After D

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Chapter One

The young flower tried to hold back the tears which were threatening to fall from the corner of her eyes. The man before her - her first employee whom was assigned to save her from the fatal fangs of the Nobility – had become her savior; then, the love of her life.

The black clad hunter whose inhumanly handsome visage was hidden under the shadow of the brimmed traveler's hat, turned toward the sobbing maid with a warm gaze. His Topaz orbs gleamed with hidden emotions, even unknown to himself. A battle-worn hand was grasped in a warm and lively embrace. The beautiful Hunter caught a glimpse of Doris's trembling hands which held his long paraffin coppered one.

"P-please, don't forget me, D," she whimpered, almost pleading.

The broken tone, the heavy burden those simple yet emotional words held, stirred the deepest locked feelings within the young Dhampir, making his breath hitch for a second. For the first time in life, his heart felt heavy under his cuirass which resided inside his strong chest. It was so hard for him to say goodbye!

Nodding courtly, the Dark Grim Reaper gently withdrew his hand, ceasing every ounce of connection to the living and entering the darkness again. With one swipe motion, he pulled the reins of the bulky cyborg steed. The beast galloped by its master's orders and trailed down the farm in a monstrous speed. All the while, every hoof which bore a hole in the sandy ground, bore one in the hunter's vulnerable heart as well.

Brother and sister strong and kind… farewell!

A young brown haired boy advanced his trembling older sister. The eight-year-old, Dan, didn't know what to say or to do in order to comfort his tormented sister. D's words when he confronted him at the sheriff's office rang in his ears; keep his tears at bay and encourage his sister to the best of his will.

Dan sighed at the memory. He walked to Doris' side and put an assuring hand on her back. "Don't worry sis, I will surely find a good husband for you." A warm, bright, smile crossed his youthful face.

How innocent and well-intended those words were, but for Doris, they drove stakes into her broken heart.

Ah Dan! Which man can fill his place for me?

Yes, which man?! Was there even such a man existing in the world that could surpass the legendary Vampire Hunter D?


The day went by uneventful, and while the young Dan was busy doing some daily chores at the Lang farm, the seventeen-year-old Doris spent her time in bed. Everywhere she looked, his trace was visible; on the floor, in the farm, in the stable, inside the house, on the couch…


Even though she had attended to his convenient, the Hunter remained content by having the couch in the living room as his resting place. Most of the time they spent outdoors, however when the Dhampir required downtime, he favored the soft couch beneath the curtain drawn windows.

Doris sighed at the memory when she came to him to bestow his reward in advance. The way the moonlight illuminated on his broad and masculine features; those strong arms, that board chest rising and falling in rhythm, the long elegant legs. The way the moon kissed his every form and bathed him in its light made Doris almost envy the gleaming sphere in the night sky.

She was determined to give him what was his right – no…

She wanted to give him what she thought both deserved.

At first, the hunter was quite reluctant in giving into his desires for the young maiden. Eventually, Doris managed to break through his icy shield and made him feel the warmth and pleasure of the art of lovemaking. The Dhampir was at awe; how her naked beauty enchanted him under the moonlight. Those small warm hands curiously searching his well-defined body sent fire every place she touched or kissed.

It sure took long enough for the virgin maiden to arouse his senses and to his surprise D experienced his first heated zenith while Doris kept her loving ministration out of genuine curiosity. D admitted mentally somewhere along the process that he had never felt so alive.

The favor was ought to be returned as Doris kept pleasing him in every possible way the beautiful hunter thought was impossible. Her graceful movements, her dancing body, her thundering heart was carved in his very psych. What added to D's mild interest was Doris's ability to learn quick; though the young man hardly showed any feelings, she could see and feel his arousal whenever he sighed, moaned her name, felt the tension in his muscles, and his shivers underneath her skilled touch.

And when the right time came – the man feared by the whole Frontier, the stoic and heartless Vampire Hunter D – turned into a passionate lover, filling her with his warmth and love, driving them both to the levels of utmost ecstasy. The thought that this man had filled her with his 'love', gave her the sense of security she craved and this feeling made Doris sigh in both joy and sadness. The memories were bittersweet.

"Oh D…I will always love you," she whispered to the pitch black sky, finding the crescent moon – that once bore witness of their ardent love – gazing at her brightly. It didn't take long for the tired maiden to succumb to sleep, drowning her into the sea of oblivion.


The world of dreams was supposed to be pleasant, but the young Doris found herself in a place which was darker than night itself. No light illuminated the place except on the spot where she stood like a spotlight.

"Where am I?" Her small whisper spoken in an inaudible volume, echoed in the place as if shouted. She gasped at the loudness of her own voice and remained still, frigid in place as if waiting for something to happen; like, hearing an answer.

Clutching her hands to her chest, Doris breathed a sigh of relief when nothing unexpected occurred. She was welcomed by nothing but silent abyss.

Moving won't be wise, but… I need to know where I am.

Acting on her blind instincts, Doris raised both her hands in front of herself and waved them. She wanted to make sure that she wouldn't bump into a wall and had solid ground beneath her feet, if she devised to move from her position. To her luck, her palms met nothing but empty air and gathering her bravado, she took a reluctant step forward.

It took her a few minutes until her courage allowed her to take another step. And another, and another. Gradually, with her senses in high alert she walked into the pitch darkness.

"H-hello?" The small and cliché question left her lips without a thought. When no answer came, a small fear bloomed inside her trembling bosom. It was awfully quiet and Doris almost regretted calling out since she felt an unknown entity grow into existence afterward.

She couldn't exactly pinpoint whether the unknown familiar was evil or good, but the goosebumps didn't stop trailing up and down her skin. The more she walked, the more the darkness crawled at her entire being, making her breath hitch every now and then.

A snapping sound from behind made the fragile girl shriek in terror and Doris ran without bothering to keep her eyes open.

Help me! HELP!

Her feet dragged her to unknown directions until she bumped into something hard like a wall and fell on her rear. Gasping, Doris turned to the direction where she hit; the darkness made it impossible to see anything, let alone making out of the silhouette of the object she had hit face-first.

Her first instinct was that the wall was actually a person and an natural sentence escaped her lips. "G-gomen... gomenasai!"

As if realization dawned upon her, the thought of nightmarish creatures lurking in the dark before her became her second assumption. The cold sweat began to form on her porcelain skin, her heart thundered in her chest, and the dryness in her throat had clogged her voice. Screaming would be futile.

Please! Don't! Help me!

As if hearing her plea, a hand was drawn to her in a gentle manner. The girl's heart skipped for a second as the hand turned toward her, but when she observed it keenly, the hand made her recall a certain person's which she still remembered with all her body. Familiar paraffin coppered fingers gestured for her hand to take. The frightened maiden was overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement.

Is that… is that really you? Is it you?

The built-up fear had escaped her psychic and in return her soul was filled with vital need for comfort. Thus, Doris leaped at the owner of the hand, finding herself clutching unto familiar leather garments. Having her strong arms around the male as if her life depended on, Doris listened to the strong beating heart where her head rested upon. Her trouble face shed tears of relief and her sobs didn't subside until a pair of battle worn hands rested gently and warmly on her shoulders.

A gasp escaped her cherry painted lips and pair of dark eyes looked up with delight in hope to see those warm Topaz gems again. To her horror, her expecting eyes met other things.

Instead of those breathtaking blue orbs, two blazing rubies gazed at her with lust and malice. A lightning bolt crashed from nowhere and the young flower found herself at the woods of Ransylva… again! This fact was nothing in compare with the recognition of the face she caught looking at her.

It can't be! He can't be…

The sudden light was enough to illuminate the owner of the demonic eyes. White slicked back hair, a masculine face, two pair of needle like fangs jutting out of his red lips; the nightmare had returned and Doris was too shocked to move.

"C-count… M-Magnus!?" Her voice trembled just as her body.

It can't be!

"Ah, my dear Doris! Did you think you can rid your existence from me? You pitiful humans are nothing but prey which we Nobles take delight in hunting…even after death." A dark chuckle rang through the entire place.

D!… Dan!…Oto-sama!… please help me!

"I shall take great pleasure in playing with you my exquisite doll." The once deceased Nobleman, whom was the first Vampire that laid the kiss of Nobility on Doris, had plagued the girl's poor dreams and tainted them with blood.

"Now I shall take what is MINE!" Mouth gnawed at a horrifying size, exposed two fangs which the young Lang thought she was saved from. Coming ever so closer as the massive hands held the trembling girl at bay, a loud scream echoed in the planes.



Jolting up with a loud gasp, the little brown haired boy struggled to keep his footage when his older sister almost knocked him off the ground. Dan held her shoulders firm yet gentle and watched as his trembling sister panted and shook uncontrollably while recovering from her garish nightmare.

"One-chan?! One-chan, are you alright?"

Doris looked at her brother's worried drenched face before she realized the images she witnessed were nothing but the aftermath of the incidents she had lived through during the past week. It was indeed a nightmare; her being the victim of the Nobles, her brother Dan being kidnapped, the man who came to save her died before her very eyes. Yes, they were too much for any human to bear and come out of with their sanity still intact.

"Oh, Dan!" She sobbed. The little boy forced a smile before hugging his sister bravely while she wanted in his little arms. Caressing her sweat soaked back and whispering words while holding back his own tears. It was the least Dan could do, and the boy – even though small and inexperienced – yet knew that this was just the start for them both. Deep down he prayed and hoped his innocuous words would reach his older brother's heart.

Onii-sama D, what must we do? I wish you were here.

Somewhere in the distant Woods of The Forbiddens, a small campfire could be seen. The flames were at the verge of distinguish when a young man, clad in the color of the night woke up from his own disturbing sleep. His face more beautiful than the moon which beamed at him, making the small drop of sweat upon his temple resemble a tear of diamond rolling down his pale alabaster skin. Gleaming Topaz orbs surveyed the surrounding for any intruders or awaiting perils. The beautiful hunter was answered by the silence of the night which blanketed him.

"D! Are you alright?" A voice too hoarse to befitting the man's divine countenance called him. To be precise, the voice came somewhere from the vicinity of his left hip.

The black hunter known as Vampire Hunter D remained where he was on the ground, silent and unmoving as if being part of the nature's scenery.

"D? Are you ok? Say somethin'! Did ya have a bad dream?" The parasite residing in the male's left hand queried again, this time too concerned of its master's well-being. It was unlike him to be incited this immensely during his abeyance.

D sighed. His tightly drawn lips quavered slightly when he spoke a name he had shouted in his dream.