemis was about to get up when he heard a voice, echoing within his head. It was strange, making him almost think of commands given under the mesmer, though it wasn't quite the same. You are Father Time. It said, making Artemis frown slightly. It made little sense to him, but he was now able to sense a strange power flowing within him, reminding him of the magic he had once stolen in the time tunnel. It was not quite the same, but close enough that Artemis knew something had gone wrong with his plan. He just had to figure out what had failed, then he might be able to correct this sudden appearance of magic, and the new voice in his head. He did not want anything messing with his mind, after all, not after everything he had gone through.

"I am Artemis Fowl II, regardless of what has happened. My death will not change who I am." he said quietly, shaking his head as he realized he was responding to his own insanity. He would not give in to this, not when it was clearly a delusion. Stress was probably the source, stress from dealing with the Berserkers and Opal Koboi during that final battle. If he calmed himself down and focused once more, the voice would vanish from his mind. Either that, or it was a relapse of his Atlantis Complex, which was far more serious. He frowned at the thought, before deciding it was better safe to check and make sure it was not the disorder he once had. "Four, four, four, four." he whispered, feeling no different than normal as he repeated the word. It was not the return of the complex, so he should be safe for now.

He got up and decided it was time to go back into his home. Perhaps it would be a bit of a shock to his family, but Artemis needed to inform them that he was alive once more. Fowls always stuck together, regardless of what they went through. Even if Holly was not inside, Butler surely would be and his old friend would be thrilled to see him alive once more. He straightened his tie as he walked, glancing down and noticing specks of dirt on his suit. While it might not look as impeccable as he was used to, it would have to do for now. He had no spare suit to change into out here, but Artemis could retrieve one from his room inside.

"Mother?" he called out once he was inside, noticing how empty the room was. Perhaps they were asleep already. After all, it was clearly night outside and the twins were overactive during the day. Becket especially, with his love of sports and dislike of learning. With a sigh, Artemis walked upstairs to his own room, deciding that he would sleep as well, regardless of the fact that he was not tired. He needed to get onto a regular sleep schedule again, since this event seemed to have changed his normal sleep patterns. The young Fowl closed his eyes, waiting for dreams to come but it failed to change anything.

Artemis decided that he needed to wear out his mind, so he went to his computer to look for a challenge. Hacking Foaly was always something that took a bit of effort and that was exactly what Fowl set out to do. His fingers moved along the keys of his computer, a smile forming on his face as he forced his way through the centaur's protected files. "You can do better than that, Foaly." he commented towards the screen, picking a few files at random to look through. He could see reports from the latest Koboi incident, detailing the attack and what had happened. As he scrolled further through the documents, Artemis stopped and stared for a moment at what appeared on the screen. His clone was in the process of being made, not yet finished. Somehow, Artemis had survived the spell, but even the People had not noticed it. They were still in the process of enacting his last great scheme, according to these files which had been updated today.

Artemis sat back, his mind racing to try and solve this puzzle. He knew he had died, that was something that he could not deny. Magic, while powerful, could not bring back the dead in this manner. While his spirit may have lingered in the area, no body had been available for him to inhabit once more. None of it seemed to fit, so there had to be something Artemis did not know. It was a strange and rare occurrence for the boy, but he planned on finding out the truth behind this mystery soon enough.

Artemis began looking closer through Foaly's files, deciding to see if he had missed some concept of the People's magic that may have helped bring him back. A few additions had been made since his last search, courtesy of Qwan and No1's involvement. Most of it related to time travel and the effects it could have on the time stream. While it was useful to understand, it was not the information Artemis was searching for. He looked at another file, this one focusing on the healing abilities of the warlocks underground. While they could do many things, even they had not found a way to surpass the barrier of death itself. After reading through that, Artemis concluded that the People had not been involved in his resurrection, but someone else had to be.

His face was focused, thinking about who else might have the ability to perform magic. Certainly not humans, not after the years he had spent dealing with them. If any of them had even an ounce of magic, the People would have known and documented the strange occurrence. Artemis was focused on thinking of other types of magical creatures, myths just like the People were in the eyes of humans. If fairies were real, perhaps one of these other beings existed as well. Phoenix's were supposed to have remarkable powers of healing, if the myths were to be believed. With a smile on his face, Artemis got to work on searching through any database he could find, deciding that he would discover this new elusive race that had brought him back. He needed to know who he had to thank for his second chance at life and perhaps they could be useful to him in the future. Knowledge would only help him make better plans, after all.

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