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Mikka smiled as she looked over the house she now owned. She calmly walked over to the table and set her bag down on it. She then looked over at the Wriggle puppet sitting at the table reading a spell grimoire. Mikka smiled at the puppet before walking over to the nearest window.

"I highly doubt that you can properly understand that grimoire. Most of the words you and your siblings know are based off of mimicking my speech patterns. We both know that magic is not one of my strong points." Mikka said as she glanced out the window. A light rain had been falling all morning. Amongst the grass and puddles a Kogasa puppet happily pounced about under the protection of its umbrella. Mikka turned away from the window and grabbed a pocket watch dangling from her belt. She flipped it open and glanced at the time before she glanced at the Wriggle puppet again.

"Where is Orin at?" Mikka asked the puppet. The Wriggle puppet replies by pointing towards the kitchen.

"Orin, come here!" Mikka calls out. The Orin puppet comes running out of the kitchen and pauses in front of Mikka. Mikka motions towards the door as she sat down and started the process of putting her sneakers on. Once she had finished putting them on she opened the door. The Orin puppet happily darted out of the door and into the puddle filled yard. Mikka turned around once outside the door and closed it. Once she had finished locking the door she turned around and blinked in surprise at how close her Kogasa puppet had gotten in that short amount of time. She calmly bent down and picked said puppet up and placed it on her shoulder.

"Got us covered." The Kogasa puppet declared as it repositioned its umbrella to now cover itself and Mikka. The Orin puppet waves at the duo from across the yard before jumping into a puddle. Mikka calmly walked across the yard and placed a hand on the puppets head. The puppet nuzzles against her side as it walks alongside her down the path to the road. It waves at a Sukuna puppet that had run up from the house. In the Sukuna puppets hand's was Mikka's bag. Mikka smiled at the puppet as she picked up her bag and swung it across her shoulder.

"It's a new day in this world. A new day filled with the unknown." Mikka said as she began walking down the road.

"To the surprise of the unknown!" The Kogasa puppet declared from its perch. It looked over at its two siblings expectantly.

"To the praise of a job well done!" The Sukuna puppet replied.

"To the thrill of igniting a new fire!" The Orin puppet cheered. The Kogasa puppet reaches over and grabs a small fire extinguisher that was clipped to the side of Mikka's bag. It then aims at and sprays the Orin puppet.

"It's going to be a long day." The Orin puppet mumbled to itself.

For those familiar with Touhou fangames there is a game called Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. It is effectively a properly done Pokemon game using the Touhou girls. I have been working on a LP of said game and when talking with one of my friends came up with the idea of actually putting the trainer from said game in the actual Touhou story alongside their puppets. As such the initial chapter for this sometimes silly, sometimes serious story.