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Quote: "When in doubt, choose change."– Lily Leung

"Nee-chan, are you sure you don't want to think about this more?"

I stopped to observe people handling my possessions and turned around to face my brother, examining his face carefully. He looked dejected and was rubbing his hands nervously, looking anywhere but at me. Even though we already went over this, he still felt bad for being a reason for all of this. I sighed and massaged my temples, squashing any doubts that surfaced when I looked at his sad face. I was the older one, I had to stay strong.

"You-You don't have to do this, you know? I… I didn't really mean what I said. I was just being oversensitive and stupid, you can continue to act like you-"


He clamped his mouth shut at my interruption and looked at me with wide eyes, begging me with them to reconsider my decision. I clenched my teeth, resisting an urge to massage my temples again. Stay strong.

"We both know that what you said the other day was your true feelings. Don't ever degrade what you feel. You weren't over-sensitive or stupid. And… I am glad that you told me what you felt. If you are hurting I wasn't you to tell me. You don't have to bottle everything. We are twins."

"B-but…" I quickly moved towards him when he started to tear up, enveloping him with my arms. He reciprocated the hug eagerly, holding me tightly. Tactfully ignoring my brother's trembling body and silent sniffles, I gazed quietly at the house before me.

I knew grandparent's house like the back of my hand after our numerous visits over the years, but now that I was about to live there for a few years, it felt strange to look at it now.

"I've never wanted you to move away"

"I know."

"You don't have to leave. I am sure we can work things out even if you stay."

"Maybe, but I want this."

"It would be lonely to sleep in a room alone."

"Yeah, it will suck, but we will get used to it."

"Is there really no way for me to persuade you?"

"Nope! I am pretty set on this."

"Yeah. And you are as stubborn as a mule."


I wanted to frown. I really wanted, but when my brother stepped away from me, rubbing his eyes and soft chuckles escaping him, I couldn't really bring myself to do it. Instead, I placed my hand on his dark green curls and roughly tousled them. A surprised yelp escaped his lips and he tried to lightly slap away my hand. I grinned evilly and was about to launch an attack at his hair fully, but loud meow stopped me.

We both paused and looked towards the sound, our eyes landing on Miss Cat. Oh, yeah. That fur-ball was moving away with me and probably wanted to be let out of her crate already. I rolled my eyes at her impatience and reached into my pocket, pulling out a packet of cat treats. Taking a handful, I showed them towards her.

That should occupy her for a bit.

Once done with that I turned to my twin who was busy with patting his hair down and trying to arrange them into some sort of proper order. I snorted quietly. As if it wasn't messy all the time.

I coughed loudly to catch his attention.

"Anyway… It's only for three years, Izuku, and we will see each other during holidays. Also don' think that just because I am few-hours-long ride away that I will stop wanting to know where are you and what are you doing." I smirked at his groan," I will text and call you daily. We can use video-chat sometime, too. Think of it as if I was in a boarding school or something," I finished firmly, a serious expression on my face. He nodded solemnly.

"Yeah… but it will be different."

I sent him a crooked smile and was about to answer when a loud and obnoxious meowing was heard again. We both looked at each other with exasperated expressions.

I looked towards people who were paid to help us move. They were already finished from the looks of it and mom was talking with them and signing some documents at the moment.

Well… time to organize my things now.


I didn't sleep that night.

It was the first time I wasn't under the same roof as my brother during the night (that one time in the hotel room didn't count as I was mostly out of it). I certainly felt like something was amiss. I don't know if that was because of some mysterious link between twins or if it was just me and my stupid over-protectiveness. In any case, it doesn't even matter why I felt so jittery because, in the end, it all came down to one thing – I missed my brother.

It wasn't even full day and I was already such a wreck. I wanted to laugh at my pathetic self.

My wild mind formed several scenarios of what could have already happened to my brother during those hours. It was stupid but I was just so uneasy when I couldn't feel his presence near me… I constantly felt the urge to look down, to see him sleeping in bed, but if I did that I would only see a floor there as I slept in a guest room and the bed wasn't our bunk bed.

But of course, that changed nothing for my irrational mind.

I wanted to call him, to hear his voice and calm myself down that way, but I stopped myself before I did that. I couldn't bother him and woke him up from his sleep just because I was upset. Also, we decided that we only will call each other once a day – after dinner.

I just needed to endure these few first days. I can think of it as if I were on a withdrawal treatment. Huh, does it mean Izuku was my drug?

Well, I guess it was true. Heh.

Anyway, because of my mind is working in an overdrive, I ended up tossing around all night and didn't get any sleep.

I got up from bed around five and decided to do my usual morning routine – I ran around ten kilometers and then did stretches and various exercises - they mainly helped my flexibility; I decided to give up on increasing my strength as my current body needed too much damn time to gain even a little of muscles. Sure, it would look cool if I knocked out someone in one punch but it felt more satisfying when I did it in more, so I suppose it wasn't such a loss.

And anyway, if I ever needed to lift or move away from something heavy I always could use my quirk – I could attract objects to myself that had about the same weight (or less). So around 55 kilograms? -not really sure, I haven't weighed myself in ages.

At any rate, I'd say things over sixty were out of my attraction reach so if I used my quirk on them, I only end up getting pulled to them. Therefore I couldn't attract cars to me… pity, it could have looked cool. Though I suppose attracting towards them sure would look cool, too… I just have to learn how to better land.

… I sidetracked there a little.

Anyway, that routine helped to clear my head a little, along with hot shower I took when I got home around seven.

Breakfast was prepared already when I came down and as grandma hated when someone talked to her during early hours (she hated mornings with passion–grandpa was the one who usually prepared breakfasts), it was a quiet affair.

The sullen atmosphere reminded me that I wasn't at home and my mood worsened again.

Thus I ate everything as fast as I could without it being called 'unsightly' – grandma lectures would be horrible if I didn't eat like a proper lady, especially now that she was already in a foul mood.

After I finished, I asked if I was needed for something today. I wasn't, therefore I told them I will go out and come back for dinner. The responses for that was an affirmative grunt from grandma and "Be safe" from grandpa.

Before leaving I took my shoulder bag from my room along with mobile, keys and wallet.

I managed to save up quite a lot of pocket money over the years as I never bought anything except presents for birthdays and Christmas and even then I got extra money from mom for them. Although sometimes I tended to treat myself to some sweets… ah, anyway with the money I accumulated, I had more than enough to buy myself lunch for today and if the need arose, for next few weeks too.

It wasn't like I didn't want to have lunch with my grandparents, but… yeah, I really didn't. It just reminded me of a fact that my brother and mom wasn't there. Sure, grandpa and granny were good company (except mornings) but I wasn't used to seeing those empty seats around the table.

I patted Miss Cat on the head on my way out of my room. She was lying on my bed and once I touched her she sent me THE look but otherwise didn't react.

As I put my shoes on I thought about what I should do today. I could try to look for a part-time job, but I wasn't too hopeful that somebody would hire a twelve years old girl. I could try to apply for newspaper delivery but that doesn't produce a lot of money.

I wanted to buy motorbike when I reach fifteen and also pay myself driving lessons (even if I didn't need them). I wouldn't be able to accumulate enough money for that if I only delivered newspapers. Though I suppose that finding a part-time job that would give me enough money in three years would be near impossible.

Hmmm… whatever, I can think of that later.

At any rate, I could try to look for a job, but I didn't feel like talking with some stranger right now. Even if I didn't feel irritated because I was tired, being questioned by my would-be-employer would make me snappy even if I was in my best mood. And god forbid if granny found out that I snapped at someone during job interview… nope, not want to even imagine that.

Therefore as that idea was shot down instantly, instead I decided to find myself some quiet, comfortable place where I could rest and maybe catch few hours of sleep – Chizome was out of town at the moment and would come back next month, so his house was out of the question.

However, whenever I went, there was always something that prevented me from my beauty sleep.

In a park, when I decided to climb a tree and sleep on branches, it was too uncomfortable and additionally wind was extra strong that day. I didn't want to fall down, thus I decided to try ground or benches. However, people either walked up to me to ask if I was okay or they started to loudly talk about me, calling me attention-seeking brat and other rude things.

Excuse me?!

I managed to control myself thus I didn't beat up anyone that day but I sure as hell wasn't staying there.

Next, I went to various playgrounds, but everywhere there were noisy brats so I backpedaled away the next second.

I tried nearest abandoned building, but sadly it was surrounded by houses that each had at least one dog… They probably felt the need to protect the abandoned house or whatever and therefore I wasn't able to fall asleep because of their loud barks.

Other places were out of the question as there were too many people… especially on beaches… It was still too cold for swimming, so what the fuck are you doing there?!

Anyway… thus I arrived home, even more, irked and sleepy than before.

I only spoke bare minimum during dinner and excused myself soon after. Both grandpa and granny didn't try to stop me, probably feeling that leaving me alone for now was the best course of action.

I was grateful for their understanding… even though I didn't fully explain why I wanted to live here for my junior high school years, they took one look at both mine and my brother's faces and allowed me to stay here. Mom was surprised at first but after initial questioning, she didn't probe for answers… I really had such a wonderful family.

Anyhow once I was in my room I had a short call with my brother in which I found out that my brother couldn't fall asleep, too, but in the end, he managed to fall asleep around three o'clock. Lucky kid.

It made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one who was affected by the distance between us… and then I instantly felt bad for such a thought.

I shortly talked with mom, too, after which I ended the call and did my nightly routine.

Once done I moved Miss Cat a little so I had some space in my bed. I was rewarded by an indignant meow after which she jumped down from my bed and then out through opened window. I shrugged and collapsed onto my bed, feeling assured that I would fall asleep the moment my head touches a pillow.

However, the reality was very different… even though I wanted nothing more than to fall asleep… I couldn't. I felt restless and uncomfortable no matter the position. And of course, I once again had thoughts full of what ifs.

I was unamused.

Thus I once again didn't get a wink of sleep... Okay, that was a lie, because I was so tired my brain forcefully shut down around five o'clock… Only to be awakened at eight o'clock by my overactive grandpa.


Needless to say, I wasn't the happy camper.

After breakfast, knowing that going outside for sleeping was useless, I tried to go to my room… only to be stopped by granny, who told me that if I was free she still had much to teach me.

She declared that I was a lost cause in etiquette and therefore she decided to instead make a proper housewife out of me… meaning I now had to learn how to cook, which cleaning product to use on what, etc.

What the hell... I was glad I distinguished salt and sugar and like, couldn't you use one product on everything?

I decided there and here that I would rather spend all my time outside trying to find a spot to sleep than in the house with granny hell-bent to make a housewife out of me.


I sighed tiredly as I looked through the window of the bus with an impassive face. Trying not to fall asleep I tried to focus on the various things on the streets.

"Um… excuse me…" I sent a glare at the person standing in an aisle that was obviously trying to ask if she could sit next to me. The girl made a high-pitched 'Eeep' and instantly moved away from me and towards the back of the bus.

'Good riddance…' I thought without remorse. I didn't have any energy to feel bad for my behavior as my sleep-deprived brain only could do basic functions at the moment.

The week passed and my sleeping problems still prevailed. Sure, I now always manage to catch around three hours of sleep a night but still, that's too little! As if to confirm that, I now had pretty big rings under my eyes.

My grandparents noticed them, of course, and I was allowed to go back to sleep after breakfast but once I got into bed, my brain decided that I still had too much to think about… so yeah, I just decided to do whatever during the day and hope that I will fall asleep at night.

Funnily enough, I learned today that bus full of excited kids was the best place for falling asleep… and at the same time the one where I can't sleep no matter what, as my next stop was only half hour away and if I miss it I would be late for school.

Haa… this sucked.

Anyway, as I indicated before, today was my first day of school… Junior high school already, huh? From what I learned over the years, this Junior High was the last compulsory education in Japan. Thus after I finish this school I could find a job and not study anymore.

It was an appealing thought and if I could I would do just that, but when I once mentioned it to granny… well, let's say I don't have any courage left to do something like that.

That posed a question then… if I will continue my education… what kind of high school should I choose? I only ever planned to enter U.A. or even other hero high schools because of Izuku. And now after the 'incident'… I had a feeling that Izuku would be upset if I went there only because I followed him. However…if not for Izuku, I really had no motivation to go there.

In the first place, hero occupation wasn't for me. I wasn't one to immediately pause whatever I was doing to save some random person. True, I wasn't totally heartless and I may try to save someone if the chance comes up, but I wouldn't go to the big length for a stranger. My family and friends were always in the first place for me. If push comes to the shove, I wouldn't hesitate to kill someone if it would mean they survive… such dark thoughts, I don't think someone like me could qualify as a hero material.

Haa… either way, if I didn't follow Izuku... I really didn't have any plans for the future. I could maybe, maybe try to be mechanic like I planned in the past… but only being something like that no longer appeals to me… I want to be more.

My thoughts were instantly pushed aside when suddenly someone pushed himself/herself into a seat beside me. I snapped my head to the side, my glare murderous. However, it didn't have any effect on that person and she sent me a bright smile in return.

"I am sorry that I barged myself here so suddenly. But this was the only free seat here and I really didn't want to stand," she explained cheerfully. My glower deepened and my left eye started to twitch after hearing such a happy tone. How could someone be so chipper in the mornings? On the way to school too!

I examined the girl in front of me more closely. She was wearing the same uniform as me; therefore she had to attend/would attend the same school. She had pink-tinted skin and pink short hair with yellow horns in them. Her eyes were black with yellow irises. I unconsciously tilted my head. She looked familiar. Not enough for me to know her name, however.

"Whatever," I snapped in the end and turned my head back to look outside. I was too tired to push her out of her seat or do something drastic. As long as she stays quiet-

"Great! So, what is your name? My name is Mina, by the way~. Ashido Mina." Looks like the girl won't be quiet, huh… My irritation grew. I don't care about your name Ms. Annoying. I want to be left alone; wouldn't anyone gather that from my scowl and angry glare?

Keeping a careful hold on my annoyance, I decided to just ignore her. She will stop once she learns I had no intention to answer to her questions.

"Hey~ Hey~ don't ignore meee~. What's your name? I think I saw you few times around here. Where do you live? I know names of nearly all people my age who live here, but I don't know yours. Your uniform is same as mine. Are you first-year too? Maybe we will be placed into same class! Most of my friends went to different schools so it will be really great if we were in the same class. Ah! What about you? Do you know other people here? If not I can introduce you to some people. And…"

My left eye started to twitch as irritation grew in me. .fuck. Is she retarded or what? Couldn't she get the point that I don't want to talk?! I looked at her from the corner of my eyes.

When she saw me looking, her smile widened and she looked genuinely happy that she finally caught my attention. I blinked and my glare softened at the sight of a happy teenager before me. I sighed internally. I was once again reminded of a fact that I became soft over the years.

"Midoriya Kou…" I mumbled in the end.

"Nice to meet you! You can call me Mina-chan or Mina, I don't really care. Can I call you Kou-chan?" Another question was fired at me instantly. God, this girl was too chirpy for old little anti-social me. I took my time answering but in the end, I answered quickly when I saw that she took a deep breath. I was sure that if I didn't do that, she would bombard me with her words again.

"…I prefer Kou…" Honorifics were a pain in the ass.

"Great! Nee~ Nee~ Let's be good friends from now on, Kou!"

"…Sure." For my sanity, it would be better to just go with the flow for now on. We should arrive any time now. I would probably survive the chatterbox next to me for a few minutes. And then she would forget about me once we get outside of the bus.


I was wrong.

Once we reached our stop, my hand was snatched and held in a surprisingly strong hold and then I was pulled out of the bus before most of the people even had a chance to stand. Once outside she started to push through a crowd of gathered people, my hand still in her grip and thus I had to stumble after her.

This… was familiar.

Maybe because of that familiarity I let myself get pulled without protest. Though, that didn't prevent me from glaring at everyone around me. Seriously, whose was this clever idea to block the only entrance to school?!

I clenched my teeth and looked ahead at the girl with bubblegum hair, who continued to merrily talk to me about this and that, totally not bothered how close we were to others because we pushed through such tight crowd.

Finally, we were outside of it and right in front of us was a big board with names and classes on it. I searched through the names until I came upon mine. Class 1, huh?

"There it is! I am class 4! What about you, Kou?" the girl next to me suddenly exclaimed. I didn't release a breath of relief. Nope. Nooot at all.

"One," I answered quickly with maybe a little more delight than I should.

"Awww! Damn! I wanted us to be in the same class. I know two or three people in my class but only by name…"

I turned to look at her when I hear a genuine disappointment in her voice…Now I felt a little bit guilty, seeing how down she was.

But… We knew each other only for, what, twenty minutes? Why is she sad that she wouldn't be in class with someone like me? I scrunched my forehead, totally not understanding the enigma of a girl before me.

"I know! Why don't we always meet during lunch break? I can introduce you to others, too!" She exclaimed happily and turned to me, holding both of my hands in hers. Her whole face was brightened again and while I wanted nothing more than to refuse and never talk with her again… I didn't have the heart to make her sad again. Damn. I was really too soft, this calls for re-education.

"Uuuh. Yeah. Sure…?" I said in an uncertain voice and a face that said I already accepted my fate.

I groaned in misery inside when her face brightened even more and she started to pull me again, this time in the direction of our classrooms. Half-listening to what she was saying, I really did wonder if I signed off my death warrant.

'Well… ' I gazed at her back blankly, a small smirk-like smile slowly appearing on my face.

'At least I wouldn't be bored…Don't know if that's a good thing though…'


After I was discharged by the chirpy girl (with words "See you later") in front of the doors that had label 'Class 1', I took a long, deep breath and entered the room.

What greeted me was class already half-filled by teenagers. I felt my left eye twitch as annoyance roused in me again. Great. Another three years with loud snotty brats, however, this time I will be without my sweet little brother. Just great.

I looked around the class and when I noticed that the last desk in the middle row was empty, I occupied it instantly.

Good, I at least I had a really good seat this time. Though the one near a window would be better… well, I will try to seize it next year.

I planted my hands on the desk and on them I placed my head, clearly stating everyone that I didn't want to be approached.

Strangely I didn't feel as sleepy as I did minutes ago. I wonder if some of that 'new school' excitement climbed over to me from Mina… Nah, I was just curious about my new homeroom teacher, yeah, that's more like it.

Thinking about homeroom teacher made me think back towards my last one… I smirked. Well, that woman certainly won't be teaching anyone anytime soon.

What did I do? Well, nothing much… but it was sweet, very sweet revenge, indeed. But… more on that later as from the loud sounds around me it looks like the classroom was slowly but surely filling up. Nobody approached me, probably thinking I was asleep. Very good.

Then a bell rang, signalizing the start of our homeroom class and everyone rushed towards their seats. I decided that it was safe to 'wake up' now and thus I straightened and stretched myself. As I was stretching I involuntarily release a big yawn. Looks like my sleepiness was coming back.

"Eeeehh!" A sudden exclamation of surprise somewhere to my left made me snap my mouth with a loud snap. I turned around to look what was the fuss about. My sleepy green eyes clashed with surprised red and I blinked few times until I realized that the surprise was directed at me.

Um? What is it? Did I accidentally make something fly again? I looked around me. Nope. Nothing flying to me.

And nobody was looking at me, too. Instead, everyone looked at the boy with alarmed and curious expressions. I returned my gaze towards the boy. He was whispering with his two friends and now all three of them were shooting glances my way.

I felt annoyance stir in me again at the sight. What the hell. I did nothing and they already gossiped about me? If you have something to say, say that to my face, punk!

I narrowed my eyes and scrutinized the boy more thoroughly. Red eyes, straight black hair that reached the middle of his neck, scar above his right eye, really sharp teeth. I tilted my head as I searched through my memories. He looked familiar… Eh? Maybe… is that possible?! Please no… I groaned quietly and started to massage my temples.

Just my luck to have a boy I've never wanted to meet again in my class…

Yes. I was very sure of that now. The boy before me was that little brat I meet a few years back. The one that really should have watched TV less… I wonder if he listened to me…

Judging by the eager looks he was sending my way, probably not.

Haa… this was just getting better and better.

In that moment the door of our class opened loudly and someone rushed inside quickly, closing the door shut loudly behind him. Then that person turned towards us and between loud huffs exclaimed: " I am really sorry for being late!"

With everyone still reeling back from such an entrance, nobody spoke a word as the man continued to walk through the front of the classroom, until he stopped before teacher's desk, placing his brown briefcase on it. Then he started to pull his things out, placing them on the desk.

Whispers started to travel through the rows.

Was this… was this man supposed to be our homeroom teacher?

I started to examine him with an incredulous expression. Pale blue eyes nearly completely hidden behind black glasses, curly white hair that looked so fluffy that even I with my adult mind, had problems to control an urge to pet them. He was short, probably only a little taller than me (I was 161cm tall) and his clothes were sloppily dressed as if he didn't have time to properly dress. Judging from how he rushed into the classroom… yeah… he probably overslept or something.

My in credulousness increased. This… this cute, harmless looking specimen of the male gender that looked like he was in his mid-twenties, was supposed to teach a class half-filled with female teenagers whose hormones were starting to kick in? Oh, my…

Seeing how already most girls (and even some boys) were blushing as they whispered to each other… I groaned again. This time more loudly as I knew nobody would hear it anyway because of the buzz that enveloped the whole classroom.

A loud cough caught our attention and all of us looked towards the teacher that was now standing next to a board, name 'Hitsuji Haruto' written on it. My left eye twitched again. I think this will become a habit at this rate.

Sheep, indeed.

"I am sorry again! I assure you that this will not happen again… It just so happened that my clock stopped working during the night. I will need to buy a new one," he mumbled at the end, looking flustered at his blunder. Immediately, most of the girls raised their hands into the air, yelling that they will help him choose his new clock.

'Does he even know how to teach?' I massaged my temples and started to count from one to ten in my head slowly.

I already felt that a big headache was incoming… and the first class didn't even end…


After the end of our first class I shot out of my seat like a rocket and without even knowing where I went, I entered the first female toilets I came across. Once I was securely seated on a toilet seat, I instantly texted my brother. The content of the text was a something like 'I want to go home' and 'this school is crazy'.

Then after sending it, I tilted my head back, looking up and into the corner of a ceiling where the little spider was nestled in his web. I continued to observe him, my fried brain slowly trying to gather my last strands of sanity.

Are all schools always so crazy and I've never noticed before because I ignored everything all the time or was this school just an exception? When I thought about it, this was the first time I was at school without taking care of someone (be it Theo or Izuku)…

Damn. I think I need to re-think my decision to stay away for a whole junior-high… and…

I think the class was about to start. Looking down on my mobile in my hands, I had only one minute left until the start of my next class. I instantly ran outside.

Luckily I wasn't that far away and I slipped into my seat just as the bell rung.

Next class was supposed to be Physics and was taught by no other but Hitsuji-sensei. Great. This will be another period full of squealing, blabbering and filled with questions that were completely out of place.

Hitsuji-sensei entered, with him five boys that looked to be seniors and in their arms, they had stacks of books.


Everyone jumped at the loud sound that books made when they were disposed of in the front of the room. Sensei thanked those boys and they quickly hurried away. I blinked at their strange behavior. What in the hell made them-

"Now, please everyone take one of these books and sign it. I expect you to take good care of them as you will return them at the end of the year," said Hitsuji-sensei in a light tone, small smile on his face. I tilted my head, there was something different about him, but I can't place it…

One after another, we all took one book and once everyone had their own copy, our teacher placed himself next to the board and with a smile that was downright terrifying, he told us to open our books to page twelve.

Various diagrams and symbols greeted us and collective gulps of fear resonated through the otherwise silent room.

"Well then… let's start, shall we?"


Okay… Okay… I take it back. He absolutely wasn't harmless and he certainly knew how to teach.

However what I will not take back is my first impression of this school – everyone here was crazy.

I was once again hidden in my favorite toilet boot, staring at my spider friend who didn't move an inch after the last time I saw him. I decided to name him Mister Spider (yeah, yeah, my naming sense is as fabulous as always).

Izuku still didn't reply. He probably had his mobile switched off until lunch break (after this break we will go home today – it was the first day after all). So as I had nothing better to do and I still had few minutes until the start of next period – which will be English, fortunately – I decided, with a great reluctance might I add, think back to the previous period.

Hitsuji-sensei… how to say it… turned into a fucking monster when he started to teach his subject. I mean, it was like he turned on some switch, he became a completely different person. No wonder those seniors ran away, I wanted to take after them, too…

Okay, that wasn't completely true, while Sensei was indeed a very fearsome individual and the curriculum he taught was even more frightening… surprisingly, I sort of was capable to understand most of what was in the book before me.

Maybe it was because our teacher had such a presence that didn't allow you to not pay attention to him or maybe because what he taught actually sounded useful. I mean most what I learned in other subjects were theories that couldn't be used in real life, so of course, I wasn't too keen to learn such subjects. I am a practical person after all…

Ah whatever, maybe I was just biased because it was something I was genuinely interested in. I mean engineering and physics go hand in hand and if I wanted to become a mechanic or something similar in the future, I needed to be good in both.


The bell rang.


I kicked the door open and quickly rushed into my classroom. I can't have problems with teachers on my first day at this school - granny would kill me if I have.


And well… this was how I spent my first day in junior high, pretty explosive if I say so myself –even without Katsuki and his quirk.

I managed to hide in a toilet booth during all our breaks and during lunch break, I was snuggled away by Mina – I was exhausted after this weird day so I didn't protest. We actually didn't have lunch as she only 'introduced' me her two female friends… more like I glowered at them (my mood was pretty bad after this day) and snapped my name out and both of them hid behind Mina's back and yelped their names at me. Pretty good first impression, I think.

Anyway, only I and Mina went home by bus that day, both of her friends were picked up by their respective parents.

Mina's stop was around ten minutes before mine thus I had a quiet ride after she stepped out. Of course, I had to promise I will 'save' her a seat tomorrow too – I was too tired to refuse.

At any rate, I stepped out of the bus on my stop and shuffled slowly towards my temporary home. Once there I mumbled greetings to granny (grandpa was still working) and to her question of "How was school?" I only replied something nonsensical and without further ado I crawled into my room, jumping into my bed without even changing (and in the process nearly squashing Miss Cat, who was fortunately clever enough to jump away before something like that could happen).

Funnily enough, after this horrendous day, I was finally able to sleep peacefully until the next morning.

~Omake: From the perspective of Mister Spider~

Spider number 27 was born on a particularly rainy day, in a small hole made in a wall. He and his twenty-six siblings instantly scattered into all directions, never to see each other again. It may sound depressing to some, but that was a sad part of living as a spider.

In his short life, this tiny spider lived through truly horrifying and horrible things. His kin was slaughtered and crippled right before his eyes; he himself nearly didn't survive his numerous encounters with the species named 'Mankind'. He had to run for his life and hid in the most disgusting places.

And don't let him get started on his nutrition…

But truly… this spider could be considered quite lucky because he managed to survive through all these hardships unscathed and he even managed to grow quite a lot.

After changing his places of dwelling multiple times, in the end, he decided to fully settle down in a place called 'Restroom'.

There were other of his kind here, of course, but they were foolish and conceited and soon they were discovered and murdered. He, himself, with his wise mind and quick thinking managed to preserve and his dwelling only continued to grow. Soon others decided to escape before they meet their end here and he was the only one courageous enough to stay.

Thus started a new era for this place called Restroom… and a new legend of Spider 27 was born, that said-

The door opened with a loud thud and this wise spider decided to hide in his secure lair as one of the Mankind entered his Restroom.

He was startled when the one who entered decided to enter HIS booth but stayed silent and observed keenly actions of a female specimen.

He grew even more alarmed when he noticed that the female's attention was placed upon him.

Chill traveled through his whole being. Did this specimen… did she plan to challenge him and take away his rightful position as the leader of this sacred place called Restroom?!

He invested so much of his time into this place! So many nights spent doing intricate webs… was he supposed to just give up on that and run with his whole body bent down?!

No! He couldn't shame a legend of Spider 27! If the choice was between fleeing away, humiliated or dying as a proud warrior… there was nothing that could change his decision to stay!

Thus he positioned himself in his web, facing his foe boldly. Reacting to his move, the female abruptly stood up and he prepared himself for the first attack that… never came.

His enemy went away without doing anything.

The wise spider stared in bafflement at the closed doors. His eight eyes blinked in unison at such a confusing move.

Was this some new tactic…? This spider was sure she was trying to catch him unprepared!

'Ha! I am onto you! I won't be fooled so easily!'

Thus he settled comfortably in his lair, waiting for the female to appear again.

She did… then she left once again, this time more fiercely than before, probably angry that her deceit didn't work.

'Muhahahaha! Your plan backfired! What are you going to do now?! Huh? Huuuh?'

She came back two more times and she looked more and more desperate as time went. This sage-like spider couldn't help but feel a vindictive pleasure grew inside him.

Then she stopped appearing, but the spider was shrewd enough to know that this didn't end. No, this was only beginning. She would appear again, however, he would never give her the satisfaction of catching him vulnerable!

This, he vowed on his honor as a spider number 27!

The end~

I have no regrets for that omake! XD ... well, maybe a little. Also there is supposed to be some hidden reference in it on legend27 on youtube? Lol. Don't know what is that, but my beta was pretty excited about it.

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