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Sindarin. Khuzdul.

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The night air is still, with anticipation, along the shores of the Grey Havens. The full moon shines brightly upon the last of the trees that still thrive in Middle Earth. Tonight the air is electrified with magick; both ancient and old in nature. For tonight is the last night for those who wield this magick to bring an end to the ever growing darkness that has plagued the land for the last thirty-four years. A darkness that has annihilated the Men of Gondor and Rohan, the Dwarves of the Iron Hills and Erebor, and the Mirkwood elves. Now the last of the Elves of Rivendell and Lorien fight alongside what remains of Men, Dwarves, and Hobbits to hold back the approaching tide of darkness.

Hidden deep in the thickets and bushes, a pair of scouts see the approaching torchlight of the enemy as well as the rumble of their movements. The taller scout, with ears that round slightly at their elven tips, lets out a whistle that mimics a thrush which captures the attention of another pair of scouts several yards away. His companion, however, tries to take count of just how much time they have till their enemies arrive.

"We should go warn the White Lady. They are out of time." The brunette elf says to his short companion, turning to look back towards the darkened outline of a small building which serves as an outpost for the Gray Havens.

"I'd give us no more than an hour before the enemy engages. That's if they haven't sent out scouts before the army itself." Her female voice full of authority and experience for one so young as she.

This female has seen battle for nearly all her life, which is a feat in of itself. Especially since nearly all of the dwarves respect her. Yes, this female is a dwarrowdam. But one that shaves her peach-fuzz beard so that she may hide easily among the race of Men, among their pre-teen children. Unlike many dams, this female is considered tall among her race, which tells of her royal lineage.

"Come. We need to move fast." The elf says as he begins to move through the bushes.

"Of course we do, gwan├╗r." The dam growls out to herself as she watches the elf disappear into the dark of the thickets and brush.

Following her companion, the dam runs with a speed that only the most athletic dwarf can go. She swiftly dodges several thick branches from the dense foliage that would have caused some minor harm to those who don't pay attention to their surroundings. Schooling her breathing, so that she doesn't become winded, the dam hears a familiar voice in her head.

'You may be a dwarf, but that doesn't mean you have to be inhibited by your size. I knew a dwarf archer who moved with great speed, and his brother moved with grace while handling a blade.'

The dam lets herself feel a small amount of happiness at remembering the words. The words of an elleth who had become like a mother and had no qualms with raising the young dam alongside her half-elven son. Even though she was young, the dam remembers seeing a sad smile on the elleth's face every time that her half-elven son was not looking. Several times the dam would ask her second mother why she was so sad, but the elleth would never say. Yet it would be years later that the dam would know why the elleth had that sad look. For now, the elleth's son would have the same look on his face while looking East, across Eriador, to where his mother fell in the Misty Mountains.

Not realizing just how lost in her thoughts she was, the dam nearly body slams into her elven companion. His hand on her upper arm keeps her from falling forwards and possibly towards the ground.

"What is it you report?" An older, bleach-blonde haired elf asks as he comes out from behind a pillar of the small, open-air pavilion that is the outpost.

"His army approaches my Lord Celeborn. And they are many." The brunette elf hurriedly says, his green eyes hardening in anticipation for battle.

"So it is here that Sauron wishes to end the last free people of Middle Earth." Celeborn looks down at the dam before continuing to speak to the pair. "The time has come, then. Go. Find my lady and give her this information."

Celeborn steps off to the side and pulls out a long sword from beneath his white flowing robes. As he moves to pass the pair, he comes to a stop and gives both the dam and the elf a sorrowful look.

"May the Valar bless you both and give success to Radagast, Elrond, and my lady on their endeavor to prevent all this from happening."

Both the dam and the elf bow deeply, in respect, to Celeborn. It had been told many moons ago that if the darkness was to reach the Gray Havens, that Celeborn would be the one to lead the remaining troops to battle. Either to hold the darkness back till the last of the ships could sail, or until the Great Plan could be enacted.

"May Mahal grant you victory, Lord Celeborn." The dam says to the elf who she has known for several decades now.

"You as well, Little Queen." Celeborn says, a smirk appearing on his face as the dam's cheeks flare in agitation.

The pair watch as Celeborn heads out into the dark thickets and brush. Yet the elf lord is not alone as the sound of soft footfalls follow their leader. Even though no one could see them, the last of the elven armies are heading into battle.

"We need to go warn the wizard." The elf says to the dam. "They need to know that there is no more time left."

"The White Lady possibly already knows."

The elf starts to move towards the stone path that will lead deeper into the buildings of the Gray Havens. But he stops suddenly when he hears the dam call out to him.


"Hhmm?" Kilias turns to look at the dam.

"Do you think the plan will work?"

"I don't know, but I guess all we can do is hope." Kilias replies before continuing down the stone path.

The dam follows after him, and it only takes a matter of minutes for them to reach a pavilion that looks out to the sea. It is in this pavilion that three figures are standing around the edge of a dip in the center of the floor.

"He has come." The Lady Galadriel states as she stares out to the sea.

"Yes." Kilias replies as he kneels down at the entrance of the pavilion. "Your lord and the armies have gone to meet the enemy in battle."

"So this is it. Our last stand." Lord Elrond firmly states, the finality of the situation hitting him harder than ever before.

"What of those who can't fight? The children?" Radagast asks, letting his worry for those who are unable to defend themselves be heard.

"There is no hope. It was lost before the Gates of Mordor years ago." Elrond tells the wizard.

"There is always hope." The dam growls out from her place next to Kilias. "This plan of yours that some rumors say is possible. What is it?"

"Something that only one has ever attempted, and we cannot guarantee that he even succeeded." Elrond speaks with frustration.

"Yet it is the only option we have if we are to stop Sauron." Galadriel says as she turns to face the others.

"But no one knows if Pallando ever succeeded. Saruman didn't know, and even Gandalf wasn't sure. Or if he was, he never said." Radagast tells the others.

The sound of an elven horn echoes into the pavilion in such a pattern that causes Galadriel to lift a hand to cover her mouth. Radagast rushes to her side as Elrond moves quickly to look out to the distance of where the armies are at.

"If you are going to attempt this, then I suggest you do it now before Sauron kills us all." Kilias snarls out to the group. It isn't that he is being insensitive, but he knows that time is of the essence.

"Then let us begin." Lord Elrond says, giving the young half-elven male a harsh look.

As Radagast and Galadriel move towards the table that holds many items that Radagast had been able to procure. They begin by filling the dip in the center of the floor with the last water that Galadriel had been able to retrieve before having to flee her forest. Radagast adds several powders to the water while whispering several enchantments that he found in scrolls that Gandalf had hidden away within a certain hobbit's home in Hobbiton.

"We will need a relic that the spell will use as a focus point." Galadriel says as she approaches the dam, giving her a pointed look.

The dam reaches down the neckline of her tunic and tugs on the mithril cord that hides a very special item. As the she tugs a little harder, the item pulls free from where her under-wrappings had kept the item pressed against her heart between her slightly developed breasts. As the item comes out from underneath her tunic, the dam pulls the cord up and over her head. Before handing it over to Galadriel, the dam uses her other hand to bring the item towards her lips and kisses it reverently.

"It is very important to me." the dam says to Galadriel as she hands the item to the lady.

"It should, for it shows your importance to the sons and daughters of Durin." Galadriel says before taking the item over to Radagast.

"You alright?" Kilias asks the dam, placing a hand on her shoulder. He knows of her past and of the importance that item to her.

"As long as I get it back." The dam growls out in response.

"You know that the dwarves would never accept me as a rightful heir of Durin. No matter who my father was."

"I know, Kilias, and I admire that you are willing to stand with me. Even if I am a distant cousin to you."

Kilias lets out a few short chuckles as he shakes his head. "That isn't why I am standing with you. I stand with my family, which you know that there was one that was more closely related to me than you."

"Ah yes, Farah of Dale. The only child of Sigrid, begotten by an unknown father. Neither mother nor daughter ever married if what ma told me was true."

"It was. I was there at Farah's bedside when she died. She was too young." Kilias says with a sad look on his face.

"Would you rather she died by Sauron's hands?" the dam asks her half-elven cousin.

Before Kilias can answer the dam's question, Radagast has made his way over to the pair. He hands the dam her item back and looks between the pair of cousins who he too had the privilege of helping to raise.

"It is time. Which of you is going to be the one?" Elrond asks the pair as he has taken his place near a pillar. His sword is already out of its sheath, ready for battle.

"Quickly. Sauron approaches." Galadriel gasps out as she takes hold of the dam's shoulder. "You will be the one to go. According to Pallando's estimations, the focus item is the one who controls when the person arrives and where. Remember this, do not tell anyone where or when you come from. Including myself. You need to find Aragorn or Frodo Baggins. It is up to you to see that the One Ring is destroyed so that this future does not come to pass."

"I promise." The dam solemnly vows before walking into the center of the water filled dip in the floor.

"Wait. What will happen to her if she succeeds?" Kilias asks Galadriel.

Galadriel doesn't answer the young half-elf male, but gives the dam weary look of uncertainty. Since no one had heard from Pallando since his dabbling in this unknown, no one is sure what happened to him.

"We must begin, now." Radagast begins to flit about the shallow pool, chanting away the spells that Pallando had created.

As Radagast gets halfway through the spells, chaos erupts around the pavilion. A pack of orcs has broken through the many lines of defense for the Gray Havens. Elrond attacks the orcs with Galadriel helping him. Kilias wants to join them, but had already been told by Galadriel not to interfere. So he stands guard in front of the dam, firing off his arrows to support the two fighters.

In the center of the shallow pool, the dam is frozen in place as she feels the energy rippling around her. Even the water around her is rippling due to the energy that is being expelled. Her body wants to help in the fight, but it is frozen where it stands in the water. Her vision begins to blur and she begins to see images mixing with what is happening in front of her. Yet what happens next causes her mouth to open, but no sound comes out of it.

The dam watches as Elrond falls, having been run through by multiple orc blades. His body falls at a slow rate till it hits the floor. Then the unthinkable happens, which causes the dam to wish she had never volunteered for this. Kilias, who had been standing before her, is the next to fall. With a scimitar like blade protruding from his stomach, he falls back and his body lands into the water. She doesn't know what would have happened next, for that is when her whole world goes black.

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