The Generator: Drakken's Lair
July 26, 2007: 3:34PM

The entire lair started to shake violently. Kim, Ron, Rufus, Shego, and Drakken were all thrown against the guardrails, the floor cracking beneath their feet. Kim pulled herself back up to her feet, and looked to Shego.

"Tell me there's an escape plan," Kim grunted.

"Ya think I'd still be standing here if there was enough time to get to it?!" Shego shot back as she held onto Drakken with one hand. Had it not been for her, his unconscious body would have fallen into the pit. This was bad.


Kim's jaw dropped. At least Middleton's safe? she forced herself to think.


Kim raised an eyebrow, and looked over to the central console. Ron was hunched over the keyboard, typing like a madman. Even Rufus was helping, hitting the ENTER key every time Ron finished a word.

Nacho, Naco, Clip-On Tie, Bendy Straws, Megalomania…this wasn't going anywhere.

Red lights started flashing. Kim's heart was beating so fast now it was impossible to think clearly. She had never been up against something so bad before. Except for the Li'l Diablos and Lowardian invasions, but the solutions to those problems all came from the outside, be it a special gun or Ron's powers.

"Ron!" Kim shouted across the room. He didn't stop typing.


"Ron—" Kim started. A rumble overtook her shout.

Taking Rufus in one hand, Ron leapt to Kim, grabbing her in a tight embrace. He had never held her like that before. His free hand reached up and touched the back of her head.

Blue light surrounded them. She looked him in the eyes but all she saw were pupil-less sapphires. A painful sensation swept through her body. It felt like something was squeezing every organ of her body. Tighter and tighter until she was ready to burst, and then suddenly there was relief.

She felt as light as air. Something warm filled her body. Looking around her, she saw tendrils of the blue energy wrapping around her and Ron, creating a barrier. Slowly, the two of them lifted off of the ground. Ron still hadn't come to.

Kim looked down to Shego who looked back up at her helplessly. Was this it? Was this the end of the line for Shego and Drakken? And all of their mooks? And Carl Jenkins?

They did this. They built a lair in the ocean just to break Kim and Ron's spirits.

They were going to take over the world after this.

They had everything they needed to start decent lives and they refused to do so.

But…should they die for this?

No. She couldn't allow that.


Kim's hands gently slipped around Ron's face. He didn't budge an inch. "Ron," she whispered to him. She moved his head to face her, but his eyes remained unfocused. "Ron, c'mon, we have to save them too." He still didn't move. She didn't have many options left.

Kim pushed herself out of Ron's hold, but the energy still carried her. Looking back to Ron, she bit her lip.

She kicked Ron as hard as she could. The energy field faded immediately and the two tumbled to the floor beneath them.

"KP! What gives?" Ron asked, rubbing his head, checking to make sure Rufus was okay.

"Ron, we can't just leave them behind," Kim shouted, gesturing to Shego and Drakken. "Or anyone here. They don't deserve this."

"Why? They tried to destroy Middleton!" Ron shouted.


Maybe she should've talked to Ron about this earlier. Bad timing.

"Yeah, I know they did—and I know they started doing the villainy thing again, but—I believe in them, Ron. And I want you to as well," Kim said, wrapping her arms around herself. "There was a goon here who told me about Drakken's plan, who gave me the password. We wouldn't have gotten this far without him."

"He also came up with the whole scheme to destroy Middleton," Shego piped in.

"Not helping," Kim said under her breath.

"Noted," Shego said, leaning Drakken up against a guardrail to check if he was okay.

"It doesn't matter either way, KP," Ron sighed, frustrated beyond belief but still trying to listen to Kim, "My powers only work when I'm worried about you or our friends…I—I—I'm not strong enough."

Ron looked down at his feet, stepping away from Kim. She frowned, her heart nearly giving out on her. What could she possibly say to fix this?

"You know I'm not good enough," Ron said, "I'm all messed up, KP. I—I can't save them, I know it means a lot to you," Ron said in a small voice. "But I can save us."

"COCOA MOO," Drakken snapped, waking up all of a sudden. He looked around the room. "Haha, Kimberly Ann! You think you're all that, but this drill is actually going to destroy Middleton!"

"Yeah, I know. We already disabled that. The generator is about to blow up. Can you help with that?" Kim shouted, her posture stiff and unassuming.

"No," Drakken squeaked, holding onto Shego's leg as another quake hit. Shego immediately began explaining everything that had just transpired to the bad doctor.


"No, Ron, you're good enough, you've proven yourself so many times, I need you to listen to me though," Kim started, pausing for a precious half second. Sweat was pouring down her face, it was nearly impossible to think straight. "Drakken and Shego saved the world once. And that's a beautiful thing," Kim said.

This was really hard. There were so many reasons to let Drakken & Shego rot; she was really grasping at straws by this point. "Shego didn't let me die, Ron. I was ready to let her kill me, but she didn't do it. She saved me."

Ron frowned. "KP?"

Kim wanted more than anything for this mission to be over, for the two of them to fly home where she could let it all out and tell him how she carelessly put her life on the threshold, how she had thrown their entire future up in the air. But she only had twenty seconds.

She loved Ron, but he was so hard to reason with sometimes. His views on morality were always so black and white, which made sense back when people like Monkey Fist would try to take over the world with a Monkey God of Chaos. Obviously that was bad news.

But now things were different. Carl wanted to kill Kim and Ron not because he actually wanted to hurt them, but to be free. Did Drakken and Shego feel the same way? Ever since the revelation of Ron's powers, the world changed and there was so much more they needed to consider. Ron's powers were so destructive and had been used to kill. God, if she were in Ron's position, she would be beating herself up for that mistake every day.



Shego and Drakken saved the world somehow through their failed scheme to destroy it.

Ron saved the world and in the process destroyed two lives.

Ron had done the thing that many of their foes never dared to do. He killed someone. And it was probably still tearing him up inside. And maybe he saw himself lesser than Shego & Drakken that day.

A loud sob echoed through the room. Kim turned just in time to see Drakken bury his face into Shego's shoulder.

"Shego," Drakken cried, "When I told you to kill Jimmy—"

"Carl," Shego sighed.

"I thought—Carl?"

"Don't worry, same guy. Just call him Jimmy," Shego rolled her eyes.

Drakken smiled back. "I told you to take him out if he was a weak link in our plan, but I didn't really want you to! I was just—worried about you—erm—about what people would think if they knew I was going soft, but I didn't even want to hurt anyone this time, I just want to finish my biography!" Drakken took in a deep breath. "I'm so happy that you're on my side now."

Shego failed fighting off a smile and accepted Drakken's embrace. The two looked over to Kim & Ron.

"I'm sorry, Kimberly Ann," Drakken sobbed.

"Wait, what?" Ron mumbled from afar. This was so much to take in at once.


"Ron," Kim started, walking up to Ron and taking his hand, "You're not a bad person. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put so much pressure on you."

Ron looked to Kim, absolutely slack-jawed.

"I believe in you, and these powers couldn't have gone to a better, more caring person," Kim offered. "You did what you had to do the day of the Lowardian Invasion but this time you've been dealt a much better hand. You got this."


Ron looked around the room. He saw everything differently now. And then his eyes finally changed back from dark blue to that friendly brown.

"Does this mean you're going to save us?" Drakken sniveled. Shego nodded with him.

Ron smiled and pumped his arms in the air. A wave of blue erupted from him and swept across the room, slipped into the hallways, and continued to envelope the entire lair within the span of a second.


Not Drakken's Lair Anymore, The Atlantic Ocean
July 26, 2007: 3:35PM

All around Kim and Ron, explosions surged through the lair, tearing it apart. It was stunning the way that each blast of orange would blow past them, and then ocean would fill in more and more of the gaps the destroyed lair left. Somehow, they all stayed unharmed from the heat, rising slowly through the watery depths.

Looking over her shoulder, Kim saw an entire decimated wing of the lair. Handfuls of mooks all rose up with them, many of them unconscious, the remainder panicking from their seemingly newfound immortality.

What a sight. Ron had really done it.

Kim let go of Ron's hand and swiveled around, taking it all in. Metal was still being torn apart by the explosion, splintering into millions of pieces, crumpling and falling to the bottom of the ocean. She had never before really took in the destruction of a lair. They had always managed to escape before the boom. It was surprisingly beautiful. She saw Drakken marveling at the damage, holding onto Shego's hand. Amazing how fast things had changed.

Looking above them, she saw Carl's body hovering far above. What was going to happen to him after this? Would revealing the password of the generator be enough to pardon him of his crimes? Maybe, but he also deserved to serve time for what he did.

Wait, did he? Yes, yes, he did some very bad things.

And maybe getting away scot-free wasn't the best route for Drakken and Shego.

Who knows anymore?

Did they do the right thing?

Kim looked at Ron proudly guide all the floating bodies to surface. Yes. They did.

Kim reached for Ron's hand. She felt a lot better about everything. They breached the surface.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
July 26, 2007: 3:37PM

"Ron!" Kim cried out as she popped out of the water.

"KP!" Ron flailed, swimming over to Kim and grabbing her tight.

"I need to—" Kim started but just as her mouth opened, giant pieces of debris from the ship burst from the ocean, causing giant plumes of water to erupt. Kim and Ron both closed their mouths and ducked underwater, avoiding several waves that passed over them. Kim nodded to Ron after the waves passed and they both shot back to the surface.

"I need to tell you something!" Kim shouted, nearly out of breath, "I didn't pick a major because I don't know what I am doing with my life! I never took a second to figure it out."

"Kim?" Ron asked. Simultaneously, Drakken whined, "But you're so good at what you do…"

"Dude! Personal moment here!" Ron cried out over the crashing waves.

"Wait, seriously, you're going to college?" Shego asked with a raised eyebrow. "You're not going to just keep doing the freelance crime-fighting thing?"

Kim cringed; it was happening again.

Tuning Drakken and Shego out, Kim waded towards Ron. "I'm scared too, Ron," Kim shouted, "I don't know what our futures are going to be like!"

"Yeah! Same!" Ron responded quickly. He was happy to hear Kim finally opening up even though it reminded him that she was leaving him behind in a month.

"Ron," Kim said, gripping Ron tightly by his shirt. "My whole life I've been trapped. I never got to live a real life. I've only been to places because I had to be there to help someone. Next month, I am going to Europe…for me," Kim said. "I know it's bad for our relationship but I need this! I just—I need to—learn—I—" Kim stuttered, really struggling with this. Noticing that, Ron picked the conversation up.

"KP, why didn't you just tell me this earlier?" Ron asked.

"I didn't want you to think I'm weak."

"Weak!?" Ron shouted as a huge wave blasted towards them. His eyes narrowed and a blue monkey magic shield materialized around them. The wave broke on them and then washed away. "Kim, I would never think that!"

"Really?" Kim gasped.

"Yeah!" Ron smiled, holding tight onto Kim. "I'm sorry I put you through all that, I didn't—I never even thought—-I should have asked but I was so self-involved—"

"It's okay," Kim grinned, going in for a kiss with Ron. Just as their lips touched a loud CRASH echoed throughout the shield. They turned to the source to see Drakken smashed spread-eagle against the shield. They heard him squeal as he slid down the shield and slip back into the ocean. Kim and Ron turned to face each other.

"We should probably do something about that," Kim and Ron said simultaneously.

"Jinx!" they both shouted back. Their eyebrows raised.

"Double jinx?" they tried. Oops.


"WHO CARES?!" Drakken screamed as he was slammed against the shield again. "I'LL BUY BOTH OF YOU A SODA IF IT MATTERS SO MU—" Before he could finish he was once again slept away.

"You're right, KP," Ron smiled, touching Kim's cheek. "He really isn't that bad of a guy."

"Ron, focus."



"Huh, I wasn't expecting any guests today…"

The Jenkins Home: Santa Fe, California
July 27, 2007: 12:05PM

Sheila opened the door to find Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable standing on her doorstep. Oh my God. Did something happen to Carl?

Sheila found herself unable to speak, as did Ron and Kim who stood there awkwardly.

"Um…hoooooow's your day, miss?" Ron cringed.

"Is he—did something happen?" Sheila asked, a wrinkle in her forehead.

"No! Nothing like that!" Kim said, waving her hands. "He's doing great! Just—uh…heh."

"KP," Ron nudged Kim in the hip and whispered loudly into her ear. "Maybe we should just tell her about the evil death machine her husband designed."

"What?!" Sheila gasped.

Ron's eyes darted to Sheila. "Did I say evil death machine? I meant—-um—uh—real…veal…"

"What my partner meant to say was," Kim started, stepping towards Carl's ex-wife, "There was…a disturbance?"

"What are you—please tell me Carl's okay," Sheila gasped, beginning to get emotional.

"Oh brother," Rufus sighed from within Ron's pocket. The naked mole rat scampered up Ron's left and onto his shoulder. Sheila's eyes followed the rodent in wonder. Kim and Ron both looked to Rufus as he went into a quick, high-pitched undecipherable explanation of everything that had occurred the previous day in Drakken's lair.

When Rufus wrapped it up, Kim cringed and looked to Sheila, "I'm sorry for the—"

"Oh, no, I'm up to speed," Sheila interrupted. "He's with you?"

Kim laughed nervously as she stood off to the side, revealing Carl standing next to his teenager daughter's new car. He was dressed in prison wear, his hands cuffed together. He waved to her meekly.

"Oh thank God you're alive!" Sheila cried out, running up to Carl and embracing him.

Kim and Ron both jumped over the Jenkin's family's neat bushes and walked out to the edge of the driveway, leaving the former couple to share a private moment together.

"They got five minutes, can you keep an eye on that, Ron?" Kim asked, leaning up against the mailbox.

"Yeah…sure," Ron said as he set up his stopwatch.

"So…you're good with everything?" Kim asked nervously.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah! Of course! KP, I am 100% backing you up on this!" Ron cheered, "I'm so pumped for you to go to Europe and do some edj-yoo-ma-cating!"

Kim smiled to him. "That means everything to me, Ron. Thanks."

"How will the missions work out do ya think? I mean if Duff Killigan is rampaging in the UK and you're on it first, I mean what, should I just cyber bully him or something?" Ron asked.

"I'd always appreciate it," Kim laughed.

"Like, uh," Ron chuckled, pulling out his cell phone and started typing. "Hey….Duff! You may think your short game is all that, but—uh…hm…"

"It's not?" Kim suggested.

"Oh! Yes! Of course, always a classic," Ron complimented as he typed it in and hit the send button. Immediately he clapped a hand to his mouth.

"Something wrong?" Kim raised her eyebrow.

"Yeah, I totally just sent that to him by accident!" Ron winced.

Kim burst out into laughter.

"Uh—KP?" Ron asked to no avail. "Hey! Come on! Listen up!"

Kim wiped a tear from her eye as she tried to give Ron a serious look.

"Is Duff going to try to kill me now?" Ron asked, tears staring to form in his eyes too, but for very different reasons.

Kim fell back into laughter again.

"Aw c'mon! Kim! I need you to take this seriously!" Ron shouted.

"Note," Kim said with a sly grin, "Serious face."

Kim pulled Ron towards her and kissed him.

"You're fine," Kim deadpanned while flicking Ron's nose. She looked over her shoulder to see Carl sobbing in front of his ex-wife. Kim was going to do the best she could to make sure that he got a fair sentence in court. Drakken and Shego too.

"Hey KP?" Ron sighed.

Kim looked to him with a worried expression. "Is it time for us to bring him in?"

"Nah. Just wanted to say I love you," Ron said in his softest of voices.

"Oh!" Kim exclaimed as her heart melted. "I love you too, Ron."


Thank you so much for reading this. I started this three years ago back in college and I'm embarrassed it took me so long to finish it. I lost my job at an animation studio recently, a job I had been holding onto for a year, and the past month has been unbearable for me. But writing this has been really helping me work through it and I'm a little sad it's over, but thank you so much for tuning in and being a part of this. Hope you have a great rest of your day.

- Katrina