The first chapter of Episode V is here. I'm not sure how long it was between Crisis on Naboo and this one, but for this story it'll be two months. Oh! And I bet the first part of this chapter will be… surprising.






Revan was walking from his starfighter after having just come back from a week-long mission. 'Home sweet home. I hope Ahsoka will finally tell me what's been bothering her of the past two months.' About a week after the Chancellor's attempted kidnap, Ahsoka had been acting strangely. Revan had asked her if anything was wrong whenever she'd open her mouth to say something, but instead say that it was nothing. The Knight knew perfectly well something was bothering her and last week before he left she'd promised to tell him once he got back. He didn't hold it to her, because whatever was bothering her had to be pretty big. 'I really hope she decides to tell me, i'm starting to worry even more.'

"Hey bud, how was the mission?" Anakin greeted him as he reached the Temple's main entrance. "Pretty good." the teen replied. "Something bothering you?" the older Knight asked. "It's Ahsoka. Something's been bothering her for the last two months and i'm getting increasingly worried because she won't tell me. She promised to tell me when I got back, but i'm worried she'll try to put it off again." the younger Knight replied, rubbing the back of his neck and sighing. "Well i'm sure it'll all work out in the end." Anakin assured his friend with a pat on the shoulder. "Thanks, Anakin. I guess i'd better find her." Revan replied. "You may not have to go far." his friend replied. "What do you mean?" the teen asked. Anakin pointed towards one of the pillars near the entrance. Revan turned his head to see his wife looking at him with a smile on her face. "Good luck." the older Knight said.

Revan clipped his mask onto his belt as he jogged over to her before sharing a soft kiss with his wife. "Oh, Revan! Thank goodness, you're back." she whispered as the held each other after breaking the kiss. "I missed you, Ahsoka. I've missed you so." he whispered back as they moved back a bit to look into each others eyes while maintaining their embrace. Revan could tell she was ready to tell him what had been bothering her. "Are you all right? You're trembling." he noticed. A few tears built up in Ahsoka's eyes. At first he started to worry then he realized they were tears of joy. "Something wonderful has happened…" she trailed off softly as they stared into each others eyes. "Revan… I'm pregnant…" she said, resting her head on his shoulder. Revan's eyes widened and everything seemed to slow as he let her words sink in. 'Pregnant…? I'm… I'm going to be a father…?'

A happy smile broke onto his face as he pushed her back gently to look into her eyes. "That's… That's wonderful…" he said. Ahsoka smiled back, glad he accepted it before it fell from her face. "What are we going to do?" she asked. "Were not going to worry about anything right now, all right? This is a happy moment. You're only about two months along, correct?" he asked, earning a nod. "Okay, and when do Togrutas start to show?" he asked. "Six months." she replied. "See? We've got four months to come up with a plan. Everything will be fine, I promise." he assured, cupping her face with one hand before his mask started to beep. Revan slipped it on and answered it. "Revan here." he said. "Revan, you and Ahsoka need to come to the Council Chamber, we've got a mission." Anakin said. "We'll be right there." he replied, cutting off before staring back at Ahsoka. "Duty calls, and don't worry. I promise everything will be fine." he assured, sharing one more hug before they left.

The two teens walked into the room and were brought up to speed. "Unfortunately, the only way to retake Onderon will be through armed struggle. But we lack sufficient hardware and supplies." the hologram of Lux spoke. "Onderon is in your king's rule. And at the outbreak of the Clone War, he chose to align it with the Separatists." Obi-Wan said. "Our true king has been silenced. The one you recognize is a traitor and a Separatist minion. We need your help to survive this." the hologram of Saw Gerrera said. "Find a way, we shall." Yoda said. "We await your answer." Lux said, bowing his head before the holo ended. "There are pockets of rebels on many of these planets that just need guidance. With training and resources, they could attack soft targets while the Republic continues to engage them on the battlefield." Anakin said. "That sounds like terrorism, Anakin." Obi-Wan said. "Well, I think of it as an insurgency to help realign these planets with the Republic." the Knight replied.

"We can divide the Separatist forces and press them on two fronts." Windu said. "A means to and end, fear cannot be. Stop those who spread terror, the Jedi must." Yoda said. "Indeed. What you're suggesting would open up dangerous possibilities. And we must not train terrorists." Obi-Wan said. "Eh, rebels." Anakin corrected. "How we conduct war is what distinguishes us from others. Funding rebels to overthrow a legitimate government puts innocent lives at risk." his former master replied. "We can minimize collateral damage by using arms that mainly affect droids." the Knight said. "The least we can do is help them defend themselves, test the tactic while we're at it." Windu said. "This could be a great new weapon for us." Anakin said with a smirk. "Hmm… Train and observe. Send advisors we will." the Grand Master said. "I'll assemble a team." Anakin said. "I'm going with you." Obi-Wan said as he stood. "What you don't trust me?" his former apprentice asked with a smirk as the Master walked up to him. "Too much. That's what worries me." Obi-Wan replied, placing a hand on his shoulder.

A clone pilot brought the shuttle out of hyperspace near Onderon and entered the planet's atmosphere on the side of Onderon that was night. "This is Valkyrie 2929. We're coming up on the drop zone." he said over the ship's com before stopping mid air. "Go, go, go, go!" the co-pilot said, gesturing them to jump. Anakin, the other Jedi and Rex jumped out and rolled as they landed on the ground while Rex used his jetpack to slow as he reached the ground. The shuttle flew off and the Jedi put their hoods back on before moving through the jungle. After a few minutes they were stopped by a few people riding on some kind of creatures. "Stay where you are. Identify yourselves." a woman ordered. Anakin took his hood off. "It's all right. We're friends." he assured. "Jedi." she realized. "I'm Commander Tano. We're here to help you take back your planet." Ahsoka said as she and Obi-Wan lowered their hoods. "My name is Steela. I'll guide you to our secret base." she said.

It was already sunrise when Steela suddenly stopped him. She looked around a bit then nodded at the others before they continued. The group walked into the base and saw Gerrera riding some flying creature that landed on an archway in the middle of the courtyard. The rebels all looked at them as they walked in. "A bit rough around the edges, wouldn't you say?" Obi-Wan asked. "That's why I brought Rex here." Anakin asked. "They're not exactly what I would call shinies, sir, but I could work with them." the Captain said. Gerrera flew around before landing the creature in front of them and getting off. "General Skywalker." he greeted, walking up to them. "At your service." the Knight replied before introducing the others. "This is General Kenobi, General Revan, Commander Tano and Captain Rex." he said, gesturing to each them as they nodded. "We're looking forward to taking the fight to those scrappin' droids." Gerrera said. "Yes. All in good time." Obi-Wan said. "Saw. Saw Gerrera." the man introduced.

"He fashions himself as our leader, though no one elected him." Steela said, giving him a friendly punch on the arm. "Well, for now, we're in charge, and there is much to learn." Anakin said, crossing his arms with a smirk. The two rebels lead them to a holo projector and Anakin stepped up to it. "The Separatists have strength in numbers. We're gonna show you how to target and destroy them." the Knight said as Obi-Wan stepped beside him. "Now, to be clear, we are not here to fight your war; rather, to show you how to conduct it in the most efficient and successful way possible." Obi-Wan explained, earning nods from them. Revan decided to be a bit more tolerant of Lux now that Ahsoka was pregnant.

"Captain Rex." Anakin said, gesturing to him. The Clone Captain stepped forward before addressing the rebels. "I'll show you how the 501st destroy clankers. First, I need volunteers to carry supplies from our entry point a half-klick west." the Captain said. "Shouldn't be a problem." Gerrera said. "Lux, it's good to see you again." Ahsoka said to him as they walked beside each other with her husband on her other side. "It's good to see you too, Ahsoka." he replied. "I didn't realize you had such strong ties to Onderon." she said. "Onderon is my home. My mother represented it in the Senate." he replied. "Your voice is strong, like hers was." Steela said as she stepped up beside Lux's other side. "Have you reconsidered joining the Republic Senate?" she asked him. "Even if we do take back Onderon, it won't change how I feel. I'm not fighting for the Republic." Lux replied.

"Well, what matters now is, we need each other's help, just like we did on Carlac." she said. "Carlac? What happened on Carlac?" Steela asked as she stopped. The other three stopped in front of her and turned around. "Ahsoka and Revan are the reason i'm here and not with Death Watch." Lux replied to her before she frowned. "Really?" she asked. "What he means is-" Ahsoka started before he cut her off. "They saved me from a huge mistake." Lux said before walking away. "Hmm. Lux obviously thinks highly of you." Steela said to Ahsoka. "I guess so." Ahsoka replied. "Let's hope that respect is well founded." Steela said before walking off. Ahsoka frowned before she and her husband followed.

Ahsoka explained to the rebels how to take out a Separatist tank by using an empty one. "The pilot in the front hatch controls the tank, the shelves and the short range blasters. The commander in the top hatch controls the turret and the main cannon. You have to take out both chambers. Otherwise, the tank will remain operational." she said before nodding to Rex. The captain jumped onto the tank before opening the front hatch and throwing an EMP grenade in then climbing to the top of the tank and throwing one into the top. Rex jumped off before electricity surged around the tank. "Everyone, divide up into teams of two, and we'll practice an assault on both hatches." Anakin said.

Lux and Gerrera teamed up together with the others, minus Steela, forming up behind them. Rex tossed an EMP to both of them before Gerrera ran up first and was about to open the front hatch as Lux tried climbing up to the top using the cannon. The tank's cannon shifted down and Lux fell off, knocking both him and Gerrera to the ground before Steela walked up to them. "Sorry about that." Lux apologized to him, holding his hand out. Gerrera slapped it away. "You're a terrible soldier, Bonteri." he replied, standing up on his own. "I'm not sure if they're more interested in fighting the droids or each other." Obi-Wan said as he and Anakin walked a few feet away from them. "They'll learn. We just need time to train the properly." the Knight said as he folded his arms. "Keep your eyes on the quick learners. In this fight, time is not on our side." the Master replied as they watched the rebels try taking the tank out the same way Rex did.

"Come on! Move it like a soldier, like a real soldier!" Rex said as two rebels tried taking the tank out. "Come on, Dono! Pick it up, Hutch! You can do better than that!" Gerrera said as the two ran back from the tank. "Come on, hustle! I said hustle! That's what i'm taking about, right there. Go, go, go!" Rex ordered as they kept trying. "Just stop it!" Steela ordered Lux and Gerrera as the couple turned their heads to look at them and listen. "Sit down, boy. This isn't the Senate. You've got no talent for this." Gerrera said, pushing the other teen back a foot. "It's going to take a lot more than muscle to defeat the Separatists." Lux shot back before Gerrera folded his arms and turned his back. "Politics have failed us. We have no choice." he said. "We always have a choice." Bonteri said as the other teen turned back around. "Then make yours." he challenged before Steela stopped them. "Look, if were going to succeed, you'll need to be exceptional with words and action. There will be time for both." she said, placing a hand on one of their shoulders each. The two moved away from her as two rebels managed to finally do what Rex did.

After they were done training with the tank, they moved onto taking out droidekas. "Destroyers are quick, pack twin blasters, and come with their own shield generators. Nothing short of a cannon will pierce it. But they do have two weaknesses, and you will need to work together to exploit them." Anakin explained before nodding at Rex, the captain pressed a button on his wrist and one of the droids sprung up. "The shield deflect high-velocity attacks." the Knight said and Rex demonstrated by trying to shoot it with his blaster before Anakin continued. "What the shields don't stop are slow or stationary objects. They're designed to absorb them so nothing hinders their movement." he said as Ahsoka gently rolled an EMP towards the shield, causing it to pass through and stop underneath before going off and making the droid go back into its powered-down mode.

"Destroyers are blind from behind. A distraction combined with a rear assault will give you a kill. The trick is to get the right speed on the droid popper." she said before Rex turned all three on and held up an EMP. "These are unarmed. Just concentrate on getting it past the shield." he said, tossing one to Gerrera. "Watch and learn." the teen said to Lux as he took a few steps forward. The rebel tossed it a little too fast and the EMP stopped against the shield. Lux smirked and looked at him. "Quite brilliant." he said before stepping forward as Ahsoka tossed him one. Lux tossed it at the ground and it rolled slower than Gerrera's before somehow suddenly speeding up and bouncing off the shield. Ahsoka and Lux frowned. Steela stepped forward next and Ahsoka tossed her one before she threw it. The EMP moved quick before it strangely slowed down all of a sudden and rolled pass the shield. "Not bad." Revan complimented. "Thanks." Steela replied with a smile. The Knight could sense some jealousy from his wife.

"Okay, let's get back to work. Everyone pair up. We'll practice in groups." Rex said as the rebels started doing so. Lux and Steela paired up while Ahsoka helped Gerrera. Revan was confused as to why he was only jealous when Ahsoka was around Lux and not when she was around another guy their age before it suddenly clicked. 'Why am I even jealous anyway? I'm far more powerful than those weaklings, I could destroy them if I wanted to.' and with that thought, Revan had purged himself of jealousy towards any other guy that Ahsoka may have felt something for.

Revan stood beside his wife as she tried to teach Gerrera how to get the EMP through the shield and had just failed on his seventh attempt. "I can't get the distance or the speed right." he said with a groan of frustration. "Learning this could save your life and those around you. A little backspin might help." she suggested before watching Lux help Steela. The other three rebels watching Gerrera cheered as the EMP passed through the shield finally. "You got it." Ahsoka said with a smile. "You're a good teacher, Jedi." he replied, mirroring her smile. "Uh, keep practicing." she said before she and Revan checked on Steela who'd walked away and was sitting on a fallen tree while inspecting a rifle. "You made it look easy, and I managed to get it once." Steela said to Ahsoka as the two stopped. "It wasn't always that way." she replied. "Right. The Force. That your secret?" Steela asked. "No. Perseverance. Look, you'll get the hang of it. I wouldn't let it get you down." the padawan said. "I'm not feeling down. I just know what i'm good at." the rebel replied before the two girls shared a small smile and the three headed back towards the others.

Once they were done training with the EMPs, Rex set up a few droid heads for rifle practice. "Impressive. Most impressive." Anakin complimented Steela after she knocked a head of the stone block. Revan tensed for a second after hearing those words. "Fixed targets are one thing. How about this?" Ahsoka suggested before picking one up with the Force and moving it around a bit. Steela shot it three time before it was knocked out of the padawan's grip. "Nice job." she complimented half-heartedly. "You've clearly mastered your ability to focus." Obi-Wan said as he stepped up to Steela, earning a nod and smile. "Snips, are you losing focus?" Anakin asked her quietly as he stopped in front of her when she started to move. "No, Master." she assured. "Good." he replied with a small smile before they and the rebels focused on Rex as he spoke.

"A headshot is the only decisive way to disable a droid. They don't need arms, legs, or bodies to pass intel to central command." the Captain said as Steela took aim. "Wait a minute. What is that?" she wondered, looking through the scope. Revan used his mask's zoom feature to see what she was noticing before Gerrera voiced it. "Droids!" he exclaimed as awhile battalion of B1s and B2s appeared. One B2 shot a rocket at them. "Take cover!" Rex exclaimed as the non-Jedi dived for cover and the Jedi backflipped before igniting their blades as the droids opened fire. The rebels and Rex returned fire and the Jedi deflected bolts while moving for cover.

Gerrera and some of the other rebels tossed some explosives at the droids closest to them that went off a few seconds later, taking the first wave out. Once the dust cleared a tank was seen at the entrance to the base before shooting at a few rebels and blowing them back. Revan, Ahsoka, Lux and Gerrera ducked back as a cannon shot hit the ground a feet beside them. Steela suddenly shot the gates holding the beasts they rode on, releasing them and causing them to run towards the droids, effectively distracting them. "Hey Bonteri, ready to try again?" Gerrera asked him as they both took out a thermal detonator "Good luck, you two." Revan said as he and his wife deflected bolts. "Hey, what are you doing!?" Ahsoka yelled as they moved from cover. "What you taught us!" Lux said as he and Gerrera ran towards the tank.

Gerrera threw his into the front hatch while Lux jumped onto the top and tossed his into the droid's hands before Ahsoka used the Force to push the droid in and close the hatch. The three quickly jumped off and Ahsoka took cover before the tank exploded, knocking the two rebels over from the force of the blast. Ahsoka helped Gerrera up while Steela helped Lux up. "We, uh, need to clean up." Steela joked to Lux before Gerrera spoke to him. "I like it. Now you look more like a soldier than a politician." he said. "Well, maybe a good politician needs to get dirty now and then." she said, giving Lux a smile before the three walked back towards the others. Revan stopped Ahsoka before she could follow. "Are you both okay?" he asked quietly, earning a soft smile from his wife as she placed a hand on her stomach. "We're both okay." she assured softly before they walked towards the others.

"Take confidence from this victory. But rest assured, there will be more droids coming now that they know your position." Obi-Wan reminded. "It doesn't matter. You're ready now. We are going to take the fight to the droids. You don't have to hide in the jungle any longer." Anakin stated confidently. "Droids were a bit dim, more so than I imagined." Gerrera said. "They make up for it in numbers. They're designed to overwhelm." Ahsoka said. "But they're not designed to deal with our approach." the older Knight said. "We hit them where they least expect it. And before they realized what happened-" Lux started. "We fade in with the rest of the population." Steela finished. "Exactly." Anakin said with a smirk. "We need a plan to get inside the city." Ahsoka said. "I have an idea." Lux said with a smile.

An hour later they were making their way down the road, disguised as a group of hunters. Lux directed the beast pulling one caravan while Anakin directed the other one. "Halt. What were you doing outside of the city gates?" a battle droid asked, stopping them as they reached the shielded main gate of the city. "Hunting. We've been trekking for days." Lux answered. "Did you register before your excursion?" it asked as the other droid inspected the caravan. "No, but most of our time is spent in the bush, collecting our traps. We come to the city to sell. You can't get Thrip larva like this in Iziz. Only the biggest trees on the other side of Onderon." he answered, showing it a paper bag for a moment. "Hey, listen, we need to deliver all of this in time for supper." Steela said from where she sat on the top of the caravan. "Hmm. Are you scanning anything?" it asked the other droid by the side of the caravan. "It's hard to tell with so much organic matter." it replied before one of the rebels riding on the caravan Anakin was on called out. "Come on! Our merchants are waiting inside. Can you hurry it up?" she asked, pretending to sound impatient.

"Let them through." the one who scanned them said. "Roger, roger." the other one replied before pressing a button on the pad it was holding and the shield came down. Lux started moving the caravan through the gate. "Good plan." Ahsoka complimented quietly after entering the city. "Like Saw said, those droids are dumber than we thought." he replied. Anakin pulled his caravan up beside Lux's as they stopped. "Not a bad start. But now the hard work begins." the Knight said as Obi-Wan came up between the two caravans on the beast he was riding. "You must find recruits and choose your targets wisely." Obi-Wan said. "They'll be looking of us." Steela said.

"We should split up." Lux suggested as he stood up on the seat. "Regroup after nightfall. I'll alert our brothers." Gerrera said before hopping off Lux's caravan and leaving. Lux hopped off and faced Anakin. "We'll make sure you have the supplies you need." Anakin told him. "Rex, Revan and I will take care of that." Ahsoka assured as the Captain climbed out from inside the caravan. "Good luck." Lux said. "You too." both Ahsoka and Steela said at the same time before looking at each other for a second. Steela hopped down between Revan and Ahsoka before the padawan took the reins and guided the beast forward.

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