He forcefully bent me over the table. Scrolls and documents scattered all over the floor. We were supposed to be deciphering the intercepted messages from the Ebondrake, but I was no longer focused on their plans, but his.
He slowly dragged his fingers down my back. The second his fingers reached my lower back, a Hongmoon force shot through my body. Instantly, I gasped and brought my head up in a second.
"I see you're still sensitive from Jinsobean's blade. These scars are still fairly deep," he said softly as he traced lines on my back. "But don't worry. I'll heal your pain and teach you pleasure even the Four Masters couldn't."
He grabbed my pants, and in one swift motion, pulled them and my panties down. Here I was, the hero of Hongmoon, stripped bare bent over the royal desk of the Zaiwei Guard Captain Yu Chun. I was exposed and embarrassed, yet excited at what was to come.
Slowly, I could feel the tip of his blade pressed gently between my thighs. It slowly moved up just to the entrance of my butt, then slowly back down to kiss my clit. He repeated this motion several time, going up and down. Each time, just gently brushing in between the lips. Everytime he made a pass, I grew more anxious; my legs would tighten just to contain the urge.
Finally, he bent over and brought his mouth right to my left ear. "I hope you're ready Cricket, because I'm going to give you a royal Zaiwei welcome."
With those words, he shoved his sword in with one fell swoop. And we became connected through his BLADE AND SOUL.