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Revan and Ahsoka entered the training room on the Crucible just as Petro was practicing against a training remote with a stick while the other younglings watched. The youngling smacked the droid towards a crate before picking it up after it rolled over to him. "I call that move the 'Whirlwind of Destiny'." he said with a smirk. "Showoff." Zatt mumbled before Ahsoka clapped lightly for a moment. "Can everyone gather around please?" she asked as Petro handed the stick and remote to her before she put them away and walked around to the other side of a table. "You have all successfully passed The Gathering and harvested your crystals." she said as Gungi gave a happy growl. "So when do we start to build our sabers?" Petro asked. "Place your crystals on the table. Your lesson begins now. May I introduce you to architect and lightsaber designer Huyang." she said as they placed the crystals on the the table before she stepped to the side as an old architect droid appeared from behind some shelves and walked up to the table.

"These are them? I swear they get younger every expedition. All have passed the gathering?" Huyang asked the two older Jedi. "Yes, sir." Ahsoka answered before he turned to face her. "Are you sure?" he asked, earning a nod from Ahsoka. "But he's a droid. You expect us to learn form a droid?" Ganodi asked from behind the others. "Who said that?" the droid asked as he turned his attention to the younglings before she pushed through to the front. "Many years I have been on this ship, teaching many a Jedi before you, and I will continue teaching many a Jedi after you. Call me what you want, but inside my memory banks, I contain a record of every lightsaber ever made and the Jedi who fashioned them." he said, bringing up a hologram of a few lightsabers, including Anakin and Obi-Wan's, and earning a chorus of 'Whoa!' from the younglings.

"Which will you choose? A simple grip? The curved approach? One inlaid with the bone of the Cartusion whale, pastillion ore, or black onk? Well? From Battles of Rashfond to the Peacekeeping of Parliock to our very own Clone Wars, the lightsaber is a Jedi's only true ally. But how do they work, hmm?" he said, picking one of the crystals up and inspecting it. "Yes, you have brought me crystals, but they're all useless unless you give them life. Do you know how to awaken the Force within the crystal?" he asked them. Ganodi shook her head while the married couple smirked. "No? Then I suggest you listen and learn until you think of a question this droid cannot answer." the architect droid said before walking around to their side of the table and focusing his attention on Gungi.

"A Wookie. Rare you are to the Jedi. Proud your people must be." he said, earning a happy growl from the young Wookie. "Unique, just as your lightsaber will be. Hold out your hand, Wookie." the droid told him as he cupped his hands with the palms facing up before Gungi held out his left above Huyang's. "Describe what you see your saber to be." he said to the youngling. Gungi made a few growls before the architect droid spoke. "No, no, no, not what you imagine but what you feel in your hand. Concentrate. What will make you strong in battle and humble in retreat? What connects with your Force?" he asked the Wookie. Revan frowned. '"Humble in retreat?"!? The fuck is this guy on?! How the hell could someone possibly be humble in retreat!? I am so glad I stole a crystal instead of participating in this asinine thing. There is no way i'd have the patience for this banthashit.'

Revan folded his arms as Gungi took a moment to think before speaking in his language again. "Ah, yes, wood. Not a common choice. And only wood from the brylark tree is as strong as metal." Huyang said as he stepped back to the other side of the table. "Let me see. Where would we find that all the way out here, far from anywhere, deep in space?" he wondered out loud, turning off the hologram and stepping up to the shelves before starting to open some up. "Let's see what we have. Let me see. Let me… Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no, no, no, no. Ah, I wondered where I put that. Oh, that's not mine. Ah, ah, what do we have here?" he said, taking a drawer out with lightsaber pieces in it and placing it on the table. The younglings 'Ooh'd' and 'Wow'd.' at the assortment of hilt pieces as Huyang made a hilt before holding it up for a moment then placing it on the table. "It is my job, before you leave this ship, you will have everything you need to build your lightsabers and the knowledge of how to do it. So let us begin. There is much more work to be done." he said. Revan snapped his head up from the group. 'Shit. That bad feeling is back.'

After each youngling had figured out their saber, Huyang handed them the pieces they would need to build before bringing up a large hologram of a lightsaber in five different pieces. Huyang and the two older Jedi observed as the younglings used the Force to create their sabers, with Petro finishing first. "What's the rush, Petro?" Zatt asked him as the other youngling swung his his hilt around with a smirk. "With this lightsaber, i'm going to challenge Revan to a duel and kill Grievous." he stated confidently. Revan snorted in amusement. "Right. Sure you are." the Knight agreed sarcastically.

Ganodi and Katooni giggled at Petro's overconfidence as Huyang walked up to him before holding his hand out for the saber. Petro handed it to him before the droid pulled the main part down to expose the crystal chamber. "The only person you are going kill with that, my young friend, is yourself. You have inverted the emitter matrix, which will cause the power grid to backfire." he said putting the saber back together and handing it back to the youngling. "Light this, and all that will be left of you and your lightsaber will be your crystal. Start again, and this time, please follow the diagram." the architect droid told him before continuing to observe the younglings. 'So that's why the other hilts before my old one exploded. Good thing I threw them away when they started sparking and shaking.'

Ganodi groaned in frustration when she couldn't put her saber together before Ahsoka placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Remember, quiet your mind and concentrate. The design will become clear." she said as Ganodi and Katooni used the Force. "Good. Gently. Trust the Force." the padawan encouraged. The two were close to putting their sabers together when and explosion was heard coming from the ship, causing them to lose concentration and drop the pieces. "What was that?!" Katooni asked in surprise. "I don't know. Hold on." Ahsoka told them before she and her husband ran out of the room and towards the cockpit.

The two Jedi entered and Artoo beeped. "Artoo, what's happened?" she asked him. The droid beeped frantically before another explosion rocked the ship a bit. "Where?" she asked him as a Corona-class armed frigate appeared in front of their ship. Revan scowled. 'Ohnaka.' "Oh, no." she said quietly before the ship opened fire on them again. "They're aiming for the hyperdrive. Get us out of here." she ordered. Artoo gave and affirmative beep as he plugged into the droid port. The droid managed to turn the ship around a bit before it stopped moving when Hondo's ship disabled it. "I don't like the sound of that." she mumbled before addressing Artoo. "Stay here. We'll check on the younglings." she said, before she and her husband quickly hurried out of the cockpit and back towards Huyang and the kids.

Ahsoka held her hand up to stop him from moving when the two were about to turn, just as a door was forced open and they noticed a pirate. The two quickly turned around and took off in another direction. Ahsoka quickly sealed the blast door they'd just ran through before they ran up to the architect droid and younglings. "Youngling!" she said, getting their attention. "Who's attacking the ship?" Ganodi asked them. "Pirates." the padawan answered. "Pirates? They'll kill us all." the youngling said in fear as Byph said something in a hopeless tone. "Perhaps we should hide in the ventilation shaft." Huyang suggested. "Follow me." Ahsoka said, before pulling one of the floor grates off. "Hiding is for cowards. We should stand and fight." Petro said confidently as Revan climbed into the shaft, followed buy Huyang. "We're gonna fight, just not the way they expect." she said with a smirk before he jumped in. At the same moment another small explosion went off behind them, as another group of pirates started forcing their way in.

"Time to go." she urged quickly, before Katooni stopped. "Is this part of our training?" she asked as Ahsoka placed a hand on her head. "It is now." the padawan replied with small smile before gently pushing her in, followed by Gungi. Ahsoka jumped in last before putting the grate back. The padawan made a quiet 'Shh' with an index finger on her lips, as a group pirates walked just above them. "Hondo says find the kids and bring 'em to him." one of the pirates said. "Dead or alive?" another asked. "Yes." the first answered before they chuckled darkly. Ahsoka crawled up to the others. "We must have courage, young Jedi." she said before turning her head to Ganodi and Zatt. "Ganodi and Zatt, I need you to get to the cockpit, find Artoo, and secure it." she instructed, earning a nod from Ganodi, before addressing the other younglings. "The rest of you, take Professor Huyang and seal yourselves inside the hold, and wait for my command." she instructed the others. "What are you going to do?" Petro asked her.

"I'm going to reroute enough power to the engines so that we can break free of the pirate ship's hold on us." she replied. "What about the pirate's already on board the ship?" Katooni asked. "Once the docking tube is ruptured, when the ships pull apart, a vacuum will be created, which will suck the pirates off the ship and into space." Ahsoka explained. "Will we be sucked into space?" Ganodi asked. "No, the cockpit and the hold will be sealed and still have air. Do not, and I mean, do not engage the pirates. Your only job is to stay hidden. Do you understand?" she asked them, earning nods. "Now go." she said before they all started crawling forward. Revan grabbed her hand with his mechno one before giving it a gentle squeeze as she turned to face him. "Be careful. For both your sakes." he said softly, earning a soft smile and the best hug she could give him in the tight space.

Revan caught up to Ganodi and Zatt as quickly as he could on his hands and knees. A few minutes later they reached the cockpit and Revan opened the grate up before climbing out then helping the younglings out. "Hold it!" a pirate snarled just outside the room as he caught them. Zatt ran to the door's control button and pressed it, unfortunately the pirate was a bit faster and managed to grab the door just before it fully closed. The pirate reached over and grabbed Zatt's arm to stop him from getting away. Revan was about to help him when Ganodi rushed over to help before he could. "Get off him!" she demanded while trying to punch the pirate's arm. "Easy, there. That's no way to make friends, now, is it?" the pirate asked with a cruel smirk, as he pushed her to the ground and got the door open. Revan simply walked up to him while he was still focused on her and punched him with his mechanical arm, sending the pirate out of the cockpit, into the wall and knocked out. "Thanks, Master." Zatt said with a small smile as the Knight helped Ganodi stand, and gave the youngling a nod in return.

A few minutes later the ships internal com beeped. "Revan, come in." the Knight pressed a button before she continued. "I'm overriding the emergency power fail-safe and routing energy to the engines." she said. "It's working." he replied. "Any word from the others? Have they reached the hold?" she asked. "Not yet." he replied. "Where are they?" she asked, her voice taking on a tone of frustration. "We're not sure. We haven't heard from them yet." he replied. "Great. I know what that means." she said, worry in her voice before cutting off.

Awhile later, Katooni finally contacted them. "Master, close the door to the training room." she said. "Katooni, where are you guys?" the Knight asked her. "No time to explain, Master. Just close the door." she replied before he turned to Artoo. "Artoo, close the door." he said. The droid beeped before plugging into the ship for few seconds. 'That bad feeling is back.' Petro's voice suddenly came over the com. "We're all in the hold, but Ahsoka's still out there fighting the pirates." he said. "What!?" Revan asked, his voice raised before taking off towards her.

Revan used the Force to keep himself steady when the ship shifted. 'They're already gunning the engines!? Ahsoka's not even safe yet!' The Knight finally reached them and saw his wife fighting Hondo. He was about to activate his sabers and help her before the vacuum of space tried sucking them out. The Knight quickly activated his magnets on his boots just as Ahsoka let go of the wall so she could kick Hondo off. Revan moved as quickly as he could after seeing them get sucked down the corridor and narrowly dodged a pirate that flew by him. Ahsoka Force-gripped said pirate and tossed him into the others that were inside the docking tube before Force-pushing them further into it. The padawan let go so she could move to the door's button and pressed it. Unfortunately the door was closing very quickly and to make it worse one of the pirates was still on the ship and bumped into Ahsoka, knocking them both into the tube. "Ahsoka!" Revan yelled in horror as he watched his wife disappear from sight. The Knight reached out with the Force to try grabbing her but the door finally closed before he felt the familiar pull of lightspeed.

The Knight's arm slowly fell as he continued to stare at door with a saddened expression behind his mask. He heard the younglings cheer at their victory over the pirates before hearing Ganodi try and contact Ahsoka. "Padawan Tano, come in. Ahsoka. Ahsoka! Ahsoka, are you there?" she asked over the com. "She won't hear you, Ganodi." Revan said quietly as he entered the cockpit where the others were. They all turned to face him, minus Huyang, who's head and arms were disconnected from his body. "Where is she, Master?" the young Rodian girl asked. Revan walked pass them and sat in the pilot seat with a long sigh before replying. "The pirates got her." he replied simply as he heard the two girls gasp. 'Ahsoka… please be safe, I couldn't bear the thought of either one of you getting hurt.' A tear ran down his face before his eyes turned yellow. 'Hondo… You kill her and I'll turn your base into a slaughterhouse and put your head on a pike!'

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