No wonder that it's Mary that we love

Summary: Mary wonders why everyone in the chalk-drawing seemed to love her. MARY/BERT OF COURSE!

A/N: Anyone else notice how Mary couldn't stop smiling during the entire chalk-drawing scene? Why? Bert, of course. She seems to smile every time she's around him. Naturally I take that to mean there's something to it. I've been a Julie Andrews fan for a long time, but I've been obsessing lately. Thus this little ficlet was born. Might be OOC. Whatever. Please Read and Review!

Oh, wasn't it a glorious day? Bert thought to himself after bidding Mary Poppins and the children farewell at the end of their chalk-drawing adventure. How he had enjoyed singing and dancing with her. Of course they had met each other long before today and they had many wonderful adventures together with her charges, but today was the first time they had ever been alone together for a while. When he'd first seen her in that dress he couldn't stop himself from telling her how beautiful she looked. She'd looked so adorably shy when she asked if he really thought so. Of course he did. Why wouldn't he? He'd been in love with the woman ever since her silhouette had appeared on the pavement in front of him nearly fifteen years ago. It might have been fate that this encounter of theirs had started in the same way.

His thoughts were brought back from where they had wondered when he heard Jane and Michael say a last "Goodbye, Bert!" before following Mary Poppins again.

Bert stared after them a second, wondering what it would be like should he run up to Mary Poppins, stop her in her tracks and kiss her silly in the falling rain. Knowing it wouldn't happen, he shook the thought from his head and instead started dancing across the rapidly disappearing picture on the pavement. He had hoped singing and dancing would distract him from the thought of holding Mary Poppins's hand just some time ago, but instead it made him remember how wonderfully she had fit into his arms when they danced together. How he longed for it to happen again.