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Miraculous Ladybug: The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir

By: Thomas Astruc

'Buy her a gift?'

"Yeah that's what I said."

"What kind of gift should I buy?"

"Well if you ask me, there's only one answer. And that'd be cheese duhh"

Adrien rolled his eyes. He was a fool asking Plagg that kind of question. He took a deep breath and tried to think of another option.

He was trying to keep his cool but all of this is making him hot headed. "Plagg, I know this is sudden but, Claws out!"

He knew Plagg will kill him later for transforming all of a sudden but he really needed it. He needs to cool down and breathe.

While jumping from roof to roof, his thoughts would somehow drift back to his problem earlier. If only I have someone to talk this to.

As if on cue, he saw his lady landing on a rooftop 2 blocks away from where he is.

He was glad to see her. He couldn't help but run as fast as he could to where she is. "My Lady!"

Ladybug was about to swing but she heard Chat calling her. So she turned around to face him.

"Yes, kitty?"

"U-uh sorry LB. Didn't mean to stop you from your patrol"

"Is there something wrong, Chaton?" Ladybug was starting to worry. He didn't even bother to pun. And it was clear that he was preoccupied with something.

"No, not really but there's something I've been thinking really hard about but I can't think of an answer."

"Hmm. I don't really know if I can help but I can lend you my ear and tell you what I think."

"You would really do that for me?" Chat was touched by his lady's words.

Ladybug nodded and sat down. She motioned to Chat to do the same.

Chat Noir sighed and sat down beside her. At first there was a comfortable silence. Chat Noir couldn't think of things to say. He doesn't know how to start it but he can't let his lady wait any longer.

"U-uhm you see, I don't know what to give for my friend." he looked away feeling kinda ashamed that he had to say these to his Lady.

"Ohh a friend. Is that friend close to you?"

"Yeah. You could say that. She is actually one of the first friends that I made"

"It's a girl. Ooh looks like you found your cat's meow." she giggled.

"Ha ha. Very funny Milady."

"Okay-okay. Seriously, you're talking about a girl. Given the situation, anything you give to her would be good."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Chat why do you think you asked for my help? It means that you've done a lot of thinking just for this one gift, to the point you even asked me for an advice! Who wouldn't want a gift that's been handled with care?"

"Hmm. So anything I give is fine?"

"U-huh. As long as it came from the bottom of your heart. UGH THIS IS TOO CHEESY. I can't believe I am actually saying this to you." she laughed.

"Well don't worry My Lady, I'm a cat so no mouse would go near to you, You're Cheesy-ness" He snickered while bowing like knight would.

"Oh shush." The night was full of laughter but it was getting late so they had to part ways.

When Chat was heading home he forgot something really important

Oops. I forgot to Thank Ladybug.

Chat Noir was feeling a little better thanks to his lady but he still couldn't think of something.

Adrien kept on pacing back and forth. He was spouting things that you couldn't understand. He was clearly overthinking things. Usually it was Plagg being the annoying one, but this time for sure it was Adrien. Plagg was starting to get annoyed with his chosen.

"Look kid if you really want to impress this 'little' crush of yours, just give yourself to her."

Adrien stopped his tracks and looked at his kwami.

"G-Give... Myself?"

Plagg didn't even bother to look at his chosen. Suddenly Adrien was snapping his fingers. He was now clapping.

'What have I done?' Plagg groaned.

"Plagg! That's a great idea! I can give her tickets for my dad's incoming fashion show!"

'Yeah. This is basically giving myself to her... right? I'll show her my cool side. Yeah! Maybe I can even introduce her to my dad.'

"Wait. Why am I thinking such things?! I'm doing this for a gift. A thank you gift. So why am I..?" Adrien shook his head.

"You were always all over the top in things like this. I'm not even sure if you can call this crush of yours 'little' anymore. The way your acting right now makes me rethink things. Its as if... You love Marinette." Plagg smirked at his chosen.

"Based on your reaction, looks like I'm right." Plagg snickered and flew away with a triumphant grin plastered on his face.

Meanwhile, Adrien slowly walked his way to his bathroom. He washed his face to atleast cool down his head.

'I love Marinette?'

'Oh My Gosh, I love Marinette!'

'Ohh noo What have I done?'

'Am I betraying My Lady?'

He was worried. Very worried but when he looked up, he saw his reflection. He was actually Smiling.

"I love Marinette." hearing himself saying those words made him blush.

He can't believe he actually had the guts to fall in love again.

When he went out and changed into his pajamas. For the first time in his life, he didn't check the ladyblog.

"I guess I'll sleep for now."

He made a mental note to ask Nathalie about the ticket tomorrow morning.

When he woke up, he heard his phone buzzed. 'A message probably'

"But who could be texting me early in the morning?"

When he reached out his phone he could see Nino's name.

Nino Lahiffe: I hope you're ready for tomorrow.

'What's going on tomorrow?'

Adrien Agreste: Tomorrow?

Nino Lahiffe: Dude, You serious? It's Bro Day tomorrow!

Adrien literally face palmed. He forgot about their Bro Day! He was too busy thinking about the Thank You Gift that he actually forgot about his most awaited day of the month.

Adrien Agreste: Sorry Nino. I forgot. Been thinking a lot these days.

Nino Lahiffe: You okay Bro? We can talk about it if you want. Even on Bro Day, I will no doubtly lend my ear to you.

Adrien was touched by his bestfriend's words. Even if it was from a text, he can tell he was sincere.

Adrien Agreste: Thanks Nino but I don't want to spend our Bro Day by talking about my problems. Seriously Bro, Thank You.

Nino Lahiffe: If you say so... But don't forget I'm always here alright? See you at school!

Adrien Agreste: Yeah, See You!

Adrien sighed as he placed his phone back down. He still can't believe he forgot about their Bro day. He must be really thinking so hard about Marinette.

'Wow. I'm in it too deep.'

He shook his head and quickly went to his bathroom.

As soon as he was done preparing for school, he went there directly. He saw Nino waving at him from a distance.

"Hey Nino! Good Morning!"

"Good Morning." They did their brofist.

"Feelin' Good?" Nino asked

"You can say that" He flashed Nino an unfamiliar smirk.

Nino can tell that something's different with his boy today. He simply shrugged it off and went to their classroom.

Marinette was late this time and Adrien couldn't help but stare at her antics when she tries to sneak inside the classroom. She was making a funny face and Adrien can't stop smiling.

Nino didn't miss this though. Was Marinette the reason why his boy Adrien was thinking too much? Maybe.

'Well this is new' Nino thought with an amused face. He has to tell Alya about this new information. He knew Alya would also notice this soon enough but might as well talk to her.

Adrien in the meantime, was thinking about the ticket. When is the right time to give it to her?

He already talked to Nathalie about it and she was surprisingly approving.

She would give him the tickets later so maybe after Bro Day?

'And maybe I can ask Nino about it. Yeah!' He trusts Nino and that he knows he respects the Bro Code.

When he turned to look at Nino, he was giving him a questioning look. Even Alya raised a brow at him. What's going on?

Good thing Marinette is acting the same. He quickly mouthed a 'what' to them before he turned his attention back to the teacher. He listened to the teacher to distract his rummaging thoughts. He can ask Nino later anyway.

As you can see, Alya and Nino are Adrienette shippers. As well as Tikki and Plagg. Lol

About the Gift, I wanted to add here the things I want to happen in S2. I totally want to see Adrien in a runway! I know Adrien also freaked out when he realized he likes Marinette. I wanted to emphasize the 'like' and 'love' cuz for me it means a lot. So I just did it lmao.