Odea and April watch at the blue box disappears … they stand there staring at the empty space.

April looks at the flatten hay. The four young girls stand excited. "My mother was the first. We followed her example at an earlier age." She looks at the young faces, "Now, you are the next generation; you are even younger. Besides my Kay is getting everything situated and organize things." April looks to the animals, "They were not spooked from the blue box. We have much to do." She hands over a bucket and hay lined basket to Odea, "You are on chicken duty."

Odea and April laugh as the four girls play shoushiling, something Jenny taught them, to decide who is on manure duty.

Spring 1927
Washford, Watchet, UK
White Horse Inn

A tall women with a grey bun stands out above everyone as the teams receive their assignments.

"Remember," Commissioner Clark looks at the group, "Do not take action unless there is danger to these children. Take caution. Take notes and report back here immediately."

A hand is raise.

"Yes?" Commissioner is slightly annoyed, "Dr. Flint-Saint Clair? You have something to add?"

"Just one question." Fiona offers a smirk as she watches Clark adjust his stance in preparation. "We are not rescuing the children?"

"Not yet." Commissioner Clark adjust his stance again, but this time standing taller and more authoritative. He watches as Fiona's posture reflects her acceptance of his command. "We still do not know what we are up against. I would love to have a record of transactions. Where and how many is a mystery." He looks to the group again, "If you find a record of anything take pictures or notes. Especially if the dates match any of the transactions in the ledgers or notes."

Everyone nods and exit the warmth of the pub to their assigned locations while Kate and Fiona remain behind monitoring the situation. The White Horse Inn, luckily, has a telephone. However, the phone is behind the bar and Fiona has already taken the opportunity to see how she fares as a barmaid. "Good evening gents, wha' yer havin'?"

Kate rolls her eyes and appreciates the distraction, for now.

Odea returns from Mrs. Theobald to find Kay sitting at the kitchen table organizing papers. "Welcome back." A pang of jealousy touches her heart and she does her best to erase it before it becomes dangerous. She looks at April.

April immediately understands and pours a cup of tea for Odea, "We are going through the list you created."

Odea sits down next to April, "I am sorry. I miss my Ada."

"Soon we will be in the exact emotional state, missing our wives. I will need you to help me get through this period in our lives."

"We need each other."

Odea taps April's hand.

"I can't help notice you are talking." Kate looks up, "You may keep your secrets. However I can easily surmise based on the situation we are facing. Ada is currently inaccessible as I will be utterly alone. So please stop your continual self-pity."

"Self-pity?" April and Odea quickly open their mouths to protest.

Kay holds up her hand to her mouth, "Not one word. We are all doing our duties." She looks up from her papers, "Truly take this time to learn new strengths and self-achievements. You all have been successful as a team. Find out how amazing each of you are as individuals." She evaluates the two silurians in front of her, "Find out what it means to be a strong human, you each have that capacity." She does her best to not laugh at the facial expressions of Odea and April as she opens the map to Odea, "Where is the bookstore again"?

Spring 1927
Somewhere in North Devon, UK

In the cover of darkness three caped women head out from the Stags Head Inn and arrive at the Castle Hill estate.

They split up.

Alaya and Jenny to the main house while Vastra heads to the servants quarters and residences.

Alaya and Jenny work their way to the rear entrances and avoid the kitchen entrance. It is no surprise the doors are unlocked as this a remote location. They walk within the shadows, with Fiona in the lead.

They quickly open and close doors until they find a study. Once they find it they start looking around. Alaya licks the air and find exactly what she needs, a safe. Jenny quickly goes to task.

Alaya takes this time to go through the desk carefully and then the bookcases. After she completes a run through she looks to her mother who is has still not opened the safe. She leans down to a whisper, "If you can't open it …"

Alaya can feel the frustration of her mother filling the air like humidity and looks at her watch. "I am sorry but it is now four in the morning."

Jenny ignores her daughter and attempts one more time. She takes a deep breath and is satisfied as the tumbler clicks three times and now opens as if her frustration, not determination, opened the safe. The two quickly find a ledger and make notes.

Alaya takes off her cape and covers the door and closes the curtains as Jenny takes picture after picture.

By the time they exit the house, round the corner they notice the staff heading down to the kitchen. Alaya and Jenny duck down into the bushes and wait for opportunity. They quickly run along the wall and return to the Stags Head Inn. They enter their room and waiting is a pacing Vastra.

"Kay?" Alaya asks her mother.

Vastra nods yes.

"Alive?" Jenny dares to ask for clarification.

Vastra nods yes and asks, "Find the documentation?"

"Yes," Jenny taps her trusty Graflex Century Graphic 23, "We just need to get back to London to my darkroom."

"What have you decided to study?" Odea asks as she sips her tea.

"I have decided not to study mathematics." Kay looks to April, "When I return home … how can I function with advanced knowledge? I have decided to pursue something a bit more practical. If I am going to study anything it will have to have a," She points to the table, "Function in this time period and an asset to the family."

"Of course."

"Game theory and engineering."

"Interesting," Odea puts down her tea, "Why?"

"Game theory is a mathematical process used to determine the most successful way for a person to play a game. However, game theory is often used to study activities unrelated to games, such as solving complex economic, social and political problems." Kay hands over two pamphlet to each. "Engineering is always helpful."

"I am actually Jealous." April looks over the game theory information.

"Oh no," Kay sits back on her chair. "I accepted my fate and going to do my best to come out of it a better person. Taking care of the girls and myself is a priority. As it should for both of you. Did you speak to Mrs. Theobald?"

"I did." Odea chuckles, "That woman is quite formidable. She will be renting me facilities. She will clean out her parlor and create a waiting area inside her residence entryway."

"How much is she charging?" April asks.

"No! Let me guess." Kay gets excited, "Five percent of all transactions?"

Odea smiles, "Exactly."

The laughter is interrupted by four girls running down the stairs to show off their Trinity uniforms.

Spring 1927
Washford, Watchet, UK
White Horse Inn

Fiona and Kate watch as teams return one by one. Fiona smiles as she sees the eyes and her butterflies in her stomach jump and wonders to herself if there will be a time when she doesn't worry.

Commissioner Clark walks in with his team and take in all the new found information. He stands up, "Those who need to develop film we have set up a darkroom in the basement."

Jenny moves without hesitation to the basement stairs while Vastra reads her notes to the assigned employee. She reads matter of factly while the young man simply dictates. Vastra has see the whiteness of a human face before, "Sir?" He looks up, "Do you need a minute?"

He leaps out of his seat and runs outside for privacy.

Vastra and Alaya wince at the smell of sick lingers through the low ceiling pub.

Fiona quickly pours lemonade and the weaken Silurians have returned to full power.

After what seems hours since Commissioner Clark and his team begane to evaluate the evidence he stands, "We just have a few more things to clarify. Please take time to get some sleep as we shall have new assignments tomorrow morning." He looks to the teams, "You will have to bunk up but this is for a good cause."

Not a grumble from any human.

Vastra, Jenny, Fiona, Alaya and Kate all head to their assigned room to fall asleep instantly, even though some have to sleep on the floor.

After what seemed one hour there was a knock on the door.

Alaya got up off the floor, turned on her device and opened the door a crack.

"Ah, good." Commissioner Clark coughs a bit to apologize for the intrusion. "We mobilize in the hour."

Standing in front of a blue box Kay, April and Odea stand side by side.

"You ready?"

Kay nods her head ye.

"Good." Odea hugs Kay, "Good luck. I will give you a moment." Odea heads out of the barn and waits for sound of the box disappearing.

Moments later April is by Odea's side, "Just you and I. You ready?"

"The only people not alone are Molly and Jennifer."


Odea shakes her head no, "We are at war."

April turns back to the empty barn, "We have chores. We leave within an hour to start our new chapter in our lives."

Odea pats April's back, "I just hope April remembers to bring cupcakes this time."

April laughs as she hands Odea the feed bucket and egg basket, "I will take manure duty today."