Allergic Reaction

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Elrohir smiled as he watched Elladan chase five-year-old Estel. His brothers were quite energetic that day. Laughing cheerfully, Estel sprinted away from Elladan. Elladan was not running as quickly as he could, but he was fast enough to leave his foster brother breathless.

Catching up with Estel, Elladan playfully but carefully tackled the young boy. Elrohir over to warn his brothers, but it was too late. Estel and Elladan had rolled right into a patch of poison ivy.

"Men are allergic to that plant," He yelled, "We had better ask Ada what to do. For that reason, the three elves walked back inside and proceeded to find Elrond. On the way, Elladan and Estel earned many stares. They were much dirtier than their brother. Elrohir had politely declined their invitation to slide in the mud with them earlier. He devised ways to tease the others later.

Adults wondered why Elrond did not make his sons take baths. It certainly did not seem proper for the sons of the Lord of Rivendell to be covered with mud and grass. Elladan just grinned and brushed a few twigs out of Estel's hair.

Youth wanted to finish their tasks so they could go play and get dirty. They rushed through chores, angering the older servants more than Elrond and his sons themselves when they accidentally broke a few glasses and such things.

One woman was particularly astonished by the boys' messiness. She would never allow her children to roam Imladris in such a dirty state. Her reasoning was questionable, however, because her children where calm, complaisant little girls

Elrond smiled at the approach of his three sons. They had been energetically playing outside all that morning. He paid no heed to shocked guests who thought that Elrond's sons should be studying, or at least practicing some worthwhile skill.

"Is that a white tunic, Elladan?" He teased. The shirt certainly did not have much white on it. Its color bore a remarkable resemblance to the clay that could be found in certain outdoor places. "It used to be," Elrohir answered for his brother. "The servants will be annoyed when they wash our clothing." "Go bathe and change clothes, all of you. We can talk later." The three obeyed the command. They knew their father well enough to know that he was not exasperated at their lack of cleanliness. His orders were perfectly understandable, however, as at that moment none of the boys possessed the neat, clean look that one would expect of two elves and one boy who was being raised among elves. .