This has been on my mind for awhile now. I decided to replay season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead TellTale game for the anticipation of season 3. So I figured why not combine two of my favourite series?

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"The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I did not need a map for the darkness I know so well. " - unknown

Silence and a bright light were all he saw. Then, complete darkness. Is this the afterlife? The question surfaced through his thoughts.

He blinked. If this was the afterlife how could still retain his thoughts? As he slowly awoke, he realized he was in a middle of a crater. He grazed the surrounding area as the rocks, dirt, and trees around him melted, steaming, then sliced off. Almost giving an appearance of a slip-space rupture.

Gradually rising from his position, he took notice how peaceful the sky seemed. His surroundings were nothing but trees, he deduces that he's in a forest. However, he felt something was off- he felt lighter than he should. He looked down and realized that he was wearing a fully armoured ODST battle suit and not his MJOLNIR power assault armour. Hell, he wasn't even wearing his EVA helmet but a standard issue ODST helmet with UA/CNM attachment. Li scolded himself. He should have noticed the difference between HUD.

Sighing this brought another question to his mind: where was he? And how'd he end up here? Spartan Li-008, was confused, a feeling he did not relish at all. The last thing he remembered was attempting to repair a power conduit aboard a captured Covenant CAC-Class Assault Carrier Ascendant Justice. He, along with his Spartan brothers and sisters had gone up to the outer hall before they were ambushed by the remaining Elites who were still aboard the ship.

Spartan-008 decided to check if the suit had any of his memory logs, and to his surprise, the armour had every single one of his memory logs. From when he first wore the MJOLNIR to his last memory log. Pausing back to the events that transpired prior to him falling unconscious, reversing the video, Li paused when he found the events that transpired aboard the Ascendant Justice and what he saw boggled his mind: The plasma that burst from the ship's hull should have killed him. His entire vision was encompassed by nothing but blue-white plasma. Li should have been dead. He should not be standing here breathing. Don't get him wrong he didn't mind being alive. You know, fighting the good fight and all that. However, if his memory log is correct, Li should have been disintegrated. Had Doctor Halsey Forerunner crystal caused some sort of slip-space anomaly? That explains the crater, but not why he was wearing ODST BDU's and on wherever this unknown planet?

Li noticed that attached to his back were an ODST rucksack, an M7S submachine gun, and an M6C/SOCOM (also known as the M6S) handgun attached to his thigh. He knelt down and check what was inside the rucksack. What he found was surprising. A few health kits, two small boxes of MRE bars and a decent amount of ammo for his submachine gun and pistol. But something else caught his eye while searching through the bag. Two dark grey wrists mounted armour pieces. Li reluctantly put them on, in doing so, he accidentally activated them. He recognized them instantly, these were covenant Energy daggers. Getting up Li, activated his comms systems, trying to reach any UNSC outpost. "This is Petty Officer Second Class Spartan-008. Does anyone read? I need immediate extraction."

Nothing but static. Not one to give up so easily Li tried again. "I repeat this is Petty Officer Second Class Sierra-008. I need immediate extraction. Currently in unknown territory. Does anyone read, over?" Still nothing but the silence of static.

Sighing, Li decided to remove himself from the crater and try to find some sort of contact or civilization. For all, he knew he was stranded in some forest inside the unknown hostile territory. He just hoped that he finds human civilization rather than Covenant one.

Grabbing his silenced Submachine gun from his back, Li started walking northeast from his initial arrival. He did not get that far before he started hearing a mixture of groaning and moaning nearby. Following the mixture of odd sounds, he spotted a man crouched over a deer. But something felt off about this. The man clearly had bloodied hands, but he had no tools to skin the deer nor any hunting supplies.

After a brief moment of debating with himself, the Spartan settled to make contact with the civilian. He needed information on where he was. All he knew was this might be a human planet due to the civilian in front of him. Slinging his SMG on his back to appear less threatening, even without a gun Li was a Spartan-II, with or without his power armour. Amongst his brothers and sisters, his martial arts and CQC abilities were unrivalled. If anything were to happen, he could easily take down one lone unarmed civilian. He approached the man slowly and trying to appear as non-threatening as possible for a two-meter tall super soldier could possibly be.

"Sir, do not be alarmed. I am not here to hurt you. If you do not mind me asking, I'd like to know where I currently am."

At first, the man ceased any movement, then started twitching erratically before turning to face Li. There was this feeling that this wasn't going to turn out so good. And he was right. The man's skin was rotten to a pale ghostly white. Dirt and blood smeared all over his torn open mouth. This whole scene reminded him of something John's description of the Flood.

The man slowly rose to his feet; looking directly at the Spartan. Then his face contorted to a look of pure unadulterated hunger before slowly approaching the Spartan.

Before the undead could even approach any further, Li withdrew his combat knife from his upper right chest plate. "Sir, I am going to ask you to stop where you are." The man acted like he didn't even hear what he said and instead sped up towards him. "Sir, this is your last warning. If you stop now, I can apply the proper medical attention you need."

The man finally got close enough to Li to grab him, but Li sidestepped, he grabbed one of its outstretched arms into a grip before twisting harshly, snapping the creature's appendage out of place pushing him to ground. The creature was unperturbed by this, not even bothering to flinch or show any ounce of pain from just having its arm broken like a twig. Its arm dangling uselessly at its side, the creature only made more moaning noises, not even a whimper of pain.

"Sir, I am going to let you go after I check your arm and any other injuries. I implore you to stand still and don't do anything stupid."

The moment Li let go of his arm and man, if it could even call a man, lunged at him. Before he could get closer Li brought a palm strike to his face. Hearing the crushing sound of bone and cartilage. The creature instantly fell, and Li raised his right boot before sharply pressing downward on the thing's face with enough to completely cave in its skull and brain. Putting away his knife to its helm, Li inspected the corpse. Even with the suit's air filters, the creature's dead carcass smelled horrid. Li checked the pulse to make sure he really was dead. What concerned him the most was how the blood pigment was different. From the looks of it, this man died awhile ago before he ended by Li's boot.

Determined to find more contacts with other human civilization, Li forward his march out of this forest. His walk continued till he passed an inclined and walked to an empty road that stretched for miles.

Following the road, he climbed the higher elevation until he saw a sign that said: "Welcome to Macon."

I rewrote this like 3 different times. I originally had it so that he had his MJOLNIR, but decided against it. So I wrote it as he was without his armour with nothing but plain clothes. Decided against that as well. So I was like why not ODST armour? And it turned out like this. Anyways what do you guys think? Let me know!