Haunting Memories Of Past

By: Angel-Chan^^

Chapter 13: Prologue


A baby's cries could be heard from the other room,

"I'll go it's my turn" Shiho said to her husband who just nodded in sleep, she went to the other room to see Kudo Ai crying, she turned on the lights, Ai was sitting in her baby bed, crying with all her might,

"Hey I'm here" she went and took her in her arms,

"Having nightmares?" she said lovingly to her 2 years old child, "I've had them too, and I was alone, but this time you're not, I am with you, and I'll always be there" just then she started to sing a song for her daughter,

"There'll come a time when you will know,

Who is your friend and who is the foe"

She remembered the time when she got the news about her sister's death, when she realized who her real enemies were.

"A time when you'll let everything go,

But still you'll be bad in everything though"

She remembered how she betrayed the organization, how she went to Conan for help, but he didn't accept her, he called her a murderer, the cause of his problems,

"A time when you can't take it anymore,

But still to the world u can't shut the door"

She remembered how multiple times she would be fed up of her live and try to end it, but every time, every single time, he won't let her do it..

"A time when you won't be even sure,

Why are you here, what are you for"

She remembered when she would doubt her existence, she would be confused that why is she alive; why didn't she die rather than her parents, rather than Akemi, what was she doing on this damn earth,

"A time when you know no one is true,

No one but your family cares for you"

She remembered how many people let her down,, how they broke her trust, by using her, only Akemi never let her down,, she was the only one who truly cared for her, later on it was Agasa-hakase and then it was Shinichi.

"A time you realize fairytales ain't true,

I've been there myself, and u'll be there too"

She looked down to Ai, who was now fast asleep,, but this time, she wasn't having any nightmares,, Shiho would make sure of it,, whatever happens, through everything,, she would keep her family secure,, from the Haunting Memories Of Past…

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