WARNING: Spoilers for the Crownsreach release and 13th Chaos Lord Saga. Read at your own risk.

So. This wasn't how she imagined her Friday going. Not at all.

It was Friday the 13th, and that meant Voltaire was due for a return. And return he did. Except this time he needed help with...interior decorating?

Yeah, she was confused too. She was a hero, not an interior decorator. Then again, she's been asked for a lot of weird stuff before, so she shrugged it off and joined him anyway.

He led her to a dark looking cave, and opened...was that a door? Again, she shrugs it off, having seen much weirder and stranger things before, and walked inside.

She wondered who called them here, and she just about jumped out of her skin when she saw...him.


...And some weird lady with pigtails and a creepily wide grin.

Of all people who wanted to get their place redecorated, it was freaking Drakath. Former Champion of Chaos, evil megalomaniac, and her sworn enemy for years.

She felt her blood boiling, and she wanted to fireball him in the face right then and there. After all he has done, he deserved much worse. It seemed like he was tempted to do the same, if the expression on his face was any indication, and the way that the weird chaos lady was holding him back.

He had caused so much destruction and devastation, killed many, caused her to become the very thing she fought against, and even managed to kill her, and she was supposed to be immortal. Or so she thought. She was supposed to be the Eternal Dragon of Time, right? It was a plausible assumption.

Calm down, the rational voice in her head said. He's not your enemy, not at the moment, at least. You're both fighting against the Queen, and you could use all the help you could get, even if you're not happy about it.

She hated when that voice was right. Reluctantly, and with barely restrained rage, she agreed to help.

You know, she was actually beginning to find it funny now. Never in her life had she ever imagined she'd be helping to redecorate the lair of her former worst enemy. The absurdity of it all made her chuckle. Her and Drakath, actually having a civil conversation with one another, in the same room...

Wow. What has her life come to? She mentally shook her head, and continued helping Voltaire with the tasks he set out for her.

So. That happened. When Voltaire was unveiling his "finishing touch", which happened to be a statue of some sort of demonic entity, also happened to actually be the real deal. Of course, that meant she had to fight it before it could cause too much destruction, and so she did.

The fight was over, the statue returned back to normal, and Drakath's lair was completely renovated, and now the chaos lady (apparently named Cemaros), Drakath and Voltaire were talking about when they'd unleash the entity back into the world. Well, more like Cemaros accidentally let it slip out, but the hero just rolled her eyes. She'd come to expect this type of behavior, and if the entity ever did get unleashed again, she'd stop it just like last time. It seemed like that Cemaros has actually been helping Drakath quite a bit, too. He seemed a bit different than before. More mellow? Eh, something like that.

She eventually left, and both Drakath and Cemaros actually bid her farewell in a civil manner, another thing she never expected to ever happen. Although Drakath did threaten to crush her if she got in his way, but that was expected, and she doubted he really had the power to do so anymore without the power from the Queen. Other than that, though, civil.

She chuckled again on her way out. Her life was truly absurd indeed.