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"Harry, I have a bad feeling about this…at least let me make sure it's safe." Hermione pleaded.

"Of course it's safe, Sirius never would have sent it to me if it weren't." Harry argued.

Hermione let out a frustrated sigh, "Of course he wouldn't, but you did tell me that that there were two of them? What if the one he was using fell into the wrong hands after he died? Harry, anyone could be using it to spy on you, and we both know what that could mean…" she said in exasperation, hoping he would see sense.

"What do you suggest we do then? I'm not going to get rid of the only link to Sirius I have left." Harry said stubbornly knowing she wasn't going to let it go.

"Just let me hang onto it for a few days. I want to see what sort of an enchantment is on it. If I can figure out how it works, we could use it to our advantage." She suggested, watching as he mulled over her words.

After a few moments, he reluctantly handed her the shard of glass, and she felt herself relax. When Harry had begun telling her that he thought Sirius was still trying to contact him from beyond the veil, she'd begun to worry. Now that she had the mirror shard in her hands, she could try to figure out who it was that had been looking in on them.

She stowed the shard in her bag, and made her way to the library, directly to the section on charms. She pulled a heavy leather bound tome from the shelf, and flipped through the pages.

'Remembrals, Sneakoscopes, Spyglass…hmmm…'

She read the paragraph related to spyglass:

Spyglass is a generic term that refers to the use of a charmed medium that was used as a means of spying on enemies during the first great war against the Dark Wizard Grindelwald. Many different mediums have been used successfully, such as glass (most often mirrors), water, metal, and even fire. Prior to the first great war, the charm Vigilate in altero was used by seers as a means of Scrying, however, it was later adapted for use at war time as a means of spying on a specifically targeted enemy with the charm Vigilate in hostem, though it is cautioned that the intended target is made clear.

Hermione straightened in her seat. Biting her lip, she checked out the large book, and made her way back to her room in the Head Girl's quarters. Once in the privacy of her room, she shrugged her bag off of her shoulder, and set the large book down on her desk, once again pulling the mirror shard from her bag. She ran her wand over it, but to her frustration, whatever charm had been placed on it was very well hidden. As she looked up, her eyes fell on her large floor length mirror.

Dare she try it?

She cast a quick tempus charm and confirmed dinner had just begun in the Great Hall. She crept out of her room into the Head's common room, and made her way over to the Head Boy's room that currently belonged to none other than Draco Malfoy. If she were going to attempt this, she wanted to make sure he would never find out. She knocked nervously on his door, bracing herself for a barrage of insults that was sure to follow, but thankfully, the door never opened; he had likely gone to dinner. Perfect.

She quickly moved back into her room, and snuck another look at the large leather bound book on her desk and faced her mirror. There were two charms, listed in the book, and she thought about which one she should try. One of them seemed to be more of a general spying charm, where the other was specifically meant for enemies. Obviously, if she were going to spy, she supposed it should be on an enemy. According to Harry and Ron, Draco could definitely be counted among her enemies. She looked back at the book's passage, and tried to recall her reading on Latin translations. Finally settled on the phrasing she felt would be most appropriate; watch the mind of the enemy. she said the amended incantation with an added flick of her wand, keeping Draco Malfoy firmly in her thoughts.

"Vigilate anima in hostes"

The mirror shimmered, and as she had suspected, a room that was a duplicate of her bedroom was reflected back to her, with only a minor change; rather than the burgundy and gold curtains that adorned her bed, a deep green and silver adorned the one in the mirror. With a nervous chuckle at her obvious success, she now needed to make certain that the other side of the mirror wouldn't allow Draco to see into her room as well.

She snuck back over to the Head Boy's room, easily taking down his wards, and slipped inside. Draco's room was exactly what she would expect of a wealthy Slytherin. She made her way over to the mirror, and breathed a sigh of relief to see that his own Green and Silver bed was reflected back at her from this side of the wall. Not wanting to spend any more time in his room then necessary, she hastily exited his room, putting his wards back in place before heading down to meet Harry and Ron in the Great Hall.


"You what?" Harry asked choking on his pumpkin juice as she explained what she had done.

"I charmed my bedroom mirror so that I could spy on Malfoy. If he's up to something we'll know." She said giving Harry a small mischievous smirk.

Ron blushed, "Hermione, what if he's…um…he's…" Ron stammered, not knowing how to say exactly what it was he was thinking.

"If he's what, Ronald?" Hermione said in annoyance.

Ron blushed an even deeper shade of red and just made a jerking motion with his hand.

Hermione gaped at him.

She hadn't thought about that.

"Well, let's hope he has at least a small measure of self-control." Hermione said blushing to the roots of her hair. The last thing she wanted to see was Malfoy having a wank.

After dinner, she returned to her room, exhausted from a long day, her only thoughts were of slipping into a hot bath in her private bathroom. That was one of the perks of being Head Girl; she no longer had to go to the fifth floor to take a bath in peace, now she could do so right in her own quarters.

As soon as the door closed behind her and her wards slid into place, she pulled off her top and shimmied out of her jeans and padded across her room in only her black lacy bra and knickers as she opened her armoire and bent over to collect her bath things.


It had been a long and for the most part, tedious day, and Tom Riddle was beyond exhausted. After dealing with a full day of classes, and having to sort out an incident in the Potion's classroom , all he wanted to do was to return to the peace and quiet of his room to read. Normally, he'd go to the library, but after the day he'd had, he didn't want to be disturbed by some wayward first year looking for the loo.

He walked into his room, setting his bag neatly on a chair, and waved his hand as his wards slid into place. He shrugged off his blazer and hung it up, and began loosening his green and silver Slytherin tie as he made his way across his room towards his bed when something in his peripheral vision caught his eye and made him do a double take.

He looked over at his mirror, and there, on the opposite side of the mirror, was an unfamiliar witch practically nude bending over in front of him rifling through one of the drawers in her armoire.

Was this some kind of joke?

He examined the room she was in, and it was clearly the Head Girl's room, as it mirrored his own, however, that was certainly not Augusta Longbottom. In fact, he's never seen underthings that looked like that. He felt his cock twitch involuntarily at the delectable image she presented, and he stood transfixed, his hand still on his tie as he watched her straighten up and disappear into the door he knew must lead to the bath.

He mentally slapped himself for his baser reaction to her nudity, and a million questions flooded his mind.

Who was she? How was he able to see her? Could she see him? Had she charmed the mirror? If so, for what purpose?

Based on the fact that she had seemed completely oblivious to him watching her, he had to assume she didn't know it was charmed, and that it was only him that could see her. His eyes swept over her room trying to glean as much information about her as he could. Clearly, she was a Gryffindor, and as he surmised, she was the Head Girl, which meant that she had to be from another time. Judging from the lack of modesty of her underthings, he suspected she had to be from the future.

How was this possible?

He saw the door to the loo opening, and he stepped back out of the way, just in case the mirror did work both ways. The thought of his privacy being breached bothered him, but since she hadn't even so much as glanced in his direction, he thought it unlikely. All the same, he watched with renewed interest as she stepped out of the loo, with a white towel wrapped around her body, and her long, wet, curly hair left down to dry. He licked his lips unconsciously as he watched her move gracefully over to her desk chair, lifting a leg onto it to apply lotion. Once again, Tom's cock twitched involuntarily and he felt himself growing hard at the sight of the barely dressed witch massaging her long shapely legs. His hand drifted down to the front of his pants, and he adjusted himself, suppressing a shudder as his hand moved over his hard length. He closed his eyes and attempted to shove back the lust that was fogging his brain in favor of his usual self-control, but he let out a small sound of frustration when he opened his eyes to see that she had now cast aside the towel and was standing completely nude with her back to him, bending over slightly to step into a pair of what looked to be black extremely short shorts that only covered half of her delectable behind. Next she pulled on a white tank top that was so thin, that when she turned in his direction, he could easily make out the dusky color of her nipples beneath it.

His Adams Apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed thickly.

He had no idea who this witch was, but one thing was certain…she would have a starring role in his dreams that night.


He leaned up in his bed when he felt the breech in his wards, and propped himself up on his elbows, the green satin sheet slipping down to his waist.

The girl from the mirror had stepped through the glass into his room, and was looking around in confusion. When her eyes fell on him, she looked down quickly at her lack of dress, and blushed, crossing her arms over her chest in an attempt to cover herself.

"How did you get in here?" He asked, allowing his eyes to roam over her form unapologetically.

She frowned and glanced back towards his mirror, and then back to him as she answered, "I'm not sure…the last thing I remember is going to bed."

"Come here." He commanded, watching as she hesitantly took a few steps towards his bed.

Her eyes drifted over his toned chest and even further south before she could stop herself, biting her lip shyly, as they fell on the obvious bulge just under the sheets.

He smirked at her knowingly.

"See something you like?" he asked her, watching the blush creep over her skin.

She shut her eyes momentarily, and quickly changed the subject, "Who are you, exactly?" she asked, shifting from foot to foot at the edge of his bed.

"I'm Tom." He answered, "And you, my little temptress?" he asked lifting a dark eyebrow at her in challenge.

"Hermione. Is this really happening?" She asked as she reached out her hand to grasp the wooden post of his bed to steady herself.

He smirked again, when he noticed her eyes dart to his obvious erection once again, and he answered, "Just a dream, I suspect."

She nodded, and bit her lip again as her eyes moved over him appreciatively. He knew he was attractive, and delighted in the way she was now shamelessly ogling him.

"Well, if this is a dream, we can do whatever we want…right?" she asked her wide brown eyes looking back up into his handsome face for confirmation.

He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes moved down to her chest. She was still wearing the thin white tank top he had seen her put on before she went to bed, her nipples still almost visible to him through the thin fabric.

"Have you ever been properly fucked, Hermione?" he asked bluntly, enjoying the way she blushed profusely at his words.

Oh. So it was one of those dreams…

"I um…" she stammered, her stomach fluttering at her nervousness. Not only was Tom the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on, he was currently sporting a rather impressive erection judging from the bulge just beneath the sheets, and was implying that he'd very much like to sleep with her.

"It's not a difficult question. Do you want to fuck, or not?" he asked leaning casually against the headboard of his bed and running a hand tantalizingly over his cock that was hidden beneath the satin sheets.

Hermione swallowed thickly and felt a rush of wetness between her thighs at his bold question. It wasn't as if she'd never had sex before, and she certainly wasn't so much of a prude that she couldn't enjoy the occasional sex dream, but something in the way Tom was looking at her, made her stomach flip and her pulse race. Something about this dream felt real.

"Yes." She finally admitted

"Then come here." He said, indicating that she should straddle him.

She blushed again and climbed up onto his bed, crawling towards him on all fours like a cat until she reached him and placed her hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she settled in his lap. She made a small noise in her throat that almost sounded like a purr when she felt his cock brush against her knickers which were already drenched by her arousal. His hands slipped around her waist, coming to rest on her ass, as he pulled her flush against him with a soft hiss.

"Kiss me." He commanded, enjoying how obedient she was to his commands. She leaned in, hesitantly at first, and brushed her lips against his, and he moved in swiftly to capture her lips in a demanding kiss, sweeping his tongue into her mouth as he rolled his hips up into hers, delighting in her surprised gasp. He felt her hands move over his chest, and she sighed appreciatively into his mouth as he deepened the kiss and used his hands to guide her hips in a steady rhythm against his. He broke the kiss then to pull her tank top off, exposing her small breasts to him as he leaned forward to suck each one into his mouth as her hands tangled in his dark hair. He smiled predatorily against her breasts at her moan of pleasure, and his hands moved back down to her strange black knickers as he mumbled against her chest, "These have to go."

She smirked and snapped her fingers, vanishing not only her knickers, but the sheet that had separated them. With a growl, he flipped them over so that she was pinned beneath him, and she squeaked in surprise when he hooked her legs under his arms and moved them up to his shoulders allowing him perfect access to her throbbing center. She felt the head of his cock rub against her slick folds before he snapped his hips forward and buried himself within her. She cried out at the sudden intrusion, but the pain was forgotten when she felt him hit a spot inside of her that sent a jolt of pleasure up her spine.

"Fuck, you're tight" he mumbled, biting his lip to keep from coming too quickly.

She couldn't manage to speak, except for the low moan that left her lips as he began to move inside of her, once again hitting that spot over and over again that made her feel like she was about to fall off a cliff. He gradually picked up his pace, and he knew she was close when she started whimpering between moans

Oh god…don't you dare fucking stop…I'm so close…

Not one to miss an opportunity, he slipped his hand down between them and began to rub her clit with his thumb while he fucked her, enjoying the way her whole body tensed against him, squeezing his cock deliciously as she came hard around him. The sensation sent him over the edge as well, and he came so hard inside of her, that he blacked out.


He woke up feeling more satiated than he had in a very long time, and then scowled down at his crotch at he lifted the green satin sheets of his bed. What in the bloody hell was happening to him? He hadn't had that particular problem since he went through puberty as a first year. He grabbed his wand off his bedside table with disgust, banishing the sticky evidence of his release before he swung his legs over the bed and he froze. There, on his bedroom floor was a white girl's tank top. He pulled on his boxers, and snatched up the fabric from the floor to examine it, and to his surprise, it even smelled like her. To his annoyance, his cock stirred at the memory of how he'd thoroughly fucked her the night before. His eyes once again flicked to the mirror, and he was surprised to see that he could still see her; it hadn't been his imagination after all. She was currently still asleep in her bed, though she appeared to be restless. He watched in amusement as her hand slithered beneath the sheets, and she began to pleasure herself. He cursed her sheets silently for daring to impede his view, but he was rewarded a moment later when her back arched off the bed giving him a perfect view of the breasts he recalled with perfect clarity from the night before.

Despite his enjoyment of her wanton display, he wanted answers; he dressed quickly, and headed to the library. There had to be something there that would clue him in on what was going on.


Hermione woke panting with a thin sheen of sweat covering her skin, and her hand in her crotch. She had just had the most vivid sex dream she had ever had. In her dream, she had stepped through the mirror and allowed herself to be ravished by a handsome dark haired stranger. She sat up, and as the sheet slipped down, she was perplexed to notice that she was not wearing a shirt…in fact, she was completely naked. Hadn't she put on a tank top and knickers before going to bed? She glanced at the mirror and caught movement out of the corner of her eye, but before she could register it, it was gone. The room looked exactly as it had in her dream, but then she remembered something that made her heart skid to a stop; Draco's room hadn't been that sparsely decorated…

The room clearly belonged to the Head Boy, that much she was certain, and he was most definitely a Slytherin based on his color scheme, but if not Draco, then who? Could her enchantment on the mirror have somehow transcended time? If it did, then maybe he had been able to see her too, just as Sirius' mirror had worked with Harry's. Her stomach dropped, and she felt ill…Had that not actually been a dream at all? If so…who did she just fuck?

Tom. He said his name was Tom.

Hermione dressed faster than she had ever dressed in her life and practically sprinted to the library. As she found an empty table, she grabbed a copy of Hogwarts: A History, and flipped quickly to the section that listed every Head Boy and Girl up to her and Draco. Her heart pounded in her chest as alarm bells began going off in the back of her mind; something that was telling her it was very important, as her index finger moved down the list.

Fuck. Please not him…anyone but him…

There was only one "Tom" listed as Head Boy, and that was Tom Riddle, 1944.

No…no…no…sweet baby jesus, no…

She walked numbly over to the shelf that held every single yearbook from Hogwarts graduating classes, and with shaking fingers, she plucked the 1944 year book from the shelf and flipped through the pages until her gaze landed on the now familiar face of Tom Riddle.

She had just fucked Voldemort.

That wasn't even the worst part though; the worst part was that she liked it.

"Hermione?" she startled at the sound of her name and snapped the book shut and looked up at Harry with a guilty wide-eyed expression.

"Are you alright? You look pale…" He said reaching out his hand to steady her.

I just found out I fucked the Dark Lord, of course I'm not alright, you bloody moron!

Rather than voicing her panicked thoughts, she only looked at him and blinked, saying a quick, "I'm fine!"

"You don't look so good, maybe you should go lie down…" he was saying as she shook her headin protest, there was no way she was going back to her room if it was him her mirror had connected to.

"Maybe some fresh air…" she conceded and followed him outside.

As they reached the black lake, a million questions were swirling around her mind; why had she dreamt of him? How was she able to move through the mirror? Did he know who she was?

She was starting to feel ill, and she forced herself to take a few deep breaths through her nose and exhale calmly through her mouth.

"Hermione, Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital wing?" Harry asked in concern. She looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown, or vomit, or both.

"No, I don't want to go to the bloody hospital wing, I want to sit right here, and forget that the last 24 hours ever happened, thankyouverymuch." She snapped.

Harry flinched at her abrupt tone, and realized something must've happened to make her this upset. He remembered her telling him that she had charmed her bedroom mirror to spy on Malfoy, and he had to bite back a smirk when he recalled Ron's words.

"You um…you didn't catch Malfoy wanking, did you?" he asked chuckling.

She glared at him, "Worse." She said, not about to elaborate.

He raised his eyebrows wondering what could possibly be worse than the image of Malfoy stroking his ferret, but judging from the look on her face, he wasn't willing to get hexed to find out.

"Is there any way to undo the charm then?" he asked trying to be helpful.

She sighed, "I'm not sure. I'd have to do more research." She said as she picked up a pebble and tossed it into the lake.

"Well, if anyone can figure it out, it's you." He said as he moved to stand and give her some clearly needed space.


Tom sat back from the book he'd been reading with a sinking feeling in his stomach. The only instance he could find on charmed mirrors was listed under "spyglass". In the text he had been reading, there were two similar charms mentioned that could be used, one of them a more broad charm that was used to spy on anyone, and another that could be used specifically for enemies. He knew he had never seen her before, and she was likely from the future so she couldn't be his enemy, unless…were they enemies in the future? If so, why would she want to spy on him while he was a student? It made no sense. Also, he still hadn't found any information on how she had been able to come through the mirror. After finding her tank top on his bedroom floor, he was certain that it hadn't been a dream, and that he had actually fucked her. His paranoid side immediately grew concerned, while his Slytherin side rushed to find a way that he might use it to his advantage. Given what he could remember, she had thoroughly enjoyed his touch.

Running a hand through his hair in frustration because he was no closer to answering some of his questions, he decided to return to his room to see if there was anything more he could discover. Maybe she would have left something out that would clue him in to when she was from.

He scowled when he entered his room to find that there was now something dark covering the mirror from her side of the room. His pride bristled thinking that she could so easily brush him off after they had slept together. Wasn't practically every girl in the school dying to get him into bed? Who did this chit think she was? He stared at the drape covered mirror and tried every spell he could think of to move it.

Accio Drape…

Wingardium Leviosa…


He huffed in annoyance and sat down on the edge of his bed to think when none of them worked. Certainly, she had seemed intelligent; even if she had cast the enchantment on the mirror herself, she must have figured out by now that their tryst wasn't exactly a dream, which would explain the drape.


He hated being at a disadvantage, and right now, that's exactly where he was. He ran his hand over his face and then smirked as an idea began to form in his mind. If she had come through the mirror last night, perhaps she would come to him again tonight. If she did, he wasn't going to let her go until she answered every single one of his questions.

AN: I know. I totally know, you guys. Sorry, not sorry.

The charm Hermione used on the mirror, Vigilate in hostem actually translates to "Watch the enemy" in Latin. It's obviously not a real spell, I just like making shit up. In any case, this seemed like a fun idea. I do recall reading one other Tomione fanfic a while back with a charmed mirror, but this will have a completely different storyline and plot, since I am not into taking others ideas and such.