"Welcome to Low Brorrowbridge" April pulls up to the back of the large white house in the Fiat Zero.

"This is amazing!" Edward J Cohen exclaims as he stretches his legs. "We took the rail, how long by automobile?"

"About six hours."

"Follow us as we make a quick dinner as tomorrow we all shall be busy." Kay waves her family and friends into the house. "Go on up and pick your rooms. There are blankets, toiletries and just about anything you might need."

All start to go upstairs, "Mr. Cohen, may I suggest the last room on the right. You might enjoy having your own loo."

"Ah, very good."

April and Kay listen to the laughter as they dash to find the perfect room.

Olga smiles as she is anxiously being able sleep in a room without her mother's snoring, "Which room is the quietest?"

Kay laughs, "Your mother's snoring." She points upward, "There is a room with a beautiful reading nook. Third door on the left."

"Thank you." Olga continues to talk as she hustles up the stairs, "Hard work in the kitchen for a few nights of quiet sleep is a vacation for me."

Mirums returns immediately, "Thank you so much for the electric blanket." She looks back upstairs and whispers, "Do you suppose Molly and Jennifer will share?"

April yanks Mirum into the kitchen, "Come help us warm up this stew."

All sit down to a warm meal.

"How big is the property?" Asks Edward J Cohen.

"Just over 800."

"Quite isolated."

"It is just how we like it."

Molly coughs, "I heard the greatest love story of 'your' history on the train ride. I am beyond curious. I have been patiently waiting for Jennifer's heart, I don't think I could stand not knowing how you all look."

Mirum quickly responds, "I am not wearing any device."


"I have the qualities of both my mother's but internally I am Silurian."

"Who here wears a device?"

Jennifer, April and Odea all raise their hands.

"I see," Molly wonders, "Kay and Ada do you prefer your wives to have the device on?"

"Goodness me, No!" Ada responds with enthusiasm. "I am not alone. The devices are on exclusively for you and your brother's benefit."

"My benefit?" Edward J Cohen reacts, "Oh please you accept my nature, why should I keep you hidden in your own home." He smiles at Kay and April, "This secluded world you live should not be hidden from me. I insist you turn those contraptions off immediately."

Molly stands up, "Please excuse us." She grabs Jennifer's hand and pulls her with great force to the Sitting Room and closes the door.

Jennifer is about to speak but Molly places her finger on her lips.

"Cool, your lips are cool."

Jennifer response non-verbally with a nod.

"I want to see you. I do." Molly fidgets, "I am scared I find myself ridiculously superficial."

Jennifer grabs Molly's hands, "Look at my hands. When you become brave look into my eyes."

Molly watches at the pale white fingers transform in pedals. She feels them touches the softness. She looks up to ask a question, "Your eyes have not change."

"There are many things have not changed. My heart beat for you and my feelings have not altered."

"Your hair has not changed," Molly giggles.

"You don't like my hair?"

Molly's eyes go wide, "Oh I do love your hair." She dares to stroke it and pulls her hands back.

"Visually I am similar to April. Odea is the opposite of Mirum, as she is full Silurian outward but fully human inside."

"Will I be able to tell April apart from you?"

"My eyes."

"I see."

Molly walks around Jennifer and pulls up her hair to notice the pattern of pedals on the top of her neck. "Do you have these pedals on your back."

"They are scales and yes. I have a beautiful pattern on my back and they go all the way down to my knees."

Molly faces Jennifer, "I knew you were special. Will you show me your back?"

Jennifer shakes her head no.

"Why not?"

Jennifer leans over and whispers, "You are asking something very intimate."

Molly blushes and smiles as she noticed Jennifer blushing too. "Your face, it is more authentic."

"The device doesn't truly allow for full facial expression." Jennifer go to the door, "Please you can ask questions to us all. I just need to know." Jennifer hesitates, "Have I lost you."

Molly smiles, "No. Have I reacted poorly?"

Jennifer pulls Molly close and kisses her neck. She dares to let her tongue wonder to Molly cleavage and back into her mouth to translate.

"What was that?"

Jennifer smiles, "You are asking something very intimate." And swings open the door and pulls Molly back into the Kitchen. "We have to get our fill tonight. We have a long few days ahead."

Molly plops down in her seat and notices a small version of Jennifer and a full green scaled Odea. "I think you both are beautiful. Your eyes have not changed."

Odea turned a darker green while April blushed.

"Oh my goodness, I have said something wrong? Too personal?" Molly coils into her chair.

Jennifer grabs her hand, "You said everything perfectly."

Edward J Cohen with excitement shares his new knowledge with his sister, "Odea is always hot and Mirum is always cold."


"Seriously those scales fluctuate with their human anatomy. However since Odea is scales outside and human inside the human part of her always generates heat. The scales lock in the heat. While Mirum has the opposite problem as she is Silurian internally, cold-blooded, and is always cold."


Odea and Mirum shake their head yes.

"There are no questions too personal," April throws into the air. "We have been down this road a few times with curiosity."

Jennifer almost spits her soup and chokes it down. Molly grabs Jennifer's free hand, "I asked to see Jen's back but she said it was too intimate."

April coughed, "Asking is quite fine. Looking and dare I say touching is extremely intimate."

Molly smiles, "Yes, I see."

Edward J Cohen continues to teach his sister, "They have been wearing these things from the first day out in public."


"Government orders." Kay quickly replies.

"Wait our government know about you and your family?"

Everyone except Edward shake their heads yes.

Kay says softly, "Grandma Vastra and Jenny have worked for the government for many years. They have been slowly building business, like this farm, so that we can be self sustained and live freely as much as possible."

Edward J Cohen interrupts, "Wait give me a minute. I need quiet, my mind is busy."

Everyone continues eating as they watch Mr. Cohen pull information. He looks down at his food, at Odea, back to Mirum. He stands, "Your mother, er mothers, they are Vastra Investigations? The Great Detectives?"

Everyone, except Molly, shakes their heads yes.

Olga is enjoying herself as is is more entertaining than watching her Mother attempt conversations with strangers.

Edwards J Cohen sits back in his seat and ponders out loud, "There was rumor that the Great Detective had a skin disease!"

Everyone, except Molly, shakes their heads yes.

He hops in his seat, "Molly, my dear sister, you have fallen in love with the family of greatness. This is wonderful, tell me does your mothers still do work for Scotland Yard?"

"I do work with Vastra Investigations," Odea adds to Mr. Cohen's excitement. "I work as Physician and forensic specialist."

"We all have worked on team projects for the government. We all have individual qualities that make doing the work efficient and profitable." Jennifer does her best to control the conversation. "Kay is amazing at mathematics, Ada at pattern, Mirum at research, Odea is amazing at solving puzzles in the morgue, April has such historical knowledge of cultures she could out duel any professor at Oxford and myself I am good at computing and calculations."

"Ah," Edward J Cohen smiles, "Now I see the intellectual connection. My sister Molly is quite good with the calculation and computing. She is bit of a brain."

Jennifer squeezes Molly hand, "I love that about her."

Molly sits back startled.

The whole table get quiet.

"What have I said wrong?" Jennifer looks to the table. Kay smiles and looks at Molly. "Molly what have I said wrong?"

Molly shakes her head, "No. Please do not tease me."

Jennifer thinks about what she said and looks at the trembling Molly, "Molly all those letters we wrote, all those things we share. I do love you."

Molly jumps up and kisses Jennifer, "I like your cool lips," and sits back down.

Edward J Cohen, "Now that is finally taken care of, Jennifer my sister has been patiently waiting for you to realize the potential of your relationship." He raises his glass and sips. He turns back to the rest at the table, "Now that those confessions are out of the way, I have a request ..."