11:30 A.M. Luxury Hotel Los Angeles

" Scully…Scully. Wake up. We're here." Mulder gently shook her shoulder. She had fallen asleep on their way to the hotel. She looked so peaceful asleep. Mulder tried to be gentle whilst waking her, just woken up Scully could be hazardous to Mulder's health.

" Huh what? Mmm leave me alone, can't you see I'm trying to get some sleep here?!" Scully said while turning on her side and faced the window. Mulder got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side.

"Scully come on get up. Don't make me carry you inside!"

" Well that would be nice and it would be good for our cover, because the groom is supposed to carry his bride across the threshold so go ahead carry away" Scully let a devilish grin creep across her face.

" Fine fine fine." With one quick sweep Scully was in Mulder's arms, and he was carrying her towards the hotel's front doors. "Ok I'm gonna go and check in, you wait here and someone will get our bags.

"Yup. No problem." She settled herself onto a couch in the hotel main lobby.

About five minutes later Mulder walked back over to her and sat next to her. A few minutes passed and the bellboy came back with their luggage. Mulder leaned in towards Scully.this is it! she thought to herself I'm finally going to kiss Mulder! Instead he whispered lightly into her ear " In the elevator we are married, so act the part or their going to get suspicious."

She simply replied" Yea, yea, yea."

" Sir. Ma'am right this way." The bellboy led them towards one of the elevators. Mulder reached over and grabbed Scully's hand and put it around his waist, while he put his arm around her shoulder. She gave him a concerned look. "What" he said. "Nothing Mulder nothing" she smiled and continued walking.

It seemed like forever but finally they were on the elevator. Mulder quickly had Scully against the wall, placing light kisses on her cheeks and neck. She couldn't help but giggle. The bellboy glanced over and smiled. Shit! I'm starting to blush I can feel the blood rushing to my head, my cheeks are turning red! Dammit Mulder if you don't stop this isn't going to be an act anymore.

"Sir, ma'am this is your floor." Mulder looked up, he was so taken away with kissing Scully and making her go weak in the knees, that he forgot that it was just an act and Scully was going to kill him when they got into the hotel room.

Mulder once again swept Scully off her feet, as they approached the hotel room door. " Have a great stay" The bellboy smiled and walked away. They had made it. Mulder looked at Scully and they caught each other in a stare with so much desire and passion. He walked ever so slowly through the door. He walked over to the bed and gracefully set Scully down.

"Welcome to your hotel room Mrs. Mulder"

" Mulder…on the elevator… was that uhh real or an act or-

"It was-

To be continued……Soon