"I got you… this!" Magnus came forward with the black snake with white circles on its scrubs. From its nose came white smoke.

"It is absolute a stunning snake I must say. I adore it." Camille took the snake over from her lover and held it in her hand palms. "It can't bite or burn you or even harm you. All because of my magic." Magnus said charming as he looked at himself in the big gold colored mirror that was positioned on the wall. His eyes turned into those yellow cat eyes that was his warlock mark. He was admiring himself while Camille kissed the snake with her deadly lips on it's head.

All of sudden a flame came out of its mouth. "What is this sorcery Magnus. Did you try to hurt me intentionally?" Camille's blonde silver hair was bound high up, only a curly hair piece fell before her green eyes.

"I created the snake to spit fire, maybe for protection skills. All to protect you my dear." Magnus took place on the coach right after he took his black leather coat off and threw it in the opposite direction until it disappeared from existence.

"I like the snake. It is quite glamorous." And with that Camille pet the snake once more on its cold skin before she left the room for a moment.

"I have succeeded." "Yes you have Magnus, no need to feel good all of sudden." Camille came back into the room without the snake. "Where is my little boy?" Magnus said, an offended and worried tone on his voice. All for the act he was playing. "He is sleeping." Camille walked delicantly towards her lover, as she undressed her sort satin white dress, reveiling her beautiful shaped body. Magnus checked her out with his dark brown eyes.

"Can you do something for me?" Camille said with a hoarse but charming voice. "Anything my dear." Magnus said as he held her by her soft cold hips. "You never can speak about this."

A sand haired young blonde girl came into the room crying her eyes out. Camille jumped onto the girl, sunk her sharp teeth into the vein under the skin of her neck, and drank the blood until the girl had dried out. "So, that was tasty." Camille looked back at Magnus while she licked the dripping blood from her chin, and smiled. The snake circling between her feet.