Random Digi-Couples 03: I realize it is you I love


'I got wormon{sp?} back, and I apologized to my parents but still I feel like my soul is black. I can't live anymore knowing what I have done, but I know I can't kill myself it would hurt Wormon and my parents too much. I'm the only child my parents have left, if I were to kill myself then they would probably die of grief and I don't want to hurt any more people. If just for them, I'll continue living..."

Ken flopped back on his bed, nearly avoiding lying on top of his sleeping Digimon.

'I'm tired, I've been thinking to hard about things again." Ken glanced at the clock, which sat on a stand next to his bed.

'Hmmmmm, mom and dad should be home from that dinner about now, they really wanted me to come but...' ken coughed. 'They don't allow sick people in the restaurant, and I did not want to make them have to stay home on their anniversary...'

Ken closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Ken opened his eyes, at first everything was blurry but soon cleared up. 'How long have I been asleep?" Ken turned and looked over at the clock.

"I've been out for hours...hey! Where are mom and dad? I don't hear them...' Ken got out of bed, being careful not to wake up his Digimon and walked into the hall.

"Mom! Dad!" He called, and received no answer.

'I'm really worried, mom and dad should be back now...'




Ken jumped startled as the phone rang. 'oh, that's probably mom calling now to tell me that they will be coming home soon.' Ken thought as he picked up the phone, but the voice on the other end was anyone but his mother's.

"Is this Ken?" The voice asked. It was a low gruff voice that reminded him of a bear chewing at the neck of a helpless dear.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is officer Frick. I hate to inform you but your parents were involved in an accident."

Ken could feel terror clench his heart in its merciless fist. "What...kind...of...accident...?" he asked slowly, fearing the worse.

"A car accident, they were hit by a drunk driver." The voice replied cold and unfeeling.

"Are they ok...?"

"There dead." The voice answered, shock and grief engulfed him and before he knew it he ran threw the door tears flowing from his eyes.


Tai sighed as he stood on the side of the street waiting for the light to change so he could cross the street.

'I guess I should have left earlier because of this stupid traffic I'll be late for my date with Sora.' Tai grumbled. 'I can't believe I'm dating Sora..., I don't even like her that way, she's like a sister to me but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I love her but not in that way, I know I love someone but I just don't know who he or she are yet. It's strange but I have a feeling I'll find out who it is soon.'

The lights finally changed and Tai started to cross the street when a loud sobbing halted him in his tracks.

'I know that voice!'

Tai turned around to catch Ken running around the corner of a building.

"Ken...?" Tai asked and ran towards the younger boy.


Ken stopped when he reached a lamppost; tired he leaned against it and began to cry heavily.


He heard a voice call, Ken turned his head and saw Tai standing there watching him with concern. Ken's heart skipped a beat, 'Tai..." and before he knew it he ran into the older boys arms and began to cry.


The older boy froze in surprise as the younger ran into his arms crying.

"...Ken? What's wrong?" Tai asked concerned despite the fact he was still a little peeved at Ken for enslaving Agumon.

"Tai, my parents....!There...there..!" Ken began to sob louder and his grip around Tai's waist tightened.

"Whoa, take it easy, pal. Now tell me, what happened to your parents Ken?"

Ken looked up at him, his blue eyes filled with tears as he tried desperately to hold them back.

"There dead!" He blurted out before burying his head into Tai's chest and began sobbing louder.

Tai's eyes widened in shock, and suddenly he felt all anger at Ken for what he did to Agumon and all the other Digimon fade in an instant.

"Ken...." Tai's voice trailed off not knowing what else to say.


'I never showed such weakness before, but I just can't help it, and I just feel for some reason safe enough around Tai to let lose my feelings... Could it be because he reminds me so much of dear Davis...? The first boy I have ever truly loved?'

Ken coughed again, he felt week and tired from crying so much, and he began to feel light head and dizzy and before he knew it was falling over.

"Tai..." he mumbled before blacking out

'Where, am I?' Ken thought as he opened his eyes, he was floating in a clear blue sky, filled with soap bubbles.

"Did I die?" He asked, his voice echoing around him.

"No." A voice answered from behind him.

Ken's eyes opened wide as he turned around startled. "Sam!?"

Sam grinned. "Hey Ken, it's good to see you again. It's been so many years..."

"Sam, what are you doing hear?"

"Ken, I want you to know what you did as the Digimon emperor was not your fault."

Ken looked down guiltily. "No...it was my fault, I have no excuses for what I've done..."

"That's true, we are all responsible for our own actions but," Sam sighed. "Some of what made you become what you had was partly my fault?"

"What do you mean?"

"Mom and Dada always paid attention to me and never to you. I knew this, and I loved being the 'best' I loved all the attention. Actually I was never a big genius until you were born. I only began to study and work hard because I thought that with a new baby in the house Mom and Dad would forget all about me, so instead I tired to get them to forget about you..."


"I was selfish, and when I died, I know how you felt. You felt like I was the only one our parents loved, and to make them happy you tried to be just like me. The reason why you became ' The Digimon Emperor' is because the digital world magnifies the need and desire of a person as well as their good points and bead points. You felt so unloved and worthless and that's why you became the Digimon Emperor. "

Ken looked at him surprised.

Sam smiled a sad little smile. "Goodbye Ken, I'll see you in around ten years, ok?"

"Ten?" Ken asked.

"Yeah, can't see you again tell you die."

"Oh." Ken paused for a second. "Ten years!? I only have ten years to live!?"
Sam began to chuckle. "Just kidding Ken, you still have a good forty years left. I have to go now, forgive me for how I felt and for what I did. I love you, Ken."

The boy began to disappear as Ken called. "Sam!! Don't go!"

"Sorry, Ken..." Sam was almost gone when Ken shouted to him the final words he would be able too until forty years.

"I love you to Sam!"

Then the area was empty. Ken shivered as I lonely wind blew past him. "Where do I go now?"

Ken jumped as someone laid a blanket over his shoulders.

"Ken dear, your cold will get worse if you just stand out here in the cold." A familiar voice told him.

Ken twisted around and his eyes filled with tears." Mom, dad..."

"Hi ken." His father smiled sadly.

Ken leaped forward giving his mother a big hug.

"Mom! Dad!" The young boy wailed.

"Now, Ken don't cry." His mother comforted rubbing his back in the same way she did when he was small to calm him down when he awoke from a nightmare.

"We're sorry we had to leave you Ken, but it was our time, but we'll always be with you if not in person then in sprit." His father smiled putting a hand on his son's shoulder.


"We're sorry we pressured you into being like Sam, we really do love you for who you are."

"But mom...you don't know...you don't know what I did..." Ken began.

"We know about it Ken, and we forgive you, and * he * has too." His father smiled.

"You know...and who is * he? * " Ken asked but his parents disappeared, the only words he heard from them as they disappeared from his sights forever was the words

"We love you Ken."

"Mom! Dad! Wait!" Ken called desperately but got no reply.

"Ken..." A voice suddenly came from behind him; Ken could feel his breath stop in his lungs as he twisted around his eyes wide.


Davis smiled. "Hello Ken, It's good to see you again."

Ken's eyes filled with tears. "...Oh...Davis...I..."

Davis smiled and shook his head. "I know, but we weren't meant to be Ken...it was not me you had feelings for, * we * were never anything but good friends. But there is someone, your true someone out there for you...you know who he is...you know it in your heart."

"What do you mean...?" Ken asked slowly.

"Faith has somebody for everybody, mine was Mimi however...I gave up on my feelings to soon and it cost both of our lives...don't do the same mistake I did Ken...you know in your heart who you truly love...and I can tell you that he loves you too."

"But Davis...who is it? I always thought that it was you I loved."

Davis grinned. "Well, who reminds you the most of me?"

Ken's eyes widened in surprise. "....Tai...It's Tai..."

Davis nodded. "Yes, and he loves you too."

"But how, after what I did to Agumon?"

"Hey!" A chirpy voice laughed as Mimi walked out of the mists. "Don't be the one to question faith! I mean it was faith that Davis and me got together, I mean whatever was the chance of that happening, I mean even though we died right after confessing love...heheh! I know that you and Tai will be happy together, just don't be afraid to show your feelings!"

Davis grinned at the pink hair girl. "Yeah, Ken, what would you do if Tai was hear right now?"

" I...I...well...I..." Ken trailed off stuttering.

Around him the mist began to clear and above him he could see Tai's face and his voice calling out to him to wake up.

'I guess I would do this...' Ken suddenly thought pushing himself upward.


Tai's eyes widened in surprise as Ken sat up and kissed him on his lips but he was even more surprised when he felt himself returning the kiss with a passion. He did not know why but he felt happy all over when Ken kissed him, he just...he just never felt this way when he kissed Sora.

'This all must be a dream.' Tai told himself as he and Ken broke off the kiss.

Tai watched as Ken's face blushed red and he turned away to look at the bedroom floor.

"I...I...I took you to my house after you passed out..." Tai stuttered also aware that he was blushing.

'I'm alone in Tai's room, on his bed, and I just kissed him...' Ken repeated this over and over in his head.

"Um...Ken...a...about that kiss..." Tai began.

' He hates me now...' Ken thought as he looked up a Tai with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Tai...but I...I..."

As Tai watched the tears form in the boys eyes he finally found whom it was that he loved, he did not know why he fell in love with someone whom had hurt his best friend or someone whom was another boy and years younger then him but he just did.

Ken looked up at the older boy startled as Tai wrapped his hands around him and pulled him into a tender kiss.

"Tai..." Ken said softly as the kiss ended.

"I love you, Ken." Tai silenced him with those four words.

"Me, too...but...why?"

"I don't know, but who are we to question faith?"

'That's what Davis and Mimi said.' Ken thought, those would be his last clear thoughts for the rest of the evening as Tai pulled him into another embrace.

Both boys were breathing hard as they kissed, pulling each other's clothes off in hot passion. Sweat was already gushing out of both boys' bodies.

"Tai, I love you so much." Ken gasped between breaths as he and Tai kissed over and over.

"Me too, Ken..." Tai said much the same way before pushing himself on top of Ken.

The two boys activities where just about to reach their peek when a horrified voice screamed from the doorway.


Both boys looked in shock and fear at the doorway. Sora stood there her face long and pale her eyes wide and filling quickly with tears. The girl let out a sob and ran away.

"SORA!!" Tai called out to her but she did not come back.

Ken felt guilty and hurt. "Tai, did you love Sora...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Tai cut him off. "I loved Sora, but not in that was, not in the way I love you, she was like a sister to me, it is you I love but I never wanted to hurt her like this."

"...It must be hard, but she'll understand won't she?"

Tai forced a smile on his face. "Sora's a true friend, she'll understand, even though it'll take her awhile, and if she doesn't forgive me at least I still have you my first and only true love."

"Tai..." Ken smiled his cheeks blushing.

"And I promise that my heart will always belong to you and you alone." Tai said taking Ken's hand in his.

"I'm so glad." Ken closed his eyes as both boys leaned in for another kiss that was far from ever being there last.

The End