No wonder that it's Mary that we love

Summary: Mary wonders why everyone in the chalk-drawing seemed to love her. MARY/BERT OF COURSE!

A/N: Wrapping up! I hope you enjoyed it!

That evening just after she had put the children to bed, Mary Poppins opened her window and looked suspiciously out and up to the roof. Deciding not to dwell upon the why's and how's she simply opened her umbrella and drifted effortlessly through the window and upwards until her feet were above the rooftop and she landed there lightly.

Looking around she spotted nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking she might be a bit early or Bert might be a bit late, she perched atop a chimney and waited. She had hardly sat down when Bert appeared seemingly out of nowhere, smiling at her.

"Hello, Mary Poppins," he greeted while tipping an imaginary hat.

"Good evening, Bert," she smiled in return. She couldn't stop smiling at this man, just like a few days ago in the chalk-drawing. That thought about why everyone there loved her so much crossed her mind again and she vowed to find out before the evening was through. "I received your letter. Care to explain?"

"Well I wanted to see you again. Can't I spend some time with me best pal once in a while?"

Though still slightly suspicious, Mary decided not to press for answers now. "Very well. What would you like to do?"

"Well!" Bert exclaimed, drawing the word out to make it four syllables long. "How about a dance?" he asked. At this he bowed deeply, offering a hand for Mary to take.

Mary blushed at the sudden proposition. More so when she realised she'll be in his arms again should she accept. Though, that thought is exactly what made her do so, but not without asking first: "Without music?"

"Why, we'd make our own!"

Bert started humming quietly then, pulling Mary closer as soon as she put her hand in his.

They started the dance out at a respectable distance from each other. Bert's tune was upbeat and lively and they twirled about on the roof much in the same fashion as they had earlier with the rest of the sweeps. The song ended and a quieter, slower one began. Bert's arm tightened around Mary's back and with the next turn she stepped closer into his arms. Gliding together effortlessly Mary realised how wonderfully they fit together and how absolutely safe she felt in his arms.

The song changed again, even slower this time until they were almost just stepping left and right. By this time Mary had been pulled right up against Bert's body and her head rested comfortably against his heart.

Mary was so lost in the feel of Bert next to her that she almost missed when his tune changed again. He was humming their Jolly Holiday song.

"Bert?" Mary all but whispered.

He stopped humming, though she could swear she still heard the tune coming from somewhere. "Hmm?"

"I've been meaning to ask you..." she trailed off.

"Yes?" She was quiet a moment longer. "You know you can ask me anything, Mary Poppins. I'll do me best to answer you if I can."

"Why did it seem like everyone in the chalk-drawing was in love with me?"

Bert smiled, though Mary couldn't see it while hear head was still resting against his chest. She looked up when he didn't answer immediately. He knew it was now or never.

"Because I drew them."

Mary frowned at this. "I don't understand, Bert."

"Well, you see..." He took a deep breath. "Everything I draw is me own work from me own memory. I put meself on the pavement there."

Mary's head started spinning. She very badly wanted him to mean what she's thinking he does, but she didn't want to get her hoped up just to get them dashed again. "Bert, do you mean...?" She didn't dare say it.

"It's true, Mary Poppins. I'm in love with you. If you'll have me."

A smile stretched across Mary's lips, threatening to split her face in two. "I'd be lucky to have you, Bert."

"Oh, Mary Poppins!"

Bert's head tilted down then at the same time Mary rose up unto the tips of her toes. Both of their eyes slipping shut at the same time, their lips met in a sweet first kiss.

"Bert?" she whispered with her lips against his, her eyes still closed.


"You might start calling me 'Mary'."

Bert smiled and pulled her head closer to claim her mouth in a kiss again.