chapter 3:

**Warning: This chapter contains slight fluff in the end. **

Two weeks had passed and the young intern alongside his psychological friend stayed in the village to learn more about the urban place as well as keeping a cautious eye on the Lang farm. After the youths finished assisting young Dan with the farm chores, Tsurugi and Brownsberger returned to the hotel which the sheriff had arranged for them.

Quite frankly, the old man kept asking the due about their progress with Doris and both were starting to get a bit unnerved by the unnecessary attention he was giving her; not that it was a bad thing, but the way the Sheriff and even the Mayor asked them about the girl seemed dubious. As if they wanted the youths to get rid of her, or wanted to ensure that she was safe for the villagers even till now. That sounded like discrimination.

Once even Tsurugi informed the Mayor that he had seen her in person, ran a thorough check up on her mentally and physically, and there was nothing out of the ordinary with her. His answer however not only startled the Mayor but his fellow comrade as well. Brownsberger had never heard Tsurugi lie before. Deep down he was grateful though. Hopefully the excuse would keep the townspeople and their proud headmaster off their tails. The young men had not one day peace from their questioning looks or bold statements regarding the Langs.

On one peaceful sunny day Carter was strolling down the streets while eyeing the medical shops and accessory centers in hope to find someplace where he could buy a proper leather sack to put his essential utilities.

"Good morning Mr. Brownsberger!"

The polite youth taped his hat in gesture to the addressing young girl who passed him by hurriedly. "Good morning madam!" Quite frankly, it had been such a short time, but the folks had known them well. In fact, better than either youth knew the citizens!

Carter made his way toward the old man's shop close to the grocery's and greeted a couple of people along his ways when his brown eyes suddenly fell on a familiar short, brown haired boy. Dan was walking inside the same shop Carter was heading to.

Adding to his pace, Brownsberger caught up with the young boy who turned in reflex.

"Oh! Hello Mr. Carter!" A startled Dan greeted while regaining his usual cheerful smile.

"Hello to you too dear Dan!"

"Pleasant to see you here!"

"Yes, rather an enjoyable coincidence I dare say."

Both walked inside while eyes turned toward them in a query way. Carter knitted his brows slightly.

How can they even treat the boy the same way?! He was not even close to the vampire at all!

His eyes followed Dan's small yet brave figure.

Or was he?!

Even though he was still a child, the boy walked like a defined man who took care of his sister like a true adult.

At least, he has sure confidence!

"Are you here to buy something Mr. Carter?" Dan's energetic voice broke his train of thought.

"Actually, I am looking for a proper leather bag… something that I could carry my utensils in… and won't rust so soon."

Dan went to the right set of racks which all different kinds of bags, huge and small, rested in the cases in an organized fashion.

"These are the finest ones, but the prices are a bit high. I am sure you can find something suitable among them."

Carter eyed the materials and suddenly felt sheepishly anxious about which one to choose. To be honest, he was so unfamiliar with Frontier products and the last time he had bought something like that was when his uncle gave him his current sack as a gift.

Which was ages ago!

Dan almost saw the small sweat that rolled down the taller man's temple, biting the inside of his cheeks as to not laugh at him. He was a young boy, but he was still mature enough to realize when a man is flustered.

"If you ask me, I would either go for the one at the bottom left, or the grey one on the top right."

Carter looked down at Dan, finding him lock his arms behind his neck in a child-like manner. "This one?" He reached for the brown bag that was mentioned first and looked at the item. The quality was good; the price was suitable, the size of it was just enough for his belongings, but the weight was too much to carry in a daily basis.

"Is it good?"

"The bag already seems heavy to carry, let alone put some small things in it and it'll give me stiff shoulders."

The boy chuckled lightly at his honest statement.

"Then," a dark brown sack similar to the one the older male held was handed to him carefully. "Try this one!"

Looking between the two bags, Carter sighed in confusion. They looked so alike, why would Dan give him something similar? "Are you sure that this is-"

"Please Mr. Carter, try it!"

Brownsberger seeing the determination in those big sparkling, innocent eyes, sighed in defeat and put the previous bag in its rightful place before pulling the band of the dark brown one over his neck. The bag reached his left hip, it was a great size, and the weight was unbelievingly lighter than the first.

"How did you-" The youth stared almost agape at the kid.

"Yeah well, I have one of these at home, so I knew you would like it. The only problem lies with the price which is twelve boxes more than the other."

Carter chuckled while taking the bag off to examine its exterior. "I wonder how you knew their differences."

Dan smiled proudly while rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Your bag has extra Nano-Fiber interior and exteriors with two leather layers less than the first. Its advantages lie for being waterproof, rustproof, anti-scratch, and durability. It is almost a life lasting product which comes only from the Capital and available for a limited time. Feel lucky to have one Doc."

Carter was astounded by the boy's knowledge. "How much did it take you to know which one to buy?"

"Oh I haven't bought mine if that's what you're asking."

"Mind if I ask who bought you then?"

"Brother D did."


It happened so fast; the question and answer came so natural and quick that the young Dan barely had time to think of his next words. His heart almost skipped for a second.

"Eh? Brother… …Dee?"

Dan cast a quick anxious look at the Psychologist. He even let out a nervous giggle before hurrying to the other cases to get his supplies, pretending as if nothing had happened. Carter's eyes followed him till his brows frowned in thoughts.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

Walking to the counter, he waited for Dan to finish shopping and told the cashier that he would pay for them both. Although Dan objected at first, but Carter insisted to treat him for his lack of demeanor and prying into his personal memories.

Walking side by side outside in the broad daylight, Dan thanked himself by the youth and headed toward the farm, leaving no time for Brownsberger to apologize or inquire anything further. He truly sympathized with the boy; it was difficult to continue living after surviving something so horrid, and still being treated so roughly by their own people's demure look. His eyes fell on the new bag which smelt like fresh leather and ash.


Meanwhile, Doris wandered through the house languidly and cleaned the surface of the tables and counters with a wet towel. Her continuous rests in bed had left all her responsibilities on the young Dan as well. The poor lad had enough work to do and even neglected his studies in favor to help her sister get the works inside the farm and the house done. Wearing her light jeans, a loose bottomed white shirt and the usual scarf around her neck, Doris made her way to the guest room table and grabbed a used plate before her eyes fell on her sofa. The same sofa she kept unused after D left. The same sofa that resided beneath the mounted window where the young Hunter opted to sit, to rest, to sleep, to eat… … to kiss her.

Doris shook the thoughts away and leaned slightly against the table to ease her dizziness. How long had it been since she had a proper meal? She barely remembered even drinking anything in the past few days. All she did was sleep, cry, sleep, cry, and reminiscing.

A fresh wave of memories filled her view of sight, causing her eyes to widen; there he laid, with his strong body resting on the sofa and his long well-toned legs on the armrest. He had left his hat and cape aside, leaving his body exposed to her to admire its strength and composure. The dizziness returned and her visions blurred slightly before adjusting again.

Brown eyes widened in shock. Doris gasped when she saw D gazing at her with his usual stoic look, but something akin to a sparkle danced in his eyes, converting those cold frosty blue orbs into pools of warm Topaz that gleamed in the sunlight.

But how? H-he can't stay in the sunlight, can he?

It was too good to be true. Her endless nights of crying had spent off and the man of her life had returned to her ready to be taken into her arms, or was it the other way around?

Without hesitation, the young girl flung herself at the male's body, finding it surprisingly warm and hard just as she remembered. It didn't take long before she sobbed and cried her heart out, like a child being reunited with her mother after such long time.

"D! D I-I missed you…" Her broken voice tremblingly confessed to the beautiful Hunter, clutching on his thick cuirass with all her might. "I missed you… I missed you so much… D! D!" her cries grew louder and she crawled her way up the youth's body to lay on top of him with her arms locked tightly around his strong neck, her face buried into his satin soft mane.

She didn't care if she wet his hair, if she felt pain for pressing her bosom too hard onto his broad chest, or even the uncomfortable angle her back bent for lying in between his legs. All she cared for was him home with her. The empty hall was filled with nothing but her loud sobs. Her fragile body shook with both delight and pain at the same time. Her heart thundered in her ribcage.

"Please don't leave me!" She managed to say eventually. "Please," pulling back a little, she fought the stiffness of her arms' muscles for pressing them around his strong neck so much. "Don't… leave me… again." Her voice a desperate plea to her beloved to remain by her side, to take away the loneliness she oh so bravely fought, but found stronger than her fragile heart to defeat. "D!" Those rose petal lips trembled.

The stoic Hunter gazed at her for a few minutes. His gleaming eyes wandered all over her rosy colored face, memorizing every inch of her facial details. Those red puffy eyes that still gleamed with love and passion that burnt deeply for him; the dark ink colored hair which framed her beautiful round face perfectly. Lips red as roses trembled and apple sweet scent filled his nostrils. Her heart was the same that thundered for only him and no one else.

"D!" Doris gasped when she saw him examining her so thoroughly, feeling her aching heart flutter with a familiar sensual feeling. Passion! The passion she was denied to show him the night he opened his heart to her, left her burning in her own fire of longing and unfulfilled desires.

A battle worn hand came to her face, pushing away a few strings of black locks behind her ear and cupping her cheek at the same time. Doris gasped at the thought of the memory returned. She inched closer to him and afraid for being too bold, the young flower paused in her tracks to regard the Hunter's reaction. A small smile tugged at those sensual lips.

Doris gasped when he pulled her to him without too much effort, feeling their lips lock in an innocent kiss. She felt his left arm snake around her waist, pulling her up to a more comfortable position. Her arms found themselves around his neck again. Doris even took the liberty to comb his hair and grab a fistful of his soft man in her every now and then.

Their gentle kiss became more heated and she moaned slightly when he suckled at her lower lip. As far as she recalled, their kiss was interrupted soon and they failed to continue any further. But now, it was different, he acted different. Or was it her mind playing tricks on her? Pulling away for breathing, she let out shaky sighs while regarding the handsome male beneath her delicate form.

"D!" She moaned his name. The addressed man only sighed before gently pulling her to him again. His strong arms began to roam up and down her body, slowly and deliberately. Exploring her well defined physic and beautifully shaped curves, leaving no place on her back and waist unattended. Doris felt her body burn with ecstasy under his skillful hands. They were adding more fuel unto her fire.

He is amazing! Where did he learn all that?

All thoughts were discarded when she felt his right hand through her hair massaging her sculp. The act alone was enough to lull her to sleep, but the same hand began to take a different trail; first it circled around her shoulders, clutching her right shoulder in his palm which made her moan slightly. Then it traveled a straight line down her spine, slowly, carefully, with sufficient pressure to run her blood down her back to her warm core. Those elegant bony fingers reached her tail bone in time to make her arch under his touch. Suddenly, two fingers slipped beneath her tight pants and she felt cold digits connecting to her burning skin.

The contradiction caused her to gasp, giving the hunter the advantage to taste her more. Doris felt a hot wet muscle invade her mouth, brushing around her tongue and tasting like rain and mints. She melted in the rich scent of wet grass and cinnamon. These were D's scent and she lost herself into him and his body to be released of the pains and agonies her tormented heart had lived in the past few weeks.

Nearly out of air, Doris pulled away to catch her breath. She panted heavily while gazing down at the beautiful man who resembled a dark angel. While she was sure her face burnt a deep red blush, Doris saw no trace of emotion on D's face.

Do you still care for me?! Am I still attractive to you? Was I ever considered worth of being treated like this by you?

Fresh tears built up in her eyes and in a heartbeat, she was turned around to lie on her back, facing the hovering male atop her. He had switched their positions while kept his arms locked around her and along her spine to arch her back slightly for a comfortable position.

Those warm brown orbs gleamed with surprise and excitement. "D?" suddenly she saw an emotion in his face; his eyes were turned lava blue, they gleamed with an inhuman aura that took her breath away. His brows frowned slightly, giving his eyes a more longing look, longing for her to be his. His lips slightly parted while sighing heatedly. Doris felt her temperature rise tenfold for the look he bestowed her, the hungry gaze of an amorous man wanting to claim his woman.

He is going to… devour me?!

The intense gaze was too much for her to bear and Doris cast away her eyes by pulling her head to the side, unaware the great view she gave him by exposing her bare neck. A soft purr filled her ears and she felt cold lips mold her burning skin. One after another and inch by inch her neck was kissed and licked slightly by his skilled lips, leaving the girl beneath his strong form but to writhe and mewl in ecstasy. Traveling down, the Hunter reached her collar bone. Doris was at loss for words as more kisses were planted on her tender flesh. She gasped when a strong leg snaked inside her parted thighs, rubbing gently the inside of her lower region.

Her voice became louder and her arms began to explore his back muscles and arms hungrily. Doris wanted to return the favor and tended to each hard knot with feverish need. Since he slightly moved, the moving muscles on his shoulders and arms work wonderfully under her touch and his purring grew louder the more pressure she applied on her palms. His thigh caressing her aching loving spot made her loose her sight of whatever she thought was real.

I never felt like this before!

A single sweat drop rolled down the Hunter's temple like a diamond tear.

I love you D!

The pressure grew tenser the harder he pressed.

I love you… I love you…

Soft lips kissed the line of her jaw as she moaned her heart out and clutched unto his body with dear life.

D, I love you so much! D! … Oh D!

Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body and assembled in the only place he so tenderly rubbed.

D! I love you! I-


The illusion shattered! Doris was knocked back to the cold cruel reality when the voice of her young brother destroyed all traces of the heated making out she and D had. Blinking a few time, Doris found herself clutching unto thin air but with the same pose as if still framing his body in her small hands. Her blushed cheeks grew colder and her heart ached slightly. The sensation between her legs diminished when cold air rushed through her burning skin, washing off all trail of warmth her beloved bestowed her.

"SIS! I will be in the stable tending the horses. Call me if ya needed anything!" Dan shouted before closing the door, Doris let her hands drop when she heard Dan leave again.

Was that… … just a dream?

Her widened eyes stared at the ceiling.

"Was I dreaming?" A trembling hand came to rest on her mouth. She could still taste him on her lips. "Was that an illusion?"

Am I going crazy?…

Turning to her side, Doris felt her muscles spam from stiffness. "It was just a mirage!"

It was not real!

Tears rolled down the corner of her eyes.

"It was not real."

The young girl laid helplessly on the sofa while curled into a ball, cried till oblivion welcomed her again.