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"Alright Harry so what's the plan?" Severus asked the child.

"Go ta da meeting, and den I fake sick and we leave eawrlier." Harry whispered back.

"Good boy, I'll give you the signal." Severus smirked ruffling the child's hair before taking the child by the hand and walking towards the meeting room where all professors would be present.

"Isn't it not gwood ta lie?" Harry asked.

"No it isn't, and you should never lie, especially to me. Think of what we're doing as more… sneaky." Severus mused trying to find the right word, that the child would understand. Severus had spent the whole morning working with Harry at learning new words, based on the book Poppy had given him. They had also started with numbers because it was never too early to start in Severus's opinion.

"Like a spy!?" Harry exclaimed excited that he and Severus were going to be sneaky like spies.

"Yeah, like a spy." Severus answered, even though this was nothing like being a spy, at least the spying Severus had done.

Finally the two entered the big room that was filled with one long table and numerous chairs. Everyone was there chatting and it looked like they were all waiting on Severus, 'Joy'.

"Severus Snape who is it you have there?" Minerva exclaimed at seeing a small black haired boy clutching Severus's hand.

"I'm sure you know Minerva and that the Headmaster has told all of you." Severus sneered.

"I'm Hawwy!" Harry exclaimed before anyone could say another word, excited to be meeting new people that were friends with his Severus.

"Harry" Severus repeated, emphasizing the R's.

"Rrrrr" Harry replied, repeating the noise over again much to everyone's amusement and fond for the Potter child. Harry spent the whole day learning new words like a big boy and Severus was constantly reminding him to 'annununciate?'

"That's excellent Harry, your R's are coming along fabulously. Soon you'll be roaring like a lion." Smirking at Severus seeing if he caught her pun. By the glare she received he did.

"Roarr!" Harry yelled at the woman.

"Do you like lions Harry or cats at all?" The older woman questioned.

"Uh Huh!" Harry smiled eagerly.

The older woman smirked before transfiguring herself into a tabby, meowing at the child and rubbing against him before turning back. Harry stared at the woman his eyes wide in shock his mouth fallen to an O.

Harry threw his head back to look straight up at Severus who cast his eyes down towards Harry. "Now your turwn." Harry demanded to Severus, to everyone's amusement and laughter.

"Harry, Severus can not turn into an animal." Minerva explained, knowing the man was not an animagus.

"No he spent his time on much more valued skills." Severus jeered.

Glaring the two settled into their friendly rivalry before being broken up by Dumbledore. "Well we all have our own knacks, now let us start this meeting, we don't want in to go over schedule like it did last year."

"More like every year." Severus muttered in annoyance. He then brought Harry over towards a small desk in the corner. He placed Harry's crayons, numerous amounts of paper, his wizard figures and Jazz on the table. "Now I want you to work and play quietly over here. I also want you to practice writing letters on this sheet. Just trace the letters on the paper. Okay little one? Be good and remember the plan." Severus whispered winking at the end, making sure no one heard or saw before heading towards the table that contained almost all of his old professors.

Severus was seated next to Minerva and Flitwick, the later he enjoyed out of all his colleagues. Rolanda Hooch was down the table from him, Silvanus Kettleburn across from her, Irma Prince next to him, Aurora Sinistra was diagonal from him, Pomona Sprout next to Dumbledore and across from Minerva, and Sybill Trelawney, who was unfortunately directly across from Severus, to his displeasure.

Severus had lost interest and stopped listening after two hours. Sprout and Flitwick were arguing over class times, while Hooch was telling both that those times would interfere with teaching first years and also quidditch practice. 'The horror' Severus thought to himself sarcastically. Yes he enjoyed the game but he wasn't like everyone else who was head over heels for the sport, if anything he paid attention only to rub it in Minerva's face when Slytherin beat her.

Honestly why can't all time slots stay the same, that way they could avoid these stupid meetings, Severus thought as he slumped his head against his hands. Turning his head over to face Harry he checked on how the child was doing. Harry was currently amusing himself by what appeared drawing, the child had not made a peep in his time here and Severus was very proud of the child for behaving so well.

Severus quickly reached into his cloak pulling out one of Harry's sippy cup's and some sliced apples before quietly walking over to the toddler. He set them on the desk and placed his hand on the boy's back.

"You doing okay little one?" Severus whispered in an inaudible voice so only Harry could here him.

"Uh huh." Harry replied. "I made dis for you." Harry whispered before holding up a picture of what appeared Severus, his wand, and Harry holding hands with Jazz next to Harry.

"That's very nice Harry, we shall hang it when we get home." Severus replied to a beaming Harry. "Now here's your snack, it's almost time to be a spy."

Smiling at Harry and their private joke, Severus walked back to the table to hear another argument only this time between Minerva and Sprout, god this was agonizing.

"Then I'll just have to take first period Friday for my first years." Minerva announced.

"You will not, that is when first years have double potions." Severus countered.

"You'll have to find a new day." Minerva replied.

"No, I made my schedule, it's the same as always." Severus replied stubbornly, leaving no room for arguing.

"Now listen here.." Minerva began only to be interrupted by Dumbledore. "Unfortunately Minnie, Severus is right, this is the only time slot for double potions, however it looks like Thursday second period is open if that works?"

"Yes that will work." Minerva replied tensely, glaring at a smirking Severus who was reeling in the victory.

Smiling Severus looked away and noticed that Harry was done with his snack. 'Perfect timing', clearing his thought loudly he saw that Harry looked over towards him, Severus then itched the back of his neck, which was the indicator that it was time to go.

Standing up Harry slowly made his way over towards Severus, "My tummy huwts." Harry whispered to Severus, leaning his head against the man.

If it weren't for the fact that this was planned Severus would have believed the cunning imp, a true snake in lions clothing.

"Okay Harry we'll get you a stomach soother, and it's also nap time." Severus replied rather loudly so everyone could hear.

"Kay." Harry muttered pressing his body closer to Severus who took the boy on his lap, pretending to feel the boy's forehead for a fever.

"I should get going, Harry's not feeling well, he seems to be coming down with something and it's also his nap time." Severus announced making his way to stand up, Harry in his arms.

"Let me see the boy." Poppy replied, holding her hands out to take the boy, concerned he wasn't well.

"That's okay." Severus replied curtly, hoping the witch would drop it.

"No Severus, let Poppy see the boy, she is after all the healer." Minerva said her eyes gleaming with suspicion as to what was actually going on.

Grinding his teeth he handed the boy over to Poppy who announced that the child didn't have a fever, and also that she had a stomach soother on her and that he should be perfectly healthy in no time.

"Oh thank goodness." Minerva replied smiling slyly at Severus, knowing that a stomach soother wouldn't hurt anyone who was fibbing.

"Thank you Poppy but like I said, I must be going, you know how antsy children get and Harry's been here for quite some time." Severus replied still attempting to get out of the meeting.

Before anyone could say anthing though the doors barged open rather loudly, "Sorry to disturb ya, Headmaster but I needed to borrow Professor Kettleburn for a quick moment."

Harry stared at the giant man in front of him in awe. Even though he was huge Harry didn't fear him like the way he felt Uncle Vernon, this man seemed nice.

Harry watched as the one professor got up and talked to the giant, when the two were done the giant looked over at Harry squinting slightly before giving a big smile "Ello 'arry!"

"Hi." Harry smiled shyly.

"You probably don't remember me but I knew you as a babe, fit in the palm of my hand ya did." Hagrid smiled.

Smiling Harry made his way over to the man, "Ya know I heard you were living here with Professor Snape, if it's alright with him ya can come help me with the gnomes running around."

Harry spun around to face Severus, a giant smile on the boy's face. "Can I? Pwease?" Harry begged.

"I don't know Harry." Severus began only to have Dumbledore interrupt him.

"Oh let the boy go, after all you were the one who said the child would get antsy from spending his day in here. The fresh air will do the boy good." Dumbledore stated to Severus's annoyance.

Between Dumbledore's twinkling stare, Minerva's knowing smirk and Harry's puppy dog eye's. Severus had no other choice but to say "fine, you may go, but Hagrid you must have him back before dinner."

"Course Professor, don't work about us. I'll take good care of the lad."

Harry gave Severus a quick hug but before he could turn away Severus spun the boy around crouching down. "Be good for Hagrid. Okay? I will see you soon. Be good, be safe."

"Kay." Harry smiled before giving Severus a longer hug, which Severus indulged in before Harry split away running out the door with Hagrid in tow.

"No running." Severus called out, to an unresponsive Harry before turning around and sitting in his seat, his colleagues returning back to their pointless conversations.

"Poor Severus, you can't get out of these meetings that easily. Trust me." Minerva whispered grinning.

"It was worth a shot." Severus replied dryly.

"I must say I'm impressed with your attempt, and using young Harry to do your dirty work, I hope you are not corrupting him." Minerva said giving the man a suspicious side eye.

"Maybe he will be a snake." Severus teased.

"Don't be absurd that boy is Gryffindor through and through."

"That may be so but he is also a snake in lions clothing. Careful Minerva, your golden lion might become more of a slippery snake." The man teased, enjoying riling his colleague.

Huffing Minerva turned her attention back to the topics in front of them. Severus keyed in slightly, nodding his head at some points but his face was rather neutral, if not bored, indicating he had no desire to be here.

Harry was having a blast with Hagrid. He had watched Hagrid pull the gnomes from the burrows and shoo them away, placing gnome control around the gardens so they wouldn't come back. Harry would shriek in terror, shock and amusement when one made their way towards him and quickly ran behind Hagrid.

After an hour or so of chasing gnomes the two made their way inside where Hagrid told him stories, they ate rock cake which Harry didn't like cause it almost broke his teeth but he stomached them anyways to make sure his new friend Hagrid wasn't offended.

"Ah 'arry you know where we ought to go?" Hagrid said.

"Where?" Harry questioned.

"The Owlery!" Hagrid exclaimed.

"What's dat?"

"Oh Harry you'll love the owlery full of beautiful birds it is." Hagrid explained, making Harry excited cause he's never seen an owl.

The two then made their way back towards the castle, Hagrid pointing out different wings that Harry had never seen. The two then made the climb up towards the owlery, Harry was breathing heavy, exhausted from the steep climb. Finally the two made their way to the top, Harry was amazed at the sight before him.

All these beautiful birds cooed at the sight of the strange giant and young boy. Owls of all different colors, most were a light grey, it was the most amazing thing Harry had ever seen in his life. Walking towards them gradually he lifted his hand slowly towards a grey owl with a white chest. The owls bright topez eyes blinked at the child warily but sensed he meant no harm so he allowed Harry to stroke his feathers.

"Ain't they beautiful?" Hagrid commented. While he walked around touching the birds, feeding them treats he carried in his pocket. "That one you got there is Aaron, he was named for the strength he has."

"Who's owls is dis?" Harry questioned.

"Not entirely sure, could be a students, sometimes the owls come here before the students do. Want to feed them 'arry?" Hagrid asked.

Nodding his head enthusiastically Harry began feeding the beautiful birds, some flying over faster, not receiving treats or attention in a while. Harry laughed at the birds antics, the two lost in their own world while in the owlery unaware that time was slowly running away from them.

Hagrid finally looked out the window and noticed that twilight was upon them and that the sun had set completely, only leaving a hue of dark blue and purple from the hidden sun.

"Uh oh 'arry, lost track of time, better be getting down to the Great Hall before Professor Snape has my head." Hagrid commented steering the boy towards the door. "Say goodbye to the owls 'arry, we'll come back here again soon, or Proffessor Snape will bring ya over."

Waving goodbye, Harry brushed the feathers once more whispering a goodbye before he made his way down the stairs and followed Hagrid to the Great Hall. Harry noticed that like the night he was yelled at by that scary man, the castle got quite dark when the sun set.

Finally the two arrived at the Great Hall, Harry looked around amazed by the sight before him. The room was huge, much bigger than anything he's ever seen. There were candles everywhere that were floating in midair, the ceiling was covered with stars, illuminating the room, four empty tables stretched down the room, and the room ended with another long table which was filled with some of Severus's 'friends' he met earlier. Harry glanced around in awe until his eyes finally settled on Severus, who was stomping down the room, cloak billowing behind him.

"Sevwus!" Harry cried out with joy as he ran towards the man, realizing just how much he missed the brooding man.

"Where have you been?" Severus barked, holding the boy out by the shoulders to look him over.

"We played wif gnomes, ate cake, pwayed, went to da owerary." Harry babbled not grasping Severus's mood or the glares he was sending Hagrid.

"Do you know that it is half past six, that we have been waiting for you two for thirty minutes? I said bring him back before dinner, not thirty minutes late, not at your earliest convenience, before dinner." Severus growled at Hagrid, interrupting Harry's rambling.

"I'm sorry Professor, honestly we lost track of time, it won't happen again." Hagrid replied, his voice choking up at the man's harsh tone.

Sneering at the giant who was on the edge of sobbing, something Severus did not need, Severus turned his attention back to the happy boy in front of him. He couldn't be mad at Harry, the boy was unaware of the time, also Severus had constantly reminded him to stay close and follow the orders of either himself or who ever was watching him.

Sighing Severus grabbed ahold of Harry's hand, "and how was your time with Hagrid little one?"

"It was da bestest! We hafta go see da owls. Have you eva seen dem?" Harry replied jumping up and down in excitement while Severus led him to the table.

"Best Harry, not bestest, and yes I have seen them, we shall go to visit them again soon, I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Hagrid, did you have any sweets today?" Severus questioned, his eyes narrowing in Harry's direction. He could tell the boy was much more hyper than the child usually was, and knowing Hagrid like he did he was positive that the giant fed his charge rock cakes amongst other sweets.

"Yep! It was sooo good." Harry smiled.

Severus rolled his eyes, perfect just what he needed a hyper child. Hopefully he would crash soon though.

The two made their way down towards the table where all the other faculty members were sitting. Once again Severus was stuck between the tabby and Trelawney, the last people he wanted to interact with. Sitting down he set up a chair for Harry right next to him spelling a booster seat so the child could reach the table. He then prepared Harry's plate after administering his nutrients potion while also requesting a sippy cup of milk.

Taking a sip of the milk Harry hummed in delight as he did earlier with the pumpkin juice. Severus made sure to cut up the child's food into small pieces before attending his own plate.

"Okay Harry, like we've practiced, use the fork not your hands." Severus whispered to the boy while handing him a small child's fork.

"Kay." Harry replied while grasping the fork in his tiny fist and blowing on the chicken, with some spit flying out of his mouth, before placing it in his mouth. After he finished he repeated the motion again, looking up at Severus with glee at his accomplishment.

"Good boy." Severus praised while brushing the child's hair gently. Severus then froze realizing where he was, and who he was with. Glancing up he noticed that the whole table was staring in their direction, most were shocked, their mouths slightly ajar. The headmaster's eyes of course were twinkling madly at the display while Minerva had a smug smile on her face.

Growling Severus sneered at his colleagues. "Nothing better to do then stare at me with those moronic faces? You all look like dying guppies." Severus snarled lowly, making sure not to draw attention as Harry ate unaware of the attention on the two.

"Forgive them Severus, they never knew you had a heart. I for one think it's sweet. Do not fret though we won't let anyone else know you have a heart your secret is safe with us." Minerva replied smugly.

"Shut it furball." Severus seethed.

"So Harry did you have fun with Hagrid?" Minerva asked the child, ignoring Severus completely.

"Uh Huh! We pwayed in da gawden and chased gnomes! Dey were funny and a wittle swary." Harry replied his voice growing softer towards the end, not wanting people to know he was scared.

"Yes they can be a little scary, but Hagrid wouldn't let anything happen to you, I'm sure of it." Minerva smiled.

"Yeah he saved me! Pwus Sevwus wouldn't let anyting happen ta me either. Wight Sevwus?" Harry replied tilting his head up to look at the man.

Giving a tight smile embarrassed by the display of affection in front of his former teachers and colleagues, Severus replied "Right. Now eat your dinner Harry."

"Kay." Harry replied before shoveling more chicken into his mouth.

"Slowly." Severus replied, before turning his attention towards Flitwick, Minerva and Dumbledore to engage in conversation.

Harry ate his meal quietly but suddenly felt like someone was looking at him. Knowing it wasn't his Severus he looked up and noticed a thin woman with large eyes behind huge glasses staring at him. He noticed she was covered in sparkly glittering beads and had bangles all over as well as a colorful headband over her curly hair. Harry could smell something strong on her breath that made him crinkle his nose, he didn't like that smell.

Feeling nervous he unconsciously moved closer to Severus and away from the unblinking woman. Severus rubbed the child's arm with his thumb, still engaged with Flitwick about dueling and charms unaware as to why the child was moving closer to him, until he heard the mental woman speak.

"Oh my dear, you poor poor boy the orbs and spirits around you are dark. I see difficult times ahead for you, alas I fear your day may come and your death a most painful death… perhaps sooner than you think according to my inner eye." Trelawney started to speak her head moving closer to the child, her eyes still focus and unblinking.

"No crystals are upon us but no matter give me your palm child, your life line must be nearly up and…" Trelawney continued, reaching out for the toddler who was inching closer to Severus when suddenly Harry was scooped up and placed on someone's lap, his head pressed against a warm chest. Inhaling Harry relaxed into the strong chest beside him knowing he was safe with his Severus.

"Enough. Another word out of you and any eye you have will be extracted in only the most painful way possible." Severus growled, holding Harry to him tightly.

"But that child.. he…" Trelawney attempted to continue.

"Silence, another word. I beg you, look into that 'inner eye' and watch what I'll do to you if you ever talk to his child again." Severus threatened his eyes narrowed in rage. "And if you ever try to touch him again…"

"Severus. That's enough." Dumbledore interrupted. "Sybill, do try and keep the predictions to yourself."

"Predictions, honestly Albus." Minerva muttered quietly.

Sneering Severus turned away from the woman, she reeked of sherry and he wanted her nowhere near Harry. Turning his attention down to the child in his lap he whispered "you okay there little one?"

"Yeah. I don't wike her she scwary." Harry replied quietly.

"I don't like her either Harry, but I won't let anything bad happen to you child." Severus replied back softly, stroking the child's unruly hair.

Soon everyone had forgotten about the incident it seemed, everyone but Harry and Severus. Severus did not move the child from off his lap and finished his dinner with Harry tucked into him. The elves then brought out dessert to Harry's delight. Severus gave a disapproving hum when the child reached towards a pastry.

Severus then filled the child's plate with a couple pieces of fruit. "You've had enough sugar today Harry, you will have something nutritious."

"Kay." Harry replied slightly disappointed but still enjoyed the strawberries that were on his plate.

Severus skipped out on dessert and instead had a nightcap with the Headmaster, McGonagoll and Flitwick. The three talked for quite sometime while Harry curled against the potion master, resting his head against Severus's chest facing the professors. Harry listened while the adults talked, not understanding much but he enjoyed playing with the black buttons on Severus's cloak. He also enjoyed the reverberations that rang through the man's chest as his deep baritone voice rung out. Harry smiled, snuggling closer to his Severus who was lightly rubbing the boy's back. Harry was so relaxed he desperately fought against his heavy eyelids but ended up giving in as he listened to the rhythmic beat of Severus's heart.

Severus continued to talk feeling the child grow quite still after some time. He then noticed that Minerva and Dumbledore were smiling at the child. Glancing down he noticed that Harry was completely passed out against him. Smiling he gently brushed the boy's bangs out of his face. The child was curled up close, head resting on the Potion Master's breast bone, one hand resting on one of the button's he loved to play with the other had fallen out of the boy's open mouth.

Smiling Severus enjoyed the warmth in his chest. He then turned his attention towards the older pair. "I must be going, it is quite past Harry's bedtime and he never did get his nap in. I'll see you all either tomorrow or in a few days. Goodnight."

Severus then got up quietly, shifting the boy on his boney hip walking towards the Great Hall exit and down towards to dungeon. Harry squirmed gently in his arms, resting his head at the nap of Severus's neck.

"Where we going?" Harry slurred, exhausted from the day.

"Shh we're going home little one." Severus whispered, rubbing the boy's back tenderly as he made his way into their quarters.

The child fell back asleep quickly and stayed asleep as Severus brought Harry into his room, quickly changing the child into pajamas before tucking him in to bed tightly placing Jazz in his arms. Brushing the boy's bangs back Severus placed a gentle kiss on the child's brow.

"Goodnight little one. Pleasant dreams." Severus whispered. Severus desperately wanted to say the three little words that Harry whispered to him earlier, however he would tell the boy when he was awake.

Smiling at the child, Severus turned off the light, leaving a small night light on across the room and kept the door open in case Harry needed him. Taking one last look at the raven-haired boy Severus smiled before heading towards his own room, exhausted from the day.

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