Mikka let out a yawn as she walked down the paved stone path that lead to the shore of the lake to the mansion. She paused upon seeing the gate. Meiling was nowhere to be seen. Mikka glanced back at her Nitori puppet which was watching the inflatable raft. The puppet waves back playfully.

"How do most people get in here?" Mikka asks as she sits down and looks over the wall. Her Orin puppet floats up to the wall.

"People fly." The puppet states as if floats near the top of the wall. Mikka shakes her head as she stands up before looking over the wall. She smiles before running up to the wall and jumping at it. She plants her foot on the wall and pushes off so that she gains extra momentum. She then grabs the top edge of the wall and hoists herself up. She then carefully drops down into the garden. She pauses upon seeing multiple flowers turn to look at her.

"Heh, weird. Did they replace Meiling with danmaku flowers? Is that even possible?" Mikka asks as she walks past the fountain.

"You're asking me?" The Orin puppet points out. Mikka just shakes her head at the statement before pushing the front door open. She pauses as her eyes adjust to the darker inside. Her Sukuna puppet floats forward then twirls.

"I've good memories of this place." The puppet says as it examines the foyer. Mikka laughs before looking at a sign next to one of the hallways.

"Of course you would. Why do they have signs pointing to the library?" Mikka asks as she begins walking down the hallway. The two puppets glance at each other before shrugging and then following her.

After some walking Mikka had finally arrived in front of the library. A two fairy maids glance at her in curiosity before going back to their jobs. Mikka pays them no attention before pushing open the doors and stepping into the library. She paused as she looked at the massive amount of books before returning her puppets to their respective rings. She calmly steps into the library and looks around for the nearest table. Upon spotting one she places the grimoires down before leaving the mansion and beginning the trek back home.

After three hours Mikka has finally arrived home. To her surprise a somewhat beat up greater fairy was fluttering around. Mikka sighed before approaching the fairy.

"Oh, hi again, ow. Those jerk got me pretty good." The fairy says as she lands to check her wing. The wing has a visible hole punched in it likely due to danmaku.

"Oh do you really not get along with the small fry?" Mikka asks as she approaches the front door.

"No. It's always, Hey Senbei let's go prank someone. You don't need to grow food, Senbei. Jeez." The fairy says. Mikka finishes unlocking the door before motioning for the fairy to come inside.

"It seems we agree on how dumb the smaller fairies are. You can stay here if you want. There's even a small greenhouse you could grow things in, I don't use it much." Mikka states as she watches the greater fairy flutter about before dropping to the ground again due to her wing. Mikka calmly summons her Eirin puppet. The puppet almost immediately begins bandaging up the damaged wing

Author's Corner

It's been awhile since I worked on this mainly due to how I was unsure how to write this chapter. I originally wanted this one to simply be a boat ride to the mansion. In the end I liked the idea of the mansion in general. Next up is chapter ten.

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