Hello readers,

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the lack of soap fandom on this website, I will not be continuing this story anytime soon.

Unfortunately soaps are a dying breed and writing for a show that has been off of the air for almost half of a decade seems a little like a waste of time. When I initially began writing, the fandom was small but a lot larger than it is today.

I apologize to those of you who have become invested in the characters are are scouring the internet for new fiction. I have been there.

I hope someone else will carry these characters well into the next decade but (at least for now), it will not be me.

I appreciate all of the years of entertainment that All My Children has given me.

Feel free to stick around for any future fan fiction I may post. I have a slew of fandoms I'm involved in and would love to spread some new fiction around the interwebs. ;)

Thank you!

- Drunk and Evil -