First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not updating and for not posting any notice about the status of this story any sooner. My silence has been a little unfair to you guys.

Secondmost: Hi guys, gals, and all those in-between and out-between! I am, contrary to my lack of updating, not dead, in a coma, or otherwise incapacitated. I just haven't updated any of my stories or touched my author profile in a long while— too long, frankly. The only excuse I can offer on that front is that my muse is a reclusive and fickle thing, and that school doesn't help in that respect at all. However, this semester I am taking a lighter load of classes as compared to a few months ago, so I should have a bit more free time, except that I've also joined a club that is going to be very active for the next 1 to 2 months (from February to April), which will also eat away at my free time. I'm really sorry about that.

But leaving you this disappointing news is not the only thing I came here to do, so let's talk about the status of this story:

I do fully intend to continue this story.

Right now, however, I need to work on the long term plot of the story and that might take a while. I've pretty much decided that I don't care for the plot of Age of Extinction and The Last Knight, so if I want to continue Sam's story beyond Dark of the Moon, I need to start figuring out what I'm actually going to do in replacement.

In addition to building up long term plot, I also want to update what I've already written. I'm mostly planning to flesh out the story a little more, maybe add a few scenes for backstory instead of jumping right into the movie's plot line, consolidate shorter chapters into longer ones, delete old author's notes, all that fun stuff!

The reason why I wanted to let y'all know about my plans first was to see if there are any suggestions as to what I should add as backstory or as future-plot-stuff. It's always more fun for me if my fanfiction is something of a collaborative process between author and reader.

I'm still taking suggestions for pairings, by the way! Here is the current list:

Fem!Sam x

Will Lennox


Optimus Prime







Sunstreaker & Sideswipe

All Mechs

No one (no romantic paring)

Mikaela x







No one (no romantic paring)

And thirdmost, since has a policy against Author-note-only chapters, here's a little non-cannon something (and feel free to interpret Sam's romantic interest however you like):

By the way, I'm using an odd set of quotation marks in this to specifically designate Bumblebee's method of radio voice communication. You'll know it when you see it, but if it ends up being an unreadable character by whatever device/browser you're using, just let me know in a review and I'll try to find a suitable replacement in the Unicode database. (And to anyone writing their own story that want to use the special quotation mark as well, here are the Unicode codes: U+2AA1 and U+2AA2 )


Said teenager looked up from her math homework and glanced at the dashboard of Bumblebee's alt-mode. "Yeah?"

What is— Valentine's Day?

"It's a holiday about romance and love," Samantha stated plainly, before a questioning eyebrow rose. "Why do you ask?"

I've seen— signs— about it.

"Oh, all those billboards and stuff? Yeah, it's a rather commercialized holiday. Stores get to sell a bunch of candy and jewelry under the guise of—" the teen made air quotes "—true love, or something like that. It's mostly for couples."

After a period of silence, Sam returned back to her schoolwork, thinking the conversation was over. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't.

Do you...⪡ The Autobot hesitated, ⪢like anybody?

Samantha froze at the question, leaving a number on her homework half-way written. Her cheeks flushed with red, and she stuttered an octave higher than normal. "N-no!"

The teen awkwardly cleared her throat and tried to sound more convincing a second time around. "There's nobody that I like that way."

Uh-huh.⪡ Bumblebee was unconvinced.

Sam scowled, but with her cheeks still red, it made her look more adorable than angry. "Can you just drop it?!"

They grow up so fast.⪡ He teased.


Do I— need— a shovel?