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Miraculous Ladybug: The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir

by: Thomas Astruc

Adrien woke up a little earlier than usual. The sun was still rising, and he could still see the moist on the windows. As soon as he sat up, he searched for Plagg and smiled when he saw his little kwami mumbling about cheese. Plagg was still sleeping so he did his best not to disturb him. The blankets was dragged along when he stood up which caused the kwami to groan. Adrien chuckled at his kwami which was raising an eyebrow at him (If he has one).

'He's weirder than usual' Plagg then looked at his chosen who was smiling really wide while looking outside the window.

"What's wrong kid, Something good happened?"


"Wait. Before you answer that, Can you give me cheese? I'm Huuungggrryy."

Adrien, who was still day dreaming, absent mindedly gave the cheese that was hidden inside his drawer.

As soon as Plagg saw the cheese he immediately flew to his direction and ate that chunk of cheese. While eating the cheese, he heard Adrien ask.

"So what were we talking about again? You asked something?"

"Yes. I did. I asked for cheese."

"No, before that"

"Adrien you do know that cheese is everything right?"

"And besides, I don't want to hear about your lovelife. Cheese are better than girls." Plagg added.

"Plagg! wha- What love life? I didn't say anything about that!!" Adrien said while blushing slightly.

"Your face tells everything"

"First, I have no intention in telling you about my lovelife since you already know I love Ladybug. Second, my face doesn't tell everything. Lastly, GIRLS smell better than CHEESE!"

"Hmnn... Your face denies everything you just said."

Adrien blushed so hard that it could match his collection of Ladybug Action figures.

"Wh-wha- Plagg!!"

Plagg snickered at his tomato-like chosen.

"How are you so sure about the last one then?"

Adrien coughed and tried to get his composure back.

"For sure Girls smell better than cheese, Plagg."

"Prove it."

"Okay. There are some who smell really good like everytime they pass by, you could immediately know who the person was. Like if she smells like vanilla and pastries-oh how I really like it when she's near. Everytime I turn around, her cheeks would turn pink. She's like strawberry. How her face turns red and those adorable freckles. Marinette is sweet, kind and everyone likes her. Th-"

"Even you?" Plagg cuts Adrien's never ending speech

Adrien then realized everything he just said and Blushed again.

Plagg snickered again and felt like he just won over something.

"Shut up Plagg. I'm soo dead."

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