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Story Summary: It's that time again, the Riddle Championships has arrived, however the tension throughout the Wizarding Community is rising. There's talk of war, talk of peace and talk of a new Champion. While the world holds their breath to catch a glimpse of the illusive Hermione Granger, the Fifth Champion she is busy trying to pull her own life together and uphold her duties. They all know war is coming, the only question is when.

Here it is the sequel to Fractures, you do not need to read the previous story to understand what's going on but it would help. Riddle has not become Lord Voldemort, there was no Wizarding war, Bellatrix did not torture the Longbottoms but the Lestrange brothers did. Hermione won the Championships and left to work with the dragons in Romania. More information will be provided shortly, especially because I feel as though I forgot something.


Chapter One

Grey waves bash against the rocks guarding the coast, the stars peaking between the clouds. The half moon hidden, something unnatural has arrived. A storm blowing across the coast, sending muggles scurrying to shelter. Black clouds blocking out sunlight, rushing wind making all living things run into hiding.

A slight rumble shifts through the deck she pauses two glasses in hand waiting for the tremor to stop before continuing her walk back to her cabin. The coast flashing by, she spent a little while watching the sleeping city before deciding she needed a drink.

Looks follow her movement, looks she has grown accustomed to, after all she won the Last Championships, the Riddle Championships, beat James Potter in a duel. Her mentor Professor Bellatrix Black, they spent nights and days training for the Championships, many fights. She catches her reflection, pausing half way to her room. The scar on her cheek, red against the pale skin, the cold affecting it. She always struggled with the cold and her scar, Hermione smiles at waiter who nods in passing.

She steps aside allowing a couple to pass, thinking back to the Championships, she usually did everything in her power to push the thoughts to the back of her mind. After all, she lost Ron, who died in a duel against Harry; she visits the grave occasionally. Speaking of Harry, she needs to return his cloak she borrowed it sneaking into Hogwarts to avoid the mass students wanting autographs. She knows he is somewhere on this train, one of the many Aurors sent by the Minister Lord Riddle.

"On this day, 17th September we are witnessing history. A peace treaty between nations currently on the table calling an end to the radical fighting. The International Confederation of Wizards has agreed to meet with those responsible for violent acts. Supreme Mugwump, Babajide Akingbade will preside over proceedings following the recent resignation of Head Master Albus Dumbledore due to claims of ill health. Those claiming to be Revolutionists, who have yet to speak publicly, have sent Mundungus Fletcher, a well-known petty Criminal."

"You think they'll sign Hermione?" Lee Jordan asks, her manager of three years grinning up at her from the sofa.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Hermione answers.

Not wasting a second to reflect on the possible consequences of the treaty, if they sign then it will call an end to the fighting. Fractions randomly attacking muggles with magic, the governments around the world doing their best to keep it all concealed.

With a swish of her finger, she opens the door to her cabin, stepping inside; she places the glasses down as the door shuts quietly. Taking a sip of the champagne Hermione leans against the windows staring in wonder at the beautiful scenery.

"We have waiters for that reason." Comes the grumble the witch stirring from the seats. "You don't need to fetch your own drinks."

"I wasn't doing anything." Hermione replies indignantly.

"Did they give you a weird look?"

"Everyone gives me weird looks."

"You're a weird character,"

"Thanks Bella." Hermione grumbles.

Snorting, Bella reaches for her glass sniffing the contentment's before drowning it in one gulp. She presses the bell, a second later a waiter appears in the corridor holding a bottle of their champagne. Ignoring the grin from Bella, Hermione takes a seat, smiling her thanks as the waiter leaves the bottle in the ice bucket for them.

Settling near the window, she drifts in and out of sleep a feat hard to do as Bella huffs opposite. The witch never did enjoy confide spaces, much more a person of action, Bella hates waiting.

"Why did we have to come in this rust bucket…?" Bella grumbles for the seventh time since the journey.

"Because it's the only way to Durmstrang." Hermione reminds, tugging her blanket tighter.

"You look like a sausage roll in that blanket."

"You could always come warm me up."

Rolling her eyes, Bella glances to the passengers walking by, grabbing her book she settles in the opposite keep her mouth sealed. Hermione smiles closing her eyes and listening to the scenery rush by.

"Tie them down, get the face! Get the face!" A voice barks.

A large metal net shoots through the air, catching the nose of the dragon, spikes piercing the flesh. A cry of alarm escapes the muffled mouth, a tail swishing in defence, fire burning deep in the throat.

"Bring him down!"

A force of magic pulls the dragon to the ground, several wands trained on the metal forcing the dragon downward. Fire erupts, a scream of pain echoes in the air. A growl escapes the lips eyes flashing dangerously as one poachers draws a large metal staff. The sharp end glinting in the fire, a smile crossing pale lips.


Spells flash in the dark, striking the poachers, cries of alarm. Figures emerging out of the gloom, wands alight scaring the poachers.

"Don't let him go!" The leader shouts defending themselves.

"DO." A voice whispers.

She draws her wand, her left hand striking down the nearest poacher stealing a scream from their lips. Dodging a curse, she retaliates striking the poachers holding the dragon down.

"Take her down!"

"She's… she's the champion." A man warns.

"She still bleeds!"

She dances in the madness; the dark sky lit by the flashes of magic, dirt kicked upwards creating a low mist. She dives and weaves, stepping between duels, her stupefy rendering the last poacher holding the dragon, unconscious.

A tremendous roar emerges as the dragon claws itself free from the trap.

"Pull back!" Charlie shouts. "It's scared, he's scared. Marku pull away."

Turning, Hermione catches sight of the last few poaches running away, the leader amongst them. Too long, they have been hunting this leader; she cannot let him escape not now.

"Marku!" Charlie shouts.

She jogs, if she morphs now she will catch them, she just needs the leader alive, and so they can find out who is paying them. A cry of alarm rips through the air. The Horntail, tail whipping outwards a body flying backwards. She stumbles to a stop, the roaring of the dragon eyes alight with fear.

"CHARLIE!" Angie's scream makes her turn.

Marku fallen on the ground, the horntail panicking, and an unmoving Charlie fallen in the distance.

"He pushed me out… out the way…" Marku stutters.

"Charlie!" Angie cries crashing to her knees by the fallen volunteer.

Fire erupts from the dragon; she takes action running towards the chaos. She took her attention of what was happening, distracted. If she paid attention, this would not have happened.

"WATCH THE TAIL!" A voice yells.

An ear-piercing roar breaks through the air…

A whistle blows, jolting her from her dreams sitting up; she looks around the gloomy compartment. Jumping at the figure hovering next to her, Bella leaning above her looking out the window. Taking a deep breath, Hermione rubs her face.

"We're here." Bella says.

Blinking, Hermione peers through the window greeted by a bleak sight; she was not exactly looking forward to Durmstrang. She remembers Viktor's description of the school she almost wished Hogwarts would host the championships again. Alas, Durmstrang name was drawn and here they were to promote the games.

A large mountain looms in the distance, she gave up trying to map their route, they were never meant to remember. Out of the gloom appears a large castle, nothing near the size of Hogwarts, but what it lacks in size makes up for it presence. An eerie castle that blends into the shadows fires alight the pathway to the main door that is firmly sealed. Creatures dance in the lake below the vessel, a part of her looks forward to seeing the inside of the castle. The history contained in the building making her buzz in her seat.

"Well that was anticlimactic." Bella says.

"It's quite a sad building, looks almost lost at the base of the mountain." Hermione answers. "Are we supposed to ignore the likely chance of this school being picked?"

"You mean one of the hardest schools to find was randomly picked at the same time as the threat of attack?"

"Almost like they're trying to hide us away." Hermione finishes sharing a sad smile with Bella.

~~~~~ Fractures ~~~~~

A flamboyant crowd greets them, students clambering over one another to get a glimpse at the famous champions arriving and the newest Champions picked from Hogwarts. Several vessels dock in the quay along side the other schools, there are still many more to expect.

She half expects to sleep on the vessel, however she should have known better, Riddle already here over seeing the development of the Arena is quick to show them all their homes for the year. Magic tingles in the air and she is quick to determine the sad foreshadowing darkness that lingers is of magical intention.

The headmaster Igor Karkaroff nods his head in respect to the passing champions his gaze lingering on Bella. A knowing look passing between them, Hermione slots that away for another day, she is sure Karkaroff had a hand in fixing the cup.

She breaks from the group, away from Riddle's beaming smile as he parades them through the school grounds. Her attention is caught on the tall Arena nearing the end of construction, nothing like their arena that was almost open and inviting. No this one is very different, a tall Hexagon shape, reaching almost ten floors high.

"Hermione." Lee calls her name, waiting for her. "Don't wander off."

She smiles her thanks leaving the arena and re-joining the group, led away to the wooden building. Their home for the rest of the year, better than tents she supposes. The students are led another direction, while Bella, Hermione and James follow Riddle into the building.

She steps into her room on the second floor Bella's room is opposite. Well it is more than a room a flat, however with an upstairs leading to the bedroom. Her items already waiting for her, she packed light always-packing light these days.

Throwing her rucksack onto the sofa, she admires the bookshelf; Lee has had a hand in collecting the books just for her. Smiling, she helps herself to water as she trundles upstairs, her clothes unzipping themselves from the bags they float into the cupboards. The extra bag brought by Lee new dresses for her to wear, new suits anything other than her usual khaki trousers.

"Nice," A voice says.

"What's yours like?" Hermione asks dropping her book on the bed.

"Similar, but with a bit more green on the walls." Bella answers. "So this meal, it'll be two days."

"What should I wear?"

"Something smart, it's a fancy restaurant."

"I can do that."

"Can you, I haven't seen you in anything but slacks or butt naked."

"I can't really ride around on dragons with stilettos." Hermione snorts.

"I don't know I'd pay to see that."

Two hands slip around her waist, red lips pressing against her pulse point; a shiver runs through her body. She sinks into the embrace, too long since they had a moment, she buries their last argument; this is neither the time nor place.

Turning, Hermione tangles her hands in black hair pressing her forehead against the beating heart. She had a dream – no a nightmare, where she could no longer hear Bella's heart beating. She did not sleep for two nights. Nails scratch against her neck she pulls back, heart skipping at the two smouldering eyes lingering on her lips.

She closes the distance, taking the lead. Heat explodes through her body replacing the cold, she inhales taking in the reassuring smell of citrus. Hands clutch tighter, as teeth nip against lips, a gasp stolen; a hand slips towards her a waist. A sharp shove she lands on the bed, Bella following pressing her further into the mattress.

Tangling her hands into the hair, Hermione tugs the witch away bearing her neck for kisses earning a gasp of pain at the rough treatment. Pulling from the grip, Bella traps one hand with hers pinning her down spare hand slipping beneath clothes.

"You're not going to disappear again are you?" Bella hisses.

"Not without you."

A breathless chuckle escapes plump lips, Hermione smiles, breaking the mood. Her free hand slipping up underneath the dress along the bare thigh. A groan escaping the dark witch as her hand trails teasingly along her inner thigh.

With a twist of her legs, Hermione takes to sitting on top of Bella grinning at the witch beneath her. Her fingers work sending them both naked, she moans at the contact of skin. Pressing a kiss to the scarred collarbone Bella squirming beneath her touch.

Her fingers slip teasingly along a clit, wetness pooling at her touch, Hermione smiles against the collarbone. The smile slipping as two skilled fingers slip straight into her, stealing a grunt. Bella's free hand loops around her waist supporting her. She clenches as two powerful thrusts shifts her position.

She holds, refusing release, her fingers teasing around Bella's entrance, the dark witch's hips bucking in response.

"Hermione." Bella groans, teeth nipping at her arm. "Fuck me."

She does not need telling twice, three fingers slide home, a moan escaping red lips as Bella arches at the intrusion. Sweat drips down her back as she sets a fast pace, Bella gasping beneath her. Such soft sounds from such a strong witch. The first time Bella made the sound, Hermione thought she had hurt the Professor.

Now she finds it a privilege to see Bella at her weakest, panting and gasping, the fingers moving just as fast inside Hermione. They break together, Hermione gasping against Bella's chest, as a small scream erupts from Bella's lips. The sound sends Hermione over the edge again, as sharp nails claw at her back. Collapsing into soft arms, Hermione smiles as Bella wraps around her, chuckling at the thought the dark witch is such a cuddlier.

They have spent five years exploring each other's bodies, spending weeks together and months apart. Something difficult to forget when trying to go about normal tasks. She remembers her first fears, that perhaps they have discovered lust not love, but as the years went on, the time with Bella never enough and the times apart too painful. She started to learn, she cared so much about the dark witch.

Bella's ticks her unnatural obsession with daggers, her collection of dark arts books, which Hermione devoured in days to Bella's concern. The dedication, the sheer stubbornness of the witch, how deeply Bella feels things her sister's betrayal still a sore spot, but they had tea which is a step. The way Bella likes milk in her cup mixed with coffee, before adding the water and knowing if done the other way around.

Her secret love for muggle films that could rival Mr Weasley's interest in muggles. Her hidden collections of VHS in her basement. The random stray animals living in her house, rescued from babies raised and now looked after by the witch. The darkness that exists in the depths of Bella's mind, the anger that breaks free, the lust caused by fighting.

Hermione's recent return to Romania she missed the witch straight away as usual. Spent the night, wishing her bed dipped on Bella's side, the witch always insisting she sleep opposite the door. How the slightest sound could wake Bella, the nightmares that plague her. The dark history and all the mistakes she made as a teenager Bella still recovers.

A bigger revelation startled Hermione awake one night in Romania, an oversight she ignored for as long as possible, fearing the repercussions. She realised, she loved Bella, she was in love with Bellatrix Black and it absolutely terrified her. She loved Fleur once but never like this, not so much it hurt to be away hurt to be so close and never knowing how Bella felt in return.

Because that was the truth, Hermione had no idea how Bella felt about her, they discussed it once, which led to an argument and to a pained silence. Granted that was two years ago before Hermione knew how she really felt. Now though Hermione was in love with a witch and too scared to say anything in fear of losing her.

She wills herself to break the silence created in the aftermath glow, the feeling of safety overlooked by fear of losing the only person she truly loves. Turning, she cuddles closer to the witch pulling the duvet over them, smiling as Bella rubs circles on her back.

"You alright?" Bella asks.

"Mmm, why?"

"Just quiet, you usually talk my ear of by this point about some fact or another."

"Just tired."

Just a coward.

Just a Gryffindor too afraid to say anything. She closes her eyes banishing the thoughts, she cannot say anything, cannot risk what they have. Bella does not do relationships she has admitted this much herself, so second best will have to do.

"Well whenever you're no longer 'tired', and you brain stops overthinking things, I'm here to talk to." Bella says tucking them securely beneath the duvet, shifting them ever so slightly so she is closest the stairs.

She forgets sometimes, that as much as she knows Bella, knows the witches ticks and urges, Bella knows her just as well.

~~~~~ Fractures ~~~~~

Flash, she flinches in response, the screaming from the crowd. The once murky landscape alight with torches, cameras flashing, the large screens flicking between faces, she spotted herself several times already. The world is waiting; waiting for the Championships, James is smiling, nodding towards various people. Bella remains quiet, allowing the cameras to take their pictures but refusing to engage in conversation.

Hermione finds herself filtering in and out of the lime light, perhaps it is intentional much to annoyance of Lee. She cannot help it, this does not come natural to her, she never wanted this madness but she only has herself to blame, she could have lost the Championships.

Taking a deep breath, she filters to the back of the stage, the magic essence protecting them from the fall on slaughter of the crowd gathering. James has stepped outside to consult with his Aurors and the waiting media that lingers like wolves.

She tries for a reassuring smile to Lee, conveying the promise she will not run from this that she will not flake out like she did in Italy. Will not leave him high and dry, to leave him to deal with Riddle's anger.

"Hermione," Riddle's voice breaks her musing. "I'm glad you came."

She takes the offered hand, smiling at the Minister; they have grown to know one another over the years. She trusts him, something she does not do easily these days, not with her attempted assassination back in school, the death of a Best friend and the betrayal of one of their own in Romania.

"Wouldn't miss it." She answers with a tight smile.

His disbelieving look confirms her theories; they expect her to vanish in a puff of smoke. It would explain why Bella is twitching; her constant looks as though checking to make sure she is still there. Sighing, Hermione watches Riddle walk away she will stay; prove to the world, to Riddle and most importantly Bella that she is not a coward. That she will no longer shun her duties and be the dutiful Champion.

A hand slips over her shoulder; she tenses until Harry saddles up next to her with a big grin. He squeezes her shoulder staring out towards the crowd.

"Crazy, you wouldn't believe the security we have." Harry says running a hand through his short hair.

"I could, Riddle expects attack?" Hermione asks.

"You don't?" Harry replies. "World's gone crazy, Dad and Riddle talked none stop about security for the last year. Nothings getting in, not a thing, we've got the sky locked down, the sea all roads. Only way something is getting in, is if someone helps them."

"Let's hope that doesn't happen." Hermione hopes glancing to the mass of people. "What's it like being an Auror these days?"

"Alright, had a lot of grief to begin with, Dads son and all. It's calm down now, bit weird working with dad nothing can't get over."

"Your mum here?"

"Nah, she's staying at home, said something came up at the Ministry, I promised to watch over dad."

"How's the girlfriend?"

"She's good, thinking about proposing."

"Seems like only yesterday you got together."

"Three years now, expecting the little one not far off. I was going to ask, if you'd be Godmother?"

"Seriously? Harry, I'm not great with kids."

"You'll be perfect," Harry, grins. "What you say? At least think about it."

"Sure, I'll think on it. It's a shame things didn't work out with you and Ginny."

"I don't think she'll ever forgive me for what happened to Ron, which I can understand. Molly and Arthur speak to me, as well Bill, even Percy when I bump into him. The twins and Ginny though never really got over it. You spoke to them much?"

"Yeah, Ginny and I meet up now and again; I visit the joke shop and the twins."

"It's really good you gave the money for that place, it's really kicked off."

"They have more use for it than me." Hermione shrugs. "Send my love to Leia."

"I will she invited you for tea. I keep forgetting to ask you." He chuckles.

"I should be around a lot more now anyway."

"Really? You're not going back to Romania?"

"Maybe one day but for now, I have other things in mind."

"Oh," For a moment she swears she sees irritation flash across his face. "That's great, you going to join the Ministry."

She shrugs, shaking her head slightly she is becoming paranoid. Why would Harry be annoyed by her return, especially now since he is grinning at her and planning her many visits to see him. Perhaps his just annoyed that she did not talk to him, tell him about her plans.

"You spoke to Neville?"

"Yeah, visited him at the Leaky Cauldron, met Hannah. His training for Professor of Herbology actually. You not seen him?"

"Once or twice when I went for a drink but we don't really talk much. Luna visits him occasionally, she's acting weird."

"Weirder than usual?"

"Yeah, apparently she's travelling around the country who knows."

"Last I heard she was looking for something." Hermione shrugs; she did not ask what it might be. "Want to know more speak to Bella, those two have a friendship of sorts."

"Really, who'd a guessed? Anyway, I should get back to work, catch up later."

"Sure Harry."

He wanders away hands deep in pockets clapping his father on the back who grins dragging him into the conversation. She smiles, her heart panging wishing she had her own father to see, but he died many years ago, not that she can be around Muggles. A harsh lesson to learn if there ever was one, she shivers at the thought.

"We're about to go live." Lee says coming to stand next to her.

Nodding, Hermione turns to sound squeaking, to find the Riddle cup being rolled one to the centre of the stage. An unnatural quiet taking over, a coldness making them shiver as Riddle prepares himself for his speech. The hairs on her arms stand on edge, something making her skin crawl.

A whispering makes her shiver, swallowing she turns once more to the cup, the blue magic swirling within. A loud whisper, unrecognisable words swarming like a nest wasps, she licks her lips in response.

An almighty roar breaks out making her jump, the magic protecting removed Riddle standing on his podium arms raised in the air. The crowd going mad, the flashing of cameras almost dizzying, the pounding of feet.

Dread slips through her, she shivers staring out over the crowd, the craziness that swarms the championships.

"Don't freak out, just breathe." Lee whispers.

She wishes she could, the cameras rush to her, her pale face shown throughout the world, the screaming intensifies. Swallowing, Hermione manages a smile, acknowledging Riddle's composed nod of the head, proud to have such a response. Bella lingers close by, perhaps ready to catch Hermione should she run.

Acknowledge them that's all they want…

Bella's words from five years ago comes rushing back to her. Looking down Hermione acknowledges the eager faces of fans wanting to see Hermione. Taking a calming breath, she tries to channel her inner strength she has not spent five years away just to panic at the first hurdle.

Closing her eyes, she turns her face away staring at the cup, the screaming dying down. She can do this… She is Morgan Le Feys daughter she can do this, this is in her blood as Morgana eagerly reminded her after she won.

Stepping forward she feels Lee tense, she faces the cameras head on and lifts her arm towards the crowd. A roar erupts, as Lee relaxes next to she smiles acknowledging the young children lifted by their parents.

"LAST CHAMPION!" Someone shouts.

A chant breaks out, her name leaving lips she chuckles to herself. She promised Riddle she would at least give some sort of show as well as a speech. Her left had twists, curving to the right as it arches upwards releasing a jet of blue light into the sky. A tremendous bang rings out making everyone jump, flares erupting upwards streaking through the sky and exploding into glorious blue flames that dissolve into flakes of snow. A second flare emerges a giant blue dragon, blocking out the sun as it roars over the head of the crowd.

It bursts apart covering the crowd in snowflakes the mountain alive with the screaming of joy. Flames light up, the Riddle cup blowing out a jet of magic Riddle standing tall his voice booms above all the noise.

"WELCOME! To the Sixth Championships GAME!"

Stepping back from the edge, Hermione sees the relief on Bella's face; she sends a small smile to the witch. Hoping to convey some sort of promise to her, that this is for real.

Settling back into position, Hermione smiles to herself, her heart soaring, she can do this and this time she will get it right. She is no longer the student, Bella no longer her Professor they can do this start again. Go for that first date, grow closer, possibly get a house together, she can get a normal job at the Ministry.

"Well done." Bella breathes against her ear. "Always nice to show off."

"You're just jealous." Hermione replies, if she turns around she could capture those red lips.

"Or turned on, take your pick."

Hermione snorts at the answer shaking her head, unable to keep her eyes of Bella's arse as she swaggers away, out of tempting reach. Lee nudges her a gentle reminder that she is the centre of attention and goggling her old mentors arse is not the headline they want.

"You dropped the L word yet?" Lee asks.

"I'm working on it."

"You know for a Gryffindor you're a bloody coward."

"I'm scared I'll lose her."

"She stuck with you for five years when you went to play with Dragon poop, I think she's serious."

"That's the problem, Bella doesn't do commitments she hasn't and as far as I know she has had only one serious relationship and that ended badly."

"Well fuck buddies is all good and well until someone gets hurt."

She rolls her eyes, Lee is hardly the best person to take advice off, and after all, he spends much of his time jumping between beds. A shiver runs through her body, the feeling of someone watching her intently. She turns scanning the crowd most people's attention torn between Riddle, the cup and the Champions.

A flash of blonde catches her attention, squinting, Hermione spots a little girl standing in the crowd. All alone, no older than seven wearing baggy clothes. Her whole body tingles, her magic pulses she clicks her neck, the tattoo on her left arm dances. She focuses solely on the child, glancing over the girls shoulder looking for an adult someone must be with her.

Another shivers runs riot through her body, someone close by with incredible magic something glides past her, gaining her attention. She catches sight of a retreating form, her magic tingling in response.

"Now," Riddle's voice rings out. "A word from our Last Champion."

Hermione turns back to the girl, only to find her gone, she scans the crowd looking for the blond. Nothing. Frowning, Hermione steps forward feeling a gentle prod from Lee and she realises that she has a speech to make.

Shaking her head, she steps towards the podium nodding her head towards Riddle who steps out the way. Stepping onto the podium, Hermione forces a smile, ignoring the way her hands shake clutching the already prepared speech from Lee.

Placing the paper in front of her, the crowd so quiet she could hear a pin drop. Pressing her finger to her throat the amplifying charm ready to propel her voice across the crowd. Except the paper, the speech feels false not her; she spots the picked Champions waiting anxiously. Lifting the paper, she burns it in her hand her eyes sweeping across the crowd, a small cheer at her actions. She hears the face palm of Lee and she feels bad, knows how long he spent writing the speech.

"I am supposed to stand here, to fill the Champions with spirit and the promise of glory. I cannot. The Riddle Championships are designed to test you, designed to eliminate the weak from the strong. You may enter with your best friends, who may become your greatest enemies. This Championship will destroy you, they will rebuild you and you may discover you are not the person you thought you were. None the less, you will discover new friends, new abilities and realise you are far stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for. I ask a favour of you though. I ask each one of you, before you cast a spell, before you risk everything; remember the person on the other end of your wands are your friends. They are your classmates. They have lives do not be so reckless. Never forget though, there can only be one winner," She smiles at the champions. "And one winner only. I wish you all the best."

A cheer breaks out as she steps from the podium, smiling apologetically at Lee who throws his hands up in the air in exasperation. Riddle takes to the podium opening his hands to the crowd with a grin.

"I declare the Sixth Champions OPEN!"

The sky erupts in colour the celebration underway, Hermione sighs, turning to look at Bella who nods with approval at her speech. After all, they are both victims of the Championships.

A/n: We begin again people! Are you ready for this, it is going to be crazy, so let's see where it goes. I want to see if we can beat Fractures, but that will come in time. The past five years of Hermione's life of everyone's life will come to light. I feel as though I should be writing something else but cannot think. All I can say is the amount of feedback for Fractures blew me away especially for the last chapter, I had over 80 emails that is insane. You people are incredible.