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Chapter Fourteen

The Battle for Geneva

The demeanour speaks of calmness, reassurance her magic speaks of violence. Spitting hatred in the form of spells that blast and hurtle through the air with the intention to end the fight. Bitterness grows festering in the pit of her stomach, spreading hatred through her veins.

It fuels her emotions, the key to her movements and quick precise moves that land damaging blows to the ever-fading shield. Her mind sharp, reflecting, dodging the spells attacking without relenting. Magic so strong it buckles the houses, the ground shifting and the sky forever darkening above their head.

They mark the ground in blood, in sweat and with discharged magic, that scorches it black. They fight their ever-growing fight, which marks the future to come. This moment to define the war ahead, the upper hand needed and the loser to play fiddle to the dictator.

This is not the Dumbledore, she thought she once knew; there is a hurried madness behind intense blue eyes. An edge to the spells that was never present before, a darkness that clings breathing danger to the night. They dance the age-old dance, shifting and drifting between obstacles.

A slight twinge speaks of her unravelling, her power rivals him but her stamina struggles, she refuses defeat. A twinge to her shoulder, her wrist aches from the intensity but she holds strong she cannot lose this fight.

With a flash, she shifts, feet kicking up gravel, she moves as the building collapses, kicking debris into the air. Her vision blurred, she tracks the light of the spells as the dust escapes covering their war zone.

A curse strikes her stunner meeting with blistering heat in the middle; yellow and red inter-tangling. The ground shudders, a nearby building falls, and she narrowly dodges the flying bricks, the wood scattering into the distance.

She focuses solely on the fight, her feet digging into the ground for purchase she feels the soles of her shoes wear. The rubber melting away leaving her toes to feel the impact of their fighting. In the distance, she barely recognises Geneva, the fighting levelling the city, the creatures now controlled. The muggles on escorts from the city, they must maintain Geneva it will be a loss and to moral, if it falls into enemy hands.

Her wrist curls, her arm following, she attacks driving Merlin back, notices the first sweat appear on his brow. She refuses to lose Geneva, refuses to lose the first stage of the war.

Pure stubbiness drives her forward fuels her motivation. The idea to prove herself to her soldiers, to the followers and most importantly her family. She cannot fail her mother, disappoint her would be impossible. Bella deserves to see the fruit of her efforts, to see the hours they spent working on her duelling all those days spent, she cannot lose now.

She will aim for mutual exhaustion, but will not allow any defeat.

The exploding car makes them both stumble backwards, the fire hissing against her skin, she follows Merlin's movements. Notices the slightest twinge as he straightens his arm beginning to feel the effects of their duelling. Those eyes tell her the truth that Merlin has no intention of leaving without Geneva.

The spiral of white engulfs him, she reacts too late firing a hex that slices through empty air missing his coat ends. She knows exactly where he is heading; she forces movement, the ground cracking beneath her magic. She flies through the air arriving, soaring towards the battle zone. Her feet crunch on broken glass the hushed fear from her soldiers until they realise she is one of them.

Geneva pulled in two, two sides fighting for dominance a twisted line drawn harshly across the city. Bodies decorate the town, leaving the death toll to rise, the sky promising more to follow. A sick sense of relief takes hold, that war has finally come; it brings a sense of frustration. A sense of longing, because now the war is here, she envisions the end, can picture the end.

A long painful road to the end, but an end worthy of an outcome. They need to hold Geneva, she sees the lips moving, realising she has at some point lost her hearing. Fires rage around, houses left in ruins cars overturned this is something from a nightmare, sudden dawning appears. That this is real, she is alive in a war-torn country. She is the leader of the opposite side and somehow she has to ensure her people live.

Her back pressed against the rugged wall, wiping the sweat from her brow, she stares towards the smoky sky. This city was once beautiful now stands littered in blood and debris.

"Hermione," Antonin appears in front of her, clutching her robe. "You okay?"

A nod, a promise that she will be okay she has no other option. How long has she been duelling? She lost herself in the fight, to the anger, the day has progressed, and she wonders how long until Bella reaches Riddle and reinforcements arrive.

"We need to keep Geneva," Hermione orders above the rushing of the blood in her ears. "Push them out the city, we must not lose it."

"Yes, Minister." Antonin agrees. "Push them back!"

A shiver of fear runs through eyes, this is not something any have faced before. They have never been to war, never faced Merlin soldiers nor Merlin himself. Pulling herself together, she pushes from the wall, her wand gripped in a blackened hand.

"Here stands a leader!" Hermione shouts, gaining her soldiers attention. "A self-proclaimed leader, he calls himself Merlin. A wizard who hid behind a disguise for many years disguised an Albus Dumbledore, look at him lead his soldiers. Yet he runs from a duel! He ran from me, this so-called powerful wizard is a coward. If their leader is, a coward then so must be his soldiers. For we are not cowards, we are strong, we are united and we will not lose Geneva. They attacked with animals, too scared to bring their forces straight to us. They have brought war to our shores; they will hurt your friends, your loved one. Will you let them?"


"Push them out, push them back. Reinforcements are coming and we must not lose Geneva. Force them out!"

A cheer escapes haunted lips, fire igniting hope returning, the once great Merlin no more than a man. They draw their wands, stolen whispers of unity, they return to the fighting, to pushing them out of Geneva. Hermione joins them, ducking below an overturned car, she fires spells into the opposite side.

Antonin leads a group around the streets, hoping to flank the oncoming attack. She does her best not to notice the faces, not to take not of the opposite side. She does not want to feel attached to see the friends lost and fears hurting them.

An amber glow follows certain witches and wizards, spells designed to miss them, the healers sent to retrieve the injured from both sides. Neutral they move between the fighting, aiding any who have fallen, she hopes Andy is not here.

"Hermione!" A shout, snapping her from deep thoughts. "The bell tower, we cannot lose the high ground."

Narrow eyes spot the tower in the distance, her soldiers pushing the order back; she glances back to Cho Chang waiting expectantly for a reply. A swift nod, Hermione moves from cover provided by Lee, Cho sweeping after her. Can still remember the day she found Cho on her side, the silent disbelief.

"We're spread too thin," Cho shouts above the raging noise.

"Reinforcements are coming."

"I hope they get here soon."

Hermione shares the hope, that Bella will not let them down and the soldiers need to hold off an attack are on their way.

Her hand catches the brick wall, catching her breath she feels Cho slide up next to her, spotting the tower over the courtyard. A window explodes glass showering; they cover their faces protecting themselves against the dangers of glass. Bracing herself, she jumps as a muggle runs past clutching her child's hand running the opposite direction.

A snort leaves Cho's lips an eye roll making Hermione smirk a firm pat on the shoulder, Cho has her back. A distant part of her reminds Hermione that neither of them has ever been in a war they are both new to this.

"Come on then!" A shout earns attention not from the tower but further down the road.

Peeking, Hermione spots blonde hair before noticing the stamping of wooden peg and the glare that is unmistakably Auror Moody. Draco taunting the Auror into a duel left alone in the middle of the courtyard, Hermione nearly hexes the idiot herself.

"Is he for real?" Cho whispers.

"He thinks it's a game," Hermione answers with a sigh.

"Do we intervene or let Moody do what he likes?"

"I would usually let justice sort itself out, however, his mother we need to be on her good side."

"And your shagging his aunt, don't want to upset Professor Black."

"No, I don't."

"Intervene it is."

A single nod, they separate from the cover of the alleyway, darting out into the open. Moody sees them first shoving Draco aside as though nothing, a spell unleashed from his wand blasting across the open space destroying the lamppost in pursuit of flesh. Hermione darts below a brick wall, the concrete erupting above her head, she counts to five calming her racing heart.

The first snap of magic announces Cho attacking, pushing to her feet; Hermione does not doubt Cho's ability a very capable witch. However, Hermione has different intentions in mind for her old school friend; she wants a speaker a negotiator. Pushing away, Hermione knows she needs to take down Dumbledore's right hand, it will provide a nasty surprise to both wizards.

Hermione's assumption was right, Cho is holding her own but is no match for Moody, her duel already buckling in favour to Moody who grins. Hermione releases a burst of energy knocking the duel separating the fighting, not wanting to strike Moody so unfairly.

"Get Draco, get the tower." Hermione orders.

"Understood," Cho, agrees grateful to escape.

A silent understands passes across Moody's face, a short of nod of respect grateful for the fair fighting. He wipes muck from his face noticing the cowering Malfoy being dragged away.

"Honourable of you," Is Moody gruff reply. "Don't expect the same courtesy from everyone."

"I never expect anything no more."

They react at the same time; her spell twists and burns through the air blistering the space between. It rips through his stunner, the surprise worth a more than Geneva; her spell strikes him straight on the chest. His wand thrown from shaking hands he falls to his knees, a gasp leaving lips.

"I don't think Merlin has told you everything," Hermione states to the wheezing wizard.

"That's impossible."

"You don't know me. You do not know whom you're against. For that reason, I will let you go today, a show of goodwill."

"You're barking."


A second spell smacks the side of the wizards head rendering him unconscious, satisfied one of his Auror's will find him, Hermione takes off in the direction of the tower. She hops over the bench, darting through the bushes towards the tower that is smouldering with fire.

Mutiny will do well for Merlin and who better than a right hand to design it.

She slips on something, glancing down she spots the sign buried amongst debris St-Pierre. Tour this way. Just a little while ago, tourists were filling the streets and now the war has thrown the world into chaos.

She spots Cho, duelling, frowning she searches for Draco anger taking hold she moves towards the hiding figure. She moves through the smoke, sliding up to the side of the wizard grabbing him by the collar.

"What are you doing?" Hermione snaps.

"I can't, it's not what I thought."

"Tough, you asked for this, Soldier Malfoy, I won't have cowards in my flank. Now pull yourself together and protect Official Cho or I swear on your mother's head I will be delivering you to Port Solitude myself."


"NOW!" She barks her voice harsh and unrelenting.

He bulks; she pushes him away, daring him to run, to force her hand. Collecting his wand, his handshakes, glancing towards the fighting, he pushes himself to his feet.

"You are now in her service, to ensure nothing happens to her, do you understand?"


"You want this? You want to fight, and then learn to guard."

She pushes away, sweeping towards Cho, a flourish of spells leaves her wand striking three of the attackers. They fall in symmetry hitting the ground with a thud, as Hermione steps next to the witch.

"Thought you got lost?" Cho says with a chuckle.

"What? How could I lose my favourite?"

"Thought that was Neville?" Cho answers cheekily.

"Second favourite then."

They share an odd smile; the hours they have spent locked in a room discussing upcoming treaties, tactics Cho's unyielding support. Their arguments held late into the night neither witch wanting to give, both competitive they found a system to their madness.

It is the wizard siding next to them that takes them by surprise Draco attacking with doubt still lingering. His presence holds hope, that somewhere he will become the man they need on their side. Only time will tell.

They fight into the Cathedral the soldiers inside providing covering fire for them to duck behind the defensive line. Panting Hermione wipes her forehead she wonders how long it takes to get reinforcements.

"Draco is signed to your service," Hermione informs Cho, earning a dirty look. "He will be your prominent guard."

Draco seems to have gained some more courage; he goes to argue mouth moving but Cho beats him to it.

"No, I'm not looking after ferret," Cho snaps. "I have a team."

"You lost Atkinson."

"Give me another, anyone. What about Lavender?"

"You chose Lavender Brown over me?" Draco asks disturbed.

"Sorry Cho; I've made my choice. Draco Anything happens to my favourite diplomat and I hand you over to Mistress of Solitude, regardless of your parents."

The thought makes Cho laugh, a deep throaty laugh that bounces off the walls of the cathedral. Smiles drawn across allies faces as they glance at her their diplomat finding humour at the darkest of times.

"Minister, they flanked the back they have the south tower we still hold the North." A soldier informs Hermione.

"Take back the front I'll deal with the tower," Hermione says.

"Careful, they've got this crazy French bitch. She's a stunner but crazy."

A strange smile crosses Hermione's face as she greets the news; she pushes away leaving her soldiers left to wonder. She follows the tourist signs to the towers pausing near the door she listens to the hushed voices waiting behind the door.

IN a blink, she vanishes a bird stealing across the sky entering through the roof of the tower. She transforms back, listening to the erratic breathing, her feet press against the wooden planks. Hands clutching ancient wood, she hangs down from the rafter's feet touching the solid ground. She sneaks past the tower, wand at the ready she presses silent to the neck of the enemy, their eyes rolling back they hit the ground silently.

She takes out the next in similar fashion, heart-pounding inside her chest she listens to the approaching feet. The whispered talking, she points her wand staring at the door leading to the winding staircase.

"It is easier." A familiar voice says softly. "They will reach the ground we have the high…"

The words die in the air, impossibly large eyes staring at Hermione.

"Mon Ami,"

"Hello Fleur," Hermione greets sadness tingeing her words.

"How did…" The question falls flat as the witch draws her wand. "I don't wish to do this."

"Lay down your weapons and no harm will come," Hermione promises.


Spells flash, dancing through the cramped space splintering wood, Hermione's spell striking Fleur colleague and sending them flying down the stairs. They engage in a duel, fire lighting Fleur's eyes as she attacks, Hermione eyes wandering to the ring on the left hand. Disappoint flashed across Hermione's face, not missed by Fleur who reacts with more strength.

"You do not get to judge me!" Fleur bites angrily.

"Cannot help it." Hermione shrugs throwing an errant spell towards the help bursting through the door.

It strikes the wizard down falling backwards into the advancing soldiers the cries of alarm as they fall down the winding staircase. Mild panic sets across the witches face the realisation that she is alone and no help will be coming.

"What of Raven?"

"She made her choice." Fleur snaps.

"She chose you."

"She chose you! She chose Riddle."

"She loves you."

A cry of pain leaves Fleur's lips throwing the duel off the spells striking wood. It explodes the pieces darting through the air; Hermione protects herself with a shield. Relieved as the stakes smack harmlessly against her magic.


She collapses to her knees, the bell struck the noise deafening as it rings loudly, blinking through tears Hermione notices the fallen witch. Pushing to her feet, she goes to aid her injured ex, Fleur lying on the ground the wood stuck in her stomach, glaring at Hermione.

"Don't insult me!" Fleur shouts above the racket.

"Let me help you."


"Fleur, why fight this."

"She is a Black," Fleur growls pushing to her feet, blood slipping between her fingers. "You know what they did to my parents."

"I know," Hermione adds softly. "Raven is different."

"She's exactly like her aunt, like Professor Black."


"Just tell me, is she okay, we didn't leave on good terms."

"As good as expected."

A flash leaves Fleurs wand, darting aside, Hermione watches confused as the spell misses her completely until another crippling ring leaves her collapsing to her knees. Fleur retreating in a puff of light, Hermione casts a spell on herself protecting her ears.

The platform vibrates from the noise of the ring; she makes it outside onto the balcony overlooking the city. The fighting still ongoing, she spots the attacks from those on brooms. Annoyed she draws her wand; she wants to level the playing field.

Electricity erupts down the side of her, power flowing through the body; she calls on the little fury she buries. Bitterness greeting it, she allows calmness to wash over her, a little speck of fire appearing in her hand. She cups it, bringing it to her lips, closing her eyes she whispers life other creation.

"Burn free, Fiendfyre."

A soft blow, she releases the burden a small firebird breaking free. It builds momentum, growing larger wings spread, and Hermione climbs higher, to the roof of the tower overlooking the city.

With a heave of its giant wing, the bird takes flight, lifting high into the sky, casting light down onto the ground beneath. The fire reflected in brown watchful eyes, concentration controlling the bird as it takes to scorching the city. Cries of alarm drowned out by the ringing of the bells, with another flap, the bird dives, shooting downwards engulfing the witches and wizards on brooms.

They fall tumbling to the earth, as fiendfyre turns it is attentions to the opposite darting towards Merlin's Soldiers, towards the screams of fear the cheering of her followers.

"Let's see how strong you really are," Hermione whispers.

A screen of water rushes towards her creation a protection, she smirks as her bird splits dividing into two smaller ones darting around the protection charm. Fire escapes their lips scorching the soldiers.

Thunder erupts in the distance, turning she regards the approaching storm wondering if this is Merlin's doing.

"Hermione, can you hear me?" Riddle's voice rings through her mind.


"We are here."

She grins madness, her creations spiralling into joy, the spell growing stronger, her soldiers pushing them back. White teeth flash in the lightning, the strikes appearing in the sky, a cloud of darkness growing closer. An army of her own, growing closer.

A laugh escapes her lips; she recoils in joy as the army approach swooping overhead riding on brooms, which dart bringing destruction that levels the opposite side. Hundreds upon brooms sweeping downwards portkeys dropped, reinforcements are here. Her spell chases Merlin's soldiers on brooms chasing them from Geneva any chance of support from the air now gone.

Throwing her hands up, she celebrates their first victory, as Merlin pulls his troops from Geneva. Meyrin and Dardagny may be lost for now, but Geneva still stands with them. A sigh of relief leaving her lips, she wipes her face.

~~~~~ Fractures ~~~~~

Bittersweet justice fills her, makes her want to gloat, but she refrains lounging in a chair. Cho does the rest, she sprouts of their victory, and how they stood defiantly in the face of death. How they and they alone kept Merlin and his forces back. It's fairy tale, a tale spewed to encourage the masses, to remain strong in the face of defeat. Their propaganda they will not mention the losses, Lee will spread the news via the radio. The papers will speak of their winning tonight, they will not speak of the battle still ongoing, Switzerland now tainted.

Riddle stands tall proud, nodding as though this is all by design; Luna refrains from speaking merely watching in the back. Perhaps Luna knew, already knew the outcome, days like this makes Hermione still wonder just how much the witch truly knows.

Draco is lost, staring slack-jawed at his surroundings he has met Morgana, although the witch less inclined to greet a Malfoy. The effect was enough, a new interest held towards Hermione as though everything is now clear. Their Palace now his home until Cho sets her sights on their next country; he will live in luxury even a Malfoy may not have experienced.

The tension lingers though, in those impossible black eyes that remain judging from the other side of the table. Bella's arms folded, watching Hermione as though this is school and Hermione has detention. Bella remains the constant a fight brewing in the depths; a promise of fight Hermione wishes it sooner than later. While adrenaline lingers, coursing through her skin, her fingers dance along the wood of the chair.

"Thank you, Cho," Hermione says breaking the witch mid stride. "We're amazing I think we get it,"

"Well you know, Hogwarts finest." Cho chuckles.

"Could you give us a minute?" It is not so much a request more a polite dismissal.

A swift nod, Cho leaves them to it, Draco taking a second to realise he has to follow the witch. With one pleading look thrown to Bella who ignores it, he follows the witch. Riddle congratulates them once more asking for Hermione's attention in the 'war' room before the night ends. He exits the room Luna trundling after him.

Rising from her seat, Hermione satisfied they are alone, makes a beeline for the tray of drinks. The temperature very different to that of Switzerland she wishes to quench her thirst. The scraping of the chair announces the attacking serpent, Bella sprung too tightly ready to strike.

Turning, Hermione catches sight of herself in a mirror, surprised she sees herself for the first time. Realisation dawning that she has just survived her very first battle that she has somehow managed to live. Covered head to toe in muck and dirt, the odd cuts on her face, her jackets torn. She looks a true sight, a nightmare.

"Bella you haven't said a word since I got here." Hermione tries for ignorance.

It falls flat, not even making it past the closed of the face, the eyes that glare, no this is not the Bellatrix Black looking to brush something under the carpet. This is a very angry Bellatrix left to stew with nothing but an empty house.

"Would you like me to kiss your hand," Bella spits mockingly.

"Not necessary," Hermione answers with a smile, hoping for humour. "They're dirty."

"Actually do I have permission to talk to you?"

"Don't do this now," Hermione sighs rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"When would your highness prefer? Should I reschedule?"

"You asked for this!" Hermione snaps turning to the witch.

"Not to be bossed around like a common servant!" Bella snarls.

"You asked me to become a leader, you! Don't come to me moaning when you struggle to follow orders!"

Her words are sharp too sharp; Hermione recoils herself as Bella stares at with incredibly large eyes.

"Is that what I am? Just another to soldier oh wait, no I'm a Professor."

"What are you moaning about? The order or because I told you couldn't fight."

"The fact you tell me what to do at all, I am you fiancée," The words send shivers down Hermione's spine and she berates herself for allowing the sensation during such a fight. "Not a servant of no value."

"A servant wouldn't argue." Hermione refutes in annoyance.

"Excuse me?" Bella replies in disbelief. "I think this has gone to your head."

The turning coat tails warn Hermione, Bella is leaving the room. A hand shoots out, the door locking in place and the room barred any from leaving. A threatening sneer crosses beautiful red lips as furious eyes turn back to Hermione.

"Open the door," Bella orders quietly.

"We're not done." Hermione snaps approaching the witch. "I gave an order, whether you like it not, that is my job. It does not belittle you, I do not mean to insult you but it was an order. You are a Professor, Professor not a fighter."

"I am more valuable on the field," Bella growls stepping closer.

"You are more valuable teaching the young, more valuable preventing them from joining Merlin. One day you will fight but not now, Bella I need you at Hogwarts. If your seen fighting, Hogwarts will turn you out."

"I want. To. Fight." Bella breaths.

"No." Hermione refuses. "No. If you have a problem with that, then I suggest you collect your nephew and go see your sister."

She lets the ultimatum linger in the air, the disbelief settling on Bella's face. Fighting back the feelings, Hermione turns she cannot look in those emotional eyes. Cannot hold her emotions in check when looking at the beautiful witch.

A strong hand grabs her arm pulling her back, another gripping fiercely at her waist. Reminding her this is Bellatrix Black, her stubborn but brilliant fiancée.

"No," Bella warns. "You're willing to throw everything we have away for that?"

"I'm willing to do anything necessary to keep you safe. To win this war, I would burn Hogwarts to the ground if it meant keeping you safe. Now I do not like not having you beside me, I don't like making choices without your counsel. Nor can I argue with the logic of having you at Hogwarts, I need Snape and McGonagall monitoring and you are the only one I trust."

"I don't like being ordered."

"Yes you do," Hermione smirks pushing the witch into a nearby chair.

Surprise steals across the dark witch's face, hands primed ready to push herself back up when Hermione slips onto her lap. Hands slipping over strong shoulders caressing the curve of Bella's neck. A gasp leaves red lips, eyes darkening even more.

Leaning forward, Hermione shivers as hands possessively slip over her bum grinding her down on the knee. Her lips press against Bella's ear sucking the earlobe, a breathless moan escaping the Professor. Smiling, Hermione kisses the sensitive neck.

"Tell me it didn't make you shiver," Hermione whispers nipping at the ear lobe. "Tell me secretly you don't love it when I tell you what to do."

A groan from Bella is the only answer she needs a hand sliding beneath Hermione's top, nails scratch along her stomach marking territory.

"I could do it better, maybe you should have bowed, don't kiss my hand. I have a better idea for your talent mouth."

"You will be the death of me," Bella moans in response.

"It will be a glorious death," Hermione promises.

Turning, Hermione captures the tempting lips sucking the bottom lip she makes the witch moan louder. She pushes through the coat her hand slipping beneath the bottom of the dress sliding up toned legs. Lips press fiercely a tongue sweeping claiming dominance against Hermione, who moans wantonly in response.

Fingers slip over the slip of fabric protecting Bella's nerves, a gasp stolen. Hermione slips a teasing finger into the witch turning to kiss the swan-like neck. Bella groans in frustration not enough to get off on she bucks against Hermione's hand.

"Beg Hermione orders.

"Vixen, the war has gone to your head."

A hand runs gently across Bella's face turning sharp she slaps sharply a gasp leaving red lips. Wetness spooling into Hermione's hand, Hermione smirks as Bella turns assaulting Hermione's neck a hand tangling into Hermione's head tugging painfully.

"Never," Bella whispers.

They are a storm, Bella rolling them with her incredible strength forcing Hermione into the chair, a hand entering with three fingers poised. A yell leaving Hermione, her head hits the back of the chair as she arches.

"Oh hell," Hermione whispers clutching the witches shoulder.

"Come now Minister," Bella whispers her deep throaty voice sending shivers down Hermione's spine. "You may give me orders out there, I can live with that. However, here, privately – alone. Little Minister, I am the one you beg."

"Bella," Hermione gasps the edge so close, but Bella teases.

"Beg," A hand pulls at Hermione's hair who groans in response. "There's a good girl."

"Please," Hermione whispers.

"That's my girl."

The fingers twist striking her g-spot, a scream swallowed by Bella as she comes undone. Breathless she watches with a shiver as Bella licks her fingers a predatory grin on her face.


Smirking, Hermione smacks the witches shoulder, earning a smouldering kiss in return.

"You were saying about talented mouths?" Bella replies suggestively.

"Umm," Hermione replies seductively she slips from beneath the witch.

Reclining Bella watches through hooded eyes, as Hermione kneels before her. Winking at Bella, Hermione thumbs at the dress. The door opens making both witches jump, flying to her feet, Hermione turns to berate those who entered without permission.

"Don't stop on my accord." A chuckle fills the room, leaving Hermione red faced. "I always found women pleasuring women intriguing."

"Mother," Hermione replies wiping her face. "Can't you knock?"

"It's my palace why would I?" Morgana smirks, leaning against the chair. "I can see skin, my dear."

Flushing bright red, Hermione realises her top is up, tugging it down, she glances to Bellatrix who chuckles to herself. Sinking onto a seat, the romance gone, Hermione feels tiredness sink in, she wants nothing more than to relax in a hot bath before bed.

"Is there something you needed?" Bella asks leaning forward.

"Obviously," Morgana replies coolly." Well done on Geneva a victory well deserved. And to you Bellatrix, I half expected you to be selfish and join the fight never the less I was pleasantly surprised."

"I have a good Minister," Bella replies hotly.

"Umm, so I hear, the soldiers speak of nothing but your greatness Hermione, this is perfect. Which brings me to the reason for my visit. Every leader must stand with a united with another. Marriage."

"I'm sorry," Hermione replies confused.

"We need a united front." Morgana continues. "Marriage dear you need to be married."

"We're engaged," Hermione, reminds the witch, if Morgana is thinking, Hermione will marry another she will be poorly mistaken.

Bella tensed beside her, Hermione knows Bella is wondering the same as Hermione, is Morgana wanting to split them.

"You are at the right age, and we need to give our people a reason to celebrate a love story during a war there is nothing finer."

"Mother," Hermione replies uneasily.

"I thought that Neville would make a perfect match."

"Mum," Hermione says rising to her feet.

"Alas your heart is set on a Black, I can neither approve nor disapprove it is your choice. She is a fine warrior I will give her that."

"She's right here," Bella reminds the witch.

"We must set a date." Morgana continues ignoring Bella. "My dear, sooner the better, before war takes everything. Next few months at the latest."

"Why the rush?" Bella questions.

"I've explained, any later the war will take its toll, food shortages will dampen moods we do not want to splash wealth to the less fortunate it will give the wrong message. If you enter this war as newlyweds, you will become a symbol to most. Unless you have changed your mind?"

"No, course not," Bella replies instantly.

"Excellent, it will be the wedding of the century." Morgana declares. "I am proud of you, my dear child."

Smiling, Hermione blushes at the compliment; they watch as Morgana vanishes from the room. Hermione turns grinning to Bella, confused as to why the witch is frowning.

"You still want this right?" Hermione asks.

"Of course," Bella answers taking Hermione's hands. "I just think it's a bit sudden."

"She's probably been thinking about it for ages," Hermione shrugs. "It must have taken a lot of effort to suggest it you know how much she hates your family name."


"I don't care," Hermione shrugs. "I get to marry you, my wifey."

"Don't call me that."

"Wifey Le Fey." Hermione giggles.

"Ohh, I get to be a Le Fey no longer a Black. Bellatrix Le Fey,"

"Nice ring to it." Hermione grins.

Grinning Bella pulls Hermione into a hug they are getting married. A part of Bella remains dubious not trusting Morgana's reasons. She keeps her mouth closed allowing Hermione to bask in the moment, they will marry and Bella will do everything in her power to keep the witch safe.

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This war scene is just a taste of what is to come, the fighting between Hermione and Merlin and Harry. Bella will be joining the fighting as well, and we'll be seeing some regular faces appearing shortly. I'm sure there's more I'm meant to be telling you, but I have to sleep until next time...